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    Dusty Payne: Better Than Lucky

    There are few things more satisfying in life than knowing you’re on a roll. Surfer Magazine caught up with Dusty Payne at the Volcom house on the North Shore. Watch the interview on Surfer Magazine HERE.   Perched on his third-floor balcony, watching the waves at Pipeline, he grinned through a thick, vaguely Amish-looking beard. He admitted that it probably wasn’t his best look, but he didn’t dare shave it off, not after it accompanied him to the podium at both Haleiwa and Sunset. He surprised the surf world by coming out of the deepest recesses of the ‘QS to qualify for this year’s World Tour, and is now back in action with a 13th place finish at Snapper, looking forward to Bells. To chalk up his resurgence as a lucky streak, though, would be wrong. Payne has changed more than just his grooming standards over the last year. Read the full Dusty Payne interview in the April Issue of SURFER.
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    JLA Is Snowboarding: A Tribute To The Legacy Of Jeff Anderson

    This weekend at Mammoth Mountain, we will celebrate the life of Jeff Anderson. In its third year, the JLA Banked Slalom will attract friends from far and wide to remember one of snowboarding’s fallen comrades. It was in 2003 that Anderson left this dimension to explore the afterlife and though he may be gone, he is anything but forgotten. Read Snowboard Magazine's tribute to the legacy of Jeff Anderson HERE.
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    Pat Moore’s Blueprint 2, Ep.5: "We Shall Overcome"

    For this episode, Pat was busy with prior obligations in Jackson. In his absence, he turned the controls over to Jake Welch who joined up with John Jackson for a trip to Europe. This year is Jackson’s first season back after two winters sidelined by injuries. Definitely a redemption year for the former award-winning, standard-setting freestyle powerhouse. John shares thoughts on his mental & physical recovery as he and Jake hunt for powder in Switzerland with Kurt Heine, one of snowboarding’s most experienced filmmakers. John J. is hyped to be back on snow and feeling strong so the crew turns lemons into lemonade and laugh their way through tough snow conditions as John bags his first airtime in years. Watch previous episodes of Pat Moore's Blueprint 2 here.   ABOUT BLUEPRINT Pat Moore is well known for being a snowboarding beast when it comes to back-country and urban terrain. We get an inside look at Pat's life as he travels in search of new terrain for his latest film and is joined by some of his biggest snowboarding influences and closest friends along the way.
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    Volcom Womens Summer 15 Collection is Festival Ready!

    She waits for no one, wandering the desert freely with nothing but the sun, the moon & the music. She’s wild & brave, ready for whatever comes her way. She’s a Volcom Babe. Peep the latest Summer 2015 Collection from Volcom Women's. So Serious Dress  Dawn Dreamer 1 Piece Stoned Shortall Raise Hell Basic Tee || Stoned Rolled Shorts Native Tracks Underwire Top || Native Tracks High Waist Bottoms New Addiction Bra || Summer Nights Fedora || Glam Slam Long Sleeve Shirt Jacket
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    Peanut Butter And Rail Jam - Brighton Resort, 2015

    Stop #10 of Volcom’s Peanut Butter And Rail Jam took spring break by storm at Brighton Resort, UT on Saturday March 21, 2015 Compeitors and spectators packed the Milly Base all day long as the contest action reached a fever pitch. There’s no doubt why there is killer ripping in Utah after taking laps through Brighton’s incredibly creative and impeccable park.  This creativity spilled into the custom PBRJ set up that included a quick down to long flat to long down rail in zone 1, a short flat rail to long down rail or redirect short flat rail to the long rail in zone 2, and a flat ledge to transfer down ledge with multiple takeoffs in zone 3.  Over 160 riders showed up from Maine, Vermont, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon, California, Colorado, Utah, Russia, and Estonia to compete in the last 2015 US PBRJ Championship qualifying event.  This melting pot of riders was now ready to see who would come out on top and battle it out for the top spots. South Dakota’s Carson Freeman locks into a perfect fs lipslide on the down rail in zone 2 before landing in a pile of spring break slush. Tommy Olivas holding it down for the Utah locals with a boardslide transfer boardslide on the ledges in zone 3. New Jersey’s Miles Fallon stole the show in the 15 & Under Division. The crowd was roaring the entire time as he landed tricks like this gap boardslide full circle carve around the Volcom tents at the bottom of zone 1. His style and trick selection was a no doubt call for 1st place. 16-year-old Edward Enyart has now graduated into the next division after years of ripping in the 15 & Under category. He brought some rad tricks along with him like this 50-50 redirect bs lipslide in zone 2. Dale Mortensen was the first person to effortlessly slide backwards from start to finish on this long flat down rail in zone 1. For this he earned a nod of the cap and a brand new Volcom Snowboard from our judges. Chandler Hunt didn’t hold back as he put down trick after trick in all 3 zones. Here he handles a half cab 50-50 transfer bs 270 lipslide in zone 3. Tricks like this solidified his top spot position in the 16-21 Division.   Estonia’s Ivika Jurgenson was throwing down throughout the Girls Division. She was dropping hammers like this 1-footed bs boardslide in zone 1 and a perfect gap boardslide in zone 2. Sierra Jewett on the way down after she went fs boardslide 180 transfer boardslide on the ledges in zone 3. This last second buzzer beating maneuver helped her earn 3rd place and a brand new Fender guitar! Laura Rogosky’s name is synonymous with girls shredding at the next level. The proof was in the pudding with this perfectly executed fs boardslide in zone 2. Take a close look at the photo as her board is squared up and her shoulders are in the right direction. Everyone agreed that her over all shred was deserving of 1st place in the Girls Division. Everyone swarmed the free food table to build some custom sandwiches that will make your mom queasy. Brendan Sullivan hooks into a high-speed bs lipslide in zone 1 that had the crowd erupt in approval. He was the first to put this down and the only one to make it look completely effortless earning the $100 Rev’d Rider Award. The girls strategize as lunch winds down (Top Right), Trevor Brady tests out the rail on his swallow tail 180cm (Left), and the crowd (Bottom Right) is stoked on Trevor's ride. Wyoming’s Brady Durgin dropped into Utah to take over zone 2 with this impeccable fs bluntslide from beginning to end. Brighton terrain park mastermind Treyson Allen shows us what is possible in zone 3 with a wall jam transfer bs lipslide. He also added a 270 out of this same trick in finals to claim Electric California’s “Gooyest Move of the Event” and Open/AM 4th place to boot. Maine’s Matt Coughlin extends his snowboard season and brings the east coast fire to Utah. Here he executes a gapped out method to lipslide in zone 2. Wisconsin’s Sam Klein must have greased the rails with cheese because he rarely missed a trick all day. Here he boardslides to redirect fs boardslide in zone 2 to help clinch 2nd place in the Open/AM Division. Alex Lockwood holds it down for Utah against a huge crowd of outsiders with tricks like this 50-50 gap bs 360 to flat in prelims. He came back in finals to change the game with a 50-50 bs 360 50-50 and additional hammers to claim the 1st place bounty in the Open/AM Division. We would like to thank Jared Winkler and the entire Brighton Resort marketing team for their help in facilitating another top notch PBRJ event.  Thanks to Mouse and the Brighton park crew for designing and maintaining a rad contest venue.  Thanks to Tony Conrad, Matt Ryan, and Dylan Trewin for dissecting the action and writing down the scores.  Thank you to Trevor Brady for his masterful color commentary and Milo Sport for their support leading up to the event. Thanks to our Rockies reps of Randy Walker, Rebecca Birnbach, and Anders Pigorsch. Special thanks to McKenna Gunderson for assisting with registration and tabulation throughout the day.  Lastly, check out our sponsors that are listed below for brands supporting the PBRJ and core snowboarding. Tour Sponsors: -Rev’d Nutrition Bars -Electric -New Era -Kicker -Fender Results: 15 & Under Division: 1st: Miles Fallon 2nd: Joey Fava 3rd: Tommy Olivas 4th: Austin Skow 5th: Carson Freeman 16 - 21 Division: 1st: Chandler Hunt 2nd: Cody Hyman 3rd: Trevor Eichelberger 4th: James Wilson 5th: Edward Enyart Girls Division: 1st: Laura Rogoski 2nd: Sam Kolesky 3rd: Sierra Jewett 4th: Ivika Jurgenson 5th: LeJawn Allen Open/AM Division: 1st: Alex Lockwood - $250 2nd: Sam Klein - $150 3rd: Matt Coughlin - $100 4th: Treyson Allen 5th: Brady Durgin Volcom Snowboard – Dale Mortensen Rev’d Rider $100 – Brendan Sullivan Electric "Gooyest Move Of The Event" $50 and Electric Shades – Treyson Allen Fender Guitar – Sierra Jewett The product toss assured that everyone went home with a smile on their face and something in their hands. Check Out The Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2015 Tour. Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Page Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram
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    Hawaii. So much you can say about the magical place, but Makaha, for the Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour’s Puffererfish Surf Series is an absolute blessing. The vibes on the West Side are incredible, they are so stoked to be part of the event and see the kids so amped and ready to compete for a spot at Champs. When we rolled up Saturday morning the whole crew was there ready to go but unfortunately the ocean had other plans for us. With stiff offshores and smaller inconsistent surf we decided to hold off for the hopes of better conditions on Sunday. So we passed out entry forms, exchanged shakas and stories, packed up and got ready for Sunday. Noa Mizuno on a sick Makaha runner! The local crew could not have been more right about the call, Sunday morning we pulled up to postcard weather conditions with already fun surf that was forecast to only get better through the day.  We got all set up and in no time the Groms were out there showing everyone why they should be the days winner. Wheelbarrow race?? Definitely. One of the most impressive girls divisions we have seen, Moana Jones upping the ante. There is so much surf history and lore attached to Makaha, and if you get the chance to come down and be part of  the Volcom TCT event there you will be encompassed in greatness and aloha. Russ-K is there, with all of his world surfing titles. The whole Kealauna family is there, it's nuts to see.  The only event all year where we never have to clear the lineup, not with the boys at Kanaka Solutions around. Not to mention the Volskwagon sized grill they pack with them, the grinds are all time. Got to keep the kids fueled for all that ripping! Kanaka Solutions, Tai Van Dyke, Grill. Match made in heaven. And rip the Groms did. The surf continued to get better all day, as projected, and so did the surfing. The divisions were stacked with representatives from all over the islands, mainland, and at least 3 different countries….it was reminiscent of a mini champs. As the day started to wind down we saw one of the favorites, Jackson Bunch, take home the win in one of the best squids divisons all year. Then another favorite Brissa Hennesy with a solid win in one of the best girls divisions all year. Nick Marshall over from the mainland for some North Shore practice with his brother Jake, trekked over to the West Side and floated back with a Groms win. The Juniors were ripping all day and Barron Mamiya snagged a tough win in Makaha to take 1st place honors. Jackson Bunch, off the top, down the line, right into a Squids win. Secret SAUCE!   The winds stayed light all day which made for some solid air sections, Barron Mamiya air drying them fins. West Side. Grown man turns for grown man groms. Bots and Tai, eyeing the merchandise. Josh Moniz. Game over.   Groms frothing on a spread of delightful goodies for the winners. Jake Marshall knows about getting shots with fisheye lenses, Jason Shibata is happy he does. Last but not least was the pro division, all day these guys were incredible to watch. When the final started it was pretty clear to anyone who has seen a beach that Josh Moniz was going to be the man to beat. A task that was not achieved this day as Josh and his Brother Seth made it clear they were not going to be outdone taking home 1st and 2nd at Makaha. Something tells me we should get used to a grouping of 1st and 2nd with those names in either order for some time to come. Josh Moniz, reaping the rewards from a solid day of ripping! Seth Moniz all day with this turn, like clockwork, all the way to a second place finish! Thank you to everyone involved with the Volcom TCT Pufferfish Surf Series it could not have happened without the entire crew especially Clint, Tai, Jade, Lono, Russ K, Khanaka Solutions, and all the boys. Thank you to our sponsors as well for the support, and more importantly, helping us Stay True This on our mission to Let The Kids Ride Free. Until next time Makaha…Alohas and Mahalos. -Volcom TCT Kimo. Trust me, you, or nobody would like to try this guy. There is something about a perfectly executed top turn. Barron Mamiya leading by example. Groms will be Groms. Also this is really fun to do. A great demonstration of what to do with those ramp sections. Who doesn't love a good product toss? Pro-Am Finalists. Girls and Juniors Finalists. Groms and Squids winners. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN ON A MISSION   RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Joshua Moniz - $500.00 2. Seth Moniz 3. Noah Mizuno 4. Charlie Akao 5. Keoni Yan 6. Ryland Rubens JUNIORS 1. Barron Mamiya 2. Kaulana Apo 3. Jake MArshall 4. Ethan Ewing 5. Devin Bueggman 6. Kainaru Katu GROMS 1. Nick Marshall 2. Robert Grillho III 3. Jake Riccobuno 4. Ocean Macedo 5. Tomas Baralli 6. Austin Prevett SQUIDS 1. Jackson Bunch 2. Noa Dupuoy 3. Makena Franzman 4. Diego Ferri 5. Bettylou Johnson 6. Kai Martin GIRLS 1. Brissa Hennesy 2. Bailey Nagy 3. Emily Nishimoto 4. Julie Nishimoto 5. Moana Jones 6. Summer Ivy WATERMELON AWARD Bettylou Johnson KICKASS GROM AWARD Diesel Butts All photos provided by: MANA PHOTO Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT

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Alex Gray, Jay Davies, Laura Enever, George Bush, Asher Pacy, and Davie Cathels sit inside circular blue caverns at P-Pass in Micronesia. BONUS! Watch Alex's GoPro footage he filmed, included with a coconut in hand, inside an insane tube during this trip! Click here.   Visit Turkey Melt for more Alex Gray!
Volcom Launches The Mauli Ola Collection
Volcom is proud to partner with the Mauli Ola Foundation once again to deliver this close-to-heart collaboration featuring the Mo Benefit Boardshort and Mauli Ola Foundation Tee where a portion of each sale will be donated directly to Mauli Ola to support their programs. The Mauli Ola Foundation is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization founded in 2008 to promote awareness of genetic disorders and support of patients. If you’re not familiar with the Mauli Ola Foundation, do learn about the great work they’re doing to introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with cystic fibrosis.  Since 2008, Mauli Ola (meaning “Breath of Life” in Hawaiian) has taken nearly 1.3K cystic fibrosis patients surfing at nearly 100 Surf Experience Days and has now expanded its reach with hospital visits and other activities that touch the lives of kids with cancer and a variety of other health challenges. Awesome work, guys. We’re stoked to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale back to the great work that Mauli Ola is doing. VIEW THE COLLECTION HERE   Mo Benefit Boardshorts   Mauli Ola Foundation Tee Shop the Mauli Ola Collection here.  Watch Mauli Ola Foundation's 2014 Cystic Fibrosis surfing video.
Noah Schweizer X Young Wise Tails
If you are a teenage girl, Noah needs no introduction. He was voted Surfing Magazine's “Biggest Lady Killer” of 2014 in the teenage issue for a reason. However, if you are curious why you haven’t seen too much of Noah it’s because he is just now coming into his own. He’s been traveling a lot and putting a lot of time and effort into getting better and it’s really starting to show. Young Wise Tails traveled with Noah for the last year or two to all of the Junior events and have seen him constantly progressing. Prepare to see some big things from him in the near future. Visit more from Young Wise Tails.
Joan Duru | Engine OFF
Power surfing is in the spotlight in this short movie filmed last winter in Hawaii by Jim Opar Studio. But what makes it different? Well, even if it’s not the most famous wave of Oahu Island, Haleiwa is heavy and powerful. Plus, it unsurprisingly fits perfectly with Joan Duru's solid backhand surfing. Enjoy the clip and... how radical is the move at 01:11!?!  
New Future
Growing In The Right Direction - Beach N Board Fest 2015
Cocoa Beach Florida is not only the home town of 11 time world champion Kelly Slater; it also serves as a spring break destination for many Americans who have been deterred by one of the coldest and longest winters on record. March 14-16 Ron Jon Surf Shop hosted the third annual Beach ‘N Board Fest during a packed spring break weekend. The event hosted almost every kind of board sport including a World Surf League Junior Pro as well as an opportunity for spectators to give back with a sustainability campaign. Volcom teamed up with Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB), a local non-profit organization to give back to an environment that has given humans so much over the years. Our mission was to plant sea oats along the dune line to promote sustainability awareness and  build up an area that is subject to erosion. The sand dunes provide a barrier between Mother Nature and residential areas and are home to various types of animals that support the local ecosystem. On March 14th and 15th, Volcom along with KBB and Ron Jon provided an opportunity to educate beach goers about sustainability and the role sand dunes play in preserving the beaches ecosystem by acting as a natural barrier. Each day over 200 eager volunteers were given a shovel and sea oat by Volcom team riders Balaram Stack, Noah Schweitzer and Pat Schmidt and ventured to the dune line to do their part. Being rewarded with an awesome gift bag was a small incentive compared to the satisfaction felt by all knowing they helped preserve the beaches for future generations.    
Peanut Butter And Rail Jam - Stevens Pass, WA 2015
Stop #9 of Volcom’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam stormed into the Northwest at Stevens Pass, WA on Saturday March 14, 2015. PBRJ competitors gather for the riders meeting as they get ready to attack the contest venue in the rain. The Northwest region of North America has seen numerous Pineapple Express systems role through this season. This has led to warmer that usual temperatures and an abundance of rain instead of the usual white gold. Regardless, the Stevens Pass park staff fired up their snow cats to harvest as much snow as they could in order to put together a solid PBRJ site. The site consisted of a flat bar/corrugated tube to transferable down rail in zone 1, a “shark fin” up ledge over a closeout rail in zone 2, a corrugated pole jam to down box and flat ledge with elbow rail in zone 3. It was very impressive that the park crew was able to work their magic with the very challenging snow pack. The site was set but the challenges did not stop there. Saturday was also calling for heavy rain and windy conditions that had some question if the contest was going to be cancelled. After little or no debate the PBRJ crew and competitors put on their rain gear, ventured to the contest venue, and pulled off a solid event in “True To This” fashion. Milo Malkoski was ripping through the zones with tricks like this 50-50 transfer lipslide in zone 1 Matteo Soltane gaps to lipslide on the elbow rail to transfer boardsldie on the unseen box behind the closeout rail in zone 3. Keala Cole blasts a huge fs 360 indy grab off of the corrugated tube in zone 3. He also 50-50'd the up ledge to front flip out in zone 2 and went gap boardslide in zone 1 that solidified a winning performance in the 15 & Under Division. This high speed gap lipslide perfectly touched down on both rail and ledge for that added amount of steeze in zone 3. The unpredictable conditions didn't stop the camaraderie as fellow riders showed their support through thick and thin. Zach Playfair handles zone 3 with a lipslide through the elbow and 270's out to boot. He was charging hard and ended up dislocating his shoulder. Instead of calling it quits, he put it back into place and kept getting after it. Judges all agreed that his go for it mentality was deserving of 3rd place in the 16-21 Division and earned him a brand new Volcom snowboard too. Austin Busa had all the extras along the way to push him into 1st place for the 16-21 Division. Here he half cab tail taps to fs bluntslide on the down bar in zone 1. It was an unexpected extra tap that had the judges stoked out. Jackie Flanagan getting hyped for the Girls Division to start as the ponds began to form at the end of the rails. Look out below as Jackie Flanagan sets up for a perfect cannon ball after landing this lipslide in zone 1. Livia Molodyh gets down to business with a stylish method out of the zone 2 up ledge. She also landed a gap 50-50 on the elbow rail transfer fs board to the box in zone 3 and a put down a lipslide on the down rail in zone 1 to receive 1st place in the Girls Division. Utah's Kyle Roles and his crew road tripped up to Stevens Pass to throw down in the Northwest. Here he slides through the elbow rail with a solid fs boardslide in zone 3. Canadian wild man Kody Yarosloski gapping over to boardslide pretzel out in zone 1. His no holds barred riding and style was a sure bet for the $100 Rev'd Rider award and 5th place in the Open/AM Division. Justus Hines and the Wyld Instinct crew were in full effect with hammers like this gap nose tap at the very end of the elbow rail in zone 3. California based, Russia born, Andrey Trofimov was up to visit family in the Washington area and hit up another PBRJ for the 2015 season. Here he puts down a hw fs 270 sw bs lipslide to regular in zone 1 on his way to 3rd place in the Open/AM Division. Demetri Bales came out to represent for the Tactics crew with tricks like this side hit cab 270 fs boardslide to fakie in zone 1 at the buzzer. Utah's Dillon Boeshans showed everyone how a pool party is supposed to function. Here he fs 180's into the up ledge to sw bs 360 out in zone 2. He also landed a fs lipslide 270 out on the elbow rail in zone 3 and a fs 180 sw 50-50 transfer sw fs bluntslide 270 out on the down rail in zone 1 to take the top spot in the Open/AM Division. Everyone made their way back inside to dry off and refuel with some free PB&J lunch before awards were handed out. We would like to thank Kelly Clarke and the Stevens Pass events crew for supporting the PBRJ before, during, and after the event.  Thank you to Brian Boyle and the entire park crew for working their magic and building a proper event venue.  Thanks to our judges of Dan Poole, Ahman Stamps, and Cheyne Shoultz for etching in the scores.  Thanks to the one and only Clint Graham for holding the ship together and battening down the hatches where needed.  Lastly, thanks to our tour sponsors, listed below, for their continued support of the 2015 PBRJ tour. Tour Sponsors: -Rev’d Nutrition Bars -Electric -New Era -Kicker -Fender Results: 15 & Under Division: 1st: Keala Cole 2nd: Matteo Soltane 3rd: Milo Malkoski 4th: Beck Otteson 5th: Noah Siems 16 - 21 Division: 1st: Austin Busa 2nd: Daniel Iverson 3rd: Zack Playfair 4th: Matt Fitzgibbon 5th: Thomas Dale Girls Division: 1st: Livia Molodyh 2nd: Jackie Flanagan 3rd: Cali Carlson 4th: Sabrina Patton 5th: Nina Zyryanova Open/AM Division: 1st: Dillon Boeshans - $250 2nd: Demetri Bales - $150 3rd: Andrey Trofimov - $100 4th: Justus Hines 5th: Kody Yarosloski Volcom Snowboard – Zack Playfair Rev’d Rider $100 – Kody Yarosloski Electric "Gooyest Move Of The Event" $50 and Electric Shades – Jared Elston Fender Guitar – Keala Cole Check Out The Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2015 Tour. Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Page Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram