Baker X Volcom Collab

Volcom has teamed up with Baker Skateboards for a new collaboration. This limited edition Volcom Stone-Age range will be hitting stores in March 2014. The designers at Volcom and Baker worked with mutual team rider Dustin Dollin to come up with a progressive and eye popping line that represents both Volcom and Baker’s unique perspective on design and skateboarding. Be on the lookout for the Volcom X Baker “A Match Made in the Gutter” collection soon



If you were also at the Baker X Volcom collab launch party, check out the photo recap by clicking the image below!

Photo: Chris Martinez

Photo: Chris Martinez

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Wild in the Parks

2014 Volcom European Wild In The Parks Championships in Sevilla

Norway took it all at the 2014 Volcom European Wild In The Parks Championships in Sevilla! Gard Hvaara, Øyvind Svensen and Oscar Hjellegjerde are the 2014 European Wild In The Parks Champions! Some rainy weather was forecasted on the day of the event, which is very unusual for Sevilla, and forced organizers to change location. The original outdoor skatepark of Plaza de Armas is perfectly located downtown Sevilla, just next to the river, fun to ride, great to chill and watch the action but was soaked in the middle of the afternoon. Luckily, an indoor skatepark, the « Wild House », opened just a few weeks ago and lent us their facility for the event. Burn set up a perfect « Parilla » with various tasty specialties to grill and gave away free drinks all day, and a great audience came from the city to witness the action. With little practice at the place, competitors managed to destroy the park. The 14 and under division saw all kinds of tricks and slams, with a bunch of competitors under 10 years of age! Markus Heimdal from Norway was the first one to attack the double kink round rail with a boardslide and a feeble grind, showing everyone how it’s done and finished up 5th. Frenchman Romain Dubourg skated fast and locked some good tricks on all spots, earning a 4th place result, while his buddy Hugo Rauch gave it all with cramped legs and finished 3rd. Then Daniel « B » Pedersen put on a show with bigflips, cab flips all over the place, with a solid style and took the second place. He got cut from the win by his Norwegian fellah Oscar Hjellegjerde and bs flip attacks… Congrats to all. 15-21 years old division followed up, this division always showcases very different skateboarding styles and approaches and is always a banger. From Stefan Forster from Austria reckless full speed approach to Slovenian Jakob Vilhar lipsliding the double kink on shorts and Fernando Andres tech ledge skating, the audience saw it all, and cheered for every make. Fernando took the 5th place landing tons of ledge bangers and cruising during the finals, while anotherNorwegian, Johannes Sundby took the 4th place. Frenchmen did great also in this division with Robin Fournier and Anthony Renaud taking respectively the 3rd and 2nd place. But Øyvind Svensen was untouchable landing everything and took home the trophy, the bigger check and a Spanish guitar on top of all his prizes. Then the level went up with the Open division with some serious hammers landed all over the place. Needed to be mentioned are Alex Schultz from Germany that has a massive bag of tricks and a great flow, UK’s Charlie Birch with his sweet bs smithgrinds, Giorgio Zavos coming all the way from Greece and Cristian Calderon’s pop. But local ripper Carlos Neira was showing everyone what skating fast means, destroying every corner of « his » park and nailed the 5th place together with the JART « heavy metal » prize (a Motorhead, Slayer and Judas Priest boards pack). Christopher Khan, all the way from Slovenia feebled to fs feeble the double kink to take 4th place, Jonathan Jean-Philippe from Paris took the 3rd place getting tech on those rails and ledges and took the 3rd place. 2012 Champion, Germany’s Octavio Trindade went nuts with some hardflips bs lipslides and double flips bs lipslides but got only the second spot, letting the first place for the second time go to Gard Hvaara, MVP of the whole day landing bangers on demand, (still don’t understand how he does those kickflips late shuvits)! After the prize giving and some gnarly product toss, everyone moved to the Plaza de Armas for some refreshments and a best trick session on the rail and stair section with cash and skateboards for good tricks. Little Finnian Martin from UK is only 9 years old and took some serious slams after opening the rail with a boardslide fakie, he got smashed firecracking the stairs. Anthony Renaud had plenty of tricks on offer and got some extra pocket money. Marco Castellano was onfire and got crooked to fiveo on the rail but couldn’t get the nollie flip crooked on the hubba. JJP destroyed the rail and got a hellflip fs lipslide for some extra cash! Then Gard Hvaara who wasn’t tired of the afternoon and put on a show : Sombrero treflip, early grab late shove it, switch fs flip, switch treflip etc etc… It was another good onewrapping up the 2014 WITP European season. Coming up next are the adventures of Gard and Oscar in the USA at the global WITP Champs at the Volcom private skatepark. Big thanks to everyone who helped out for this event, Jart skateboards, Burn, Skatepark Wild House Sevilla, Volcom Spain, Sevilla skate club, Edu for the video, Dani for the photos, Kevin, Jeremie and Roberto for judging. And also to those who help make the Volcom Wild In The Parks events so special from Volcom distributors and reps to the skaters and their parents! See you next year. Results: Open division: 1st Gard Hvaara (Norway) 1100€ 2nd Octavio Trindade (Germany) 700€ 3rd Jonathan Jean-Philippe (France) 500€ 4th Christopher Khan (Slovenia) 400€ 5th Carlos Neira (Spain) 300€ 15-21 division: 1st Øyvind Svensen (Norway) 600€ 2nd Anthony Renaud (France) 400€ 3rd Robin Fournier (France) 300€ 4th Johannes Sundby Aukan (Norway) 250€ 5th Fernando Andres (Spain) 200€ 14 and under division: 1st Oskar Hjellegjerde (Norway) 600€ 2nd Daniel Pedersen (Norway) 400€ 3rd Hugo Rauch (France) 300€ 4th Romain Dubourg (France) 250€ 5th Markus Heimdal (Norway) 200€

