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Volcom Presents The Unsound Pro! New York’s premier surf store, is proud to announce that professional surfing is alive and well in the Empire State. UnsOund Surf Shop, New York’s premier surf store, is proud to announce that professional surfing is alive and well in the Empire State. This fall, the 2014 UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom will storm the shores of Long Beach, Long Island, offering the same unrivaled display of postmodern shredding that’s made this event an East Coast staple for 17 years now. From September 18-21st, the hallowed beachbreak of Lincoln Blvd. will be the hottest place in the world to be for anyone who froths over solid waves, remarkable surfing and enigmatic characters. UnsOund Surf Shop co-owner and professional surf photographer Mike Nelson and longtime partner and resident ripper Dave Juan have fought tooth-and-nail to keep the UnsOund Pro alive for nearly two decades. Now, with Volcom’s support, they’ll bring some of the best surfers in the world to compete in New York during the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Past winners of this illustrious event in its many incarnations include: Volcom alumni Balaram Stack, Blake Jones and Kyle Garson; current or former WCT competitors Kolohe Andino, Danny Melhado and Timmy Reyes; current WQS scrappers Brian Toth, Keanu Asing and Jeremy Johnston; New Jersey superpowers Randy Townsend and Sam Hammer; Californian pros Dustin Ray (R.I.P.) and Tommy Acosta; Floridian veteran Asher Nolan and his hometown buddy, defending 2013 champion Ryan Briggs.” As it stands, Briggs, Nolan, Stack, Jones and Johnston are already confirmed entrants. They will be joined by former WCT veterans Ben Bourgeois and Gabe Kling, as well as talented East Coast pros Rob Kelly, Michael Dunphy and Noah Schweizer. Hawaiian pros Dylan Goodale and Kalani Robb will make the trip to Long Beach, as well. The timing couldn’t be better for local export-turned-international sensation Balaram Stack, who just signed with Volcom last year. The 21-year-old has been a treasured UnsOund teamrider since he was 9 and would like nothing more than to grab another victory right here at Lincoln Blvd. in front of his friends, family, childhood mentors and his main sponsor. To show his appreciation, Balaram will once again throw up a four-figure cash prize for whoever throws up the biggest punt in the “Balaram Stack Strong Island Big Air.” “Hell yeah, can’t wait!” Balaram exclaims. “Every year, the UnsOund Surf Pro is one of my favorite contests. Not only is it in my backyard, it’s the most fun week of the year — maybe even better than the U.S. Open of Surfing, which I thought would be impossible. It’s just a good time with great friends — pretty much all I could ask for in a contest.” The first day will ignite the “Strong Island Lifeguard Challenge,” where West End local Balaram Stack will lead an East End lifesaving team against TJ Gumiela’s West End squad in a 30-minute team-style surf-off/ jetty sprint. The winning team will receive a $500 check benefiting the local charity of their choice. In addition, longtime shop and event supporter Spy will lend their distinctly “happy” element to the event in the way of myriad festivities and attractions including retail tents, activity booths and a surf photography art show — all of which are certain to send this stoked crowd into a frenzy. And speaking of which, Spy’s “STOKED Expression Session” goes down on Saturday. This mentoring session where beach interaction and water assistance go hand-in-hand will pair a dozen kids ages 14-18 from youth-focused nonprofit STOKED with a dozen pros including Cody Thompson, Pat Schmidt, Balaram Stack, Quincy Davis and Alex Gray for a lighthearted team competition where feel-good criteria include “best soul arch” and “best maneuver.” Official “Volcom UnsOund Pro” product from hoodies to tees to hats to re-useable water bottles will also be available for purchase on site at Volcom’s retail pop-up shop, on the Lincoln Blvd. boardwalk, as well as UnsOund Surf Shop up the street and at Wednesday’s Event Kick-Off Party at the store, 4-7pm. Free food and drinks will be provided by Swingbelly’s BBQ, and Montauk Brewing Co., respectively, as partygoers will be treated to a showing of Volcom’s new movie, True To This, as well as a Volcom Surf Team Meet & Greet and a Prize Raffle from the event sponsors to benefit “The Long Beach Christmas Angel.” Other gracious sponsors include MIZU, Drop Global, Rev’d, Mamma Chia, Skull Candy, The Inn at Long Beach, Gentle Brew Coffee. In other words, if you’re craving it, it will be here at the UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom. As for the surf, the groin-gutted beachbreaks of Long Beach are strategically positioned to go off — facing south to welcome any long-range energy that may be stirring up in the tropics this time of year, the historic peak of Hurricane Season. In other words, Long Beach is a wave magnet, a tube lab, and therefore the ideal stage for what could be the most captivating show of high-performance surfing the East Coast has seen since the first, and last, time the ASP World Tour landed here in 2011 (the Quiksilver Pro New York). In fact, given the potential this place has to blow cannonballs of spit and break surfboards like parking ordinances — the 2014 UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom could be even more exciting. For the Competition Hotline/ Event Run Day Updates call 904-382-7333 or visit Volcom UnsOund Pro on Facebook… Social Media Handles: @UnsoundSurf @Volcom_East @Volcom #VolcomUnsoundSurf #TrueToThis To check the event forecast provided by Surfline, visit For Surfline’s coverage of the 2013 UnsOund Pro, click here… For more on the UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom, visit… For more on the UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom, visit…

Dusty Payne In Panama

This right here is a hoot, a real bonanza. Dusty Payne, Yadin Nicol and everyone’s favorite Panamanian sand strip, Bocas del Toro. Two of the world’s best regularfooters at one of the world’s most lustful waves. It may be simple math, but the result is profound. Yadin and Dusty are are not afraid to toss one up to the big man and land in the flats — fuck ligaments! — and both are scholars under the lip. Highlights include Dusty’s turn at 1:42 and Yadin’s effervescence throughout

BOWL-A-RAMA Getxo Contest Recap

The Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA was held in the beautiful town of Getxo in Algorta, Spain. There were 2 divisions in in the contest, one masters and one pro. Legends and pros from all around the world came out to skate the contest and after many heated seshes the results were as follows: Results for the Pro Division: 1st: Pedro Barros 2nd: Alex Sorgente 3rd: Danny Leon 4th: Felipe Foguinho 5th: Cory Juneau 6th: Sky Siljeg 7th: Joshua Borden 8th: Chris Russell Results for the Masters Division: 1st: Pat Ngoho 2nd: Sean Goff 3rd: Steve Alba 4th: Txus Dominguez 5th: Sergie Ventura 6th: Stephane Andre 7th: Jan Loften 8th: Brad Bowman Congrats to Pedro Barros and Pat Ngoho on taking home first! Check out some photos below shot by Jelle Keppens and more videos of the whole week of shred including the complete HD replay of the Pro finals. Huge thanks to all the sponsors and the wonderful town of Getxo! Here is a replay of the Pro division finals uncut in HD, with Ben Raemers and Marc Churchill as your hosts for your delight: Wednesday warm up Party included a « Sardinada », beers and live rock&roll on the coping : Here is P-Stone’s Thrasher edit : em>La Kantera history :   UK’s Ben Raemers and Marc Churchill were your fine webcast hosts Alex Hallford Chris Russell Cory Juneau Guillaume Mocquin   Cory Juneau Felipe Foguinho Josh Borden Danny Leon Felipe Foguinho Omar Hassan Josh Borden Josh Borden Giorgio Zattoni Josh Borden Felipe Foguinho again flying high Rune Glifberg Rune Glifberg Sky Siljeg Some ass shot The view from the hill Steve Alba Vincent Matheron Stoneman didn’t fall into the pool Sky Siljeg tweaking it Alain Goikoetxea at home Steve Alba Stephane Andre Sergie Ventura Sean Goff Masters Sean Goff and Salba The chill hill Sergie Ventura Sean Goff again Pat Ngoho Salba and the pool ladder Felipe Foguinho Danny Leon Pedro Barros Pedro tweaked Indy Alex Sorgente Felipe Foguinho Danny Leon Pedro Barros Pedro Barros Foguinho The view from the other hill, packed ! Pat Ngoho placed first in the Masters Pedro Barros took top honors in the Pro division and won the Txapela The Volcom Bowl-A-Rama Getxo is going down Saturday September 6th, Check out the schedule below and if you won't be in Spain you can watch the LIVE WEBCAST HERE!    POOL LEGENDS OF SKATE JOIN A STELLAR LINEUP FOR VOLCOM BOWL-A-RAMA™ GETXO   Action sports fans will witness the world’s best skaters, pool legends and the “Godfathers” of skate, coming together for the inaugural Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo at La Kantera skatepark, Arrigunaga beach in the Abra Bay of Getxo, Spain. « For VOLCOM, hosting a bowl event in the basque country at legendary La Kantara as well as joining forces with  longtime legendary team rider and local resident ALAIN GOIKOTXEA is simply fantastic, we are so happy to bring all this together and trust the event will be a great time well spent. » said Remy Stratton, Volcom