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    Volcom X Anti-Hero Collection

    Volcom team rider and Anti-Hero pro skater Grant Taylor calls this collaboration “ a no brainer.” His teammate on both brands, Chris Pfanner agrees: “ These two companies are well known for their love for the open road and venturing into the unknown, so it just makes sense that they combine their experience to put out solid gear that can withstand the miles we cover on our adventures.” And so the process began, to create a collection of co-branded Volcom X Anti-Hero apparel and accessories true to this ideal. With the plan in place and the Anti-Hero crew on board, Grant and Pfanner started feeding their input and ideas to the Volcom design team. You should know that Anti-Hero is a skateboard company founded in 1995 by legendary skaters Julien Stranger and John Cardiel. Since day one, Anti-Hero has existed to offer the anti-establishment alternative, waging an affront on skate industry norms in support of 100% raw shredding. From their team to their videos to their boards graphics and ads, Anti-Hero has remained an influential force in skateboarding for twenty years. And we believe that legacy lines up perfectly with our own. With a shared vision for the desired outcome of this collection, the directives from all involved were straightforward: it was imperative that the gear be built for long-lasting abuse with understated styling that does right by the Stone and the Eagle. Pfanner again, “ I just wanted to make stuff that we really wear, to stay true to what we really back and secondly to create stuff that we can use on the road, meaning that we can pack light and won't need to wash it too much!” To hit that target, we created a collection of tough, road-worthy gear: sturdy flannels and heavy-duty stretch twill pants with anti-microbial properties engineered into the weave at the fiber level, heavy-weight hooded sweatshirts and long sleeve t-shirts and a range of proper accessories “ an essential for every road adventure with the bros!” Check out the collection below and click the images for more info! Volcom X Anti-Hero Ride Vest Volcom X Anti-Hero Ringer Tee Volcom X Anti-Hero Flannel Volcom X Anti-Hero Pocket Tee Volcom X Anti-Hero Workshirt Volcom X Anti-Hero Tee Volcom X Anti-Hero Long Sleeve Tee Volcom X Anti-Hero Stone Made Gritter Volcom X Anti-Hero Pullover Hoodie Volcom X Anti-Hero Hat Volcom X Anti-Hero Sock
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    From June 27 to June 29, skaters had three days to skate three Berlin spots and post a clip of their best trick at each spot on Instagram, tagging #Volcom3Streets2Berlin. Deadline for posts was Thursday 29 June, 4pm and the 8000€ winner was announced on that day at a Boat Party right next to the Bright tradeshow. Needless to say, the new concept surprised a bit the skaters involved who had to adapt their game, with no one-minute-run stress or jam session hassle, but also no one on their back to get the tricks done, to post before deadline, not get caught inside of the endless free beer parties, improvising themselves filmers for their buddies or struggling to find some Wifi or a power socket… In the end Eniz Fazliov took the win after an hectic day of skateboarding (rushing to the last spot before deadline), and the celebration party on the Volcom boat that followed is in the books. The spots saw plenty new tricks and some good friendly sessions went down, check out the top clips that were posted below, special mention to Andy Welther, Kris Vile, Karsten Kleppan, Jarne Verbruggen, Phil Zwijsen, Jelle Maatman, Daniel Spängs, Nils Ingemarsson, Bart Buikman and all the other skaters that entered ! Photographer Dennis Mac Grath was in town and wrote some lines about him documenting the three days « contest », enjoy his photos below : Flashbacks to the Life I’ve Lived Spending the Summer in Europe has always been a treat for American skaters. Whether it be traveling around to contests or in my case 13-14 years ago (yeah I’m old) it was living in Barcelona and sometimes not just for the Summer months.... This year I decided to come to Berlin, on a whim. I was moving out of my house in Los Angeles and a friend of mine offered me his flat here for a few months since LA life was starting to drag me down a bit. Once I arrived I connected with some people and was asked to document a free- form skate contest called Three Streets to Berlin. My career (if you can call it that) shooting skate photos lasted from 1995-2005 although I still work in and around the skateboarding world quite a bit....these days I am more focused on documentary