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  • New Future

    Dedicated To Everyone That Cares About The Human Race | Cancel History. Stop Hatred.

    On May 4th, 2017 a small group gathered at the Volcom office in Costa Mesa to listen to each other talk about their hopes, thoughts, fears and feelings on the myriad of issues facing the human race. It was truly an inspiring night on so many levels. So often we find ourselves talking, but not really listening, making it easy to forget that it’s love, acceptance and an understanding of the past that will give us the power to change our future. Cancel History. Stop Hatred.
  • Surf

    Behind the Scenes on the 'Noa Deane is In Bloom' Stab Magazine Cover Shoot

    Last fall in conjunction with Stab Magazine we launched a wild contest that would let some creative individual become the creative director on a Stab Mag cover shoot. We called it The House That You Built and the idea was simple; send us your craziest surf shoot concept that brings together the worlds of film, art and surfing for a chance to win $10k and the opportunity to bring the concept to life. We received hundreds of submissions ranging from installing a children's playground structure in a secret break to towing in massive diving boards for some synchronized diving. There was no shortage of harebrained ideas. The winning concept, submitted by Mick Kelleher, a sort of explosion of flower petals that would rain down on a surfer at a secluded break, was not only beautiful in its concept, but also ticked all the boxes bringing together the worlds of film, art and surfing. Taking inspiration from his childhood growing up with a mother who was the president of a flower club in Dallas, TX and a commercial for televisions that has been forever burned in Kelleher's memory (bordering on obsession), the germination of what would become "In Bloom" aka Flower Boy featuring Noa Deane had sprouted. Read the full feature, 'Noa Deane is In Bloom (An Extravagant Gesture of Colour)' on Stab's website... Shot for what was probably 1/100th the budget of the aforementioned big budget tv commercial, a ragtag crew descended on a remote beach break on the south coast of Australia armed with leaf blowers, buckets, trashcans, a ski and enough flower petals you'd think they were decorating a parade float, to pull off what would become the cover of Stab's first issue of 2017. Noa Deane, shot 1. Photo: Alex Brunting Noa's new signature Flower Air. Photo: Bill Morris Never enough pedals. Photo: Alex Brunting Noa in Mag Vibes Stoneys boardshorts, trying to pretend he's not being blasted with flowers. Photo: Bill Morris A post shared by volcomsurf (@volcomsurf) on Apr 28, 2017 at 10:26am PDT @ilovetables is 'In Bloom!' Hit the bio link for the full @stab photo feature! #WelcomeToWater #TrueToThis A post shared by volcomsurf (@volcomsurf) on Apr 28, 2017 at 10:26am PDT   Noa doing his best American Beauty impression. Photo: Alex Brunton This spot was good, but the next one was better. Noa acid drop off the cliff. Photo: Alex Brunton Flower petal arrangement can become a little tedious. Photo: Bill Morris Noa takes a break with one of the shoot's photographers, Matt O'Brien. Photo: Bill Morris Out of focus or in focus?! Photo: Bill Morris Obtaining the flower petals was surprisingly easy. Thank you, internet. Photo: Bill Morris Assembling the sea wreaths. Photo: Bill Morris We had guys swimming with bouquets of flowers and plants! Photo: Matt O'Brien Photo: Bill Morris No shortage of downtime during this shoot. It was a full blast flower / plant / jet ski frenzy. Photo: Bill Morris Photo: Bill Morris We dragged @ilovetables down the South Australian coastline with a handful of photographers, filmers and a couple tonnes of flowers for our latest cover feature 'In Bloom' and the results were an extravagant gesture of colour! This direction was delivered to us via The House That You Built, a competition we ran with our pals at @volcomsurf, which opened up the floor to anyone with an idea for a conceptual surf shoot (won by @mick.etc), which you'll see brought to life via the link in bio. Photos by @billmorris, @alexbrunton and Matt O'Brien. A post shared by Stab Magazine (@stab) on Apr 26, 2017 at 5:30pm PDT
  • Women's

    newMark Models at LA Swim Week in Volcom Women's Swim!