VP of skateboarding. A major part of the festivities is the “Festival of the Skateboard” which is a week dedicated to celebrating art, music and true skateboard culture. The Festival of the Skateboard will feature old school skate sessions, barbeques, a surprise music element, The Love & Guts art show, Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo competition and the after party. “I’ve never been to Spain but the bowl is very backyard like a pool, Jeff Grosso said I’m going to like it, a bowl on the beach, it's a no brainer.” Says pool legend Steve Alba (SAlba). The international PRO list is one of the strongest BOWL-A-RAMA has had with Al Partanen, Alain Goikoetxea, Alex Perelson, Alex Sorgente, Ben Raybourn, Bjorn Lillesoe, Bugs Fardell, Chris Russell, Colin Provost, Cory Juneau, Danny Leon, David Sanchez, Diego Doural, Felipe Foguinho, Georgio Zattoni, Grant Taylor, Ivan Rivado, James McInnes, Josh Borden, Murilo Peres, Nilo Pecanha, Nolan Munroe, Otavio Neto, Pedro Barros, Raney Beres, Rion Linderman, Rob Lorifice, Rune Glifberg, Sam Beckett, Sky Siljeg, Steven Pineiro, Vi Kakinho and Vincent Matheron, with more to be confirmed. The lineup of MASTERS is a who’s who of the legends and the oriinal pool “godfathers” in skateboarding including Brad Bowman, Eddie “El Gato” Elguera, Lester Kasai, Nick Couscouris, Nicky Guerrero, Pat Ngoho, Peter Hewitt, Sean Goff, Steve Alba and Txus Dominguez (La Kantera skate park designer). Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo (Basque Country) will showcase the world's best and iconic Pro and Master’s bowl skateboarders as they grapple for the title of Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo champion and for a total prize purse of $US30,000. “Bowl skating is diverse with flow bowls, pro bowls, snake runs and the rest all being part of the whole. It all comes from backyard pool skating though. La Kantera is one of the closest skatepark bowls in the world to what it feels like to ride an actual backyard pool. Being able to hold BOWL-A-RAMA in such a spot feels like we’re honouring all those who came before and created what we’re all taking part in now. Having SAlba, who won the first professional bowl competition and Brad Bowman and Eddie Elguara all dropping in just makes it that more special. Also, with such a wide international field making up the pro division we couldn’t ask for a better first year. Looking forward to seeing you all at the beach for Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA Getxo”. Says Chad Ford, Director of Frontside Events. BOWL-A-RAMA™ was born on Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia in 2005 and is the biggest professional concrete series in the World. With Wellington, Bondi, NYC and the addition of Getxo, BOWL-A-RAMA can now call some of the most iconic destinations in the world home. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK EVENT: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: VIMEO: INSTAGRAM: @bowl_a_rama     La Kantera Skatepark part of Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo 2014. La Kantera Skatepark part of Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo 2014. Alain Goikoetxea - Indy | Photo: Roberto Alegria

Wild In The Parks – Rishon LeZion, Israel 2014

Check out this clip from the first ever Wild In The Parks event in Rishon LeZion, Israel. This one is action packed with solid skating from roughly 100 competitors, nearly 300 spectators and live band!

