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TCT 2014/15 - France - MULLETFISH surf series
Plage des Culs Nuls, Hossegor, France
November 1, 2014
TCT Starfish Pre-event Party
Frog House Surf Shop
November 7, 2014
TCT Pufferfish Pre-event Party
Hawaiian Island Creations
November 7, 2014
TCT Surf Contest - Pufferfish - Banyans, Big Island
November 8, 2014
TCT Surf Contest - Starfish - River Jetties, Newps
River Jetties
November 8, 2014
TCT Surf Contest - Greatwhite - The Lane, Santa Cruz
The Lane
November 15, 2014
TCT 2014/15 - Spain - LAVAFISH surf series
Playa de Famara, Lanzarote
November 29, 2014

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Volcom Qualifying Series


The Totally Crustaceous Tour made its way to the Garden State for the annual Jellyfish Surf Series at the world famous Manasquan Inlet! We met up with out friends at Inlet Outlet surf shop for the Pre event sign up party. When we pulled into the parking lot we were greeted to the sounds of tons of frothing Jersey groms ready to get their hands on the free pizza and get there names entered into Saturdays event. The night was amazing, the Groms built a makeshift skatepark out of loose wood and skated till there legs were Jello. Mike Gleason signed his recent cover of Eastern Surf Magazine for all in attendance and before you could you say Pork Roll Egg and Cheese the night was over and it was time to rest up for Sundays event! Great turnout at Inlet Outlet for the Pre-Party event!! Thanks guys! Sundays event was one for the books in New Jersey. We had one of our largest turnouts in Jellyfish history and fun 2-4 ft waves. The gremlins stormed the beach like a Bruce Springsteen storms the stage! We got the late beach entries in the books, cleared the peak, and sent the Juniors out to start the day! The day was perfect, we brought out the Leaf Blower, showered some lucky children in flour, and ran around in diapers.... Ohh yeah we also crowned a champion, Pat Schmidt! Volcomgratulations to all the Golden ticket winners, who will be heading to TCT Champs in April and a very special thank you to all who made this event such a special one! #NJALLDAY If you don't recognize these rocks, you've missed one of the best waves in Jersey. Mike Vanaman cutting up a slice of Jersey pie! He's a big fluffy bear, who loves his home and the groms that rip there. Mike Gleason. Jude Clark small seed, big tail slide. Bacon, before joining the pizza. Pat Schmidt and what I'm assuming isn't a "you're my favorite shredda" hand signal. Things got a little windy mid day. Coordinated color schemes look so good when your rail work is this fluid. Spot the biggest grom in this photo.....Dizzy Race, GO! Tommy Inhken taking a break from his judging duties to have a casual surf in a full body blue man suit! It's all fun and games, until Stone Man gets tackled. This kid has a future with Da'Bears! When I'm done with my Pork Roll I don't go throw my fins out like Mikey Vanaman Saddle Bags. Enough said. Another great display of fancy fin work from these Jersey Groms. The Squids division is always my favorite. They are always the most excited bunch! Holy cannoli! Chase Leider about to lay down a hefty turn on his way to qualifying for TCT Champs! Special thank you to all of our sponsors and all the groms that made the Jellyfish amazing! Dry hair don't care! Jude Clark joining in on the fins free fun at the Inlet. Winners with all their goodies! Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS FAMOUS WAX WATERMANS SUNSCREEN Pat Schmidt counting his winnings while the Promo Toss goes down in the background. RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Pat Schmidt - $500.00 2. Sean Taylor 3. JD Porter 4. Cooper Forthey 5. Pat Parenty 6. Tyler Sanky JUNIORS 1. Andrew Rooney 2. Spencer Bridges 3. Nick Giunth 4. Paul Fransisco 5. Jake Christian 6. Shane Kerfest GROMS 1. Mike Vanaman 2. Syman Hetrick 3. Jude Clark 4. Ethan Jackson 5. Jake Dematteo 6. Pat Taylor SQUIDS 1. CJ Mangio 2. Chase Lieder 3. Charlie Wiemer 4. Matt Vanaman 5. Ethan Smith 6. Jesse Hulsart GIRLS 1. Emma Krasowski 2. Sara Hegna 3. Alexa Muss 4. Dakota S. Ejnes 5. Morgan Iglay 6. Anissa Maimone WATERMELON AWARD Riley Schmidt All photos provided by: Carter Mccoy Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Volcom Qualifying Series