    We had the pleasure of watching the newMark Models strut their stuff on the LA Swim Week catwalk this past weekend. The models wore pieces from our latest Volcom Swim Collection and danced their way down the catwalk. We think it's safe to assume that these girls know how to start a party and make any show look fun! Cait wears our Palms Up Triangle Top & Palms Up Tiny Bottoms. Photo by Sam Klegerman Natalie wears our Seas The Day Halter Top & Seas The Day Retro Bottoms. Photo by Sam Klegerman Nadia wears our Simply Solid Triangle Top & Simply Solid V Bottoms. Photo by Sam Klegerman Britt wears our Just Add Water Bandeau & Just Add Water V Bottoms. Photo by Sam Klegerman Photo by Sam Klegerman Photo by Sam Klegerman All the swimwear seen above is available now as part of the Volcom Women's Swim collection. All photos by Sam Klegerman, give him a follow on Instagram at @saaaaamk All models from newMark Models
  • Music

    Week 6: Hammered Satin "Upward Spiral" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club

    Burger Records x Volcom present Cyber Singles Club, features music from the newest breed of Burger Records stars in the making, recorded exclusively at Volcom Studio, and will be released for free download & streaming every Monday for 20 weeks beginning April 17th. Week 6: Hammered Satin - "Upward Spiral" Grab the free download Sometimes things you’ve done in the past lead to another entirely different thing years later. Such is the case with Noah Wallace, lead singer of Hammered Satin. Formed in 2010 with Noah, Dan Sandvick (bassist), and Conor Berle (guitarist), Hammered Satin released their first cassette with Burger Records in 2012. "Sean and Lee from Burger Records had a band called Thee Makeout Party and my old band S'cool Girls played with them once in like 2005," remembers Noah. Sean adds, "We've been idolizing Hammered Satin for years in their many incarnations as the forever-young bubblegum glam pop gods of LA. First we knew them as Teachers Pet out of San Diego, and a few years later Noah blew minds with his amazing band S'Cool Girls. Now, they've evolved to their most perfect form, Hammered Satin! Signing Hammered Satin was kind of a no-brainer. We didn’t have to pitch ourselves. We were already buddies and good friends, and playing music with each other from back in the day created that natural affinity that we like to associate ourselves with." An interest in obscure records was always a common bond. Noa notes, "They’re like record collector guys. We’re all record collectors. There is a weird understanding among the record collector community if you know what I mean, so you know where the influences are coming from whereas most people don't." So where did the influence for "Upward Spiral" come from? "It's a motivational song," says Noah, "meant to inspire the listener into believing in themselves. Artists these days seem to be quite negative and down on themselves. It's like some sort of epidemic. I think of this song as an antidote to negative thinking. I first heard the phrase 'upward spiral' said by the character Jack Donaghy on the TV show 30 Rock. Thought it was funny, so I used it. And in the spirit of glam rock, it's slightly braggadocious proclaiming that you are on an 'upward spiral' rather than a downward one!" You can also own the 7" vinyl record for Upward Spiral which also includes the song Lavender Lightning Lady. Catch up on previous week's releases: Week 1: The Side Eyes "Cat Call" Week 2: The High Curbs "Empty Bottles" Week 3: VAJJ "Honey Pie" Week 4: Wyatt Blair "Pop Your Heart Out" Week 5: The Flytraps "Female of the Species" Like this? Get new Cyber Singles Club releases delivered to your inbox every Monday. Subscribe
  • Skate

