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Camp Mofoka's: Volcom X Baker

The Baker crew came down to Costa Mesa to shred the skatepark with the Volcom dudes in celebration of the Volcom X Baker 'A Match Made In The Gutter' collab. Watch Cyril Jackson, Terry Kennedy, Rowan Zorilla, Collin Provost, Beagle, Ant Travis, Dustin Dollin, Dennis Busenitz, Alec Majerus, Jon Dickson, Theotis Beasley, Louie Lopez, Tristan Funkhouser and Bryan Herman all kill it in Camp MOFOKA's and check out the Volcom X Baker collection hitting stores March 1st!

Filmed by: Su Young Choi & Ant Travis
Edited by: Calvin Millar

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Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary Available Now; Streaming Free For 48-Hours

Directed by Jamie Heinrich, Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary the story behind the Volcom filmmaking legacy, Veeco Productions, is streaming for free online at for the next 48-hours. Veeco… is also available today on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Xbox and Google Play as well as on Blu-ray included in the True To This “Deluxe Blu-ray Box Set” available here. Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary takes a journey through the Volcom film library and 21 years of living a life completely out of the ordinary. Go behind the scenes with the filmmakers and riders as they share their tales of blood, sweat and debacle in such iconic films as Alive We Ride, The Garden, Stoney Baloney, Subjekt Haakonsen, Magna Plasm, Chichagof and more. Featuring interviews with Richard Woolcott, Troy Eckert, Remy Stratton, Terje Haakonsen, Jamie Lynn, Gavin Beschen, Bryan Iguchi, Dustin Dollin, Ozzie Wright, Caswell Berry, Rune Glifberg, Ryan Thomas, Dusty Payne, Curtis Ciszek, Dylan Alito, Scott Blum, Seth Huot, Kai Garcia, Ryan Sheckler, Grant Taylor, Dan Brisse, Colin Provost and Tai Van Dyke.

#MusicMonday || Goldroom

We are such huge fans of Goldroom's album "Embrace"! It sounds like a shimmery slice of laptop disco that isn't quite a dance ballad nor a full-on pop song. Instead, "Embrace" registers somewhere in between those two poles, with stereo beats amply orchestrated by tom-tom flourishes and well-placed synth ripples.    Listen Here ::


By Roberto Aleman Sometimes you have to pay to play; the price of sharing a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the mystical land of Oman was enduring temperatures hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement – literally. Eniz Fazliov, Daan Van Der Linden, Harry Lintell and Ben Raemers stepped up to the plate and traded sweat for experience during a week cruising the sultanate. With practically every country from north to south and east to west already explored, Oman continued to be one of those countries which for some reason no skate team has ever visited – until now. We arrived late at night and already the scorching heat was a system shock. We knew that during the night the temperature was as good as it would get, so we didn‘t even want to guess how it would be during the day. Come morning, we awoke to 45ºC heat that was much more intense than we could have imagined. It was hard to leave the hotel and even breathing outside proved challenging, it was like inhaling fire! That said, we were all excited to be in a country we had never been to before, and felt honoured to be the first ones with the privilege of exploring it. Soon a decision was made; we would rent a generator and skate at night. To be honest, in the end it didn't really matter. The days were too long, the nights were too short and the burning heat was everywhere, all the time. In the end we decided to skate all day with breaks in between to go to the beach or to an oasis in the desert! Check back on Thursday, August 28, for the second chapter of Searching For The Shade, Volcom in Oman. Thanks Red Bull for the support. The Crew Daan Van Der Linden, Gap 50-50 © Roberto Alegria Eniz Fazliov, Frontside Flip © Roberto Alegria Even though Ben got injured on the first few days of the tour, he enjoyed the whole trip like a kid. Daan bet he could frontside noseslide this rail first go. Word is bond and he collected some Omani Rials. In a little shopping centre we found these perfect black marble ledges to film lines on. Despite the heat, Eniz Fazliov skated the ledges non-stop until he was exhausted and locked this fakie nosegrind mid-line. Eniz skated every spot we went to. This hubba at the city's main stadium was perfect for this gnarly noseblunt. I do not know who bought the plastic guns, but at any time of the day you could end up with an arrow to the forehead. Just like Eniz. At every spot we went to in Muscat, a big crowd of people would gather to watch. I guess it's not a particularly common sight to have a bunch of Westerners jumping down handrails. Harry can adapt to all kinds of terrain, from the most technical spots to the gnarliest ones. He didn't want to leave this spot without leaving his mark on it, so after a few tries he stomped this flip crooks. Harry was one of the riders who skated the most during the tour. He filmed moves at every single spot we went to, and refused to leave this handrail without making this nosegrind. Like a big oasis in the desert, this is like the Central Park of Muscat. Thankfully, it is full of spots and Harry put down this switch flip on one such gem. Roberto came but had an injured ankle the whole time. He still managed to walk on water, however.

