Burgerama 3 The Growlers

Photos from Burgerama 3 in Orange County, CA

The obvious abundance of good vibes coupled with esoteric rituals, bizarre rites of Spring and so, so much good music this past weekend indicated that it was time for the latest and greatest Burgerama presentation from Burger Records. If you missed Burgerama 3 then you flat out missed the best and most vibrant musical offering to occur in Orange County if not all of Southern California, America and the World. A wonderful, large outdoor stage was added just for the occasion, with the crowd swelling to some 5,000 crazed music fans.

Volcom was posted up all weekend running a righteous raffle throughout both days and gifting our new favorite bands with the latest in Volcom styles. Thanks Burger Records and the Observatory for hosting the good times.

Lovely Bad Things on the Rama stage.

Lovely Bad Things on the Rama stage

Burgerama 3 Boogarins

Boogarins all the way from Brazil on the Rama stage.

Volcom Booth at Burgerama 3

Holding down the Volcom Booth at Burgerama 3.

Burgerama 3 Cosmonauts

Cosmonauts on the Rama stage. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Shannon at Burgerama 3

Shannon of Shannon and the Clams. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

People couldn't resist...

People couldn't resist...

Burgerama 3 Gap Dream

Gap Dream Gabe on the big Observatory stage. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama 3 Kool Keith

Kool Keith got there 5 min before his set and then absolutely destroyed the place. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama 3 The Growlers

The Growlers on the Rama stage. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama beer miss

These dudes sure do drink their beers funny. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama 3 The Growlers

Another of The Growlers on the Rama stage. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Sam Flax at Burgerama 3

Sam Flax in the Constellation Room.

The Growlers JD break

Goes down smooth... kinda. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama 3 set times

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