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Volcom Presents “True To This” Premiere in Bogotá, Colombia

Teatro Odeon • 12c, Carrera 5 # 81-73, Bogotá, Colombia

March 14, 2014

Volcom Presents “True To This” Premiere in Bogotá, Colombia

Teatro Odeon • 12c, Carrera 5 # 81-73, Bogotá, Colombia
March 14, 2014

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Style Your Flannel - Pinterest Contest!
Hello, friends! Welcome to our Volcom Women's Pinterest contest! We're giving you the chance to win Volcom Women's product and $100 to shop on just by showing off your styling skills with our beautiful flannels. Entry is super easy and fun! New to Pinterest? Click here to follow these six easy steps to get started. Rules: •  Follow Volcom Women's on Pinterest •  Repin 3 - 5 images from our contest board •  Head over to and pin your favorite flannel from Volcom Women's •  Pin 3 - 5 pieces from that you think would go well with your flannel. It could be anything from jackets to shoes to hats. It's completely up to you! •  Tag #VolcomWomensFlannel #VolcomWomens That's it. Super easy, right?! The board that inspires us the most will win our Show Betta Long Sleeve Flannel + a $100 gift card to shop on! Just in time to spruce up your back to school wardrobe! You'll be looking fly in no time. Now get to pinning, we can't wait to see what you come up with!
DIY Flannels 3 Ways
We're crushing hard on flannels right now. Maybe it's the back to school nostalgia that's getting to us or maybe we just can't help but love this closet staple. Either way, we've decided to give 3 of our favorite flannels 3 different makeovers. Bonus: it's SUPER easy and really fun! Flannel #1: Cozy Day Dress   Our "what you need" list is really short with this one. Scissors. That's it. Well that and an imagination! Start by laying your flannel flat on the ground. If you happen to do this DIY on our Cozy Day Dress, it is extra easy since there is a seam that you an cut across to make a straight line. if you're using a flannel shirt then make sure to use a pen or a pencil and a ruler to draw a straight line across the flannel. Go ahead and start cutting. Remember that this doesn't have to look PERFECT. We like this cut to be rough around the edges and to leave frays at the end to give it an edge.   This next part is optional. We decided to cut the sleeves shorter to give it some more fray. If you prefer your sleeves the natural length, then you can leave it how it is and you're done! Choose a line in your flannel to be your length guide. Once you've cut one side fold your shirt in half and measure the sleeves side by side so that they are the same length.   Pair this crop top with some high waisted jeans and you're good to go. So cute and easy!   Flannel #2: Cozy Day Long Sleeve Flannel   This second DIY takes more time and effort than the last one but the results in the end are totally worth it! What you need:: - A bucket - Bleach - Kitchen gloves - Vinegar - A plastic bag - A rubber band Make sure you're wearing clothes that you don't mind getting bleach on. Any old raggedy t shirt and shorts will do. Start by filling your bucket up halfway with warm water.   You want to do 2 parts water and 1 part bleach. So pour half the amount of bleach in your bucket.   Start prepping your shirt for the bleaching process by laying it flat on the ground.   To make sure the bleach distributes evenly on your shirt, fold the shirt in half.   Grab your plastic bag and cover the top half of your shirt with it. Then secure it by tying the rubber band around the bag.   Time to dip! Carefully place your flannel in the bleach / water mixture. Don't forget to put on your kitchen gloves! Pro tip:: This project is best done outdoors so as not to fill your house with bleach fumes. No bueno!   Swish it around to make sure the bleach is distributed evenly! You will start to notice the color change almost immediately. To get the most out of this process, we suggest you leave the shirt in the bucket for 30 minutes to an hour. We left it in for 30 minutes and it left a pinkish hue. If we had left the shirt in for an hour it would have been white. It's completely up to you how you want your end result to be! To secure the shirt to the bucket, grab some clothes pins or anything you can find around the house to secure it.   Once your 30 mins to an hour have passed, check your shirt to see if it looks good to you. If it's still not as light as you would like it, leave it in an extra 30 minutes.   Once you have reached the desired look, you have to move quickly to stop the bleaching process. Take your bucket to your sink and start rinsing your shirt.   Dump out the bleach water and rinse your bucket. Once it's free of all bleach, you need to fill it up again with water.   Here is where the vinegar comes in! Apparently it helps stop the bleaching process. Pour the vinegar into your water and swish away.   Once the shirt is rinsed thoroughly, you can take the plastic bag off to see the look.   Looks good to us! The next step is wash it and dry it and you're ready to wear it!   Flannel #3: Cozy Day Dress   This last DIY is just as easy as the first one. All you need is a pair of scissors! Instead of cropping the flannel dress, we're going to be opening up the shoulders. It takes very little effort to make a big impact on this dress and completely transforms the look to make it more modern! Lay your flannel on the ground. Use a pencil to draw where you're going to be cutting to help guide you. Start from the top shoulder area and draw down. It's better to start small and keep cutting if you're not happy with the end result. If you cut a hole too big, you're stuck with it.   Once you've drawn your guide, start cutting.   When you're done with one side, fold your dress in half to do the other side. Use the cut side as your guide for the other sleeve and cut!   Viola! It's easy as 1-2-3!
