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TCT Surf Contest 2015/16

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Final California Stop of the TCT Regional Tour Hits Volcom's Backyard at 54th St, Newps!
The Totally Cretaceous Tour is closing out its 2015/16 California leg in the place where it all started, 54th St Newport Beach, CA. 170 kids piled onto the beach and tried to earn the last California spots in the TCT Global Championships at Lower Trestles. With perfect 2-3ft swell on tap and solid winds for the morning we go things rolling. The day was perfect and when the dust settled the California qualifiers where set. Check below for a full recap of the day. Many moons ago at 54th Street is where it all started for the Volcom TCT. Keeping the tradition strong! Colt Ward  was among the 6 finalists battling for those top two spots. Nolan Rapoza is looking for a repeat at the TCT Global Championship this year and is hoping to slam the competition come June 14th. Matt Passaquindici has been doing everything is his power this year to qualify for Champs and finally got over the hump in Newport with a 2nd place finish in the Pro-Am. Your guess is as good as mine as to what is going on in this picture. We where lucky throughout the day to fend of the wind and have solid waves and sections to dismantle all day. Tug Of War came out early and the kids where pumped for such an easy, no mess game. ARE THOSE DIAPERS??! This local legend  earning his way to the finals, but fall short of the top 2 qualifying spots. Tug Of War at TCT events is never, "no mess!" Meah Collins earned a solid 4th place in the ladies division and hopes to grab a Wildcard spot for champs if she wants to make a run at becoming a TCT Global Champion. Never a dull moment for the kids, but sometime you just need to jump in the van and shut the engines down for a little bit. The Squids had their hands full with nearly 36 competitors in the first round. Wienerschnitzel had to provide double down lunch for all the hungry beach goers. Kevin Schulz was your champion of the day scoring a Lowers spot and $500 for his efforts. A little Hot Dog, Spam, Vienna Sausage sling shot will get everyone over their 2pm blues. The late day devil wind came up and made the airs in the afternoon easy pickens. The Ladies finalists! Coming in hot! Lowers registration will be starting in early May, so if you qualified be ready! Squids had a packed house with six first round heats and a total of nearly forty, ten and under rippers! Kevin Schulz was no doubt the top dog on the day making every heat look easy. One of the best Watermelon Award celebrations to date. All smiles from young Hawk! Keanu Igarashi letting the tail slide a bit in the quarterfinals! The two Juniors qualifiers who will battle it out against the best in the world come June. Kevin Schulz battled through the loaded field to emerge victorious. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN   RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Kevin Schulz - $500.00 2. Matt Passaquindici 3. Jay Christenson * 4. Nolan Rapoza * 5. Colt Ward 6. Colin Moran JUNIORS 1. Parker Cohn 2. Jordy Collins 3. Elijah Fox 4. Curran Dand 5. Josiah Amico 6. Dylan Hord GROMS 1. Taro Wantanbe 2. Levi Slawson 3. Hagan Johnson 4. Sage Burke 5. Max Beach 6. Cole Sandman SQUIDS 1. Tenshi Iwami 2. Kai Martin 3. Cannan Carr 4. Tyrone Fomenko 5. Jack Zeitz 6. Raiha Ono GIRLS 1. Tia Blanco 2. Malia Ward 3. Nicole Fulford 4. Meah Collins 5. Ella McCaffray 6. Chiasa Marcyania WATERMELON AWARD Hawk Modisette All photos provided by: Kenny Morris Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Volcom's TCT Catfish scores again in beautiful Puerto Rico!