    My City - Santiago, Chile - Jesus Munoz

    My City is a Volcom video series showcasing the Latin American Skate Team as they take us through their hometowns, showing us where they grew up skating and what struggles they had to overcome along the way. In this second episode we welcome 18-year-old Jesus Munoz from Santiago, Chile. Being the capital and largest city in Chile (over 5M people), Santiago doesn't offer much breathing room for skaters like Jesus, although the city is recognizing the progression of skateboarding and impact it has on its youth since it first appeared in the capital in the late 70s. In addition to the crowds, since most of the downtown area is filled with 19th century neoclassical architecture (and susceptible to earthquakes), with archaic, meandering side-streets, it's difficult to find a smooth ground and contemporary street-skating spots, although there are some hidden gems. But it's not just the skating that keeps Jesus loving Santiago, he notes the culture is great with amazing food, architecture, and music. Piccolo de Italia is frequented by Jesus and friends as a delicious restaurant, which you can easily find in all shopping centers. As for his artsier side, one of his favorite spots in the city is the Sculpture Park of Providencia, an open air museum park showcasing more than 30 renowned Chilean artists, including five award-winning sculptors. And if you're into live music, Santiago has a burgeoning rock 'n' roll scene, along with some good punk rock concerts happening downtown in the city. His favorite Chilean bands are Devil Presley, BBS Paranoicos, and Los Fiskales. Watch Episode 1 of My City with Jhancarlos Gonzalez Jesus is as hungry as they come, and everyday is an all-day-skate-day for him. Waking up at the crack of dawn every morning, Jesus ventures to the market with his mother to grab things for lunch before quickly peddling off to the legendary Bustamante Skatepark to meet up with friends. After spending a solid amount of time working on his next bag of tricks, he finishes the day skating through his city on his way back home where he's destined to stumble upon some generous street-skating venues. Jammed with pedestrians, small squares, plazas, and even subway stations offer a wide variety of city structures and people-dodging for the local skaters. Jesus Munoz (photo: Andres Navarro) Among the handful of skating spots that Jesus and his friends hit within Santiago's cityscape, are the beautiful mountains, hills, and rivers which are in very close proximity, such as the Mapocho River, Parque Forestal, and the high-towering, grandiose Andes Mountains. With a vantage point of the Andes from anywhere in the city, it's nice to know you're in arm's reach of a completely different terrain whether in the mountains or getting lost in many of the ripe vineyards along the way. Jesus says he's lucky to be surrounded by a rich culture of wines and a variety of tastes, and recommends trying Gato or Casillero del Diable which are his favorites. Hardflip (photo: Andres Navarro) Follow Jesus on Instagram to stay connected, and be sure to keep up with all the latest happenings from the Volcom Skate Team at @volcomskate and @volcomlatam!
  • Surf

    Yago Dora Defeats Three World Champs at the Oi Rio Pro in Brazil!

    Yago Dora, entering the 2017 Oi Rio Pro in Brazil as a wildcard, eliminated the 2013, 2014 and 2016 World Champs, Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina, John John Florence respectively, on his way to the semifinals where he eventually fell short to another World Champ (2015) and fellow Brazilian, Adriano de Souza. After qualifying into this event by winning the contest's Trials (preliminaries), Yago had an amazing run, bagging excellent scores and huge air rotations on his way to the semis where he faced-off with Adriano. Yago was unfortunately left searching for a backup score to Adriano's impressive two-wave total as time ran out, which put Adriano into the finals where he ended up narrowly defeating Adrian Buchan. In an interesting coincidence, Adriano just happens to be staying with Yago and his father Leandro Dora, who coaches them both. Giant killer @yagodora has eliminated, @john_john_florence, @gabrielmedina & @mfanno from the #OiRioPro Yago will face World Champion @adrianodesouza in Semifinal 1. Which brazilian will advance to the Final? Click the link in our bio, head to, download our free app, or visit the WSL @facebook page to watch LIVE! #ItsON @digaoi_oficial A post shared by World Surf League (@wsl) on May 17, 2017 at 8:28am PDT Yago currently sits 3rd on the Qualifying Tour and has his sights set on the World Tour. With his impressive ranking and string of recent notable contest finishes, Yago, more widely known for his free surfing, video parts and air game, is suddenly on a lot more people's radars after today. For more Yago, be sure to check him out in Volcom's 2015 feature film, Psychic Migrations (stream the film free on Red Bull TV) and his most recent edit entitled Young Souls & Old Dreams. How's Yago handling the pressure? The man with the nickname "Skinny Goat" says he's comfortable juggling between the QS and free surfing, gaining confidence with every heat. With a wide variety of tricks and growing momentum, Yago's shot at qualifying for the World Tour looks good and if he does, he'll surely make his presence known! Wildcard @yagodora's buzzer beater win over @gabrielmedina Watch the #OiRioPro LIVE on, on our free WSL app, or on our World Surf League @Facebook page! #ItsON #ItTakesATour @digaoi_oficial A post shared by World Surf League (@wsl) on May 17, 2017 at 5:54am PDT Brazilian wildcard @yagodora eliminated World Champ and current @jeep Leader @john_john_florence in Round 3 of the #OiRioPro - Watch LIVE on, our free WSL app or on our Facebook page! #ItTakesATour @digaoi_oficial A post shared by World Surf League (@wsl) on May 13, 2017 at 6:19am PDT Photo courtesy of Damien Poullenot for the WSL Photo courtesy of Daniel Smorigo for the WSL Staying focused in between heats. Yago's wearing the Volcom Stone Storm jacket. Photo courtesy of Damien Poullenot for the WSL Photo courtesy of Damien Poullenot for the WSL Photo courtesy of Daniel Smorigo for the WSL Yago defeats Gabriel Medina in Round 5 Yago defeats current World Champ, John John Florence in Round 3 Yago defeats Kolohe Andino in Round 2 Yago's 9.27 Amazing Air in Round 1