Eli Hannemen, Dylan Lehmann, and Jackson Bunch lead the charge at the 1st Pufferfish stop of the year!

The first stop of the Pufferfish Surf Series once again landed on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui at Lahaina Harbor. There was plenty of sunshine and perfect little waves for the frothing Groms. We gave the competitors free lunch and showered them with tons of free giveaways just for coming down and hanging on the beach. The pros surfed their little brains off and when it was all said and done, Dylan Lehmann took the $500.00 first place prize and the coveted Golden Ticket solidifying his spot at TCT Champs in April. Check below for full contest details and all the winners. This girl is two! Take a second and think about what your were doing when you were two, because I bet it wasn't this! Eli Hannemen surfed on another level all day and went on to win the Groms division. @revdsurf is a new supporter of the TCT and we are pumped to have them on board! Dante Silva laying one down during the semis. Borg on the grill means the kids fall in line and mind their manners. Jackson on a fun left hander with the famous "Trinity" sailing vessel in the background. Jadeo showing his apprentice the ropes of calling a perfect event. Monte Grant on a fun Lahaina set. Monte would take 4th in the Juniors! Bringing the Mayonnaise and Flour to the Islands. Jackson Bunch took over the squids division, which in Hawaii is quite a feat now a days. We had so many Squids that we had to break it down into two divisions. Flour face smash for the win! Dylan Lehmann letting the tail fly in the earlier heats. The winners with all their goodies. Kail Daly and Tai Van Dyke linked up on this little gem in the early morning light of the Harbor. The Squids talent at the Pufferfish is second to none here is another shot of 4 year old Squid Justin Roberson. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS FAMOUS WAX WATERMANS SUNSCREEN DAKINE RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Dylan Lehmann - $500.00 2. Kain Daly 3. Chaz Kinoshita 4. Justice Patao 5. Noah Collins 6. Tyler Larronde JUNIORS 1. Conan Gentil 2. Cody Young 3. Dante Silva 4. Monte Grant 5. Kelson Lau 6. Rodrigo Banderas GROMS 1. Eli Hanneman 2. Tony Nunez 3. TyTy Kirby 4. Cole Alves 5. Ocean Macedo 6. Logan Kamen SQUIDS 1. Jackson Bunch 2. Keanu Taylor 3. Ty Simpson-Kane 4. Diego Ferri 5. Chase Anderson 6. Shion Crawford Mini Squids (7 and under) 1. Steve Robertson 2. Rovan Muller 3. Kassius Wallace 4. Chrisalyn Simpson-Kane 5. Mya Maki 6. Ethan Managat Girls 1. Kakanu DeLovia 2. Summer Macedo 3. Aloha Lopez 4. Sierra Larsen 5. Sophia Johnson 6. Kayla McCarthy WATERMELON AWARD Marley Franco AXEL AWARD Maya Maki All photos provided by DOOMA and TAI VANDYKE Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT

Volcom Stone Presents: Let's Live

Every Tuesday until the premiere of "Veeco: A Volcom Filmmaking Documentary" on Aug 26th, take a journey through the Volcom film library as we post a classic Veeco production unearthed from the Volcom vaults. Reserve your seat for the online digital premiere of "Veeco" on Aug. 26th: A Volcom skate flick dedicated to the memory of Shane Cross. Witness life viewed from down under through the eyes of Shane Cross, Dustin Dollin, Jake Duncombe, Lewis Marnell, Chima Ferguson, Chris Wood, Joe Pease and Shane Azar throwing down with Mark Appleyard, Rune Glifberg, Darrell Stanton, Nick Trapasso and other Volcom mates. iTunes: DVD: Soundtrack: Dallas Pax of Ground Components "Drunk By Noon" Liquid Neilson Theory "Untitled Track" Jakob "Pneumonic" Ed Kuepper "Also Sprach The King of Euro Disco" The Disbelievers "4th Dimension" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Mercy Seat" Birds of Avalon "Where's My Blood" Corner Stone Roots "Wake Up" Totimoshi "Viva Zapata" Year Long Disaster "It Ain't Luck" Valient Thorr "Intermission: Theme From 6th Grade Watercolor" Valient Thorr "Rezerection" The Web "Kookin Up A Storm" TV Rock "Flaunt It" The Disbelievers "Go Girl Go" Australian Crawl "Reckless (Don't Be So...)" ((sounder)) "If We All Collide In The Sun" ((sounder)) "Those Days Were Good Days (As Days Sometimes Are)" RTX "Western Xterminator" Birds Of Avalon "Turn Gold" The Easybeats "Friday On My Mind" Liquid Neilson Theory "Rest In Peace Shane Cross" 9191 is a sideways introspective into the bewildering snow-covered dreamscape of international time traveler and mystic of the shred - Gigi Rüf. Every year, Gigi circles the stratosphere in the name of snowboarding and 9191 is the accumulation of his visions from a season, documented in 16mm film, super 8, and highly defined video. Original soundtrack produced and composed by Piers Baron (Never Not Part 2 soundtrack and Extremely Sorry soundtrack), exclusively for Volcom Entertainment. Hold onto your schnitzel and Viel spass! iTunes: DVD: Soundtrack (available on iTunes Baron "Intro" Baron feat. Early Man "The Illuminati" Dave Lombardo "Drum Solo One" Baron feat. A Place To Bury Strangers "Behold The Black Light" Baron feat. Jamie Blake "Let Angels Guide You" Baron feat. Hesta Prynn "Bury Your Bones" Dave Lombardo "Drum Solo Two" Baron feat. Jamie Lynn "Miles From Home" Baron feat. Dave Lombardo "Twilight Thunder" What Are Creepy Fingers? Find out as you witness the antics of Bruce Irons, Ozzie Wright, Dean Morrison, Gavin Beschen, Bol, Mike Morrissey, Nate Tyler, Jay Quinn, Alex Gray, Kilian Garland, Dusty Payne, Aron Gieger, Super Grom Andrew Doheny, and more. Watch as Creepy Fingers winds its way through a cinematic foray of beauty, silliness, seriousness, and the general debris of human existence. iTunes: Soundtrack: Goons Of Doom "Ass Kisses Face" Single Frame "Culture Medium" Valient Thorr "Showdown" Ukuleles performed by Gerald Aikau & Rico Jimenez The Donnahall Project featuring Zach Hill Single Frame "Clipper Ship" Goons Of Doom "Dead Barbie and the Ghost" Brain Squeegee "Waves Crash on My Soul" ASG "Yes, We are Aware" ((sounder)) "It’s Just a Sound Like Any Other Sound" Goons Of Doom "The Devil" Valient Thorr "Intermission/Theme from 6th Grade Watercolor" Gavin Beschen Single Frame "Lets Go Techno for Christmas" Valient Thorr "Man Behind the Curtain" Single Frame "New Car Remix BS! is an out of the ordinary, if not extraordinary surf film that documents the serious ripping of Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Alex Gray, Ozzie Wright, Nate Tyler, and Andrew Doheny, while revealing their individual characters through thoughtful interviews that quickly slip into honest humor. On top of such humor, the film builds into striking notes of provokingly tweaked sarcasm that is in refreshing contrast to current surf film genre trends. iTunes: DVD: Soundtrack: Need New Body - Beach Everybody - Seeing Isn't Believing (version 1) RAD - FreeM Birds of Avalon - I Never Knew Princess Sweepstakes - Wind Up Willis Czar Rose - Faraway No. 23 Brain Squeegee - Nihilistic Fool Mofi - What Does it Mean Everybody - Seeing Isn't Believing (version 2) Chant Oh's - Again; Filling The Nothing With Something In a time beyond and close to now... a vision was revealed. A vision of the very first dream of life. The dream of life before there was life. The dream that vapor dreams of becoming solid and falling to meet whatever will catch and hold it. Thus begins "ESCRAMBLE". Featuring Bjorn Leines, Terje Haakonsen, Mark Landvik, Wille Yli-Louma, Shaun White, Seth Huot, Gigi Ruff, Erik Leines, Bryan Iguchi, Chris Demolski, Jamie Lynn. iTunes: DVD: Soundtrack: Alice Coltrane - “Journey In Satchidananda” Dungen - “Bortglömd” Dungen - “Om du vore en vakthund” CAN - “Paper House” Witch - “Seer” Goblin Cock - “Stumped” The Hellacopters - “Sent en Lordagkvall” Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory - “Decisions Decisions” Moondog - “Improvisation in 4/4” Yume Bitsu - “Song 4” Yume Bitsu - “Song 5 Over the course of the month of May 2008, the Volcom skate team posted up in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY with the sole purpose of skating epic New York spots. Packed with raw skating and insightful commentary, All The Days Roll Into One is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the constant ups and downs of trying to skate on demand in a hectic city. iTunes: DVD: Soundtrack: Birds of Avalon "Keep it Together, Thackery" Birds of Avalon "Superpower" Birds of Avalon "Where's My Blood" ((sounder)) "Good Things Come And Go Like Bad Things" ((sounder)) "Who Put The Skylight in Heaven" Tweak Bird "Fat Clapper" Tweak Bird "Whorses" Birds of Avalon "Measure of the Same"

Wild In The Parks - Ashbridges Bay Skate Plaza, Toronto, Canada 2014

Stop #9 of Volcom Stone’s Wild In The Parks crossed the boarder to witness some ice cold ripping at Ashbridges Bay Skate Plaza in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It has been a few years since the WITP tour has had the opportunity to hold a stop at Ashbridges Bay Skate Plaza. The TO skate scene is heavy with riders that have made it to the “major leagues” of the skateboard industry. It’s not hard to tell why as you roll though the city filled with spot after spot in all shapes and sizes. This vast array of skate opportunity translates into a skater that can handle anything in their path. Competitors showed up at the plaza early to warm up on the zones defined for the day’s action ahead. The Plaza holds a little bit of everything that would test the competitor’s skills gathered in the city. Zone 1 would be the A-frame pyramid with a grass gap and manual pad, zone 2 was the standard 8 stair set with a round rail and hubba ledges, and zone 3 was a double set with a rounded hubba ledge and square rail. Competitors And Spectators Gather For The Contest Breakdown And Secure Their Viewing Positions The day’s events started with the 14 & Under Division and the threat of some inclement weather in the forecast.  This meant that the competitors would have to go for the gusto from the very beginning. These young rippers to got into the thick of things with a 50-50 body varial out down the 8 stair hubba in zone 2, a bs feeble fs 180 out in zone 3, and a solid half cab heelflip over the A-frame in zone 1. Jonah Melnyk was a force to be reckoned with as he skated away from the competition.  He landed a kickflip fs boardslide down the 8 stair rail in zone 2, a first try bs kickflip over the grass gap in zone 1, and a bs tailslide bs bigspin out in zone 3 to mention a few of the many tricks he landed for 1st place in his division. William Cohen had his name echoing throughout the park as he landed a popped kickflip down the 8 in zone 2 and a fs boardslide shuv-it out on the square rail in zone 3 for 2nd place. Bailey Seager took his own line with a big ollie late shuv to flat off the A-frame in zone 1, a solid lipslide down the rail in zone 2, and a 360 inward heel down the double set in zone 3 to capture 3rd place. Bailey Seager In The Middle Of A 360 Inward Heelflip Down the Double Set In Zone 3 William Cohen Lands A Fs Boardslide Shuv Out In Zone 3 As He Points Out The CN Tower Jonah Melnyk Lands A Kickflip Fs Boardslide On The Round Rail In Zone 2 The 15 – 21 Division now gathered their boards to make a bid for the top spots in a sea of stacked competitors.  There was a sense of urgency in the air as these riders rattled off tricks the entire way through. We saw a kickflip fs 50-50 on the square rail in zone 3, a hippy hop down the 8 set in zone 2, and a gap out to backside tail slide on the chunked flat ledge in zone 1 to name a few of the many.   Noah Cleroux battled through the masses with tricks like a huge hardflip to flat over the A-frame in zone 1 and Fs Hurricane In Zone 3 that helped set him apart to gain the 1st place nod.  