Men's Drew Toonz Collection

As of recently, our Volcom Hawaii collections have been sold exclusively in Hawaii as most pieces held an esoteric meaning behind the art, but with our all-new Drew Toonz X Volcom Hawaii Collection, the art is universal as it provides 100% pure Volcom x Hawaii stoke beyond the island. Volcanos, ukuleles, palm trees, hula girls, pineapples, and more, this collection represents just a few of the aloha staples in the Hawaiian culture.

The boardshort, two tees, and hat in this collection are also part of our Give Back program where a portion of the sales go directly to The Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii which has been a close-to-heart partnership for Volcom over the years in continuing to support the Hawaiian youth of today. Explore our collaboration with Philly-turned-Hawaii-native Drew Toonz!

Drew Toonz