Volcom Women's : : Holiday 14 Collection

Take a look, the spirit of the gritty 90s is still alive. Volcom Women's Holiday 14 Collection perfects delicately disheveled. Click here to shop the Holiday 2014 collection! Music: "Guts" by Chela

Wild In The Parks - Fremont Skatepark, CA 2014

Volcom Stone’s Wild In The Parks plugged in the final coordinates of the 2014 North American tour landing in NorCal’s Fremont Skatepark on Saturday, September 27th. It has all come down to this, after months of scouring North America, the WITP tour has reached it’s final championship qualifying event in Fremont, CA.  Fremont’s skatepark is a brand new facility holding an expansive variety of features that cater to any and all skate generations.  It holds a snake run, flow bowl, mini bowl, deep pool, and of course a “street” course perfect for the WITP.  Competitors were amping to get into the day’s action as they packed every inch of real estate the park had to offer.  Crowds of people gathered around to watch the action as practice ended and the contest was set to begin. Competitors And Spectators Gather For The Contest Breakdown The 14 & Under Division were first to grab their boards and take to their starting positions. They stacked up shoulder to shoulder on the top of the drop in ramp eagerly waiting for their time to shine.  In a flash the youth grabbed the attention of everyone with tricks like a sw barley grind on the hubba ledge in zone 1, a big 360 flip over the cheese wedge kickers in zone 2, and a fs boneless over the bank-to-bank gap in zone 3.  Dylan Sullivan looked like a seasoned veteran as his fully dialed skills were on display.  Dylan landed a bs bigflip over the 5 stair in zone 1, a bs 180 kickflip off the cheese wedge kicker to flat in zone 2, and a fs kickflip over the bank-to-bank gap in zone 3 that helped him into 1st place. Luis Perez was hot on Dylan’s heels making it a battle for the top spot.  Luis landed a hardflip over the 7 stair in zone 1, a 50-50 kickflip out on the flat ledge in zone 2, and a bs kickflip over the bank-to-bank gap in zone 3 for 2nd place.  Chris Corpuz flew under the radar with a quiet killer type style.  He landed a fs nosegrind across the china banks bench in zone 3, a hardflip to flat off the cheese wedge kicker in zone 2, and a 360 flip over the 7 stair in zone 1 to grab 3rd place in his division. 8-Year-Old Will Morton Kickflips Through The Cheese Wedge Kickers In Zone 2 Chris Corpuz Balances A Nosegrind Across The Bench In Zone 3 Dylan Sullivan Hops On Top Of A Solid Lipslide Down The 7 Rail In Zone 1 The 15 – 21 Division was next to christen the skate park with some spectacular ripping.  We saw jaw-dropping maneuvers that included a fs 5-0 grind to fakie over the china bank bench in zone 3, a lofty bs 360 to flat off the cheese wedge kicker in zone 2, and a hardflip bs lip down the 7 stair rail in zone 1. Terrell Newell was on another level during his heats of riding.  He was asking people what tricks they wanted to see and landing them first try.  Some of those tricks included a kickflip over the hubba in zone 1, a massive alley oop fs 360 to flat off of the cheese wedge kicker in zone 2, and a bs big flip over the bank-to-bank gap in zone 3 as he claimed 1st place. Tanner Lawler kept the scores tight by landing a 360 flip past the 7 stair in zone 1, an alley oop 360 flip to fakie over the bank-to-bank gap in zone 3, and pulled a coast-to-coast fs tailside kickflip to fakie with only 1 second to spare for 2nd place. Eric Shively had a crew of people making some serious noise each time he landed a trick.  