Upcoming Events (2)

River Jetties, Newport Beach (Day 1 & 2 of Competition)
June 13, 2015
Lower Trestles, San Clemente (Day 3 & 4 of competition)
June 22, 2015


This past weekend marked the end of the regular season contest series for Volcom Stones Totally Crustaceous Tour in US with the Starfish Surf Series, and boy was it a doozy. Fittingly so the final contest on the schedule this year took us back to were it all started in the home stomping ground of Newport Beach’s 54th St.. With Volcom being housed right up the street and the history this wave has with the TCT, the tours regular season could not be more appropriately capped off. Aryn Ferris. Surfs sooooo good. Style, don't forget style kids. The crew rolled into Surfside Sports right around the corner from Volcom’s HQ on Friday afternoon and got all setup for the pre-event signup party along with the crew from Wienerschnitzel providing free dawgs for the pack of frothing Grommies. The Groms packed in to Surfside’s parking lot to play some games, ride some skateboards, snag some swag from Volcom, Penny Skateboards, Rev’d Bar, and of course have some free fun from all! Not to mention while all this was going on we signed up about 100 competitors for the following mornings event that was filling up quickly! Huge thank you to Surfside Sports and Wienerschnitzel for a great Pre-Party! Saturday morning brought calm winds, super fun clean peaky waves at 54th, and a whole beach of fired up competitors chomping at the bit to get the event going. Everyone pitched in a hand to help our pumped up staff and next thing we knew the contest was up and running in no time. We sent the Juniors out first to test the waters and get eyes on what was in store for the rest of the day…a very high level of surfing and an event loaded with local and regional talent from all over the state. Everyone vying for those coveted final spots in this years Volcom TCT Champs at River Jetties and Lower Trestles in June. Larry Layback showing off the fins for the ladies! It was all fun and games until Mother Nature threw us a heater of a curve ball. California is not particularly know for its East Coast style, out of nowhere, violent squalls. This day proved to be different and we had some weather come in being pushed by very strong winds, not to fret though our talented staff and helpful bystanders we were able to batten down the hatches, keep the contest pushing, and the competitors did not let the weather phase them one bit, they just kept on ripping! If this doesn't just make you go have no soul. The Squids are the BEST! We moved right into the finals and the competitors just kept raising the bar with the advancing rounds. When the event was all said and done Cole McCaffay snagged a win in the crowd favorite squids divison. Keanu Igarashi took the title with a dominating performance in a huge Groms division that started with 10 heats in the morning. The girls division was impressive as usual with Tiare Thompson snagging the win in the finals and securing her spot in this years TCT Champs. Next up was the Juniors final where we saw Parker Cohn snag the win in a highly contested division. Last but not least we had the Pro-Am final where Matt Passaquindici took home the win in drifty choppy conditions that still provided some diamonds in the rough that not of these competitors let sneak by un-ridden, that was an action packed final! The little guys didn't seem to be affected by the windy conditions. Cole MacCaffay capping off the end section. Thank you once again Newport for being you and keeping us on our toes. Special thank you to Surfside Sports for providing us a great pre-event signup party and location and allowing us to have some fun with the Groms. Also a huge thank you to all the competitors and their families for coming out and making this Starfish Surf Series so special!! See you at Champs!!! Try and find the adult. I'll wait. Crazy Jeff and the frothiest Groms! Kevin Meza seemed to be in tune with the choppy conditions all day. Peter Piper and his loyal followers. Jack Boyes has a progressive bag of tricks. Fears no wind squall. Groms learning how to lay the wood! Said it before and will say it again. A good bottom turn is the key to it all. Games!? I Love games!! Jeff Richardson and the game squad. The little bowls at 54th St. still had some powerful little corners on them. Matt Passaquindici on a fin free ride to a first place final. She's a looker, these Volcom TCT Starfish Surf Series events. Full commitment and complete disregard for fin systems. The weather may not have been anything to write home about come end of the day, but Matt Passaquindici's performance sure was. Smiling. Happy. All these kids walked away with goodies from PENNY SKATEBOARD, KICKER, OAM and many more! Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN ON A MISSION Winning and locking down his spot in the champs, Matt Passaquindici! RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Matt Passaquindici - $500.00 2. Eros Earahou 3. Jack Boyes 4. Jay Christenson 5. Bronson Wheelan 6. Kevin Meza JUNIORS 1. Parker Cohn 2. David Economos 3. Will Reid 4. Jarik Fink 5. Noah Atwood 6. Brock Piro GROMS 1. Keanu Igarashi 2. Ben Seaberry 3. Dagon Stagg 4. Sage Burke 5. Dylan Hord 6. Peter Stewart SQUIDS 1. Cole McCaffay 2. Ryder Fish 3. Ryder Salberg 4. Miles Biggs 5. Noah Steinmetz 6. Cannon Carr GIRLS 1. Tiare Thomson 2. Malia Osertcamp 3. Ella McCaffray 4. Kayla Coscino 5. Kloee Oponshaw 6. Becca Standt WATERMELON AWARD Keanu Igarashi It was super clean with plenty of ramps before the weather rolled in. Kevin Meza taking advantage. All photos provided by: Landon Knight Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Totally Crustaceous Tour swings through Ventura for the annual Butterfish Surf Series!
