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Burgerama 3 The Growlers

Photos from Burgerama 3 in Orange County, CA

The obvious abundance of good vibes coupled with esoteric rituals, bizarre rites of Spring and so, so much good music this past weekend indicated that it was time for the latest and greatest Burgerama presentation from Burger Records. If you missed Burgerama 3 then you flat out missed the best and most vibrant musical offering to occur in Orange County if not all of Southern California, America and the World. A wonderful, large outdoor stage was added just for the occasion, with the crowd swelling to some 5,000 crazed music fans.

Volcom was posted up all weekend running a righteous raffle throughout both days and gifting our new favorite bands with the latest in Volcom styles. Thanks Burger Records and the Observatory for hosting the good times.

Lovely Bad Things on the Rama stage.

Lovely Bad Things on the Rama stage

Burgerama 3 Boogarins

Boogarins all the way from Brazil on the Rama stage.

Volcom Booth at Burgerama 3

Holding down the Volcom Booth at Burgerama 3.

Burgerama 3 Cosmonauts

Cosmonauts on the Rama stage. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Shannon at Burgerama 3

Shannon of Shannon and the Clams. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

People couldn't resist...

People couldn't resist...

Burgerama 3 Gap Dream

Gap Dream Gabe on the big Observatory stage. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama 3 Kool Keith

Kool Keith got there 5 min before his set and then absolutely destroyed the place. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama 3 The Growlers

The Growlers on the Rama stage. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama beer miss

These dudes sure do drink their beers funny. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama 3 The Growlers

Another of The Growlers on the Rama stage. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Sam Flax at Burgerama 3

Sam Flax in the Constellation Room.