Welcome Volcom... Texas's best Bushfishers have been eagerly waiting your arrival. Texas. What can you say about the Lone Star State other than it is the Heart of America, second to none, and hands down some of the best people on the planet. The annual Bushfish event went down on Saturday the 27th and it was nothing short of a breathtaking 8 second ride. We moseyed on into Benjamins Surf and Skate on Friday afternoon dodging rain clouds and lassoed us up a good ole fashioned preparty with live music from and friendly families chomping at the bit to sign up for the Bushfish contest at Bob Hall Pier. With smiles everywhere a Honky Tonkin Texas time was had by all the friendly faces new and old. Flowing locks normally mean mellow vibes, not in Texas. Mathew Lee laying down a big TX sized hack! Saturday morning brought us exactly what we expected, BBQ grills fired up before dawn, and enough kids and families to fill a Friday night lights football stadium. We had a great start after checking the local radar, getting all set up, and mother nature sent some really fun waves our way to boot! The smell of slow cooking and the yew’s a plenty for the solid surfing all day lead us right up to the finals, where we were met by a big ole Texas squall. The calm before the storm? Not in Texas my friend. That wasn’t going to hold these Texans down. Everyone battened down the hatches, rode it out, and we knocked out the finals in tough but very contestable conditions. After all was said and done we set up the awards presentation in the safety and hospitality of Mikel May’s restaurant up on the pier. The competitors and their families piled in as we crowned our champions to the hoots and hollers of a southern charged packed crowd. Texas, you are something else, and one thing is for sure, we can’t wait until next year when we can 2-step our way back into one of the most fun events of the year! Once the storm passed the wind switched and chunky went tubey, Winston Phillips taking full advantage of the bounty. Mess with Bull, you get the horns. Nathen Marney not exactly the full 8 second ride!  The kids in Texas are second to none,  Bradley Blades showing you can also put it on rail in the LoneStar State. Lunch line? Not in Texas, everyone in there has BBQ rib in hand waiting on a New Era Hat! Remember that aforementioned squall... Shane Wiggens ain't scared. Everything is bigger in Texas...right? Always the favorite, The Squids. Little stature big surfing, with Carl Holm, big mustache. Bradley Blades surfing was hotter than a fox in a forest fire. And to the victor, goes the spoils. The crew getting ready to stoke out the kids! Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS FAMOUS WAX WATERMANS SUNSCREEN Here are your finalists. A big Texas thank you from us here at Volcom for making the Bushfish so fun year after year. RESULTS PRO AM 1.Daniel Norton $500 2.Riley Brown 3.Vincent Scroggs 4.Scotty Grundhauer 5.Brandon Elderkin 6.Jeremy Patrick ROUND UP 1.Nathan Floyd $250 2.Gabriel Prasmack 3.Mathew Lee 4.Jarred Williams 5.Shane Wiggins 6.Brandin Stevens JUNIORS 1.Winston Phillips 2. Nathaniel Marney 3.Bradley Blades 4.Kelly Scroggs 5.Andrew Caller 6.Hank Cunnington GROM 1.Ian Appling 2.Dallas Cunnington 3.Nicolas Bertagna 4.Zachary Rachvi GIRLS 1.Serena Nava 2.Maddie Garlough 3.Cassandra Huff 4.Elise Scroggs 5.Amanda Macallay 6.Coral Earwood WATERMELON AWARD All photos provided by: G-SCOTT and Rob Henson Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Volcom Qualifying Series