Ventura is a cool little surf town with an assortment of fun waves, especially the Pipes/C-Street area with its little right hand point.  The surf scene and the skate scene in that area is very closely tied together which is easily scene as soon as we roll up to our Pre-event signup party at Revolution Surf Co. just outside of downtown Ventura in Camarillo.  The Groms all came by with their families and friends to play some games, eat some free grub, skate the afternoon away, and get all signed up for Volcom TCT Butterfish Surf Series on Saturday. Early morning contest setup with a nice little peak out the back. We have been super lucky as of late with our last few events having more than fun surf, literally as good as we could score some of these spots for the Groms to compete.  Ventura’s Pipes break proved nothing sort of sticking to protocol. We pulled in Saturday morning bright and early to get set up, and right into firing point break style waves. Everyone was frothing and the staff couldn’t wait to get up and running. Bryce Marino has a bottom turn top turn combo that is tough to beat. The crew over at Penny Skateboards kept the Groms busy all day between heats. The fog crept in on us mid morning, which was nice due to the unseasonably warm weather we have been having, and it did nothing to cool down the surfing as all the divisions were prepared and ripping all day. The Juniors , Pros, and Groms got first crack at the clean lined up conditions, and took full advantage. The Groms these days are really figuring out the whole style vs. trick count scenario. Hacks for days, little mini Sunny Garcia man turn. As we moved through the day the Girls and Squids got a crack at the point and made good use of their chance also surfing at a high level all the way into the Repos, Semis, and getting the Finals set. Right on que the sun burned away that marine layer making for a picture perfect start to the finals, and adding a colorful back drop to some very impressive surfing by all divisions and competitors. The groms love this, its like a skate deck on little mini trampolines. SYCK TRYX always keeping the Groms pumped Hows this fins free rotater....textbook. Johnny Gunns checking in with Kurt Harper on that last heat. The kids were laying down some impressive turns all day, this is no exception. As the final heats wore down we saw Bethany Zelasko take home the first final with a solid win for the Girls in a very tough division. Next we moved into the Squids, which is pretty much everyones favorite division and so much fun to watch, these little tykes are the future of our sport and its awesome to watch them compete. Trevor Berry was able to snag the win on Saturday and secure himself a spot at TCT champs this year. Next division up was the groms and Kade Matson was able to snag that title with some solid surfing in the epic conditions. I tell you what the Groms grow up quick from squids and next thing you know they are Juniors and ripping even harder. Liam Osborne. A picture is worth a thousand words. Rooster tails, proof of perfectly timed turn. The Spread! Special thanks to Kicker, Go Pro, Pro Lite, New Era Cap, Revd Bars and all the other who make the tour possible. So the waves were super good, this was the finals. How often do you get waves like this in a heat. The juniors division was very competitive at Ventura as always and Nolan Rapoza ended up with the win and a sweet prize bag! Last but certainly not least was the Pro division and they did not disappoint, finishing out a stellar day with some incredible surfing. When it was all said and done Breyden Taylor bagged the win, 5 c-notes, and Pipes bragging rights until the next Butterfish at Ventura. A really good day overall for everyone involved and we couldn’t be more stoked on the event. Special thanks to our staff and everyone involved, especially all the families that came down and made it possible for us to continue the mission to Let The Kids Ride Free. See you next year Ventura and keep ripping!! That right there is a whole pack of winners! Oh California, you picturesque little devil you. Winners, watermelons, and of course cider showers. The squids winners, ever frothing!   Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN PRO LITE   Power and Commitment on a solid section. Gusto. RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Breyden Taylor - $500.00 2. Jonah Carter 3. Andrew Jacobson 4. Bryce Marino 5. Aryn Ferris 6. Harrison Adler JUNIORS 1. Nolan Rapoza 2. Josiah Amico 3. Micky Clark 4. Sean Woods 5. Will Reid 6. Jonah Pierce GROMS 1. Kade Matson 2. Jabe Swierkocki 3. Ryan Martin 4. Griffin Foy 5. Reef Tsusui 6. Mac Beach SQUIDS 1. Trevor Berry 2. Bredan Burch 3. Patrick O'Connor 4. Dane Matson 5. Lucas Owston 6. Adler Swierkocki GIRLS 1. Bethany Zelasko 2. Steffi Kerson 3. Kirra Pinkerton 4. Samantha Lamirand 5. Abby Brown 6. Alanna Moore WATERMELON AWARD MICHAEL MAIDSON All photos provided by:TYLER KITZMAN Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Miguel Tudela wins in Puerto Rico at the annual #Catfish Surf Event in pumping Rincon Surf!
Isla Del Encantro. Island of Enchantment. Aptly placed grouping of words for one of the most magical destinations on earth. If you have never been there, book a ticket, trust us, you’ll be booking many more after that. Just ask anyone who has been there, especially anyone who has been part of the Volcom TCT Catfish Surf Series in Rincón. They’ll tell you the same thing. It is one of the best stops on tour. The people take you in like family and you leave there without a piece of yourself. Room with a view. You are not dreaming. For this trip to PR we brought along a slew of our team and the island provided great surf with positive vibes for all. We caught great waves all over the island with the crew and rolled right into our Friday pre-event signup party at Playero Surf Shop. A ton of groms came out to hang with the riders, snack on some free grinds, and sign up for Saturdays event. Normally our event fires off at Domes, but this year Mother Ocean had different plans. With a pumping swell on tap the crew made the call to move the event over to Maria’s which handles a little bigger swell, and no one was disappointed, it was pumping, absolutely pumping. Tristan Thompson drawing Desecheo lines with water colors. We rolled in Satuday morning and like we said before it was pumping. We got the contest site set up, in between gawking at the incredibly fun looking surf rolling in off the reef at the top of the point. Everyone knew what was in store... stoked Groms and even better surfing. With the forecast calling for slowly diminishing surf we sent out the Pro-Am guys first and they set the bar for the day, a very high bar. The Pros ripped through rounds one and two, as did the Juniors, staking their claim for the best performances of the day. Brandon and Slims making sure the Groms know when and where to be. As the surf became a little more manageable the Groms, Girls, and Squids gave it their best in all out effort to earn their spots in the finals. It seemed the more the day went on the better the surfing got, and the bigger the smiles on the faces of all involved, especially the lucky competitors scoring perfect Maria’s with only a couple of their peers at a time. As we moved through the later rounds the heats got closer and ever more difficult to advance through, eventually narrowing down our field into the finalists for this years Catfish Surf Series. Miguel Tudela....most likely very excited to be in PR, hoping Dylan Graves is just having a look. Every single divisions final was stacked, and I mean stacked! With the international field that converged on the island for this event there was no shortage of fireworks to end the day. The Pro-Am division saw one of the highest overall heat scores to date for the eventual winner Miguel Tudela, an obvious crowd favorite from the