Recent News + Video

Georgia May Jagger 'Volcom X GMJ' Collection Coming Soon
We can't keep it a secret any longer. We're so excited to announce our collaboration with Georgia May Jagger for our VOLCOM X GMJ collection set to launch May 31st! Mark your calendars, save your $$ and make room in your closet because you're going to want every single piece. "My life has always been naturally surrounded by skateboarding & music. I always find myself attracted to the city, street culture and musicians." - Georgia May Jagger If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday, June 14th, we invite you and your friends to join us at VOLCOM X GMJ Collection launch event in downtown LA. Visit the event page for more details and to RSVP.
Photographer Mike Nelson shares his favorite things about Long Beach, NY
Born and raised just across the way in nearby East Rockaway, surf and real estate photographer Mike Nelson has since lived in Long Beach, New York for the better part of a decade. From freezing beach blizzards to summer days with whales breaching, Mike has seen it all. On our recent New York City trip with Balaram Stack, Chris Pfanner and crew, we got a taste of fun in Long Beach, but wanted to know more so we decided to reach out to a long-time resident and homie for the full scoop! What makes Long Beach such a good place? Mike Nelson: Long Beach is a big city with a small town feel. Throw in the beach and NYC a short drive away, it's only dull if you want it to be. Best way to get around town in Long Beach? MN: During summer, a bike is the only way to go... In winter, a 4X4 will help you not get stuck in the snow. Recommended stop if you’re new to Long Beach? MN: I would have to recommend to stop by Unsound Surf Shop, they are loaded up with a great selection of everything surf, including all the latest and greatest from Volcom. If you're lucky you might just bump into frequent visitors Balaram Stack, Mike Gleason, Sam Hammer or other local legends. Favorite spot in Long Beach during the warmer months? MN: Favorite LB summer time spot would be any East End beach. Favorite spot to eat lunch near the beach? MN: This is a tough one, Long Beach is jam packed with great restaurants. So it depends on what I'm feeling, for example if pizza is on the menu, Gino's is the spot. BBQ then SwingBellies is the must have. If a quick sandwich is on the menu, then Brand's Deli is the go too and on those occasions that I'm on a health kick I have to hit the NY Acai truck. Favorite spot to grab a beer after a surf? MN: Best spot to hit for a cold one is The Beach House. They have like 20-30 TV's with all the major sporting events including surfing and if no sporting events are on there's always some talent to check out. Any significant changes you've noticed in Long Beach since you've been shooting it? MN: Changes in surfer? Beach go-ers? Styles? Well I've been shooting for a long time, so I've seen boardshorts that were way too short, then boardshorts that were way too long and now it's just about way too short again. The surf scene here has always been strong, but these days Long Beach is on a meteoric rise. Guys like Balaram Stack, Will Skudin and Tj Gumiela are not only taking Long Beach surfing to the next level, but the whole east coast. Do you plan on living there forever? MN: The dream would be to spend a month down in Central America or the Caribbean in the winter just to get a break from the cold, but I don't foresee moving away from here permanently, it's a great place to live. Long Beach in color. Mike's a big fan of evenings like this. Long Beach doing it's best California impression. Mike found this guy busting up a bait ball right up on the beach... Is seeing whales and other large ocean life common? MN: The past few years we have been seeing more and more whales right up on the beach. These days in the spring and fall when the water temps are right and the menhaden (whale food) are around, it's quite common to see multiple whales as well as pods of dolphins on any given day. I hope this is a good sign that our coastal waters are cleaning up and reaching an equilibrium. Fun waves in the city by the sea. Pat Schmidt is always up here surfing with Bal and frequenting local nighttime hotspots along side of Bal... Spectacular view during the end of a storm swell. One of Mike's favorite weekend spots. Mike Gleason's home of Long Branch is actually only about 15 miles from Long Beach (by boat )... The Jersey/NY connection has never been stronger anchored by Mike and Balaram. Best winter blizzard story? MN: My most memorable blizzard story, would be from Blizzard Jonas a few years back. Jonas dumped a rather large amount of snow on us