Wild In The Parks - L.E.S. Skatepark, New York City 2014

Stop #10 of Volcom Stone’s Wild In The Parks fortified the Northeast skate scene beneath the Manhattan Bridge at L.E.S. Skatepark in New York City on Saturday Sept. 13, 2014. Planes, trains, and automobiles carry a mass of the skaters to the Big Apple’s go to spot of L.E.S. Skatepark each and everyday.  From sun up and beyond, the park is packed with a ton of East Coast legends and the legends to come.  This place breads a type of skateboarder that can masters the art of intersecting lines and weaving through the crowds of the big city.  Learn the ropes here and you’re on the way to becoming a professional navigator. This normal day-to-day activity served competitors well as they would have to zigzag though nearly 200 of their peers to take the 2014 L.E.S. WITP top spots. L.E.S. Skatepark Was Packed To The Brim With People All Day For The Wild In The Parks After a quick riders meeting, the 14 & Under Division took to their ready positions and kicked off the day’s action.  It was a mad scramble throughout as we witnessed a perfect 360 flip bank-to-bank over the pyramid in zone 2, a popped heelflip down the 5 set in zone 3, and a last second bs kickflip over the apple gap in zone 1.  Jonathan Santos knew the keys to success as he skated fast and confidently.  He landed a kickflip fs boardside on the down rail in zone 3, a locked fs feeble on the ledge/rail in zone 2, and caught a solid kickflip over the apple gap in zone 1 that sealed in the 1st place goodness.  Hal Scarborough came in from Florida to make some waves with his solid trick selection and long slide/grind combinations to take home 2nd place. While Bill Zhang left it on the table with tricks like his bs big flip down the stairs and a bs kickflip over the apple to snatch a 3rd place nomination. Billy Zhang Throws A Big Flip Down The 5 Set In Zone 3 Hal Scarbrough Mid Tailslide In Zone 1 Jonathan Santos Hits A Back Lip In Zone 2 The 15 – 21 Division continues to be the bread and butter of the events as of late.  We had over 75 competitors putting it out on the table to see who could shine though in this talented group of rippers.  There was no shortage of radness as we saw a 50-50 kickflip out on the ledge/rail in zone 2, a kickflip fastplant over the apple gap in zone 1, and a stylish kickflip bs boardslide to fakie on the rail in zone 3.   Blain Partridge was on the scene from Jacksonville, FL to make a statement in the northeast.  He put down a bundle of tricks including a bs bigspin to fs boardslide in zone 3, a quintessential gap to bs lipslide in zone 2, and a fs bigspin over the apple gap that landed him in 1st place for his efforts.  Brett Ross had his name echoing throughout downtown NYC with tricks like a bs overcrooks down the rail in zone 3 and a gap lip to fakie in zone 2 for 2nd place.  Duron Simons kept things super tech with a first try fs shuv-it bs crooked grind on the zone 2 ledge/rail and an absurd variel heel bs crooked grind down the hubba in zone 3 that helped him into the top 3. Dan Robbins Speeds Into Zone 1 For A Lofty Ollie Over The Out Ledge Christian Henry Locks Into A Bs Feeble Fs 180 Out On The Ledge/Rail In Zone 2 Mustafa Abrams Plants His Foot On The Apple's Core For This Kickflip Fastplant In Zone 1 Blain Partridge Impressed All Day Long With Tricks Like This Bs 180 Nosegrind To Regular In Zone 2 The 10 & Under Division Took Center Stage During Lunch To Land Some New Tricks Before The Rain Started To Fall What's Better Than NYC Pizza For Lunch And Some Gatorade To Wash It All Down? The Open/Am Division was now set to finish off the afternoon with a final bang, bang, bang.  They say that the “shade is better when it’s cast by a money tree” and all these guys wanted their fair share of the green backs.  With a $500 cash purse on the line, these guys handled business by landing a bs 360 bigflip over the pyramid in zone 2, a kickflip bs 50-50 fs 180 off the out ledge in zone 1, and cast a gap melon grab to boardslide from the quarter pipe to the down rail in zone 3 that had the crowd slapping their boards in delight.  