The Volcom Catfish event is back again this year with a new location at Middles in Isabella.. With a solid swell on tap for Saturdays event we knew we were in for another great year of surfing and waves. Along with a great day on tap we were excited to have the Puerto Rican Surfing Federation partnering with us this year. Check out the coverage below! Beautiful Middles Beach in Isabella sets the stage for a perfect day at the beach. Rolando Montes letting the tail fly from a fancy Middles section. Rolando ended in a respectable 4th in the Pro-Am division. The famous Rock at middles is always good for a beautiful picture and a great place for Micah Cantor to ponder his heat plan.... He definitely advanced. Meet your entertainment for the day. We are smart and enjoy fun. The uncharacteristic late season swell was a shock to all of us.... except Jabeth Correa. Getting the day going early with some rocket launch promo toss action. Mathew Glenn and several other East Coasters made the long trek down to try and grab one of the ten spots available for Lowers. The Slip-n-slide was in full effect as DJ Dane was getting the kids to push the limits.... Mauro Diaz was surfing like a man possessed all day. Slip-n-slide then turned to sushi wrap spin class. Jabeth knows middles like the back of his fins, which are flying through the air in this photo. Couple bananas for the ladies in the line up. Luke Gordan another member of the Florida crew that made the trip just barely missed a qualifying spot for TCT Champs. Watermelon winner Keoni Lasa traveled all the way from Spain to throw his hat in for Lowers. Mathew Glenn turning the last corner before victory lane. The kids in PR are non stop and want nothing more then to have fun all day long, so we obliged them. Micah cantor with a solid 3rd place finish. To the victor go the Spoils! Mauro Diaz with the win and $500! Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN   RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Mauro Diaz - $500.00 2. Chauncy Robinson 3. Micah Cantor 4. Roland Montez JUNIORS 1. Mathew Glenn 2. Juan Gonzales 3. Rio Donaldson 4. Luke Gordan 5. Jabeth Correa 6. Steven Muschett GROMS 1. Jorge Martinez 2. Shaquille Reynoso 3. Josuel Valentin 4. Max Torres 5. Kile Caraccialo 6. Ben Wingate SQUIDS 1. Sage Kats 2. NIcolas Epps 3. Ricardo Acosta 4. Keoni Lasa 5. Jose Angel Mendez GIRLS 1. Eva Woodland 2. Avery Aydellatte 3. Storm Portman 4. Molly Kirk 5. Jolaris Carreras 6. Gabriela Nicole WATERMELON AWARD Keoni Lasa All photos provided by: Darren Muschette Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Ten more lucky Butterfish qualifers heading to Lowers!
The beautiful Ventura hills, the screaming children, and the obscure noise from the fairgrounds all add up to one thing... The TCT Butterfish must be back at C-street! With El Niño and giant surf forcing us to move the event to March, we pulled up to the beach and were greeted with perfect little surf and beautiful weather. Ten coveted spots were available for Volcom's TCT Global Championships at Lower Trestles and the best of the best showed up to try to earn their spots. Check below for full recap of the day and a closer look into our Ventura Qualifiers. Levi Slawson missed the cut for Lowers but you can bet we will see him in Newport. C-Street in Ventura never seems to disappoint when it come to waves. David Economos letting the tail fly during the early rounds, but fell short for Lowers spot. However being local to San Clemente you can bet we will be seeing him again this year. Our fearless leader loading up the slings shot to send some "Fast Food Wienerschnitzel" to the hungry Groms. They received it very well! The Squids had their hands full all day with the competition. Here Lucas Owsten rounds out the day with a respectable fourth place finish. Liam Osborne by far holds the record for the most Watermelon Awards. This one makes it four. Kairi Noro took 5th in the stacked Juniors division and with being on the younger side of the division we should be seeing him for years to come. Wienerschnitzel has been a proud sponsor of the tour and we look forward to them serving us for a long time. Shane Borland is a veteran of the TCT, but unfortunately will be looking forward to the upcoming Santa Cruz event to earn his spot to Lowers. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN Kairi Noro finding a long line in the earlier round to put him into the finals.     RESULTS Nolan Rapoza will be looking to reclaim his title, only this year it will be in the Pro-Am Division. After taking the win in the absolutely stacked Juniors Division final last year at Lowers his eyes are set on the main prize in his first year as a Pro-Am. He also walked home $500 richer (in $2 Bills) with the Win at the Butterfish. PRO-AM 1. Nolan Rapoza - $500.00 2. Josh Benjoy 3. Jonah Pierce 4. Andrew Jacobson 5. Matt Passaquindici 6. Jay Christienson Eithan Osborne and Micky Clark are very close friends although they will both be attending Lowers it was Eithan and his dominant front-side that took down the win at the Butterfish. Eithan fell short at the River Jetties portion last year in less then stellar surf and now with Champs being all four days at Lowers you can bet Eithan will be one of the favorites to take the win. JUNIORS 1. Eithan Osborne 2. Micky Clarke 3. Yuori Ogasawara 4. Nathan Carrabba 5. Kairi Noro 6. Nick Marshall Kade Matson missed out on the first California event of the year for another event and had some worry coming into this event with only a few qualifying events left this year. He disregarded all of it and won the event. Now with both Matsons (Dane qualified at Seaside Reed, Squids) in the Global Champs they will begin their run at a double sibling championship. GROMS 1. Kade Matson 2. Sebastian Mendez 3. Nolan Rodgers 4. Dimitri Poulos 5. Fisher Baxter 6. Jabe Swiercocki Jack Ziets is a relativity new name in the finals for the TCT. So let us be the first to Volcongratulate him on his Victory and wish him the best of luck on his Journey to TCT Global Champs. Brayden Burch is on the other end of that spectrum and will be an immediate front runner to take the win at Lowers. SQUIDS 1. Jack Ziets 2. Brayden Burch 3. Noah Steinmetz 4. Lucas Owsten 5. Wheeler Hasburgh 6. Pitas Higgans Alyssa Spencer has become a staple, not just at the TCT events but in the finals, particularity in the top spot. She will no doubt take that winning mentality to her favorite wave in Lowers. Being from Encinitas you have to think she will have some familiar knowledge at the big show. GIRLS 1. Alyssa Spencer 2. Bethany Zelasko 3. Samantha Sibley 4. Frankie Seely 5. Reika Noro 6. Chiasa Maruyama WATERMELON AWARD Liam Osborne All photos provided by: Luke Kosgrov and Brock Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
El Niño Delivers and Seaside Reef Goes off for the TCT Blowfish Event.
