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Damn Am Costa Mesa Presented by Volcom

The Skatepark of Tampa's Costa Mesa 'Damn Am' presented by Volcom went off this weekend! CLICK HERE or the image below for a full recap!

Axel Cruysberghs qualified 2nd, which meant he went straight to the finals, he would stay loose during the semi's buy busting out tricks like this epic noseblunt on the stone door!

Axel Cruysberghs qualified 2nd, which meant he went straight to the finals, he would stay loose during the semi's buy busting out tricks like this epic noseblunt on the stone door!

Gary Rogers came down to Costa Mesa, CA for the 2014 Skatepark of Tampa Damn Am presented by Volcom. He cruised around the Volcom HQ and talked to some of the competitors and and the crowd. Check out more at

April 10 - 13, 2014 the Skatepark of Tampa's Damn Am contest comes back to the Volcom HQ in Costa Mesa where the top amateurs compete for 12 spots in the Tampa Am contest! Check out all the details and schedule below.


12pm - 8pm - Registration / Practice

9am - 8pm - Registration / Practice
5pm - Rider's Meeting

9am - open practice
12pm – Qualifiers: Jam format, three skaters per jam, three minutes
Top 40 skaters advance to Semi-Finals
Top two are Golden Ticket winners and go straight to the finals

9am - open practice
12pm - Semi-Finals, Finals, Best Trick, Awards
Semi-Finals: Two one-minute runs
Finals: Three one-minute runs
Best Trick: Directly after finals on the center obstacle, 25 minute jam
Top 12 skaters in finals qualify for Tampa Am
1st and 2nd place skaters in finals go directly to Tampa Am Semi-Finals

Directions: 405 - South / 55 south / Right 17th / Right Monrovia / Volcom is located a 1/4 mile down on the right side 1740 Monrovia Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92627

You will need to park on the street on Thursday and Friday. The lot is employee parking only on those days. On Saturday and Sunday the parking lot will be open to the public. Do not ever park in other business' parking lots adjacent to Volcom. You could get towed.

We all stay at the Ramada Inn.
Google Map
1680 Superior Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA, 92627-3652 US

Email for registration

In preparation for the 'Best Trick Contest' we installed a brand new gap to rail courtesy of our friends at Diamond Grind Coping. Alec Majerus stopped by the park one night and put on a demo of what's actually possible! Check out how many tricks Alec put down in one session!

Check out this recap video from last years Damn Am contest and photos HERE

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Recent News + Video

PERFECT 10-point Scores @ Volcom Pipe Pro 2016!
The Volcom Pipe Pro wrapped up on February 3, crowning the 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater the 2016 title. While Kelly wasn't able to grab the elusive 10-point ride during the event, there were a few who did. Below are video replays of the three Volcom Pipe Pro warriors who managed to produce a perfect 10-point ride during the heavy conditions at Pipeline and Backdoor. Enjoy! Makai McNamara - Semifinal 2 - Perfect 10 110% commitment on this absolutely massive Pipeline barrel during Makai's Semifinal rewarded him a well-deserved 10-point ride! Jamie O'Brien - Round 4 Heat 7 - Perfect 10 Unbelievable backside barrel riding on this wave from Jamie resulted in a perfect 10-point ride! Ezekiel Lau - Round 3 Heat 5 - Perfect 10 Ezekiel takes off behind the peak at Backdoor and gets blown out for a perfect 10-point ride!
Enter to WIN this Anti-Date look for V-Day!
Hey there chicas! With Valentines Day being right around the corner, we've decided to ditch cupid's arrow and trade in a night of romance for a night of pizza & netflix. Fun right? We think so... For this awesome occasion we thought it would be cool for you to join us in the rebellion and gather your closest pals for a Galantines Night! Every occasion deserves a killer outfit, so we're giving you the chance to win this anti-date night look!   To enter, all you have to do is email us your WORST DATE NIGHT HORROR STORY. Sounds scary right? Well the more horrible, funny, awkward and painful it is to read the better chance you have at winning! And with these entries coming in we'll try to do our part in giving the best advice we can in return. Us girls have to stick together right? What you'll be winning... Sparks Fly Top   High & Waisted Skinny Jeans   Shredder Throw Email us your story at to enter! Good luck ladies and let the worst story win! Winner chosen Thursday, Feb 11th.
Groms Are Back, And This Time They're Punks - Kyuss King VIDEO
What Youth gave us an insane new video of young Volcom shredder Kyuss King, and it's been circulating the surf department here for the past few days. With a retro film aesthetic, an 80's punk song, and a new-age, stylistically-driven surf rat from Australia, we're not sure if this video is 2 weeks old or 20 years old. Lucky for us, Kyuss has recently been starting to gain traction with the surf media so this is just the beginning of banger surf clips and talk of the young grom. What Youth describes Kyuss as "an Ozzie Wright meets Taj Burrow and Gavin Beschen hybrid of mischief and corndogs in neon." You be the judge.
Get to Know Volcom Women's Photographer - Alexandra Valenti
For our Volcom Women's x Lomography photo contest we asked our favorite fashion photographer, Alexandra Valenti, to be a guest judge! For those of you who haven't entered our contest yet, enter here! For those of you who haven't gotten to know miss Alexandra, keep reading to see our exclusive interview with her. VW: Hey Alexandra, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions! How did you first get into photography? Was it something you always dreamed of doing? AV: It started when a childhood friend of mine, who was about 9 years older than me, gave me a book of Henri Cartier Breton's photographs when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Bresson was known for the 'decisive moment', (the in between moment) and that has had an enormous impact on my own photography and art. I always took photographs, but always thought I would be a cinematographer. But as I got older and started assisting, I realized I could maybe make a living being a photographer. It just took a while ;) VW: What inspires you when taking photos? Do models have a certain influence on your photography? AV: Yes, models are very important. But it's really more about the whole setting. The set, the story, the clothes... It starts with a feeling. I'm actually more inspired by color, shape and pattern first, then it's the person I am photographing. It's probably my design background. VW: What is your favorite fashion era? AV: OH that's a hard one. I would say I am more inspired by much older eras than I am by anything happening currently. It's so far removed from my experience that I can fantasize about what it was like. And plus I just think the clothes were better in say the 30s, 40s and 50s. And in photographs, it just immediately looks so classic and cinematic. VW: What are your favorite film cameras? AV: I have a few favorites. I have a Pentax 645 that I still use on every shoot. And I love my Hasslblad 503. And old polaroid land cameras. And I love the Pentax 67. It's super heavy but the images are so stellar. And the Mamiya RZ 67 is well, the beast that makes everything look incredible. VW: We noticed that a few of your pieces contain your artwork as well. When did you start combining the two together? AV: I started about 6 or 7 years ago I think? It was really born out of frustration of not being able to paint enough and this seemed like a perfect solution to combine the two mediums. VW: In what ways do you try to stand out from other photographers? AV: I don't really think too hard about what other photographers are doing. I love other photographers but I just have to focus on what I'm trying to say and achieve aesthetically. I feel like I'm constantly evolving. I have a long way to go before I will ever feel like my work is up to par. I will look at stuff I shot even last year, and want to throw away my whole portfolio. I just know I can do better and I feel an intense drive to push myself further. VW:  What advice do you give to aspiring photographers out there? AV: Shoot all the time and keep trying to do something different. Stay away from Instagram because it's making everyone's work look the same. I see trends happening, people ripping off other photographers, and no one is thinking for themselves. Not everyone of course. But there is definitely this collective "unconscious" (although I don't know how unconscious it it) that is producing similar work. I tend to not look at Instagram very much these days. I definitely post my work but then I jump off. It's too much. It's hard to not be affected by it. And lastly, I think, just do it because you love it and it makes you happy. Eventually work will come. If you are passionate, people will recognize that it's authentic and original. To check out more of Alex's work, click here. Give her a follow on Instagram.
Markus Keller on the cover of the latest issue of Frequency Mag
Congrats to Mä and french photographer Matt Georges for landing the cover of Feinschmecker magazine Frequency… The trick in question is a huge fs 7, shot in the Volcom Snow Team house backcountry. Congrats boys!
FINALS DAY Volcom Pipe Pro - RECAP!
Banzai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, HAWAII – (Tuesday, February 2, 2016) Kelly Slater (USA) solidified his first win in two years at the Volcom Pipe Pro today after a full day of standing ovation performances that many are calling the absolute best of the winter season. Slater surfed against three of the top Pipe mavericks in the world – Jamie O’Brien (HAW), Bruce Irons (HAW) and Makai McNamara (HAW) in a nerve-shattering Final that saw barrels fire off like cannons and detonate on the notoriously shallow reef. Kelly Slater, 2016 Volcom Pipe Pro Champion! photo: Jack Morrissey The 30-minute Final got started with two low scoring albeit immense waves from O’Brien and Irons, respectively, then saw McNamara answer back with the second highest wave of the heat, an 8.67. The 20-year old took an early lead on his opening wave, with Slater taking a quick second on his first ride, a 7.83. Halfway through the Final, the 11-time World Champ secured the win with a backup score of an 8.73, while the other competitors fought hard for the runner-up position. Makai McNamara. photo: Brian Bielmann O’Brien scored a 4.27 for a long left, finally finding a barrel in the second section of the wave, and backed up the mediocre score with a 5.67 for an inside Backdoor barrel. The combined heat total of 9.94 secured a second place finish for the Pipeline Master. The first perfect ten of the day - and the third of the event - O’Brien routed an ultra deep backside barrel to claim the Electric 10-point ride award for $1,000. Calm and cool, O’Brien was in complete control while navigating a high line, eventually bursting out of the tube after the spit. Marco Giorgi (URY) nabbed one of the highest scores of the morning, a near perfect score of a 9.67 for a tricky Backdoor barrel that threatened to clamp down. Giorgi is the sole surfer hailing from Uruguay in this competition. Marco Giorgi. photo: Jack Morrissey Tom Whittaker (AUS) was the highest placing Australian of the event, surfing in the fourth Quarterfinal against Jamie O'Brien (HAW), Mason Ho (HAW) and fellow countryman Soli Bailey (AUS). Baily, 20, had the opportunity to surf one of his first Pipe events in excellent conditions and was humble about the experience. “This is one of the first events I’ve surfed out here, so that’s a special thing," said Soli. "I think anyone that gets a chance to surf an event out here is super lucky and so fortunate. I’m just so glad that I got through to where I did and got to get so many barrels. It’s such an honor to get to surf this wave at its pretty much ultimate best and get through those heats and compete against some of the world’s best out here." Wiggolly Dantas (BRA) narrowly missed a shot at the Quarterfinals after being taken out by Makai McNamara (HAW) who advanced behind Mason Ho (HAW). The Brazilian is a standout in North Shore waves and has spent the winter honing his talents here at Pipeline. Check out Final's Day Heats On Demand & Photo Gallery! Volcom founder Richard Woolcott presenting Kelly Slater with the 2016 Volcom Pipe Pro trophy! photo: Brian Bielmann 2016 Volcom Pipe Pro. photo: Brian Bielmann See you next year!