Totally Crustaceous Tour - Summer Highlights 2014 Summer Highlights from Volcom Stone's "Totally Crustaceous Tour" featuring surfing from The Goldfish series, in Morrow Bay, Ca, The Pufferfish Series in Poipu, Kauai, HI, The Great White Series in Pleasure Point, CA, and the Pufferfish Series in Lahaina Harbor, Maui, HI. -Music- "Sound The Horn" Totimoshi Milagrosa Volcom Ent.
Volcom Qualifying Series


The Totally Crustaceous Tour once again made the long journey back to the Outer Banks in beautiful North Carolina! We motored into town on Friday night and went straight to WRV for our annual pre event sign up party! The kids came from all over the East Coast and with promising surf in the water, there was no chance of rescheduling this one. We rolled up to the beach on Saturday morning and sure enough there was solid 3-4ft surf for the kiddies and the contest was a go. The kids took a pounding, but loved every second of it and just like that it was time to hand out the awards and crown a champion! Stevie Pittman was the man to beat. This blue man is doing his very best to keep the earth clean, but Im just not sure how he is going to eat that banana? Bo Raynor avoiding a sunburn by catching some early round shade. Stoneman getting the kids fired up for their heats. Our ole trusty East Coast leader Daniel, took a beating trying to get the shot! All the kids braved the heavier conditions and unfortunately some payed the price. Poor Orange! Bo letting the tail do the work midway through the final. Nothing like a little circle dancing around some casual beach goers. The punchy waves of the Outer Banks never disappoint! The Squids battled through the rough conditions, took a small beating, but they made it. (left) Codie Patterson took come the Watermelon award.  Gabriel Morvil earned himself a respectable 3rd place finish in the Juniors.   This little hot dog entertaining the crowd just before the awards ceremony. Stevie Pittman earned his golden ticket to TCT Champs and will certainly be a threat to take that win as well. The winners getting all their goodies! Bo Raynor was on the top of his game and would finish second in the Juniors division. Promo toss are always the best way to end any event! Morgan Level enjoying a close out sale! Morgan took 2nd in the pro and we will be seeing him in April! Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS FAMOUS WAX WATERMANS SUNSCREEN RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Jake Raynor - $500.00 2. Morgan Level 3. Josh Beveridge 4. Spencer Moore 5. Dylan Bland JUNIORS 1. Stevie Pittman 2. Bo Raynor 3. Gabriel Morvil 4. Nohea Futrell 5. Quentin Turko 6. Lucas Thomas GROMS 1. Tommy Tillett 2. Ethen White 3. Stephen Muglia 4. Seth Townsend 5. Will Remick 6. Ethen White SQUIDS 1. Logan Harris 2. Kai Wescoat 3. Christian Townsend GIRLS 1. Sidney Pittman 2. Jessica Wallace 3. Bri Vumovich 4. Codie Patterson 5. Neke Turko WATERMELON AWARD Codie Patterson All photos provided by: Corey Schaible Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Volcom Qualifying Series

RESULTS | Totally Crustaceous Tour 2014-2014 | Rumblefish, Praia Do Amado, Portugal

Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour kicked off its European 2014-2015 season with groms paradise conditions at the Rumblefish Surf Series in Praia do Amado, Portugal. Sunshine and perfect small A-frames welcomed the frothing competitors for a super fun day. This event is the first one of the five stops of this TCT European leg. Competitors get the chance to win a trip to the 2015 Global TCT Championships in Newport beach ($50 000 prize money) if they compete in a second European event. As usual everyone had a blast, enjoying the free event that is now a classic in Portugal. Thanks to everyone who helped out and Ricardo Damsio for the clip, and Andre Carvalho for the photos! See you next stop! 2014-2015 tour info HERE RESULTS: Squids AFONSO ANTUNES MARTIM VAN ZELLER JOAQUIM CHAVES JOÃO MENDONÇA Groms FRANCISCO ALMEIDA MARTIM PAULINO JOÃO VIDAL FRANCISCO SIMÕES Juniors MARTIM MAGALHÃES ANTONIO DUARTE DIOGO ROQUE JOÃO MOREIRA JOÃO ANDRÉ JOÃO MALÓ Girls CAMILLA KEMP BEATRIZ SANTOS INÊS SILVA FRANCISCA VESELKO PRO AM GUILHERME FONSECA TOMAS ALCOBIA RUBEN VITA FRANCISCO REIS    
Volcom Qualifying Series

210 competitors pack Pleasure Point for the TCT Greatwhite Surf Contest!

The 2015 TCT is in full effect and with 3 events under our belt its time to get to the meat of the tour. We rolled into Santa Cruz on Friday afternoon and pulled right into Freeline Surf Shop for the pre event parking lot party. We set up the grill, rolled in the quarter pipe, cranked the music and before we could blink there were just about 200 people screaming and yelling to get in the contest the following morning. The next morning we rolled up just as the sun rolled over the mountains and we got our first look at the pumping Pleasure Point. I mean it was pumping. The kids were frothing so we signed up the last of the 210 competitors and threw the Juniors into the line of fire first. The day rolled along perfect and before we knew it, it was time to crown a champion! Check below for a full recap of the pre event party and the Greatwhite surf contest! We signed up 150 kids at the biggest pre party in history. Tubes where rare, but there were certainly a few good ones. This is Trevor he entertained the pre party patrons all night. Eithan would go on to take 2nd place in the Juniors and earn his Golden Ticket to TCT Champs. Mini ramp at the Pre Party kept the crowd entertained. Nick HDez letting the tail fly late in the day. Skin Dog was in his element at the Pre Party. Collin Deveze is always one of the front runners to take the win, as you can plainly see. The crowd was thick all day with Pleasure Point delivering on her promise of great waves. Pleasure Point was offering up some amazing waves for the event and kids were taking full advantage. Champagne (sparkling cider) showered the winners and the Squids! 1st peak and Sewers were firing all day with non stop south swell. Liam Osborne dressed to impress for the awards ceremony. Willie Eagleton was in the zone the entire day and would go on to win the Pro Am division, earning him $500.00. The awards ceremony at Pleasure Point is second to none. Eithan was off to a great start getting one of the highest heat scores of the morning rounds.   The winners and all their goodies! Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS FAMOUS WAX WATERMANS SUNSCREEN PROLITE RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Willie Eagelton - $500.00 2. Ben Coffey 3. Wyatt Barrabee 4. Xica Hansen 5. Carlos Carpenter 6. Tavis Boise JUNIORS 1. John Mel 2. Eithan Osborne 3. Shane Borland 4. Mickey Clarke 5. Richie Schmidt 6. Sam Coffey GROMS 1. Tanner Ford 2. Kory Svardel 3. Bash Mendes 4. Jabe Swierkocki 5. Zane Booth 6. Miles Freeh SQUIDS 1. Tyler Spencer 2. Jack Conti 3. Liam Osborne 4. Adam Bartlett 5. John Paul Henderson 6. Luca DaSilva GIRLS 1. Steph Kerson 2. Autumn Hayes 3. Ashley Held 4. Sunshine Paty 5. Tirae Thompsom 6. Ireland Conti WATERMELON AWARD Lilly Richards All photos provided by: Tyler Kitzman Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT

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Postponed! TCT Surf Contest - Elkfish - Pacific City, Oregon
Pacific City
October 25, 2014
TCT Surf Contest - Jellyfish Surf Contest - Manasquan Inlet, NJ
Manasquan Inlet
October 11, 2014
TCT Jellyfish - Pre Event Registration Party
Inlet Outlet Surf Shop
October 10, 2014
TCT Surf Contest - Bushfish - Corpus Christi, TX
Bob Hall Pier, Corpus Christi, TX
September 27, 2014
TCT Surf Contest - Cooterfish - KDH, NC
Hayman St, Kill Devil Hills
September 27, 2014
TCT Bushfish - Pre Event Registration
Benjamin's Surf Shop
September 26, 2014
TCT Cooterfish Pre - Event Registration Party
WRV Surf Shop
September 26, 2014