overnight. I woke up at like 5am (the sun doesn't come up till about 6:45 that time of year) and spent 2 solid hours digging my car out and getting down to the beach (normally this is a 5 minute drive). I got down there and it was absolutely going off, no one around, no surfers, no humans nothing. It was a very strange sensation in such a crowded place. After about an hour, local-ripper, Joe Parrino, showed up and I finally had someone to shoot. Balaram embracing the storm. Balaram blizzard commute from his house to the surf spot. Balaram, this is pretty standard for this kid... Long Beach loves goofy footers and goofy footers love Long Beach. NYC morning glow. For more from Mike Nelson, give him a follow him on Instagram at @fullnelson_photo and check out the latest issue of Surfer Magazine (May '17) where Mike nabbed the cover shot of Balaram stuck on the lip in the moment when two waves converged into one another. Read more about that moment and the conditions that produced it on Surfer's website. No joke, that's @_balaram going sky high in the middle of the ocean and scoring the new cover of @surfer_magazine An insane capture from @fullnelson_photo #WelcomeToWater #TrueToThis A post shared by volcomsurf (@volcomsurf) on Apr 1, 2017 at 8:16am PDT
Week 5: The Flytraps "Female of the Species" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Burger Records x Volcom present Cyber Singles Club, features music from the newest breed of Burger Records stars in the making, recorded exclusively at Volcom Studio, and will be released for free download & streaming every Monday for 20 weeks beginning April 17th. Week 5: The Flytraps - "Female of the Species"   Grab the free download The Flytraps have been an Orange County act to reckon with since early 2012, existing in a feral state unlike many bands that play it nice. Members have come and gone since their debut album She-Freak, but a core duo of bassist Kristin Cooper and guitarist Beth Boyd are keeping this train roaring down the tracks. The Flytraps' relationship with Burger Records has some deep roots. "It was a loooong time ago," says Kristin. "We were courting each other all coy and shit. It kinda fell into place." At one particular Burger show Kristin was a little rowdy, and as she put it, "I got trashed, there was some broken glass." Beth continued the story for our pleasure, and said "She went into a breaking frenzy. She just started throwing everything." Fortunately for the band, and much to Kristin's redemption, whatever she did worked wonders. "Well, then they signed us, so I did something right," recalled Kristin. The Flytraps may be wild at heart, but they aren't evil. "I'm just trying to cause mischief. I'm not trying to cause bodily harm." Sean from Burger describes their new song "Female of the Species" as "Turned up to 11, radioactive rock 'n' roll fire! Leather, high heels, and fist-pumping action have made this band one of our favorites for years and they are finally making their Burger Records debut! Turn it up!" Though the details are a bit foggy, Kristin adds, "We've got a bitchin' record coming out on Burger!" Catch up on previous week's releases: Week 1: The Side Eyes "Cat Call" Week 2: The High Curbs "Empty Bottles" Week 3: VAJJ "Honey Pie" Week 4: Wyatt Blair "Pop Your Heart Out" Like this? Get new Cyber Singles Club releases delivered to your inbox every Monday. Subscribe
Michael Sieben interviews Mason McFee for Locally Sourced
Mason McFee is an artist and designer in Austin, TX. Well-known for his love for making art and building with his own two hands, Mason works out of his backyard design studio on projects for Hello Maseman, his own design firm that he established in 2012 and Elmer Gomer, his custom embroidered patch company. Mason's work is currently being shown in the Austin-based group show, Locally Sourced, now open at the Volcom Garden in Austin, TX. The show's poster actually features one of his pieces of work and is also available on a limited edition tee as part of the Volcom Garden exclusives collection. I met Mason McFee when he was a student at the University of Texas at Austin in the early 2000s. He was a frequent visitor to the art gallery I co-owned at the time, Camp Fig. One afternoon he stopped by the art space, we chatted for a bit, and then he gave me a package filled with his graphic-design work, a portfolio of sorts. I was stoked on the samples, but I had no idea what to do with them. I was broke as hell and certainly couldn't afford to hire him to do anything. Nevertheless, I was really impressed by his proactive attitude. In hindsight, maybe he was trying to get a show? If that was the end goal, he's reached it—approximately 