A Candid Photo Journal: Welcome To Water Ep. 3 - Indonesia
A couple months ago, filmmaker / photographer Scott Stinnett ventured with some of the boys on the Volcom Surf Team to South East Asia to a little place called Sumbawa, located in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain. Sumbawa, a highly sought-after surf destination for people all around the world, offers many heavy world-class barrels, prodominately lefts, accompanied with a shallow coral reef bottom. For the traveling surfers and cameramen like Scott, Sumbawa is a great place to journey to for a variety of waves and tons of land exploring. Their mission? Shoot some clips of Balaram Stack, Parker Coffin, Imai Devault and Noah Schweizer for a surf edit (watch here), venture to a few remote areas for some lifestyle photography, have some fun, and live to tell their story. Conclusion: they lived, but their story wasn't as exciting as today's current news in the world, so we didn't write a story. Although, Scott was able to capture some memorable moments from the trip through the use of his Yashica T4 and Wide Lux Panoramic cameras which we just had to share. Take a peek at some of the photos below! PHOTOS: Scott Stinnett, @melllow_yellow CAMERAS: Weatherproof Yashica T4 35mm Point and Shoot, Wide Lux Panoramic Camera Fadi, pronounced "Faw-Dee," was the crew's epic tour guide and drove them around to some mystical secret locations The boys were stoked when Fadi showed them this secret hideaway in the forest This spot wasn't surfable, but Parker Coffin didn't want to leave 100 degree weather, fully clothed, with an old Volcom tee wrapped his head. Score! In the background you can see a pretty sick left, which unfortunately, wasn't surfable, so the boys moved on to another location The gateway to the dream left that was scored in the edit. The crew ended up calling that wave "Baldman's" for a local incorrectly pronouncing Balaram's name. Once you walk through that path you are rewarded with this sight. The granny farmer, who owns that piece of land, is shown here holding the gate open for the crew. Imai Devault at Baldman's Imai with the first leap into an unknown lagoon Taking a break from the road This desolate, beachy farm land makes for a good photo The boys' first look at Baldman's A small Indonesian girl on her way to pre-school. It's fascinating traveling thousands of miles away from home to see how native people live and grow up, hugely disconnected from the world you and I live in today. Noah and Parker, full zen mode The Nomad Resort The heat made Parker a little thirsty... Here's Fadi (on the right) wondering what a kid from Florida and a kid from California are doing staring off into the depths of a lagoon On the way to the waterfall. Beautiful scenery in every corner of Sumbawa kept traveling from place-to-place a treat rather than a burden. The long walk back from Yo-Yos (the smaller, fun-looking right from the edit) The boys watching Balaram swing from a tree into the water. Balaram, with a miscalculated attempt to fear of landing on tree roots (shown on the left), hung onto the rope and slammed back into the tree. Nice one, Balaram. On the way out from granny farmer's crops and into Baldman's Rocks were slippery, but careful foot placement ensured no one fell off the cliff. Too bad. Would've made for a cool photo. Imai
Mitch Coleborn Surfing in Jeans
