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Baker X Volcom Collab

Volcom has teamed up with Baker Skateboards for a new collaboration. This limited edition Volcom Stone-Age range will be hitting stores in March 2014. The designers at Volcom and Baker worked with mutual team rider Dustin Dollin to come up with a progressive and eye popping line that represents both Volcom and Baker’s unique perspective on design and skateboarding. Be on the lookout for the Volcom X Baker “A Match Made in the Gutter” collection soon



If you were also at the Baker X Volcom collab launch party, check out the photo recap by clicking the image below!

Photo: Chris Martinez

Photo: Chris Martinez

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Coachella Essentials x OnTheRacks

Hangin' OnTheRacks and talking Coachella essentials with the lover of shoes, booze and adventure, Laura Ellner! "Coachella Week 1 was an absolute blast, and Volcom provided some seriously sweet essentials for the hot, hot desert heat! These boots were an absolute must for trekking around the sandy festival, and the "Eff Yah" loafers were such a hit with the fun, playful crowd. No better place to wear some sassy kicks than Coachella!" "Loved sporting the salmon, laser cut shorts with a basic white crop top and accessories galore (didn't hurt that they matched my newly dyed pink hair!). So perfect for poolside hangouts or party hopping. Fun and flirty...adding that extra somethin' to your standard cutoffs with the cute color and quirky detailing!" "I am such a fan of a romper. Easy, breezy - throw it on and you are done! Good to GO. Love this tie-dye style, and am also way obsessed with an all white ruffled number that I'll be sharing shortly in an outfit post! All ideal essentials for Coachella, or any other warm-weather festivals...and we know there are plenty more to come!" Check out her blog about fashion, life and libations! OnTheRacks