get-go. The mind blowing surf and performances did not stop there as Brian Coutu took home the top spot in an always highly contested Juniors division. The groms were not to be outdone though, and showed their solid surf prowess as Micah Cantor snagged the 1st place honors in a great showing of competitive surfing. With the remaining two divisions proving not be done up either, Emily Ruppert took home the Girls division with an impressive performance in pumping surf and a highly contested international field. Which brought us to the Squids, the smallest in stature, and easily the biggest in gusto and bravado. This crew attacked the firing Maria’s lineup with no hesitation and Diego Gutierrez ended up with the win in this inspiring division of rippers. Bean bowls, a staple in Grom eating competitions. That's right I said Bean bowls. Last but no least we had a special little treat for the people of Rincón, a day ending expression session with our traveling team, and some of the islands incredibly talented local crew. If the day itself wasn’t inspiring enough, the Groms and spectators got to see a special show of ariel antics and power surfing, with Leif Engstrom taking home top honors showing off his impressive bag of tricks. Lets just say it was hard not to keep your eyes on the water during this exhibition. While the right was pumping, don't be fooled, that Maria's left is no slouch either. A very special thanks to everyone involved, our crew, the island, the people, everyone. From the amazing people at The Pool Bar for letting us rent their place for the crew to stay close to the action, Playero Surf Shop for welcoming us in to have our pre-event signup party, The Beach House for putting up the prize for our expression session, and Electric Sunglasses for providing the afterparty where everyone could talk about the days incredible events. Especially to Juan Ashton and his incredible crew for making this event possible. Last but not least all of our sponsors that make the entire TCT possible and allow us to Let The Kids Ride Free. Muchas gracias a todos. Papí and the Grommies...the Squids finalists were legends all day! Go ahead, mind surf it up, we sure are. What a great day of waves. More bean bowl action, the Groms are nothing but awesome in PR. Water color, backdrop, perfect right. Pinch me. Mauro Diaz. This is one of the nicest most stylish groms you will ever encounter anywhere. So there's that. The Beach House threw down $500 for an air show, Leif Engstrom won that hands down. Like I said, Leif won that $500 hands down, or slightly out in this case. Tristan Thompson is smooth as eggs, and very happy to not be in FL at this moment. Bryan Laide knows this wave very well living very close, and also how to line up for a photo, from practice. Sage Kats is a Squid laying down that turn. The kids are going to be alright. I mean how good is that right!? Winners, all the way around, Winners. Miguel was easily Saturdays standout, mid way through a full wrap. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN ON A MISSION   How about the serenity?? RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Miguel Tudela - $500.00 2. Bryan Laide 3. Tristen Thompson 4. Marley Pugielli 5. Daniel Calloway 6. Rolando Montes JUNIORS 1. Brian Coutu 2. Juan Gonzalez 3. Max Self 4. Rio Donaldson 5. Sebastian Sofo 6. Gabriel San Miguel GROMS 1. Micah Cantor 2. Steven Muschett 3. Jorge Martinez 4. Noah Dovin 5. Shaw Clements 6. Tyler Rich SQUIDS 1. Diego Gutierrez 2. Sage Katz 3. Ben Wingate 4. Antonio Larzo 5. Giancarlo Mendez 6. Morgan Weaver GIRLS 1. Emily Ruppert 2. Gabriella Rubi 3. Gabriela Galino 4. Nicole Fulford 5. Jolarys Cameras 6. Yarriann Del Mar AIR SHOW 1. Lief Engstrom 2. Pat Schmidt Tristan Thompson again just all day ripping. All photos provided by:RUDDY PHOTO Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT Everyone knows nothing good comes without a great bottom turn. Something great came from this.