He put down a rad performance landing a kickflip fs 50-50 on the 7 stair hubba in zone 1, a tweaked out fs boneless over the bank-to-bank gap in zone 3, and a gap bs 5-0 off the cheese wedge kicker bs 180 out in zone 2 earning him 3rd place. Eric Shively Teaks A Fs Boneless Over The Bank-To-Bank Gap In Zone 3 Tanner Lawler Holding A Long Lipslide Opposite 270 Out In Zone 2 Jacob Dennis Eyeing Up A Kickflip Fs Boardslide In Zone 1 Terrell Newell Came From Oakland To Take Trick Requests And Land Them First Try Competitors Took A Break To Refuel With Some Free Food And Gatorade For All The 10 & Under Jam Was All Time As 20+ Skaters Put On An Amazing Show Of Skill And Determination It was now time for the Open/Am Division to send this one to the moon and back. These NorCal rippers hit all three zones like a ton of bricks. So many incredible tricks were landed including a fast plant finger flip over the hubba in zone 1, a kickflip nose manual fs 180 out across the flat ledge in zone 2, and a rip roaring tailslide revert over the china bank bench in zone 3.  Dylan Williams came in with a head of steam to pull off some incredibly difficult tricks including a bs tailside through the entire bench to bs big flip out in zone 3, a kickflip nose manual nollie heelflip out in zone 2, and a bs crooked grind nollie flip out on the down rail in zone 1 to snatch up 1st place.  Joseph Jenkins was next in line as he landed a sw fs tailside 270 out on the bench in zone 3, bs nosegrind bs 180 out on the flat ledge in zone 2, and an NBD to the WITP, landing a forward flip bs boardslide for 2nd place.  Brandon McCormick introduced himself into the conversation with tricks like his 360 flip to flat off the cheese wedge kicker in zone 2, a bs tailside bigspin out in zone 3, and a bs boardslide up the 7 rail in zone 1 for 3rd place and a special award courtesy of Volcom skate pro Caswell Berry. Close Call Bs Tailslide Karate Kickflip To Fakie In Zone 3 Brody Petulla Foot Plants Over The Hubba With a Finger Flip For Good Measure In Zone 1 Hold it, Hold it, Hold it....And Roll Away On This Long Bs Bluntslide In Zone 2 From Moses Salazar Justin Hughs Boggles The Mind With A Fs 270 Lip Body Varial Out In Zone 1 Joseph Jenkins Was A Master Of Zone 1 With Many Different Grind And Flip Trick Combonations Brandon McCormick Setting Himself Up For A Flip Trick Out Of This Long Tailslide In Zone 2 Dylan Williams Catching A 360 Flip Noseslide 270 Shuv-it Out In Zone 1 We would like to thank Matt Ritchie,  Damon Sparacino, Rena Kiehn, Jordan Richter and the city of Fremont for their help in facilitating this event.  Thanks to judges Kevin Biram, Scott Williams, and Brian Reed for handling the scores.  Thank you to our Vco family Ken “Skindog” Collins and Annouschka Collins for their immense help before, during, and after the event.  Lastly, thank you to our tour sponsors, listed below, for hooking the kids up with the extras once again. Rev'd Gatorade New Era Cap Kicker Audio Transworld Skate Cam Caddie Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Dylan Sullivan 2nd: Luis Perez 3rd: Chris Corpuz 4th: Blue Wilson 5th: Will Morton 6th: Grant Von Pingel 7th: Jack Tabor 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Terrell Newell 2nd: Tanner Lawler 3rd: Eric Shively 4th: Alex Chung 5th: Jacob Dennis 6th: Isaac Hernandez 7th: Andrew Lopez Open/AM Division: 1st: Dylan Williams - $250 2nd: Joseph Jenkins - $150 3rd:  Brandon McCormick - $100 4th: Moses Salazar 5th: Justin Hughs 6th: Matt Keaveny 7th: Zachary "Ducky" Kovacs Rev’d Skater Award:  Andrew Lopez  - $100 Stand Out 10 & Under:  Lucca Panesi Check Out The Wild In The Parks Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Wild In The Parks Facebook Page Wild In The Parks Instagram