Dylan Nieves is a seasoned veteran on a skateboard and landed a slew of dastardly maneuvers in his heat.  He ran away with 1st place as he landed tricks that included an over the bolts fs big heelflip over the apple gap in zone 1 and a memory searing hardflip to flat over the pyramid in zone 2.  Leo Heinert has to be one of the nicest and funniest dudes on a skateboard.  The guy ripped the entire day and landed a 3 flip lip in zone 3 and a nollie big heel over the apple gap in zone 1 to help him into 2nd place.  While Derek Holms took his mastery to the finish line for 3rd place before the rain came in and shut things down…kind of. Dave Bohack Blast A Quick Melon To Flat Silhouetted By A Bs Tailslide In Zone 2 Justin Healey Pulls Some Beef Out Of This Kickflip Over The Apple Christopher Pierre-Jacques Kickflips Into A Bs Noseslide Fs 270 Shuv-It Out In Zone 2 Leo Heinert Floats A Fs Nosegrind To The End Of The Out Ledge In Zone 1 Carlo Carezzano Flips Into The Ledge/Rail In Zone 2 Jake Keenan Does The Unthinkable With A Gap Melon To Boardslide From The Outside Quarterpipe In Zone 3 Piro Seirra Showing Some Serious Style On This Perfect Bs Smith Grind In Zone 2 Rain began to fall and the crowd moved underneath the shelter of the bridge above. Almost instinctively, an impromptu L.E.S. double set jam began to go off on its own as if a landing strip from above was sent down from heaven.  In the spirit of keeping things going, we through in $100 and a Kicker Audio system for the handful of guys that were going for it.  Many tried to pull it all together, but only 2 tricks were accomplished.  Dylan Neives ripped a hardflip over the set to get $100 and the Rev’d Skater award and Dave Bohack rolled away with a 360 flip and a new sound system for his room.  Props to everyone that had the stones to even try that set. Dylan Nieves Falls From The Sky With A Huge Hardflip Down The Infamous L.E.S. Double Set To Walk Away With An Extra $100 And The Rev'd Skater Award We would like to extend a big thank you to Steve Rodriguez, KCDC’s Amy Gunther, and the city of NY for their help and having us back at L.E.S. Skatepark.  Thank you to our judges Alex Corporan, Bert Correa, and Rob Campbell for their work on the score sheets.  Thanks to our spotters Justin Kinard, Wade Yates, and Miguel “Kre” Veras for grabbing numbers and helping the judges through the madness.  Big thanks goes out to Chris “Corn” McDonald for his help with the photos. Thanks to Volcom’s Daniel Terry for his attention to detail and help throughout the event. Thank you to Julia King and Alex Huang for their additional logistical support. Lastly, thank you to our tour sponsors below for the extra stoke at each and every WITP event. Rev'd Gatorade New Era Cap Kicker Audio Transworld Skate Cam Caddie Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Jonathan Santos 2nd: Hal Scarborough 3rd: Billy Zhang 4th: Mason Wise 5th: Shane Farber 6th: Ivan Glenney 7th: Austin Hufnagel 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Blain Partridge 2nd: Brett Ross 3rd: Duron Simons 4th: Dan Robbins 5th: Mustafa Abrams 6th: Austin Sierra 7th: Ethan Beleut Open/AM Division: 1st:  Dylan Nieves - $250 2nd:  Leo Heinert - $150 3rd:  Derek Holmes - $100 4th: Piro Sierra 5th: Jake Keenan 6th: Christopher Pierre-Jacques 7th: Carlo Carezzano Rev’d Skater Award: Dylan Nieves - $100 Stand Out 10 & Under:  Jiro Platt Check Out The Wild In The Parks Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Wild In The Parks Facebook Page Wild In The Parks Instagram Everyone Loves A Good Product Toss

New Goons Of Doom Album "Kill The Band"

New Goons Of Doom album "Kill The Band" is coming out on September 15th, and from now until then we'll be posting a new track from the album on the Volcom Bandcamp each day. Kill The Band by Goons of Doom Upcoming Goons of Doom Australian shows: September 19 - Coolangatta, QLD @ Rattle Snake Motel September 20 - Byron Bay, NSW @ Great Northern Hotel Septemebr 21 - Yamba, NSW @ Leche Cafe