Hawaii. So much you can say about the magical place, but Makaha, for the Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour’s Puffererfish Surf Series is an absolute blessing. The vibes on the West Side are incredible, they are so stoked to be part of the event and see the kids so amped and ready to compete for a spot at Champs. When we rolled up Saturday morning the whole crew was there ready to go but unfortunately the ocean had other plans for us. With stiff offshores and smaller inconsistent surf we decided to hold off for the hopes of better conditions on Sunday. So we passed out entry forms, exchanged shakas and stories, packed up and got ready for Sunday. Noa Mizuno on a sick Makaha runner! The local crew could not have been more right about the call, Sunday morning we pulled up to postcard weather conditions with already fun surf that was forecast to only get better through the day.  We got all set up and in no time the Groms were out there showing everyone why they should be the days winner. Wheelbarrow race?? Definitely. One of the most impressive girls divisions we have seen, Moana Jones upping the ante. There is so much surf history and lore attached to Makaha, and if you get the chance to come down and be part of  the Volcom TCT event there you will be encompassed in greatness and aloha. Russ-K is there, with all of his world surfing titles. The whole Kealauna family is there, it's nuts to see.  The only event all year where we never have to clear the lineup, not with the boys at Kanaka Solutions around. Not to mention the Volskwagon sized grill they pack with them, the grinds are all time. Got to keep the kids fueled for all that ripping! Kanaka Solutions, Tai Van Dyke, Grill. Match made in heaven. And rip the Groms did. The surf continued to get better all day, as projected, and so did the surfing. The divisions were stacked with representatives from all over the islands, mainland, and at least 3 different countries….it was reminiscent of a mini champs. As the day started to wind down we saw one of the favorites, Jackson Bunch, take home the win in one of the best squids divisons all year. Then another favorite Brissa Hennesy with a solid win in one of the best girls divisions all year. Nick Marshall over from the mainland for some North Shore practice with his brother Jake, trekked over to the West Side and floated back with a Groms win. The Juniors were ripping all day and Barron Mamiya snagged a tough win in Makaha to take 1st place honors. Jackson Bunch, off the top, down the line, right into a Squids win. Secret SAUCE!   The winds stayed light all day which made for some solid air sections, Barron Mamiya air drying them fins. West Side. Grown man turns for grown man groms. Bots and Tai, eyeing the merchandise. Josh Moniz. Game over.   Groms frothing on a spread of delightful goodies for the winners. Jake Marshall knows about getting shots with fisheye lenses, Jason Shibata is happy he does. Last but not least was the pro division, all day these guys were incredible to watch. When the final started it was pretty clear to anyone who has seen a beach that Josh Moniz was going to be the man to beat. A task that was not achieved this day as Josh and his Brother Seth made it clear they were not going to be outdone taking home 1st and 2nd at Makaha. Something tells me we should get used to a grouping of 1st and 2nd with those names in either order for some time to come. Josh Moniz, reaping the rewards from a solid day of ripping! Seth Moniz all day with this turn, like clockwork, all the way to a second place finish! Thank you to everyone involved with the Volcom TCT Pufferfish Surf Series it could not have happened without the entire crew especially Clint, Tai, Jade, Lono, Russ K, Khanaka Solutions, and all the boys. Thank you to our sponsors as well for the support, and more importantly, helping us Stay True This on our mission to Let The Kids Ride Free. Until next time Makaha…Alohas and Mahalos. -Volcom TCT Kimo. Trust me, you, or nobody would like to try this guy. There is something about a perfectly executed top turn. Barron Mamiya leading by example. Groms will be Groms. Also this is really fun to do. A great demonstration of what to do with those ramp sections. Who doesn't love a good product toss? Pro-Am Finalists. Girls and Juniors Finalists. Groms and Squids winners. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN ON A MISSION   RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Joshua Moniz - $500.00 2. Seth Moniz 3. Noah Mizuno 4. Charlie Akao 5. Keoni Yan 6. Ryland Rubens JUNIORS 1. Barron Mamiya 2. Kaulana Apo 3. Jake MArshall 4. Ethan Ewing 5. Devin Bueggman 6. Kainaru Katu GROMS 1. Nick Marshall 2. Robert Grillho III 3. Jake Riccobuno 4. Ocean Macedo 5. Tomas Baralli 6. Austin Prevett SQUIDS 1. Jackson Bunch 2. Noa Dupuoy 3. Makena Franzman 4. Diego Ferri 5. Bettylou Johnson 6. Kai Martin GIRLS 1. Brissa Hennesy 2. Bailey Nagy 3. Emily Nishimoto 4. Julie Nishimoto 5. Moana Jones 6. Summer Ivy WATERMELON AWARD Bettylou Johnson KICKASS GROM AWARD Diesel Butts All photos provided by: MANA PHOTO Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