We decided to put our new Volcom Stone Made denim to the test with Mitch Coleborn, one of our esteemed surf team riders. Yes, SURF team. Not the skate team (although, of course we did that too). We gave the fella a call, explained what we wanted him to do, and he basically hung up the phone. We called him back, no answer. We texted him, Facebooked him, Instagrammed him, Snapchatted him, and even found his old MySpace to see if he was online. No luck. After a day or so he reluctantly called us back and made the intern cry through his acrimonious tone. JK. Mitch is a solid human and he rules! So we told him the campaign and he eventually succumbed to it. After a bit of planning and a leg full of feelings, we were at the beach with the team and Mitch anxiously anticipating its outcome. So there he was, a near 30 year old, standing on the beach with no shirt on, wearing nothing but jeans and his leash wrapped around his ankle, thinking if some little punk kid would snap a photo of him and send it to Kook of the Day.  Cameras were set, team was in place, and the first shot was being organized. The moment we wanted to capture for this first shot was the initial reaction to the shoot, the mood of the team, anxiety of Mitch, and vulnerability of someone surfing in jeans. It's experimental, it's explosive, and it's captivating. Sure, people have surfed in jeans before. It's not something new. But our goal was to cross paths with our skate team dudes and put our denim to the test under any circumstance. Because we're here to have fun, right?   It was almost as if Mitch were wearing boardshorts when he started catching waves. He was doing airs, throw tails, power carves, you name it. Of course anything restricting your leg movement will hinder your stretch, but Mitch was surprisingly enthusiastic about his experience when he got out of the water. The Vorta jeans he wore include a superior stretch fabric and deliver twice the power of normal stretch jeans, so it was a match made in heaven. Or something like that. Test complete. Now it's your turn. Grab some Volcom denim and start surfing! Joking. Don't do that. Our Volcom Stone Made denim and chinos are designed for skateboarding, but recommended for life. See for yourself. Check out our brand-new Volcom Stone Made line of jeans and chinos here.
Daan Van Der Linden is now PRO!
At the young age of only 20 years old, Dutch phenom Daan van der Linden has accomplished a lot in the past couple years. Scoring the cover of Thrasher Magazine, The Skateboard Mag & Free Skateboard Mag as well as being added to the Vans global team, accompanied with a exclusive color-way, a killer part in our video Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening and now PRO for Anti Hero Skateboards! It all happened at the Copenhagen Pro and has been received as very well deserved. Watch some of the edits that got him into the pro ranks below and CONGRATULATIONS DAAN! One of the first edits that put Daan on everyone's radar was our Real Life Happening edit that our filmer Ant Travis put together. Made up entirely of iphone "warm up" clips, some of them are quite mind boggling and it's amazing how much board control he has. The Anti-Hero crew is a hard one to get into, they don't just put anyone on the team. Daan was being flowed Anti-hero boards from a distributor in the Netherlands and after being on a couple our trips with Grant and Pfanner, Anti-Hero decided to take him on a "family trip" to see if he vibed with the rest of the team. Judging by the two edits above it seems that he fit in just fine. See if you can spot some Volcom X AntiHero goods in there too! Lastly The Bombaklats crew out of Rotterdam just put out a video and Daan had an entire part of old and new footage, can't wait to see what the future holds or Daan!
Volcom Women's Astrological Style Guide - August Edition
Leo July 23 – August 22 Your private life will be put on hold this month for there are big events coming your way. At first you'll be bothered by the distraction but will soon come to love it. It can be hard to get used to a lot of excitement when you're used to just chillin an home. If you accept this change with open arms and a clear head, you'll find that new friends and new opportunities lie ahead! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: On The Brink Romper   Virgo August 23 – September 22 This month is all about confidence for you awesome Virgo's! Every day will feel like an inspiring one and you'll wake up feeling that you can move mountains! Don't let that feeling fade for it's your ticket to success. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Lived In Snow Tank   Libra September 23 – October 22 Alright Libra's, it's time to do some soul searching this month. Instead of letting people walk all over you and never really speaking your mind you need to do the opposite. We know it's a lot easier than it sounds but trust us, in the end it will be worth it. It's your life so don't waste any time! Say what you mean and mean what you say. You'll start to see an improvement in the way you carry yourself! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Comfy Daze Dress   Scorpio October 23 – November 21 You're a social butterfly this month! Try to keep this momentum going while there are still a couple weeks of summer left. This is a perfect time to start meeting new people and finding new opportunities! In other good news, your money troubles are no longer an issue for you since you've been wise and saving up! Keep up the good work and reward yourself with a little present when you've reached your financial goal. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Show Betta Long Sleeve Shirt   Sagittarius November 22 – December 21 It looks like ya'll need a reality check this month! Spend less time daydreaming about expanding your horizons and more time focusing on a practical approach to your current life situation. Now listen, we don't mean you can reach for the stars - we just mean that now is not the right time. Being realistic is key this month. It will help you make positive progress in your career, social life or even personal life.   Once you've achieved success in those areas, you can go back to daydreaming! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Frochickie 2.5" Shorts   Capricorn December 22 – January 19 The planets have aligned in your favor this month, Capricorns! Your inner adventure seeker has come out to play and right now is the best time to make a move. The only thing you will have to consider is cost. Avoid any extravagant splurges and keep some extra cash on hand for any unexpected bills! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Vintage Queen Weekender   Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18th Don't be too hard on yourself Aquarius babes! It's so hard not to compare yourself to others these days, especially due to the increase of in-your-face social media being thrown your way 24/7. Next time you see a photo of your friend, coworker or even family member looking happy and "living the life", remind yourself that they are only showing the best versions of their lives. If you constantly compare yourself to someone who you think is doing better at life, you will only be doing yourself a disservice. Be content with who you are today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. We believe in you! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Lived In Snow Henley   Pisces Feb 18 - March 20 Habits are a huge thing to worry about this month, Pisces. You've never really thought about habits before but this is the time to really evaluate your daily routines. Changing one simple thing in your life can help you spiral into a new and healthy direction. Look closely at your eating habits, spending habits, social habits and more. These habits can define who you really are and with a little determination and control, you can slowly but surely start to wipe out the bad ones. We have faith in you! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Adelaide Dress   Aries March 21 - April 19 You're a busy bee, Aries! You've been busy for a while and we don't see the work stoping anytime soon. We won't be surprised if you're attempted to play hooky and skip the hard work for a fun outing. Take a week to focus on yourself and really let loose. Those deadlines will still be there on Monday... you might as well squeeze in a little fun while you can. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Chikity Check It Jacket   Taurus April 20 - May 20 Are you feeling bored with you life? Want to do something a little crazy? We feel you! Dare to be different this month, Taurus! Dye your hair a crazy color, go to a restaurant by yourself, wear something you'd never choose, go somewhere you've never been before! The opportunities are endless and the benefits are amazing. Get out of your rut and make a new life for yourself! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Lived In Rib Short Sleeve Tee   Gemini May 21 - June 21 Now is the time to have your own back, Gemini's. You're feeling like you're being tested by others and have to prove to them and yourself that you are correct. This month you'll feel a boosted confidence in yourself which will help this situation play to your advantage. At the end of the day you'll realize that you should not care what others think. The biggest tests in life are those you give yourself. Go easy on yourself for you are your toughest critic. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Lived In Fleece Pants   Cancer June 22 – July 22 Your confidence is at an all time high this month, Cancer babes! You aren't afraid to say what you think and sometimes that is a great trait. One thing you must look out for is hurting everyone's feelings. While your opinion does matter and you shouldn't hide how you feel, you should be careful how and when you say things. You can come off a little strong and arrogant. That will just push people away and not want to be around you. Be bold and strong, but in a classy way. Be a good example to the people you surround yourself with. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Cozy Day Cropped Flannel