Volcom's True To This - Chapter 2 - The Cushiony Dimension

Monday, September 29th, Take a journey through the unparalleled mental space imagined by some of Volcom’s most creative visionaries. In Chapter 2 of Volcom’s True To This, we explore the magical state of mind that lures us in and keeps us crawling back for more. This video transcendence features an exclusive live performance of Kurt Vile's "Gold Tone" and takes a deep dive into his higher consciousness. It's here that we also explore the meditative states of artists Travis Millard and Gemma O’Brien and careen into the minds of Volcom riders Dane Burman, Bryan Iguchi and Ryan Burch as they explore the perfection of the cushiony dimension. Volcom was founded on the belief that there is a higher level of consciousness to be found within one’s self through the internal and external journeys that board-sports, music, art and film provide. We call these finite moments of enlightenment... ‘Spiritual Intoxication Watch Chapter 1 at

#MusicMonday | | Kelela

It is impossible to sit still while listening to any of Kelela's songs. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air, you've found it. Her voice is that of an angel and her beats will keep you moving all night long. We think we've found our next #girlcrush!

Wild In The Parks - Rio Vista Skatepark, AZ 2014

Stop #11 of Volcom Stone’s Wild In The Parks took to the “Grand Canyon State” for a jam-packed event at Rio Vista Skatepark in Peoria, AZ on Saturday Sept. 20, 2014. The Phoenix area skate scene is a mix of core rippers with a full family community that supports them whole-heartedly. Each and every time a competitor landed a trick there were groups of fans cheering them on and pushing others to step it up. In a way, it seemed as if we saw a last second game winning shot every couple of minutes throughout the entire day. There was plenty to cheer about as 200 competitors pulled out all the stops for their chance to compete at the 2014 WITP $15,000 Global Championships at Volcom Headquarters on Oct. 11th in Costa Mesa, California. The Competitors Were Amping To Get The Day Started The 14 & Under Division was first to make their way into the zones to set the tone for the afternoon.  These young rippers were not shy about what needed to happen and got after it in a heartbeat.  We saw a varial heelflip down the 6 stair in zone 1, lipslide across the picnic table feature in zone 2, and a solid fs 180 over the 10 stair rail to flat in zone 3. Micah Davidson fired all day long landing a ton of tricks including a high speed boardslide down the rail in zone 3, a gap to fs 5-0 on the long hubba ledge in zone 2, and a kickflip down the 6 stair in zone 1 for the 1st place.  Roman Panell was pushing his limits as he slammed into the ground a number of times before landing a powerful hardflip down the monstrous 10 set in zone 3 that helped him into 2nd place.   Garrett Hanson was a force to be reckoned with and had a bone to pick with the big stair set in zone 3 as well.  He tried to heelflip the set over 15 times in his preliminary riding without riding away, despite having his feet on the board nearly every time.  Garrett never gave up though; he came back into finals with determination to land his heelflip. Within the first 2 tries he absolutely stomped it and pushed through the other zones to place 3rd as time ran out. Lazer Crawford Tweaks A Kickflip Up The Euro In Zone 2 On His 9th Birthday Roman Panell Drifts Over The Picnic Table In Zone 2 Micah Davidson Sends A Huge Bs 180 Down The 10 Stair In Zone 3 The 15 – 21 Division was next to try to conquer the park and battle though the other 80 riders in this division. It was a back and forth game of chess as we witnessed a 5-0 kickflip out on the hubba ledge in zone 1, a gap to smith grind over the euro gap and down the hubba in zone 2, and a nearly head splitting 50-50 through the entire flat down rail bordering the 10 stair in zone 3.  Tyler Fahey kit was looking tight as he landed a bs feeble fs 180 out on the out rail in zone 1, a 360 flip down the 10 set in zone 3, and a last second coast-to-coast crooked grind on the 40’ long flat ledge in zone 2 for the victory.  