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  • Womens

    Volcom Women's Favorite Party Dresses

    When it comes to dressing up for holiday parties, we've got you covered. Check out our top party dresses for this holiday season! 1. Nowhere Fast Dress - Pair with our Volcom Stone Row Hat and a statement necklace for a biker chic look. The lace detail on this dress is feminine enough to get you through any Christmas party, but edgy enough to be cool. Shop the Nowhere Fast Dress 2. Shifting Sands Dress - This dress does all the talking, so minimal accessories are needed. Pair with your favorite black booties and a delicate choker and you're good to go. Turning heads will be easy in this getup! Shop the Shifting Sands Dress 3. Peaceful Buddhi Dress - You will certainly look peaceful in this angelic white dress. For a winter wonderland look, throw on some hoop earrings, a fur coat and white boots. Shop the Peaceful Buddhi Dress 4. Sky High Dress - Finally, a sweater dress done right! Stay comfy and warm yet chic and sophisticated in this stunner. Pair with sky high heels and a bold necklace with your hair done up! Shop the Sky High Dress How would you style these dresses? Comment below.
  • Events

    Volcom x TACA - Join Volcom and Support Autism Awareness for Giving Tuesday

    “Since 2008 we appreciate Volcom for the dedication to families living with autism. With our collaboration we have raised autism awareness, provided incredible, free family events and much need funds to provide real help now to families. Thank you Volcom for being such a great partner!” -Lisa Ackerman, TACA Founder & Executive Director Related News: Volcom Annual Skate Day by TACA From Autism to Skateboard Star   ABOUT TACA TACA started 14 years ago & serves over 38,000 families across the US. TACA provides 95% of its program & services free to families affected by autism via 29 locations. TACA provides parent education and support via 12 programs. REAL HELP NOW for children & families affected by autism.  Empowering children with autism reach their true potential. Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) is a national organization dedicated to providing information, resources, and support to families affected by autism. For families who have just received the autism diagnosis, TACA aims to speed up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments. TACA helps to strengthen the autism community by connecting families and the professionals who can help them, allowing them to share stories and information to help people with autism be the best they can be.
  • Psychic Migrations

    Psychic Migrations – East Coast (U.S.) Premieres – RECAP

    Psychic Migrations completed its East Coast, United States, movie premiere tour recently and we have a full photo recap for you below. Buy Psychic Migrations on iTunes today! KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC - 9/19/15 After the World Premiere of Psychic Migrations on September 17, 2015, in Newport Beach, California, the movie immediately began its tour with its first stop on the East Coast two days later in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Mike Gleason, Balaram Stack, and Alex Gray were there to give out our Psychic Migrations tees and promo, and sign a few posters for the kids. A lot of happy faces!   JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - 10/1/15 Our Jacksonville premiere of Psychic Migrations had a great turnout, with East Coaster rippers Balaram Stack and Noah Schweizer in attendance, among others. In addition, the crew from Sun-Ray showed up to enjoy the film.   ASBURY, NEW JERSEY- 10/9/15 After Jacksonville, we headed over to Asbury, New Jersey for an unreal event and turnout. Located right on the beach at the historic (and haunted-feeling) Paramount Theatre, the evening began with the TCT Jellyfish early sign-up party at the theater from 4-6pm, ending right before we opened the doors to the eager crowd for the premiere. Our VIPs: Farias, Brave New World, Spellbinders, Island Style, Inlet Outlet; and our athletes: Balaram Stack, Mike Gleason, Pat Schmidt, who are all from around this area, showed up early and were instrumental in the success of this premiere, especially Mike Gleason. We haven’t seen that kind of community love and support in a long time, if ever. The surf community is alive and well in NJ, and the Volcom Stone is as strong as ever!   DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA- 10/23/15 On October 23 we arrived at Deerfield Beach, Florida to participate in Island Water Sports' 5th Annual Daytime Radness event which showcases tons of leading brands to shoppers. When the sun went down we premiered Psychic Migrations to the eager fans at the Volcom booth and everyone had a great time.   NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA - 11/7/15 The last leg of the East Coast tour landed on November 7 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida at the film festival. All different kinds of folks stopped in to catch Psychic Migrations and we ended up having a great turnout. Nate Tyler and Director Ryan Thomas came up to the front to introduce the crowd and had a few laughs with everyone about some of the trips.
  • Womens

    Volcom Women's Share Their Favorite Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    When Thanksgiving is around the corner, we’ve only got one thing on our minds… Pumpkin pie! So when this recipe for mini pumpkin pies fell into our lap we couldn’t be more excited to try it out! Here’s what you’ll need… Ingredients: Pie crust 1/3 cup granulated sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice 1 large egg 1 cup pumpkin puree 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1  5-ounce can evaporated milk Whipped cream or cool whip, optional garnish Directions: First things first, pre heat your oven to 350°F. Combine pumpkin puree, sugar, salt, pumpkin pie spice, egg, vanilla and evaporated milk. Whisk until well combined and smooth. To make evaporated milk, bring 4 cups of milk to a boil and then simmer until evaporated. Keep an eye out to skim the film that will develop over the milk. When evaporated, the milk should be greatly reduced. Pour the evaporated milk in your mixture and mix well. Roll out your pie dough (we bought ours frozen). Use larger cups to cut out mini pie crusts. A mason jar works just fine. Place your mini pie crusts in each muffin tin and press down lightly to make sure they stay put. Start filling your mini pies with the mixture! Place them in the oven and cook for 15-17 minutes. When done, carefully take them out and let cool on a cooling rack. Viola! There you have it. The perfect little dessert that your friends and family will enjoy this time of the year. Do you have a favorite pumpkin pie recipe? Leave us a comment telling us your.
  • Psychic Migrations