projects, etc so it was a pleasure to get to document skaters once again for a few days out skating in the streets. I still skate a lot but don’t have my camera with me as much as I used to when out skating and I mostly skate with my old fart friends back home so I’m not around the kids much anymore. All I can say is things haven’t changed much other than the level of skating....skateboarders are the realest, rawest individuals I’ve ever known and I am so glad to have been apart of this culture for the past 30 years. All I can say is I met some cool ass talented kids this week. Skateboarders rule the world.... Thanks to Julien and Bemo at BLAM, Volcom, and especially Lucas Fiederling for bringing me out in the streets for the past 3 days. Please enjoy.... - Dennis McGrath Volkspark "the tit" session in full swing.... Patrick Rogalski Neu National Galerie "ledge to drop" Eniz Fazliov and Denny Pham In the mix... Kris Vile charging at "the tit" Victor Pellegrin Nassim Guammaz and Victor's frow Nassim and Victor Axel Cruysberghs, Phil Zwijsen and Nassim Shajen Willems Karsten Kleppan and Denny Pham Denny with broken truck bolt Polizei (FTP) Karsten, Shajen and Denny checking footy on the iPhone and the winner is....Eniz Fazliov! Here are the videos : Last but not least, here is the winner ENIZ FAZLIOV :
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    "I Nearly Drowned From One Of The Waves In This Video" -Parker Coffin

    Parker Coffin, straight outta Santa Barbara, CA, has been as busy as a presidential campaign manager these past couple months. He just released a stellar edit (watch above), has been actively training for his Championship Tour campaign, and is prepping for the US Open in Huntington Beach next week. In short, we've missed Parker, so we caught up with him recently to talk about this new edit, see where his head's at, and find out what the rest of 2016 has in store for him. How long you been riding for the Volcom family? I believe it's coming up on about nine years this January. What is Young Wise Tails? Youngwisetails.com is a website that my brother and I started to basically be a platform for what we liked and it slowly has transitioned from a blog into a production company. Now we make surf videos and use our website to promote them. When did you start filming for this new edit and where’d ya go? This particular video is actually left over footage from Volcom's surf movie Psychic Migrations. The footage in here is from Indonesia, Hawaii, and Mexico. Why did you decide to add the mirrored bonus section in this edit? I have always switched around my favorite surfers that were regularfoots to make them goofyfoots, so I could understand the way that they surfed in a way that was more relatable for me. I thought that it would be cool to release a part that was me as a regularfoot for the same reason, so some regularfoot kid could watch me surf and relate to it more. Any good stories from any of the trips? Well, I nearly drowned from one of the waves in this video. It was at a wave called Kandui in Indonesia and I jumped off and got sucked over the falls and landed on the reef head first and blacked out. It was, to this day, the scariest experience of my life. I'm very lucky to still be here and every time I watch that one wave I remember just how lucky I am. The wave: What’s upcoming for young Mr. Parker Coffin? I'm gonna put my head down and get on the WCT. I'm still trying to find my feet on the WQS as this is my first full year, but I want on that tour really badly and that's my only focus these days. It's a lot of work and a really big goal but that's what I want. What’s your favorite Volcom product? Where I live is a little on the colder side, so I love my Volcom jeans. The all black Vorta jeans are the shit!   *Check out our all-new Volcom Stone Made Jeans and Chinos, available now at volcom.com/vsm   Watch Parker in our new Welcome To Water Episode 3 edit: More Welcome To Water episodes Episode 1 Episode 2   Parker Coffin: @parkercoffin Volcom Surf: @volcomsurf Volcom: @volcom
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    Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening - Stay Stoked!

    Our friends over at The Berrics got their hands on the raw footage, unseen clips and alt-angles from Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening and remixed a few parts including Kyle Walker, Alex Midler and David Gonzalez's! Watch the parts below and see more Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening b-side edits from the Berrics here. Download your copy of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening!