Shane Short had the juices flowing landing a Bennett grind in zone 1, a lipslide 270 out on the picnic table in zone 2, and a fs boardslide kickflip out on the flat rail in zone 3 for 2nd place honors.  Arik Griggs had the biggest fan club of the day.  They made custom red WITP t-shirts that reminded us of those that attend the Price Is Right.  The club made their presence known as Arik landed a tail slide 270 shiv-it out on the down hubba in zone 1, a locked fs nose blunt on the picnic table in zone 2, and a solid fs smith fs 180 out down the big rail in zone 3 for 3rd place. Zachary Jordan Flicking A Kickflip Out Of A 5-0 In Zone 1 Stephen Kellogg Paid The Price For This 50-50 Through The Flat Down In Zone 3, But Ended Up Getting Paid $100 And Received The Rev'd Skater Award In The End Ryan Ridder Started In a Manual Only To Powerslide Fs Boardslide Off The Picnic Table In Zone 2 Connor Carpenter Sizzles Up Some Fire Dogs For The Mass Of Hungry Competitors And Cools Them Off With The Gift Of Gatorade The 10 & Under Division Had A Blast As They Took Over The Park And Landed Some Bangers The Open/AM Division was set to take this show home as the threat of a dust storm loomed on the horizon.  This threat did not hinder the skating as these guys manhandled almost every trick in the book.   We witnessed a nollie heelflip bs crooked grind on the down hubba in zone 1, a kickflip indy grab over the picnic table in zone 2, and a board snapping, but landed, fs bigspin over the 10 set in zone 3.  Caleb Schrank was destroying all day long with tricks like his bs tail kickflip to fakie in zone 1, a fs tail slide fs big spin off the picnic table in zone 2, and capped off his 1st place performance with a fakie kickflip over the 10 set in zone 3.  Adam Arunski kept things perfectly balanced as he landed a 360 flip to 50-50 on the down bubba in zone 1, a massive sideways ollie over the picnic table in zone 2, and a gap out to lip slide on the 10 set in zone 3 for 2nd place.  CJ “buzzer beater” Bartlett landed many tricks throughout, but none more memorable then his contest ending fs 180 no-comply over the 10 that had everyone rushing him with high fives and hugs for making it.  He ended his day with a 3rd place finish and a smile on his face. Ernie Ibarra Getting On Top Of A 50-50 In Zone 2 James Goin's First Contest Since Doctors Told Him He Would Never Walk Again...True Inspiration Jacob Evans Sends This Heavenly Fs Flip Down The 10 in Zone 3 Shawn Patrick Handles Business As Adam Arunski Takes A Front Row Seat CJ Bartlett Claims The Last Trick, For The Second Year In A Row, With This Fs 180 No-Comply In Zone 3 Adam Arunski With A Beastly Sideways Ollie Over The Picnic Table In Zone 2 Caleb Schrank In Picture Perfect Position For This Bs Tailside Kickflip To Fakie In Zone 1 Thank you to Kevin Naughton and everyone at the city of Peoria for having the WITP back to Rio Vista Skatepark.  Thank you to our judges Andrew Riffle, J.R. Weston, and Al Pugh from Cowtown Skateboards for watching all the action and jotting down the scores.  Thank you to Connor Carpenter, Ryan Haneman, and Emerson for helping with the event details across the board.  Also, thank you to our full time tour sponsors, listed below, for keeping the kids stoked with all the extra goods. Rev'd Gatorade New Era Cap Kicker Audio Transworld Skate Cam Caddie Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Micah Davidson 2nd: Roman Panell 3rd: Garrett Hanson 4th: Lazer Crawford 5th: Armando Lerma 6th: Austin Salzman 7th: Drayden Gardner 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Tyler Fahey 2nd: Shane Short 3rd: Arik Griggs 4th: Tyler Wasmuth 5th: Stephen Kellogg 6th: Ryan Ridder 7th: Chance Carr Open/AM Division: 1st: Caleb Schrank - $250 2nd: Adam Arunski - $150 3rd: CJ Bartlett - $100 4th: Shawn Patrick 5th: Michael Eddy 6th: Blue Heady 7th: Jacob Evans Rev’d Skater Award:  Stephen Kellogg - $100 Stand Out 10 & Under:  Trey Ehinger Check Out The Wild In The Parks Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Wild In The Parks Facebook Page Wild In The Parks Instagram You Cannot Beat A Good Arizona Sun Set