South America
Volcom's TCT - Alpacafish - Mar Azul, Peru
The 8th annual Alpacafish TCT stop in Peru took place in small, but fun surf at Mar Azual beach 1 hour from Lima. We arrived Saturday morning to small surf and decided to call off the event until Sunday with a promising swell on the horizon. When we arrived on Sunday morning and this time luck was on our side with some 3-foot set waves and glassy conditions. We set up the Volcom tents and the kids started to show for signing up. We had 52 Kids competing between all divisions. Kicking off at 10am was the under-13 division. In traditional TCT style, we gave away hats, stickers and shades! As well, we fired up the grill for hotdogs and hydrated the competitors with water and sodas. The Pro-Am final was really exciting as the best juniors from Peru jumped into the water. We saw a close battle between Alonso Correa and Juninho Urcia. With at 6th place finish in the 2014 TCT Pro-Am final, this year Alonso was more focused and determine to take home the first place spot, earning him a trip to the Global TCT Champs in Newport Beach, CA. RESULTS: PRO AM 1. ALONSO CORREA 2. JUNINHO URCIA 3. SEBASTIAN CORREA 4. ADRIAN GARCIA 5. ANDRES DE LA CRUZ 6. GABRIEL VARGAS UNDER 16 1. GABRIEL VARGAS 2. JHONNY GUERRERO 3. ANDRES ECHECOPAR 4. ANDRES DE LA CRUZ 5. JUAN ALONSO SARAVIA 6. AMARU RODRIGUEZ UNDER 13 1. MATEO PRIAS 2. NADINE BENITEZ 3. ARENA RODRIGUEZ 4. JOSE ANTONIO ESPEJO 5. DANIELA ROSAS UNDER 10 1. ARENA RODRIGUEZ 2. CAYETANO RIZO PATRON 3. SANTIAGO MORENO 4. MATIAS COLOMA 5. DIEGO MORENO LADIES 1. DANIELA ROSAS 2. VANIA TORRES 3. NOELIA ARATA 4. LARA BARRIOS 5. LEILANI BERNALES 6. ARENA RODRIGUEZ 7. MAR PEREZ DEL SOLAR Special thanks to BIG HEAD, CIFRUT and all the PERU Volcom Family. Photos provided by Wachi, Jorge Castro and Sebastian Gomez.
TCT Surf Series
Volcom's TCT - Playa Venao, Panama
The weather forecast called for rain. However, luck was on our side. After 30 minutes of what looked like a major down poor coming our way, the clouds cleared and the fun sized surf glassed off! By 7:30 am, kids from all over Panama had arrived to secure their spot in the contest. After allowing the kids a warm up session, we kicked off the first Pro-Am heat at 9:30am. With local favorite “Oli” knocked out in his first round, we were expecting big surprises for the day. The contest went smoothly all day and while the heats were underway, Volcom Sales Rep Diego Ramirez organized some fun games on the beach for the kids to play with friends and family. With a free trip to Newport Beach, CA for the winner of the Pro-Am final, there was a heated battled going down. In the end, Jhonny Alfonso with a good powerful tail-slide won the judges over and gave him an almost perfect score. We now have our first two TCT Latam winners from Mexico and Panama, and still 6 more Latin American TCT event to come. Get ready Newport Beach, the Latin kids are coming in strong this time! Volcomgratulations to Isauro Elizondo for the best performance of the whole event for getting 1st in Groms and 3rd on Juniors. A big thank you to the local community in Playa Venao for their help, hospitality and generosity with this event! Many thanks too for Diego, Gary, Faisal, Ilka, Marcos, Richie, Pochito and the Panama Surfing Federation for making many kids happy that Saturday and promoting the next generation of surfers in Panama! RESULTS: PRO AM JHONNY ALFONSO ROBERTO DIAZ ORLANDO ORTEGA JOSE LUIS RODRIGUEZ KELVIN GONZALES KALANI GARCIA SUB 16 AGUSTIN CEDEÑO EDUARDO AIZPURUA ISAURO ELIZONDO TAO RODRIGUEZ KALANI GARCIA LUIS ARROYO SUB 13 ISAURO ELIZONDO JUAN FISCHER TAO RODRIGUEZ LUIS CARLOS LOPEZ ROMAIN AUBERT DIEGO GOLDNER SUB 10 ALEXANDRE LACOSTE KAI GALLE CESAR LOPEZ DANIEL HENRIQUEZ JULIAN HERNANDEZ REEF AZOULAY DAMAS JOHANNY ALFONSO MONICA MUNN AIMEE AZOULAY SARA SANCHEZ   Photos by Faisal and Ilka