The Growlers JD break

Goes down smooth... kinda. Photo: Scott Z. Stinnett

Burgerama 3 set times

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Psychic Migrations – Premiere, Barcelona, Spain – PHOTO RECAP
Volcom teamed up with Jaji and all the Cerveza Salada crew for our Psychic Migrations premiere in Barcelona, Spain on October 6, 2015. Every surfer in BCN was aware about the inescapable date at Alex Knoepfel´s place, Surf House Barcelona, which was packed with stoked humans of all ages. The warm and nice weather was inviting to this outdoor screening by the beach which paired the love-duo of Mexican food and Moritz Beer, which was supplied to the eager guests awaiting Director Ryan Thomas's newest masterpiece. The party got serious when Jose Maria Cabrera, Jonathan Gonzalez, and Gony Zubizarreta showed up with their enthusiasm and stories from their Psychic Migrations trips. Thanks to Txufo, CS, SHB, Moritz and everyone who attended our event and enjoyed Psychic Migrations! Psychic Migrations available on iTunes November 3, 2015.
Volcom x B4BC Collection - Designer || Artist Interview with Carolyn Campos & Vanessa Stark
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Volcom has partnered up with Boarding for Breast Cancer to bring awareness and support once again. This year we’ve teamed up with artist, Vanessa Stark, to create the Act Insulated Jacket where we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Boarding for Breast Cancer Foundation. Shop the Act Insulated Jacket   Our very own Volcom Snow designer, Carolyn Campos and Vanessa Stark happen to be great friends who inspire one another. We got a chance to catch up with both of them and chat about how it was to work with one another on this years B4BC design!   Carolyn Campos How was it designing the Act Insulated Jacket with your friend and artist, Vanessa Stark? CC: I have always looked up to Vanessa, she is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker and all around outdoor adventure enthusiast as well as an incredible artist! So it was natural working with her. Her art and visions are so inspiring to me and she fit the vibe of the line I was creating perfectly. There is so much color and textures used with in the owl. And if you look into its eyes, it is visioning snow peaked mountain tops! How long have you been designing for Volcom Snow?  CC: I am coming up on 12 years!! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! Designing for Volcom was my dream job as a young outerwear designer and snowboarder. I still pinch myself that this dream came true, so naturally too. I was sitting at my desk, at my previous job, and my phone rang… And it was Volcom with the job proposal. Here I am and the rest is history! Describe to us your creative process. How do you get in the mind set of designing? CC: It’s constant really. I can’t just go to the ski hill and go snowboarding. I am constantly observing and creating in my mind. If you are on the chairlift or gondola with me you can guarantee I have completely picked over every detail of your outerwear by the time the ride is finished!!  In a way its taken some of the feeling of escape being on the mountain which is why I have been getting more backcountry riding in the past few years. Riding in almost complete solitude. I also shop and travel the world. Being inspired from many many different angles. I also love interior design, furniture, buildings, textile design… It goes on.  My mind has always been creative. When I need a break from designing, I knit or cook or sew… Just other forms of creating. I can’t stop really. Who are some of your design heroes?    CC: Oh wow, how do I even pin point them. A couple oldies like Jean Muir and Arne Jacobsen I always find inspiring. In design school I did projects on Betsey Johnson and Todd Oldham so I always like following their colorful craziness. I love Banksy’s element of suburban rebellion. Emily Hoy’s graphic design I keep close to my heart. Alexander Wang, McQueen, Chanel, Christopher Kane… The list goes way on and on!! When did you first hear of B4BC? How long has Volcom Snow been partnered with them? CC:  Volcoms first collaboration with B4BC was in the 2006/07 snow line. We started with a fleece piece. It was the following year that we really made an impact with Jamie Lynn’s “Blue Girl” torso graphic on an outerwear jacket, fleece and tee! We really started to gain awareness with B4BC that season!! It is such an amazing thing B4BC is doing for young women. What are you ‘True To’? CC: I aim to be ‘True’ to everything in life. I like real people. Vanessa Stark What inspired you to first pick up a paint brush? When did you start painting? VS:  All kids paint... I just never stopped. Visual arts has been a big part of my life from the beginning. It was something that was really natural for me. Art has always been a part of who I am. What does a "day in the office" look like to you? VS:  Being self-employed has its pro's and con's. Some days are awesome and others can be intense. Having the flexibility of making your own hours has its advantages, especially when there is pow to shred! There are other days when deadlines are looming and I can't feel my legs because I've been painting non-stop for days on end. Finding balance is key to a perfect "day in the office". How do you stay inspired? What inspires you the most? VS:  I'm inspired by the magic of this life and world. I've recently been intrigued by the rhythms of nature and subconscious connection between all things. Living the life i live, having adventures in the mountains, surrounded by nature and friends gives me an endless amount of inspiration. I have pages and pages of notes and a stack of doodled-up sketchbooks full of ideas I haven't had a chance to release to the world just yet. Does snowboarding have a big effect on your life? VS: Huge! Snowboarding saved my life and has shaped virtually everything about my life since. Snowboarding has been my true passion since I first tried it in 1991. My art style is a reflection of my lifestyle which has been a result of my love of snowboarding. How was it designing the Act Insulated Snow Jacket with Carolyn? VS: Carolyn is an amazing artist and designer. She had the vision for the jacket and approached me for the artwork. The cut and color/artwork combo on the jacket are so sick! I was super stoked to play a part in this jacket especially with proceeds going to B4BC. I wore the jacket last year and was pretty blown away by the positive response the jacket got. What are you true to? VS: I'll always be true to snowboarding, family, friends, being kind with an open mind, enjoying life's moments and its crazy ride. And of course I'm true to art because life is art.