    Psychic Migrations – Premiere, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – PHOTO RECAP

    Psychic Migrations movie premiere photo recap from Rio de Janeiro on November 18, 2015. Buy Psychic Migrations on iTunes today! Diego Motto interview for Woohoo TV Channel. Volcom family! Marcelo Trekinho, Daniel Cortez, Diego Motta, Marcos Sifu. Girls, girls, girls. Dja, Caio, Caca Marcos Sifu and lady friend. Marcos Sifu, Dida, Zeh Pretim. Daniel Cortez, Marcos Sifu, Zeh Pretim. Zeh Pretim. Joao Vitor, Pedro Scooby. Marcelo Trekinho and his lovely girlfriend. Pablo and Kbeca. Rapha Lima.
  • Skate

    Welcome to the Team - Daan Van Der Linden

    Daan Van Der Linden has been on our European skate team for a few years, but we just added him to the Volcom global team. WELCOME TO THE TEAM DAAN! In celebration we put together an OFFICIAL VOLCOM INSTAGRAM EDIT of all the clips we've posted of him over the past year or so. Enjoy Real Life Happening featuring Daan Van Der Linden Filmed by: Ant Travis Photos: Arto Saari

Recent News + Video

Volcom Presents: Real Life Happening - Louie Lopez
If you follow @volcomskate on instagram then you've seen most of these clips, but in order to take it all in we decided to make an OFFICIAL VOLCOM INSTAGRAM EDIT! Our filmer Ant Travis has been out filming with the team for the upcoming FULL LENGTH Volcom skateboarding movie, meaning a lot of time warming up at skateparks and spots. Enjoy this first installment of Real Life Happening featuring Louie Lopez. Filmed by: Ant Travis
Stream the Psychic Migrations 'Soundtrack' featuring Thee Oh Sees, White Fence, Wand, Al Lover and more
Curious about the music from Psychic Migrations? We've put together the above playlist to listen to the soundtrack and assembled the links below to download the songs for your permanent listening pleasure. Thomas de Hartmann - The Struggle of the Magicians (Excerpt No. 3) - iTunes Cave - Shikaakwa - iTunes Cave - Arrow's Myth - iTunes Ecstatic Vision - Cross The Divide - iTunes Al Lover - Flight Patterns - iTunes Al Lover - Nature's Tuning - iTunes Richard Bishop - Saraswati - iTunes Thee Oh Sees - Sticky Hulks - iTunes Thee Oh Sees - Web - iTunes Tracy Bryant - Subterranean - Out February 16, 2016 on Burger Records White Fence - Only Man Alive - iTunes Corners - Against It - iTunes Al Lover - Permanent Now - iTunes Thee Oh Sees - Palace Doctor - iTunes Bitchin Bajas - Bajas Ragas - iTunes Wand - Generator Larping - iTunes
Psychic Migrations
Psychic Migrations – Premiere, Guayaquil, Ecuador – PHOTO RECAP
Psychic Migrations movie premiere photo recap from Guayaquil, Ecuador on October 29, 2015. Buy Psychic Migrations on iTunes today!
William Aliotti — One more cover
SURF SESSION INTERVIEW He did it again!!!!! William Aliotti clinched one new cover of one European Surf Mag, Surf Session, his 4th cover since last december! Thanks a true relationship with the photographer Andrew Christie, William managed to get a sick pic from a stormy day in the South West of France! Congrats one more time Willy, you are a freak! By Andrew Christie
Volcom Snowboarding - Stone Army
Words like “raw” are often thrown around hastily to describe edits, clips, and riding style, but few videos really embody the untethered proclivity that draws all of us into ripping turns season after season. Last spring the Volcom crew was busy doing what they do best, on a van trip throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic with stops at Superpark 19, Eastern Boarder’s Last Call and Rhode Island’s Yawgoo Valley, riding away from the impossible in the Midwest, and sending it way past sunset at Mammoth during The Launch. The collective snowboarding by the Stone Army is unfiltered, loose, and stocked with the hard-to-describe quality that anyone who spends most of their time strapped into a snowboard will immediately recognize. This short movie keeps you glued to the screen for the entire ten minutes, so sit back and take it in. Featuring Benny Milam, Jake Selover, Reid Smith, Zach Normandin, Lyon Farrell, Brock Crouch, Chandler Hunt, Cody Warble, Merrick Joyce, Parker Szumowski, Mary Rand, Richie Conklin, Mike Ravelson, Scott Blum, Frank Knab, and Jamie Lynn. Enjoy and for more fun, follow on Snapchat. Filmed by Seth Huot, Pat Barraza, Jeff Kabigting, Jake Price, Derek Combs, and Tim Stanford.     Check out the all-new 2016 Volcom Outerwear HERE. Volcom Snowboarding 2016 Collection, featuring Men's, Women's and Boys' Snowboard Jackets, Snow Pants, & Snowboarding Gear. Outerwear that is built to perform with style and functionality.
Volcom Stone Presents True To This: Imaikalani Devault
Imaikalani Devault (@imaikalani_devault) native to Maui, has lived on the Hawaiian Island his entire life. Here, we see Imai comfortably surfing his home breaks and exploding on the scene. Imaikalani Devault, True To This since 2003.     And if you haven't watched Imai DeVault's October 2015 edit, "School's Out," check it out below.