Chris Shannon kept up with tricks like his nollie bs feeble grind down the 8 rail in zone 2 and flip trick technicality that had the judges posting solid scores in approval and awarding him with 2nd place. Dylan Campbell kept TO proud with his solid trick selection in all zones for the remaining 3rd place podium position. Chad Gagnon Pops A Massive Bs Kickflip To Flat Off The A-frame Pyramid In Zone 1 Jagger Bond Lofts A Bs 180 Over The Hubba Ledge In Zone 2 For the Crowd In The Background Dylan Campbell Locks Into A Proper Fs Bluntslide In Zone 2 Mother Nature Had A Little Moisture In Her Plans As WITP Patrons Gather For The BBQ Lunch Break 10-Year-Old Jesse Bittle (Left) Sticks A Fs Boardslide Down The Rail In Zone 2 And 8-Year-Old Cayde McKinstray (Right) Kickflips Into The Bank During The 10 & Under Jam The Open Division was now set to finish things off as ominous clouds stacked up in the distance.  This was an indicator that we were going to see rain and this was going to be their time to shine.  The crowd of spectators jostled for their viewing locations in anticipation of what was about to go down. As time rattled off we saw these “top dogs” land a huge 360 flip to flat off the A-frame pyramid in zone 1, a perfect fs kickflip over the hubba in zone 2, and a bs feeble fs 360 out on the square rail in zone 3 that had everyone going bananas.  Jamie Bennet was the man landing tricks throughout and blowing minds with a cab 270 kickflip fs boardslide to fakie on the 8 rail in zone 1.  One spectator said “I can die happy now that I have seen that in person.”  Needless to say, Jamie took home the top spot for his efforts.  16-year-old Jayden Bono had a ton of tricks on lock, landing a kickflip fs lipslide on the 8 rail, a fs 180 to sw over crooks on the 8 rail, and a variety of flip trick variations that boosted him into 2nd place.  Royce Plourde stomped a sw fs bigspin over the rail in zone 2 amongst other raw maneuvers that had the crowd slapping down their boards and sending him into the clutch position of 3rd place overall. Ben Paterson Pulls A Sw 270 Fs Blunt On The Down Rail In Zone 2 That Helped Him Receive The $100 Rev'd Skater Award Buffalo NY's Nick Bettinger Rips Through This Chuncky Ledge In Zone 1 Joe Jones Sets Up To Catch This Solid 360 Flip In Zone 2 John Osborne Hammers Out A 360 Flip Lipslide On The Zone 2 Rail Stafhon Boca Put Down A Heel Flip Bs Boardslide On The Square Rail In Zone 3 Jayden Bono Mid Flight On A Kickflip Fs Lipslide In Zone 2 Jamie Bennet Shuts Down Zone 2 With A Cab 270 Kickflip Fs Boardslide To Fakie We would like to thank the city of Toronto for having the WITP tour back at Ashbridges Bay Skate Plaza.  Thank you to our judges Matt Ross, Jason Shoemaker, and Dennis Bannock for taking in the action and jotting down the scores.  Thanks to Steve Jarrett from SBC for his help in facilitation and the extra promotion leading up to the event.  Thank you to our Vco family of Tarik Emlas, Natalie Lozeau, and Ben Cousins for their diligent efforts throughout the day.  Check out our tour sponsors that help keep the WITP tour rad for everyone that comes to enjoy these free events. Rev'd Gatorade New Era Cap Kicker Audio Transworld Skate Cam Caddie Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Jonah Melnyk 2nd: William Cohen 3rd: Bailey Seager 4th: Kobe Crossman 5th: Jonathan Cinquine 6th: Ethan Bonn 7th: Joshua Calder 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Noah Cleroux 2nd: Chris Shannon 3rd: Dylan Campbell 4th: Ryan Warrington 5th: Kirk Roach 6th: Aaron Bourré 7th: Quinn Sinkia Open/AM Division: 1st: Jamie Bennet - $250 2nd: Jayden Bono - $150 3rd: Royce Plourde - $100 4th: John Osborne 5th: Joe Jones 6th: Pat Laflamme 7th: Stafhon Boca Rev’d Skater Award: Ben Paterson - $100 Check Out The Wild In The Parks Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Wild In The Parks Facebook Page Wild In The Parks Instagram