We did it! After three cancelled events we were finally able to kick off the California TCT leg of the tour and boy was it pumping. With yet another El Niño swell peaking we were fearful of another washed out event but the surf gods took pity on us and delivered some of the best Seaside Reef we have seen. The day was filled with beautiful weather and top notch surfing. Check below for details on who is going to Lowers and who rounded out the rest of the finals. Cardiff Reef delivered with beautiful waves and weather all day. Cole Houshmand missed the qualifying spot, but certainly put on a show for the crowd in the early rounds. Mid day pickle launch kept the crazy kids away from then tent, at least for a little while. Left and right where coming in all day delivering section after section for competitors. Not only did Luke Guinaldo earn a six place finish in the Squids division he also took home the coveted Watermelon award for his crazy antics all day. Young Dane Matson on his way to the Squids division victory. Dane Matson (San Clemente) and Hayden Rodgers (Laguna Beach) grabbed the Squids qualifying spots for Lowers. They both have extreme local knowledge of Lowers and should have an edge against the rest of the traveling field for Champs. Taj Lindbland grabbed the second place finish in the stacked Groms division. Taj Lindbland (San Clemente) and Santiago Hart (Santa Cruz) traveled from very different parts of the state, but will both be traveling to the same place come June. Samantha Sibley just missed the qualifying spot for TCT Champs in one of the closest finals we can remember. Kirra Pinkerton (San Clemente)  just got back from trying to qualify at our Pufferfish event in Hawaii but fell short, but redeemed herself at Seaside earning second place and the right to compete at the TCT Global Champs. Tiarre Thompson (la Jolla) is a staple name in southern California and will no doubt be in the running for a high finish at Lowers. Luke "Chew Guy" Marks was on a heater all day and grabbed one of the 2 Junior qualifying spots to TCT Champs. Ryland Ruebens (Pacific Beach) and Luke Marks (Florida) again provide a much different travel schedule to get to the Cardiff event, but rest assured short trip or long trip they will both have their A game when it comes time for the championships. Noah Collins was battling all day to get to the final and once we has there he made it count with a second place finish. Noah Collins (Manhattan Beach, CA) and Luca Mesinas (Latin America) stamped their spots at Champs. Luca made the day really difficult for everyone including Noah Collins, dropping a TEN in the final on his way to the win. "L" for lowers! The first qualifiers of the year from a California event. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN   RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Luca Mesinas - $500.00 2. Noah Collins 3. Matt Passaquindici 4. Jack Boyes 5. Jay Christianson 6. Elishama Beckford JUNIORS 1. Ryland Ruebens 2. Luke "CHEW GUY" Marks 3. Kai Kobayashai 4. Crosby Colopinto 5. Griffen Foy 6. Steven Muschett GROMS 1. Santiago Heart 2. Taj Lindbad 3. Nolan Rodgers 4. Max Beach 5. Keanu Igarashi 6. Hagan Johnson SQUIDS 1. Dane Matson 2. Hayden Rodgers 3. Tyrone Fomenko 4. Kai Martin 5. Cole McCaffery 6. Luke Guinaldo GIRLS 1. Tiare Thompson 2. Kirra Pinkerton 3. Samantha Sibley 4. Alyssa Spencer 5. Dax Mcgill 6. Bethany Zelasko WATERMELON AWARD Luke Guinaldo Noah Collins lighting up this section in the remaining seconds of the Pro_Am Final. All photos provided by: Kenny Morris Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Squids reign supreme at the TCT Pufferfish at Pine Trees, Kauai!