15 years later. Mason was at the top of my list when I started thinking about artists to participate in the "Locally Sourced" show at the Volcom Garden. I've had the pleasure of watching Mason grow from a young, quiet student into an older (still quiet) contemporary of mine. I've drooled over some of the freelance clients he's picked up and have watched his work develop, grow, and become something really stripped down and beautiful. It was a no-brainer to ask him to create a design for the show's flyer, which also became a limited-edition t-shirt only available at The Garden here online on I could go on and on about how much I respect Mason, but I thought it might be cool to get some words from the man himself. Here's a quick interview I conducted with him yesterday: Michael Sieben: So, Mason, keeps you in Austin? What do you love about the creative community here? Mason McFee: My solid crew of friends and family that live nearby definitely keep me here. There’s a bit of humility to working in the arts here in Austin. It ain't easy! MS: Your work, to me, exudes a sense of childlike imagination. Do you try to tap into that mind space when you're making art or am I off base here? MM: I don't necessarily try to tap into any space, but I think stylistically I like to work in a raw and unfinished method. MS: The graphic you did for this first show at The Garden, does it have any specific meaning or is it just graphic exploration/experimentation? MM: The graphic for The Garden was inspired by cactus in my backyard. I do a lot of loose drawings and this was one of them. Mason McFee's artwork from the "Locally Sourced" art show alongside a reissue of Michael Sieben first Volcom Featured Artist graphic are inaugural releases in Volcom's new series of monthly drops for the Volcom Garden exclusives collection. MS: How did you get into making patches and doing embroidery? MM: I wanted to learn to sew the edges of hand painted patches I was working on. I eventually just started using the sewing machine to draw and kept trying to get better at it. MS: If you were to curate a show at The Garden, who would you like to include? MM: Maya Hayuk. MS: What are you currently working on that you're excited about? MM: I've got a collaboration coming up with a vintage-clothing company here in Austin that will be a step into more wearable goods, other than t-shirts, of course :) MS: What's your advice to the younger creatives out there? MM: Keep on trucking. A few patches Mason made special for the Volcom Garden. See more Mason's work by giving him a follow on Instagram at @mase_man and @elmergomer.
Toss out the plan and roll with new mom & Volcom Babe, Leah Bradley
When it comes to fashion bloggers, Leah P. Bradley, new mom and Volcom Babe, is one of our favorites. She takes laid back style to a level all her own with a healthy mix of vintage & new pieces. We always look to her Instagram page when we need new outfit inspiration and to keep up with her and her hubby on their exciting adventures. When she shared the news of her pregnancy, we were so happy for her and her growing family. We couldn't wait to see the baby and follow her on her newest adventure: motherhood. We got the chance to catch up with Leah and ask her a few questions on what its like to be a new mommy. Read more to see what she has to say and to see cute pics of her and baby Zippy! How has your life changed since having Zippy? Leah: Well I no longer sleep in haha. But honestly having Zippy really put things in perspective. Things that felt so important before don't matter at all now. And one great thing is that I have almost no time for social media so I find myself living in the moment and not consumed with my phone. Beach day with Leah and Zippy. Leah's wearing the Volcom High Water Mini Dress What’s your daily routine with the little one? Leah: Being a working mom is something I'm still adjusting to. My daily routine with Zippy involves waking up around 7am, snuggling a little until it's really time to get going on the day. We then have breakfast and play time and then my husband and I trade off who entertains the little babe while we each try to get some work done, but to be honest that's a challenge when she's so cute. On the weekends we go on adventures, sometimes road trips, hikes, or we just park it at the beach all day. Early on we got little Zippy used to going with the flow so she's perfectly content wherever we go. Has your style changed since becoming a mommy? Leah: Not a whole lot, although I now change my outfit several times a day due to spit ups haha. My style is the same, but definitely more focused on comfort... heeled boots are cute, but not so practical when you're lugging around a car seat and diaper bag! A simple tee and denim shorts/pants has really become my go to mama wardrobe. Leah wearing the Volcom Plaidazzle Dress What’s your favorite thing to do with Zippy? Leah: In the morning when she's still trying to wake up she will roll over and grab my face and put her little tiny nose against mine. It's the cutest thing and wish she'd stay tiny forever. Favorite memory with Zippy? Leah: Taking zippy to Hawaii is definitely my favorite memory so far. She just loves being in the ocean, eating sand, and she even attempted making shave ice her first solid food! It's so fun to see her love all the things I enjoy doing. She's definitely my little mini. What have you learned from motherhood? Leah: I've really learned how to be selfless and go with the flow. It's crazy how the moment you have this little life dependent on you, you no longer care that your hungry or tired, or about the stresses at work, you're just consumed with your baby. Being a planner, I've learned nothing can ever be planned with a baby, so you just gotta roll with the punches. Zippy was hospitalized early on, it broke my little mama heart seeing her be so sick, but we realized everything happens for a reason and now we have been able to encourage other families going through the same thing. When the unexpected happens you can't just shut down, you just roll with it and work together as a little family. Leah in the Second Chance Poncho and Frochickie Pants If you could give other mommies advice about being a new mom, what would it be? Leah: Don't ever compare yourself to other mamas. With social media, I've many times felt like other moms have it all together. Maybe they do, but I sure don't. Haha it's so easy to compare yourself, but just know you are all your baby needs and what may work for one mom isn't necessarily right for you. I have to tell myself this everyday. Zippy just needs me to be her mama, not anyone else. Should Zippy expect a little brother or sister soon? Leah: Haha not anytime soon. Pregnancy was not easy for me and so I think my body needs a break from all that. Plus I'm just excited to focus on zippy and spend this special time with her. Although her cuteness does make me want to have ten more little tiny babes :) Follow @leahpbradley on Instagram and shop the latest Volcom Women's new arrivals.
Georgia May Jagger shares how her mother Jerry Hall influenced her own style
Those of you who have followed us on Instagram recently know that we've been working closely with the beautiful and stylish, Georgia May Jagger. With a supermodel for a mom and a rockstar for a dad, it's not hard to figure out where she got her amazing sense of style from. So for this Mother's Day we sat down with Georgia to get some insight on how her mom, Jerry Hall, has influenced her style and love of fashion over the years. Could you tell us a little about your mother's style? Georgia: My mothers style is amazing, it's much more old school Hollywood glam than mine. She loves pink and red and getting dressed up. She's also Texan so when she's dressed down she loves flannel shirts and jeans. How has your mother's style influenced you growing up? Georgia: Her style is incredible. I think I've always been influenced by her style. Growing up Me and my sister would borrow things from her wardrobe. She loves great tailoring like Antony Price and Vivienne Westwood. She's definitely passed that onto me. We quite often buy the same things all of us girls without realizing. We've been matching our outfits for a while now.... mama you are the kindest person on earth you probably won't see this as you don't have instagram but in case someone shows you, I love you so much I think your perfect inside and out. Happy Mother's Day A post shared by Georgia May Jagger (@georgiamayjagger) on Mar 26, 2017 at 11:29am PDT What is your favorite fashion memory with your mom? Georgia: I always love helping her plan her outfits she likes to plan weeks sometimes months in advance and it's always so much fun to help her. I've been doing it since I was little. She can also do her full makeup in 10 minutes, no matter what the situation. What pieces from the current Volcom Women's collection would your mom have maybe chosen back in the day vs. what would she choose today? Georgia: My mom says she wants all the swimwear the most. I think she would look good in all of it. Her style has changed a bit so she would probably prefer a one piece to a bikini. You deserve all the love in the world, today and everyday. Thanks for giving me life. Happy Mother's Day, I love you so much A post shared by Georgia May Jagger (@georgiamayjagger) on Mar 6, 2016 at 6:00am PST