Skatepark of Tampa 'Damn Am' presented by Volcom recap

The Skatepark of Tampa 2014 'Damn Am' presented by Volcom and DVS was going off this past weekend when our friends from the Skatepark of Tampa traveled to our headquarters here in Costa Mesa, CA to hold the first contest of their 2014 'Damn Am' season. With over 130 hungry ams ready to show what they got, you could tell the weekend was going to be insane! In practice alone tricks were going down that you would normally see pros do and skaters from all over brought their own bag of tricks with their own style. Watch the Day 1 and 2 recaps from the SPoT crew and check out some photos shot by Volcom ambassador Arto Saari. Alex Midler was skating hard all weekend making this 270 lipslide look easy and making it almost every try Vancovers own Mickey Papa's nollie crook down the handrail was just a warm-up Oscar Meza was killing it all weekend with the most stylish frontside flips Crowd was mixed with odd things happening all around. photo shoot in the middle of a skateboard contest? Why not! Christian from Volcom Europe, Ben Raemers, Steve Stratton and Alec Majerus giving the contest the thumbs up. Everybody was getting their instas! Get your endless scroll fix by checking out more from the gram below. Gary Rogers came down for the contest and cruised the parking lot and contest! Scroll down for the edit! Photo: Daniel Cabral Filmed and edited: Ant Travis Back inside Yoshi Tanenbaum was getting down on the course. Front Blunt. Mickey Papa with a crooked grind for the crowd. Midler continuing to shred with a nosegrind over the rainbow rail. Alec's homie from Rochester, MN Jace Torkelson was in the contest, making it to the semi finals with this back smith. Oscar Meza rainbow rail overcrook Kevin Scott was also bringing that classic street style to the course barging this 50-50 on the ledge right in front of the crowd. Kevin also had these lipslides on lock every try DJ Wade, Eniz Fazilov and Remy Stratton up in the DJ booth Remy, Russell Houghton, Eniz and Christian Kevin Scott, smith grind Blake Johnson was a beast in the park, big ol noseblunt down the rail. Axel Cruysberghs qualified 2nd, which meant he went straight to the finals, he would stay loose during the semi's buy busting out tricks like this epic noseblunt on the stone door! Jamie Foy took this bluntslide to fakie After the Semi Finals the following skaters made it to the finals to join Axel Cruysberghs and Tyson Bowerbank: 1. Anthony Anaya 2. Chase Webb 3. Franky Villani 4. Dalton Dern 5. Jamie Foy 6. Jonathan Henderson 7. Zach Saraceno 8. Anthony Estrada 9. Tre Williams 10. Brandon Villanueva In the finals, the battle was heated with all of the contestants going off. In the end, the results looked like this: Jonathan Henderson, frontside feeble. Johnathan Henderson took 10th place skating hard all weekend and staying on his board for a majority of the contest. Chase Webb making this kickflip 5-0 look easy down the hubba Photo: Daniel Cabral Huntington Beach local Chase Webb took home 9th place Brandon Villanueva, 360 shove it lipslide Photo: Daniel Cabral Brandon Villanueva took 8th place Crowd favorite Franky Villani Front Feeble on the hubba It was hard not find a smile on Franky Villani's face all weekend! it was only his 2nd contest and he ended up taking home not only 7th place but also the Zumiez Destroyer award AND the best trick! Anthony Estrada was has one of the smoothest styles. This fakie 270 lipslide took him into 6th place One of the most aggressive and fastest skaters of the weekend, Dalton Dern was one of the few to make it to the coping in the corner with this nosepick Dalton Dern was one of the most entertaining skaters to watch all weekend. Always going fast and possibly the only one to land a McTwist in the Volcom skatepark. He took home 5th. Jamie Foy 360 flip Jamie Foy all the way from Orlando, FL was ripping all weekend and too home a well deserved 4th The Top 3 consisted of the 2 golden ticket winners, Axel Cruysberghs and Tyson Bowerbank, as well as the number one qualifier Anthony Anaya who were ALL ripping! Anthony Anaya took home 3rd leaving either Axel or Tyson for 1st place. Brian Schaefer and Steve Stratton with the 1st place trophy who was going to take it? In the end Axel Cruysberghs took home first! Axel Cruysberghs full speed noseblunt down the rail Tyson Bowerbank full cab flip over the hip Photo: Daniel Cabral Anthony Anaya, Hurricane down the rail Final Results were Anthony Anaya in 3rd, Tyson Bowerbank in 2nd, and Axel Cruysberghs taking home 1st! Check out the video below from the Skatepark of Tampa crew on how Axel won! They also put together a recap video on the finals AND best trick that you can see below. Andy Anderson definitely had the most fun all weekend and turned 18 the day of finals! Congrats Andy! DVS gave out a special award for the skater who was having the most fun, and it was pretty clear that that skater was Andy Anderson who duck walked up the stairs and bluntslid down the handrail in his run. He received a one of a kind deck handmade by Clint Peterson as the DVS 'All in good fun' award and deserved every part of it! For the Best Trick contest presented by DVS, Diamond Grind Coping installed a special gap out rail on our stairs for the contest and everyone literally destroyed it! More photos of some of the insane tricks that went down below! Out with the old rail... .... and in with the new! No one really had a problem figuring out the new rail! Tislam Smith, kickflip tailslide Daniel Yeager, Backside Tailslide Mickey Papa, kickflip crooked it third try Tislam Smith, kickflip bluntslide Yup! Carlos Lastra pulled this darkslide down the hubba to grab 3rd place! Tislam Smith, kickflip bluntslide Mickey Papa also 360 flip noseblunted the rail! He also got this switch backside noseblunt right at the end and solidified 2nd place. Franky Villani was trying a bigspin bennett grind frontside 180 out and when he finally landed it the crowd exploded and the contest was officially over. Watch the Best Trick recap video below to see all the action! Crowd was so hyped on Franky's trick that it shut down the contest! At the end of the day he had more awards than he could carry and could not stop smiling! After a quick product toss, the event was a wrap! A HUGE thanks to the entire Skatepark of Tampa crew for all their hard work over the weekend and DVS, Transworld Skate, Independent, Dakine, Hellaclips, Zumiez & Bones for making this awesome event happen. You can also check out more videos of the event at and The Skatepark of Tampa website!

Gary Rogers at Damn Am

Gary Rogers came down to Costa Mesa, CA for the 2014 Skatepark of Tampa Damn Am presented by Volcom. He cruised around the Volcom HQ and talked to some of the competitors and the crowd! Filmed by Ant Travis

Damn Am Costa Mesa Presented by Volcom

The Skatepark of Tampa's Costa Mesa 'Damn Am' presented by Volcom went off this weekend! CLICK HERE or the image below for a full recap! Axel Cruysberghs qualified 2nd, which meant he went straight to the finals, he would stay loose during the semi's buy busting out tricks like this epic noseblunt on the stone door! Gary Rogers came down to Costa Mesa, CA for the 2014 Skatepark of Tampa Damn Am presented by Volcom. He cruised around the Volcom HQ and talked to some of the competitors and and the crowd. Check out more at April 10 - 13, 2014 the Skatepark of Tampa's Damn Am contest comes back to the Volcom HQ in Costa Mesa where the top amateurs compete for 12 spots in the Tampa Am contest! Check out all the details and schedule below. THURSDAY, APRIL 10TH 12pm - 8pm - Registration / Practice FRIDAY, APRIL 11TH 9am - 8pm - Registration / Practice 5pm - Rider's Meeting SATURDAY, APRIL 12TH 9am - open practice 12pm – Qualifiers: Jam format, three skaters per jam, three minutes Top 40 skaters advance to Semi-Finals Top two are Golden Ticket winners and go straight to the finals SUNDAY, APRIL 13TH 9am - open practice 12pm - Semi-Finals, Finals, Best Trick, Awards Semi-Finals: Two one-minute runs Finals: Three one-minute runs Best Trick: Directly after finals on the center obstacle, 25 minute jam Top 12 skaters in finals qualify for Tampa Am 1st and 2nd place skaters in finals go directly to Tampa Am Semi-Finals Directions: 405 - South / 55 south / Right 17th / Right Monrovia / Volcom is located a 1/4 mile down on the right side 1740 Monrovia Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92627 You will need to park on the street on Thursday and Friday. The lot is employee parking only on those days. On Saturday and Sunday the parking lot will be open to the public. Do not ever park in other business' parking lots adjacent to Volcom. You could get towed. We all stay at the Ramada Inn. Google Map 1680 Superior Avenue Costa Mesa, CA, 92627-3652 US 949-645-2221 REGISTRATION Email for registration In preparation for the 'Best Trick Contest' we installed a brand new gap to rail courtesy of our friends at Diamond Grind Coping. Alec Majerus stopped by the park one night and put on a demo of what's actually possible! Check out how many tricks Alec put down in one session! Check out this recap video from last years Damn Am contest and photos HERE
Peanut Butter and Rail Jam

Peanut Butter And Rail Jam - Regional Recap 2013/2014

That's right; the qualifying events for this season's Peanut Butter and Rail Jam tour are in the books! After a whirlwind of tour stops around the globe we'll find ourselves at Mammoth Mountain Sat April 19 for the $16,000 Global PBRJ Championships! The regional video recap above will bring you up to speed on all of the incredible riding and good vibes along the way! More info: Jared Check Out The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Leading Into The 2014 Championship Event: Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram 

2014 Volcom Damn Am - Alec Majerus Demo

The 2014 Skatepark of Tampa DamnAm presented by Volcom is going down April 10th - 14th at the Volcom Private Skatepark in Costa Mesa, CA! In preparation for the 'Best Trick Contest' we installed a brand new gap to rail courtesy of our friends at Diamond Grind Coping. Alec Majerus stopped by the park one night and put on a demo of what's actually possible! Check out how many tricks Alec put down in one session and go to for all the details about the event!