The Andy Irons Memorial Tree and the Pufferfish set-up working in perfect harmony! Jackson Bunch didn't make the top two for Lowers, but because he was a champion last year he is guaranteed a spot. There where 56 Squids! That's right 56. Biggest division of the day and the little ones where absolutely ripping. Local boy and Hanalei Surf Company team rider Stone Abubo grabs his first Pufferfish win in front of a very large hometown crowd. Cole McCaferty traveled all the way from Cardfff, CA to try to get a head start on qualifying and did it ever pay off earning his spot at Lowers. The ladies watching a distant set role in with picture perfect Kauai in the background. Keala and Gabriela are both Local Kauai girls and on the younger end of the age scale coming in a 13 and 14 years of age. With the way these two young ladies where surfing I think the older girls will have there hands full at Lower Trestles this year. Sage Tutterow got an early interference in the Grom final which took him out of the running but.... He did take the high score of the day to earn himself the Watermelon Award and brand new Mitch Colborn board. Eli Hanneman just fell short of qualifying with a 3rd place finish, but said he is determined to qualify and plans on attending both Oahu and Maui events. Couple of travelers took the two Grom spots for Lowers this year. Connor Marshall, 1 part of the Encinitas, CA powerhouse trifecta that is the Marshall brothers. Dylan Franzmann made the short trip from the North Shore of Oahu to earn his qualifying spot. Nick Marshall falling short in the final by .2 at last year World Championships is looking for redemption this year, but will have to wait till the next event with a respectable 6th place finish in Juniors. Taichi Wakita just missed the cut earning a third place finish in the Pro-am, but with turn like these he we will be just fine finding a slot at Lowers in upcoming events. The oldest of the Marshal gang, Jake grabbed the win nearly comboing the entire finalist field. JAKEJake Marshal took 3rd at Lowers last year and is seeking redemption in a big way. Lucas Aza earned his first trip ever to TCT Champs and is excited to be in the mix and finally get a shot to show the world what he can do. Luca Aza getting in gear in the early rounds showing the other competitors he is here to play! Both Lucas and Jonah are local boys to Hanalei and used that local knowledge to grab the big money spots! They will both be attending TCT Champs and flying together to hopefully shock the world at Lower Trestles. Naia Phillips was surfing well all day but just fell short in the Final earning 4th place finish. Lucas Angulo was so technical in the final and picked apart the competition on his way to 500 dollars cold hard cash. SHOW US THE WAY TO LOWERS! Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP ELECTRIC WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Lucas Angulo - $500.00 - Lowers Qualifier 2. Jonah Currence - Lowers Qualifier 3. Taichi Wakita 4. Naia Phillips 5. Iiona Loi 6. Forrest Elmer JUNIORS 1. Jake Marshall - Lowers Qualifier 2. Luca Aza - Lowers Qualifier 3. Ryder Guest 4. Reece Leanard 5. Dante Silva 6. Nick Marshall GROMS 1. Dylan Franzmann - Lowers Qualifier 2. Connor Marshall - Lowers Qualifier 3. Eli Hanneman 4. Becret Jostin 5. Kainehe Hunt 6. Sage Tutterow SQUIDS 1. Stone Abubo - Lowers Qualifier 2. Cole McCaferty - Lowers Qualifier 3. Maikai Brudine 4. Shion Crawford 5. Rylan Beavers 6. Oliver Zietz GIRLS 1. Keala Tomaoda Bannert - Lowers Qualifier 2. Gabriela Bryan - Lowers Qualifier 3. Sara Wakita 4. Kira Pinkerton 5. Jasmin Crawford 6. Tiana Tomida Bannart WATERMELON AWARD Sage Tutterow All photos provided by: Tai Vandyke and Jason Shibata Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT CLICK HERE for all the info on upcoming events.
The TCT Jellyfish ends in New Jersey and Crowns the Last Ten Qualifiers Who Will Represent the East Coast at Lowers.