Stop 9 of Volcom’s Wild in the Parks – Hazard County Skatepark - McDonough, GA
Prior to the contest we cruised through with Pedro Barros, Daan van der Linden, Omar Hassan, CJ Collins and Caswell Berry. Stop #9 of Volcom’s Wild In The Parks series dodged rainy conditions by relocating to Hazard County Skatepark in McDonough, GA on Saturday September 26, 2015. Weather forecasts called for a swirling rain system around the Atlanta area throughout the weekend. Hazard County Skatepark is a top-notch contest event location that hosts a variety of high quality events and was ready for one more. We put the word out that the contest venue had changed and the southern skate scene turned up in large numbers. Competitors were ripping from the time the doors opened to the last second of finals. The skating level was insanely high and definitely one of the heaviest events of the entire 2015 qualifying series. Earning himself 5th in the 14 & Under Division, Johnny Summerour had his laser flips on lock, throwing it down the 6 stair in the the finals. Yosef Bubes placed 2nd in the 14 & Under Division. This proper backside heelflip on the pyramid was one of the many tricks that impressed the judges. Xander Keel, 1st place winner in the 14 & Under Division, pulled this front crook down the handrail in finals right before time was up. Shane Farber took home 1st in the 15-21 Division utilizing the launch ramp to bump with this backside 360 nosegrab. A lot of heavy tricks were going down on the bank to wall over the quarter pipe. 2nd place winner Christian Henry pulling a back lip across it with ease. Andrey Tarasov pulled out this gap over to lipslide on the hubba in prelims. In the end he took home 7th in 15-21 Division. Henry Gartland placed 3rd in the Open/Am Division going big in zone 2 with a nosegrind on the bank to wall over the quarterpipe. No stranger to the contest circuit, Jamie Foy cruised up from Florida with a bunch of homies. This frontside crooked grind 180 helped him take 2nd in the Open/AM Division. Open/Am Division 1st place winner Josh Douglas had no shortage of tricks in each zone. This back smith across and down was one of the many he put down on the pyramid. Caswell's Choice and ATL local Zeke Logan throwing down a nollie front crook on the hubba. Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Xander Keel 2nd: Yosef Bubes 3rd: Landon Brown 4th: Quincy Cashaw 5th: Johnny Summerour 6th: Emilio Aparicio 7th: Caden Matthew 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Shane Farber 2nd: Christian Henry 3rd: Gregory Holt 4th: Grant Stavas 5th: Chris Noel 6th: Andreas Alvarez 7th: Andrey Tarasov Open/AM Division: 1st: Josh Douglas - $250 2nd: Jamie Foy - $150 3rd: Henry Gartland - $100 4th: Carlos Mendoza 5th: Niko Howard 6th: Marcos Montoya 7th: David Langston Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag:  Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #9 winner: Zeke Logan Next Stop: Southside Skatepark, Houston, TX – October 3, 2015! Click here for more info. Follow the tour on instagram @VolcomWITP and see more photos from this stop on our facebook page Thank you to our prizing sponsor Enjoi, Andalé, and Rev'd.
Psychic Migrations
Psychic Migrations – Premiere, Cape Town, South Africa – PHOTO RECAP
Psychic Migrations movie premiere photo recap from Cape Town, South Africa on October 1, 2015. Psychic Migrations available on iTunes November 3, 2015.    
Psychic Migrations
Psychic Migrations – Premiere, Jacksonville, FL – PHOTO RECAP
Psychic Migrations movie premiere photo recap from Jacksonville, FL, on October 1, 2015. Psychic Migrations available on iTunes November 3, 2015. Photos: Stewart Plemmons Volcom's Billy Hume and Ryan Riopko, and one of the stars of Psychic Migrations, Balaram Stack. The boys holding it down for the East Coast!     Nate Leal (right) played a big role in filming of the movie. Volcom's Dane Jefferys (left).          
Psychic Migrations
Psychic Migrations – Premiere, Maui – PHOTO RECAP
Psychic Migrations movie premiere photo recap from Maui on October 1, 2015. Psychic Migrations available on iTunes November 3, 2015. Groms showed up hours before the premiere and kept themselves entertained. Tai VanDyke, Tom Dosland, and friend Tai VanDyke, Tom Dosland, Gavin Beschen, and friends. Volcom Hawaii ripper, Jackson Bunch, and the grom squad! Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Volcom Hawaii's Tai VanDyke. Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Tai VanDyke, Tom Dosland, Gavin Beschen, and friends. Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Tom Dosland. Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca TOP ROW (L to R):Volcom's Kris Lyman and Daniel Terry, Volcom team rider Tom Dosland, Volcom Hawaii's Tai VanDyke and Dave Riddle, Volcom team rider Imai DeVault. BOTTOM ROW (L to R): Volcom Hawaii's Jason Shibata, Volcom team rider Gavin Beschen Photo: Nick Ricca Daniel Terry warming up the crowd. Daniel Terry on stage w/ Gavin Beschen, Imai Devault, Tom Dosland, and Tai VanDyke. Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Lucky surfboard winner! Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Daniel Terry and one stoked grom. Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Engaged. Alex Gray, tubing. Tom Dosland & Dave Riddle. Volcom Hawaii heavy-hitters! Dusty Payne's brother, Dylan, and dad, Wendell, stoked on Dusty's poster. Jackson Bunch, Tom Dosland, and surfboard winner. Dylan Payne, Dave Riddle, Wendell Payne. Tom Dosland, Jackson Bunch, and Clint Moncata. Matt Meola & Wendell Payne Jason "Shibots" Shibata Gavin Beschen Kris Lyman Tai VanDyke controlling the grom squad. Photo: Nick Ricca Photo: Nick Ricca Jackson Bunch and Jason Shibata. Photo: Nick Ricca Imai Devault and his crew. Dave Riddle and Imai Devault. Photo: Nick Ricca