  • Surf

    Sumbawa, Indonesia – Welcome To Water (Ep.3)

    Episode 3 of our Welcome To Water video series dives into the beautiful island of Sumbawa in Indonesia with Balaram Stack, Parker Coffin, Imai Devault, and Noah Schweizer as they tackle a rippable right and find a sneaky little left slab to spend their Indonesia days for a few weeks. The guys also wandered through the neighboring forest and stumbled upon an epic waterfall w/ a swing! Peep the video (above) and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Check out Surfline's full-feature photo journal from this trip: http://volcomindo.surfline.com/ Welcome To Water - Video series Episode 1 - "Big Waves and Heavy Barrels in Hawaii" Episode 2 - "Proving Maui"   Shop the boardshorts our team riders are wearing in this episode! Frequency Slinger Volcom boardshorts Volcom boardshorts
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    Volcom Women's Astrological Style Guide - July Edition

    Cancer June 22 – July 22 Strong feelings of romance will find its way to you whether you like it or not this month! Don't shy away from this feeling for it doesn't come to you very often. Be wary of other signs trying to steal your thunder... there will be strong feelings of jealousy coming from certain signs *cough cough* Sagittarius. But never fear! Your confidence will soar this month, giving you the strength to fight off any unwanted bad vibes. Peace, love & shaka brah. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Fallin For You Pants   Leo July 23 – August 22 It's all about the benjamins baby. $$$ is your friend this month so do yourself a favor and splurge on that handbag you've been eyeing or on that trip you've been dying to go on. First class anyone? JK... but in all seriousness, keep a watchful eye on your spending habits. Even though you're makin bank you must remember to spend smart. Don't over do it. And keep those greedy friends at bay... they know how nice you are and can take advantage of you in a heartbeat. Moral of the story:: spend wisely / have fun while doing it! ;) Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Going Up Bralette   Virgo August 23 – September 22 Ahh the comfort zone. It's what most people run to when things get a little rough! Sorry for you Virgo's... but it's time for you to get out of yours. Think of it as a good thing! We know that you can be a little shy when it comes to communicating with other people and it's easy to see why (some people are.. difficult) but this is all about learning and growing. Once you get over that hurdle you'll be happy you did! New friends and new opportunities are in your future. Get out there! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: All Good Dress   Libra September 23 – October 22 Keep up the good work, Libra's. You've been keeping your eye on the prize with extreme focus and a sharp mind. You're usually a very logical person but your letting your emotions get the best of you - in a good way! It's good to let your heart and intuition lead you once in a while. This is the month to follow your heart instead of your mind. Let's see where your heart takes you, shall we? :) Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Good Side Jacket   Scorpio October 23 – November 21 This is a whirlwind month for you Scorpio's. On one hand - you want to travel and explore the exotic. On the other hand - you want to sit in peace and quiet and keep to yourself. So what's it going to be, huh?! We say go with option numero uno! The only thing stopping you from having fun and exploring the unknown is YOU. If you need more convincing from us just know that all the planets and stars will be by your side to guide you. Go ahead, wander the unknown. And send us a post card when you get there! xx Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Gaia Sandals   Sagittarius November 22 – December 21 You're having a hard time trying to stay focused while everyone is out enjoying their summer vacation. Well don't be lured by their ways! Stay focused on what is important to YOU and you will thank yourself for it later. We're not saying that you can't have any fun this summer - HELLO!? Why would we ever tell you that. No no no... We're telling you to slip in the fun at just the right times! Set mini goals for yourself. Every time you complete a mini goal - treat yourself! Whether it be some tasty fro-yo, an hour of playing Pokemon Go (watch where you're going btw) or a get together with friends, it will help you reach your ultimate goal without going completely stir crazy. Those mini goals will slowly but surely get you to your main goal and that's when you can give yourself a pat on the back and a much needed vacay. Cheers! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Short Fuse Romper   Capricorn December 22 – January 19 Wow, you're in a good mood aren't you? Keep it up Capricorn's! Your good energy and contagious smile will draw people towards you, whether it be a future love, new friends or even old friends for that matter. Keep your mind open to new opinions, new adventures, new everything! While this seems all great and happy and what not, just be weary that all good things can come to a crashing halt. While new relationships have blossomed, others must come to an end. Try and see this as a good sign though. Maybe this person wasn't meant to be in your life forever or maybe you two just need a long break from each other. Keep your head up and keep thinking positive! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Movin On Crew Sweatshirt   Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18th Your inner chef has come out to play! You're in the mood to entertain your friends and family with a twinkle-lit backyard dinner. Show them what your culinary skills are made of. You'll be sure to impress everyone with your new mac n cheese recipe (just add bacon!). With everyone gathered around the table you'll be sure to indulge in intelligent convos & belly aching laughter. Try and make these dinners a once a week thing & have guests bring some dishes so that you're not slaving away in the kitchen alone. This will be a tradition that you and your friends will love! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Big Sky Sweater   Pisces Feb 18 - March 20 It's truth month for you Pisces! We aren't saying that you aren't honest but saying what you feel is not your forte. You're usually too timid and scared of the consequences to say what's really on your mind. Don't let that fear get the best of you this month. It's time to speak the truth. You won't believe how relieved you will feel once all is said and done. Though it might hurt the person you're speaking this truth to, they probably need to hear it. If they react in a way that is hurtful to you or scary as hell - then great. You've done yourself a favor and you don't have to chill with that person ever again. If they react in a positive and understanding way then yay! You've done something great and the both of you can move and and grow from the situation. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Henna Spirit Body Suit   Aries March 21 - April 19 You aren't afraid to perform in public and we applaud you for that! Show everyone what you're made of and blow them away. Whether you're a musician, a breakdancer, a comedian or a magician - people will be blown away by your special talent and be envious that they don't possess the same skills as you. Be the next great performer that the world is so longing to meet. Inspiration starts with a great story so make your story one they won't forget. You'll be so good that you'll even surprise yourself! It's part of what makes you so charming. :) Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Wide Leg Flare Jeans   Taurus April 20 - May 20 Put down the horns, Taurus. It's time to play nice with others. You've been a little demanding and careless as of late and it's taken its toll on your loved ones. You've been lured by the "it crowd" and it's become your main priority to fit in but always ask yourself this question: Do they have your back? Careful what you wish for. An old friend won't be far away if you need help getting back to your roots and staying grounded. It seems you're at a crossroads. Which path will you take? We hope it's the right one. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Stone Tarot Muscle Tank   Gemini May 21 - June 21 This month is about expansion for you lovely Gemini's. You're in full bloom and it's time to welcome someone new into the fold. Try not to overpower this new person as they are most likely on the same page as you. You can come off as a bit aggressive at times so try and keep that trait at bay. Let the other person teach you a thing or two for once. Knowledge is power after all! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Lived In Snow Shorts

Recent News + Video

Volcom Launches 'Volcom Stone Made' With Release of FW16 Jeans and Chinos Collection
Today, Volcom introduces the Volcom Stone Made design philosophy with the launch of their FW16 Jeans and Chinos collection. Meticulously engineered for life on the road, Volcom Stone Made products feature the highest quality materials with groundbreaking technology integrated at the fiber level and an unparalleled attention to detail resulting in some of the most profound products in the market today. Designed in collaboration with Volcom's world-renown skate team and working with America’s foremost manufacturer of high quality denim, Cone Denim®, Volcom Stone Made jeans feature one or more of the following attributes; "Superior Stretch" with Cone's S GENE® technology, "Anti-Microbial" for stopping the stench of odor-causing bacteria, "Durability" for enhanced resistance to tears and abrasions, and "Water Resistance" for increased liquid and stain repellency. With 2016 marking Volcom's 25th year as America's first boarding company and Cone Denim® celebrating their 125th year milestone as America's premiere denim maker, the timing was right for the two companies to come together to bring to market first an unprecedented collection of performance stretch denim jeans. Included in the Volcom Stone Made collection is Volcom's exclusive introduction of "Anti-Microbial" stretch denim woven by Cone, as well as enhanced "Durability" through the use of CONESTRONG™, and "Water Resistance" via the application of CONEgard™. Staying true to this philosophy, Volcom's venerable chinos program also received the Volcom Stone Made treatment with the introduction of two new styles: the Gritter and the Stranger. Boasting similar "Anti-Microbial," "Durability" and "Water Resistance" attributes as Volcom jeans, these chinos are built to wear easier and last longer. Designed for Skateboarding, Recommended for Life. Taking a cleaner approach to the brand's timeless style of jeans and chinos, Volcom has streamlined their fits across the entire pants category and elevated the performance features on every pair of jeans. With their deep roots in skateboarding and using history as a guide, Volcom has taken the last 25 years of designing pants and scrutinized and modernized every last detail to create a line of jeans and chinos made from high quality materials and construction methods while maintaining the key signature details they've become known for. Every pair of Volcom jeans features felled interior stitching and clean finished pocket bags for added comfort and less chafing, nearly indestructible buckle button closure and upgraded dual finish hardware for increased durability, a hidden phone pocket and double belt loops for convenient utility, while the asymmetrical detail of the offset back yoke and the "V" belt loop remain uniquely Volcom. Shop JeansShop Chinos
On the Road with Hinds
Our newest campaign is a dreamy, fun filled escape into the unknown featuring our favorite girl band at the moment, Hinds! Their music captures the essence of being young, wild and free while also staying true to who they really are. Hinds is a Spanish indie rock band from Madrid. The members of Hinds are Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar), Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar), Amber Grimbergen (drums) and Ade Martin (bass). As individuals they are all amazing, but it’s when they combine forces that something really special happens. Their strong vocals and off-beat sound sets them apart from other garage pop bands. Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar) Amber Grimbergen (drums) Ade Martin (bass) Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar) With girl bands on the rise, Hinds has managed to quickly gain popularity with their powerful spirit and energy. They are more than just a band, they are a group of girls who stand up for what they believe in and who inspire others to do the same.
Costa Rica's Gold - Surf Team Goes South!
Brand-new styles and colorways available now: Shop Boardshorts | Shop Swimwear So we took a trip to Costa Rica to shoot our all-new Fall boardshorts & swimwear collections, and instead of ending the story right now with "and the rest is history," we'd like to give you a little insight into our majestic journey to the rugged Central American country. Enter Balaram Stack, Coco Ho, Nate Tyler, Maud Le Car, Ryan Burch, Quincy Davis, and Andrew "Droid" Doheny. Picture a desolate rainforest and narrow unstructured dirt roads echoed by a variety of bird chips and animal calls only to be triumphed by thoughts racing through your head of "where's the beach and how fast can we get there." 3,400+ miles from the nearest home in California, obvious transplants (no help from Balaram & Droid's bleached hair), and a crew full of expensive surfboards and camera equipment is your scene. photos by Tom Carey Quickly finding the way to our newly-found two-week home w/ an epic pool inside a quaint little village, we linked up with local legend Tony Roberts who is a mastermind that paved the way for the community down here by designing skateparks and running various surf tours. After ripping through some fun spots inside the village, and getting weird in the neighboring jungle, we hopped on a friend's boat and made our voyage to the famous Witch's Rock. For any surfer, Witch's is a bucket list mission and our journey there was one for the books! Witch's Rock Our goal was to shoot the team in our new boardshorts and swimwear collections, get some rad action shots, explore the land, and simply have a good time on this journey through a quest for spiritual intoxication. And we got that. But we got more, a lot more. Take a ride with us through a captivating feel-good photo book from our Costa Rican adventure: Droid: pro surfer, pro model. Droid sportin' our Macaw Mod boardshorts Maud Le Car (left): Wild Buds Halter Top + Wild Buds Cheeky BottomsCoco Ho (center): Free Current Crop Top + Simply Solid Modest BottomsQuincy Davis (right): Henna Spirit Triangle Top + Henna Spirit Full Bottoms Coco Ho: Free Current Crop Top Ryan Burch w/ one of his hand-shaped mystical twin fins Quincy Davis (left): Free Current V Neck Top + Simply Solid Cheeky BottomsCoco Ho (middle): Wild Buds Halter Top + Wild Buds Cheeky BottomsMaud Le Car (right): Henna Spirit 1 Piece Quincy Davis: Free Current V Neck Top + Simply Solid Cheeky Bottoms Buddies Oh hey, Quincy Droid rips! Once Balaram goes underwater, weird things happen (keep scrolling for more eerie photos of Balaram underwater) Frequency Slinger boardshorts Nate Tyler: Stripey Slinger boardshorts Quincy Davis: Henna Spirit Triangle Top + Henna Spirit Tiny Bottoms photo by Brian BielmannRyan Burch (left): Frequency Slinger boardshortsNate Tyler (right): 3 Quarta Slinger boardshorts Maud Le Car (left): Henna Spirit Triangle Top + Henna Spirit Tiny BottomsQuincy Davis (right): Henna Spirit Body Suit Maud Le Car: Simply Solid 1 Piece ...and here begins the pool shenanigans w/ Burch, Balaram and Droid Balaram likes his peace and quiet Droid wanted to hang w/ Balaram so he came down to sing him a song. "Hello darkness my old friend..." Balaram Stack: Resin Swirl Tee + Liberation Slinger boardshorts Droid: Plasm Pocket Tee Balaram Stack & Ryan Burch Ryan Burch (left): Lefty Neo wetsuit jacket + Macaw Mod boardshortsAndrew Doheny (right): Frequency Slinger boardshorts This dude in the background is kinda creepin' us out. Andrew Doheny trying to escape Costa Rica in our Frequency Slinger boardshorts Frequency Slinger boardshorts Stripey Slinger boardshorts Maud Le Car, Quincy Davis, Coco Ho - Volcom Women's Surf Balaram, Burch, Droid, beach huttin' Balaram on his transcontinental journey
Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening - Over Stokes & More
With 20 plus dudes to fit into an hour long skate video, there's going to be some extra footage leftover. The 'Over Stokes' are some raw clips from Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening with some alt-angles and unused clips sprinkled in. Above is the 'Behind the Stoke' edit from Thrasher Magazine who tagged along with us in South America as we travelled through Brazil, Argentina and Colombia to film for Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. Watch all of the 'Over Stokes' below! Daan van der Linden had SO MUCH footage for his part. Can't wait to see what the future holds for him! Axel Cruysberghs has been on our radar and the Volcom Europe team for a while, but it wasn't until we started filming that we realized that Axel is no joke, no wonder Toy Machine just put him on the team! Milton Martinez riffs on everything from losing games of SKATE against his girl to the inspiration of fellow Argentine Diego Bucchieri. Read his interview from the July issue of Thrasher Magazine and watch his 'Over Stokes'! Click here or the image to read Chris Pfanner's interview from the July issue of Thrasher and watch his 'Over Stokes' below! Last but not least, Louie Lopez had 10 MINUTES of 'Over Stokes'! Download your copy of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening!
Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening - Different Stokes
Our friends over at The Berrics and The Skateboard Mag have also put together some rad edits showcasing some b-sides and alt-angles from Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening! The Berrics 'Different Stokes' edits are a prime example. Barcelona was one of the last trips we went on to film for Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening and a good amount of the footage made it into the movie, but there was still some footage that just didn't make it. Below are a few more edits put together by The Skateboard Mag and The Berrics. Don't forget to download your copy of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. Pooling Around is a segment on The Skateboard Mag that explores all the drained pits sprawled out along California. If you've seen the pool section in Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening then you know that we spent a great deal of time finding, cleaning and shredding these pools! This episode of 'Pooling Around' focuses on some of those missions. 'Across America' is another rad edit by The Skateboard Mag. Last summer we hopped on the road with our Wild in the Parks crew and followed them around America filming for Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening with one lucky skater from the contest that was chosen by Caswell Berry. We gathered a lot of footage during that summer and this edit highlights most of went down! Lastly, an Australian and Belgian showed up at The Berrics one day and filmed this little Double Trouble clip! Dane Burman and Axel Cruysberghs, best buds from opposite sides of the planet. Download your copy of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening!
Dustin Dollin - Behind the Scenes - Holy Stokes! Nightmare Skit
During the filming of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening Dustin Dollin was battling a series of injuries and coming off filming for Vans' Propeller, so his body was in rough shape. Never to be the one to give up, Dustin still tried to film for Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening, but yet again the injuries kept stacking up. Just look at his attempts at kickflipping into the infamous carwash bank! He tried that multiple times, each time putting him out for a couple weeks. Somewhere along the line Dustin had this idea to film a 'Nightmare Skit' heavily influenced by the one from Peewee Hermans Big Adventure. With a star cast including Caswell Berry, Omar Hassan, Dane Burman, CJ Collins, Andrew Reynolds, Shane Heyl, Jamie Hart Gary Rogers and Brewce Martin. Filmed in the span of two long days in the Volcom HQ parking lot and skatepark we were all happy with the result. In celebration of Dustin Dollin's birthday today (June 26th) here are some photos from behind the scenes and don't forget to download your copy of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. All photos by Daniel Cabral