The morning setup with the crowd starting to roll in. What a heck of a week in the Garden State. The Volcom TCT Jellyfish Surf Series went down this past weekend with smaller surf but no lack of stiff competition and good times for all. We also got a chance to have our pre-event signup party in one of the coolest and most historical venues the state has to offer in the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park. There wasn’t much about the weekend that wasn’t memorable. Stone Man....about to take a beating. Friday night we rolled into Asbury Park to set up the pre-event signup party and also help the Volcom East crew with the evenings Psychic Migrations movie premier. The theater is something like a time capsule for talented artists, performers, and historical enthusiasts alike. The place is both awe-inspiring and stand up the hair on the back of your neck creepy with all the stories the staff told us.  The theatre holds something like 1600+ people and there was hardly an empty seat in the house to watch local legend Mike Gleason get some killer tubes. We haven’t heard that many hoots and hollers and in a long time. The competitors where giving the party barge high fives all day. With some pretty stiff winds and weather forecast on Saturday we ended up moving the event to Sunday, and the weather was perfect all day. The surf was a little smaller but still very contestable; especially when the tide dropped out and the sandbars at Manasquan Inlet had a chance to show their unique form. There is a cool wedge style wave that breaks there and the competitors at this years TCT Jellyfish event gave the place a solid going over. Breakfast...and it's friend Mrs. Ed. The event powered on and the surfing was strong all day, thankfully for us the wind cooperated as well. Simon Hetrick was in great form all day and ended up taking the win the highly contested Juniors Division; which was no surprise to almost anyone that saw his heats throughout the day. He was ripping. The always crowd favorite Squids Division were surfing great all day as well and in the end CJ Mangio ended up with the win, while Maddie Ryan got her win and spot in the TCT Global Champs with great surfing in the Girls division. The Groms Division was loaded with talented competitors as well and Jake Dematteo snagged a win in the final heat of the day over some tough competition. Last but not least were the big kids, the Pro-Am Division. This was a heated battle in the finals and Spencer Bridges ended up with the win and a spot in Champs this June at Lower Trestles with solid surfing in tricky conditions. Evan Brownell made the long trip up from FL to spread a little Seacow love with the Jellyfishers. A huge Volcomgratulations to all the competitors and qualifiers at this years TCT Jellyfish in Manasquan New Jersey. We also would like to thank everyone for coming out to the pre-event signup party and Psychic Migrations movie premier in Asbury Park. That was a night to remember and we’re pretty sure the whole NJ surf community was there to celebrate the night and support their favorite surfer. Also thank you to all the competitors and families for coming down to the beach and making the event another one for the books. This has been one heck of an East Coast run and we can’t wait to come back next year. See you all at Lowers!! You're going directly to jail, don't pass go, don't collect $200. Jude Clark with a nice look at some rail work in the Juniors final. This is how you antique an entire group of people at once. Thank you Toro leaf blowers. The squids, got to love the squids. The Squids finalists! Weird sand settling warrants weird front flipping. Chiropractors dream photo. Simon Hetric with a little Ocean City lip bash en route to a win for the Juniors division. Trophies for the Kids. Evan Brownell with a little southern hook up north in New Jersey. Spencer Bridges sporting a big check, big smile, and big ole handful of cash!   Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D ELECTRIC WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Spencer Bridges - $500.00 - Lowers Qualified 2. Pat Schmidt - Lowers Qualified 3. Zack Beaupan 4. Cooper Fortney 5. Pat Parenty 6. Jake Fritz JUNIORS 1. Simon Hetric - Lowers Qualified 2. Jude Clark - Lowers Qualified 3. Evan Brownell 4. Keton Fortney 5. Paul Fran 6. Lars Hamilton GROMS 1. Jake Dematteo - Lowers Qualified 2. Cole Deveney - Lowers Qualified 3. Chase Lieder 4. Drew Caraccialo 5. Quin Battalgliese 6. Bobby Thompson SQUIDS 1. CJ Mangio - Lowers Qualified 2. Jesse Hulsact - Lowers Qualified 3. Charlie Weiman 4. Setan Iglay 5. Ryan Tracy 6. Ty Collins GIRLS 1. Maddie Ryan - Lowers Qualified 2. Emma Krasowski - Lowers Qualified 3. Alexa Muss 4. Brooke Baldasare 5. Julia Colins 6. Delaney Sudol Your champions of the day! WATERMELON AWARD Grace Cunningham All photos provided by: Carter McCoy Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT