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Recent News + Video

Mother's Day 70's Style
Raise your hand if you've ever snuck into your mother's closet (when she wasn't looking) and tried on her clothes. I certainly did. When I was in high school I would wait for the right time to raid my mom's closet hoping to find a one-of-a-kind statement piece that my friends would "oooh & awww" over. I would grab a couple of items, run to my room and try to squeeze into my mom's size 2 flare pants. As always, she would catch me and I would get in trouble for stealing her clothes. I would fight the good fight that was "What good is it sitting in your closet when I can get use out of it?!" Fast forward to now, I've learned that stealing my mother"s clothes is not okay (just ASK). I've also learned that my mom's style has had a huge influence on me growing up. We used to go through old photo's of her and my dad when they were young and I thought she had the raddest style ever. But so did everyone right? 70's style has managed to stick around in fashion and I don't see it going away anytime soon. Here is my mom right around the time she moved from Japan to Portland, surrounded by a sea of sandals for some reason, looking effortlessly cool and casual. She rocked long flowing hair with high waisted flares and big belts. The ultimate 70's chic. - Michelle Conrad - Women's Marketing Social Media Coordinator Keep reading to take a look at the mom’s who have paved the way for our Women's Marketing Team & Women’s Design. Megan LeBrasseur – Women’s Design Director This is my mom in 1974 when she moved to San Francisco after college to pursue her career as an interior designer. "Measure twice, cut once" is the first quote from my mom that comes to mind, because she taught me how to sew my own clothes when I couldn't find what I wanted to wear in stores. My mom influenced my style by passing down her passion for design, and just making things in general. She is a talented artist, seamstress, musician, gardener and interior designer! Lynn Tallman – Global Senior Development Manager The pigtails, cropped tee & flared jeans are a 70's staple that we simply cannot live without. Lynn's mom rocked this look! Gina Turpel – Women’s Marketing Director This is my mom in 1975 with my dad in front of their Alfa Romeo sports car. I have always loved her style. She often puts together looks that include a mix of designer labels, vintage as well as pieces found from globally and local artisans. In this white suit she channels Bianca Jagger while making it the style all her own. Inspiration at it's finest. Nicole Spencer – Women’s Marketing Coodinator My mom's Hawaii 70's style is a life long style goal for me - Effortless and simple with a nod to the iconic decade. She traded in the aloha prints, slippers and muumuus for denim jumpsuits, tank tops, flowy blouses & her favorite raggedy high waisted bell bottoms. On the weekends you could find her bronzing on the beach or crocheting her own bikinis. Here are 70’s styles from Volcom Women's that you and your mom will both love! High & Waisted Flare Jeans   Deep South Dress   Lived In Fleece Shorts   Mista Fried Crew   Wild Meadow Sweater   I Would Pants
Volcom Women's DIY - Coconut Body Scrub with Rose Oil and Himalayan Sea Salt
If you find yourself strolling through the beauty aisle in your local drugstore looking for a body scrub, look no further. We happened to find the easiest body scrub recipe on the planet (and the best might we add). Not only does is smell amazing, it also does wonders on your skin! Our Salt and Sand collection has inspired us in many ways and this DIY is a great example! What you need - Coconut Oil (melted) - 3 tablespoons - Himalayan Sea Salt (fine) - 6 tablespoons - Rose Essential Oil - 12 drops - Air tight container   If you're wondering where to buy Rose Oil, we found ours at Mother's Market. It is also available on the internet. Everything else is probably already in your kitchen cabinet. (Didn't we say it was going to be easy?)   First, melt your coconut oil so that it becomes fluid and easy to mix.   Pour the salt into the melted coconut oil.   Add a few drops of your Rose Oil (10 - 12 should do).   Mix together and voila! There you have it. Easy peasy.   Keep your scrub in an air tight container to keep the moisture locked in. Use it whenever you feel like your skin is in dire need of some R&R! It also makes an amazing gift!  
A Tutorial For Adding Texture To Calligraphy in Volcom's "School Of Cool" with Gemma O'Brien
For the third and final episode of Volcom School Of Cool with Gemma O'Brien, Gemma wraps up this three part "How To" series of hand lettering tutorials by demonstrating how she adds texture to calligraphy by using balsa wood instead of a pen. Watch the 1st episode:
A Candid Photo Journal: Welcome To Water Hawaii Campaign Shoot
Get a behind-the-scenes look into the 2016 Season 1 campaign shoot for Volcom's Welcome To Water campaign! Earlier this year the marketing team took off from our Costa Mesa, CA headquarters over to the heavenly Hawaiian Islands to scout some locations for our then-upcoming shoot for our new boardshorts and swimwear. Little did we know (or did we?) they would come back with some amazing results and tons of footage to include for a game-changing video directed by Volcom's Creative Director, Mike Aho. Check out the video here & take a look at a candid photo journal from the trip from Richie Olivares, one of our esteemed marketing gurus. PHOTOS: Richie Olivares, @rich_landos CAMERA: Olympus XA Nate Tyler Carlos Munoz Tai Vandyke Carlos Munoz Mitch Coleborn Carlos Munoz, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler  Mitch Coleborn  Quincy Davis  Carlos Munoz 
How to style Volcom's "I Would" Pant 3 ways!
With festival madness going on, we decided to help you out in the wardrobe department! Whether you're going as fancy, hippie, casual or cool, Volcom Women's has got you covered. Take a look to see how we styled one of our festival favorites - I Would Pant - 3 ways! Look 1: Casual Cool Don't be afraid to be bold with color! Our I Would Pant already has a vintage vibe so throwing on a vintage tee or tank will compliment the pants and complete the whole look! A hat & sunnies are also a must when walking around in the heat for 3 days! Look 2: Hippie Chic Have some fun with your look by mixing prints and wearing bold accessories! A vintage blouse & fun furry hat will have people staring at you (in a good way)! Look 3: Feminine Let the pants do the talking with this simple and feminine look. A light and airy top with a big hat and sunnies might just be the way to go when walking around in all the heat this weekend! A video posted by Volcom Women's (@volcomwomens) on Apr 14, 2016 at 3:05pm PDT
Earth Day DIY w/ Recycled Beer Bottles
With Earth Day around the corner we decided to celebrate by combining our 2 favorite things. A DIY project & beer! We took a second to think about how many beer bottles, wine bottles, or any bottles we go through on a weekly basis. Now what if you could reuse those bottles in a creative way that would look cute in your home and benefit mother earth? Well we're showing you an easy way to do both! What you need: - Beer bottles (or any empty bottles you have lying around) - painters tape - plastic bags - Spray paint (any colors you prefer) - Acrylic paint (if you choose to draw designs) - Little paint brush - Newspaper - Assortment of flowers First things first... drink up! If you're deciding to start this project and have no empty bottles in hand, go get a six pack, invite a friend over and start drinking! It'll make doing this project a little more fun ;)   Once the bottles are empty, give them a good rinse! We put a tiny amount of dish soap in the bottles and rinsed thoroughly till we couldn't smell the beer anymore. If you're using bottles with paper labels on them, soak them in warm water for a bit to make it easier to peel off. We chose bottles with printed on labels so there was no peeling involved.   Once all bottles are clean and dry, grab your painters tape and rip off a piece to wrap around the bottle. Try your best to make a straight line. Take your plastic bag and wrap it around the top so that it doesn't get sprayed by the paint.   When that's done, go outside and start spray painting your bottles! Lay some newspaper or card board down so as not to get your yard dirty.   Keep the bottle about 10 or 12 inches away from yourself and spray in thin even layers or else the paint will go on too thick and start to make drip lines down your bottle.   The bottles with writing on them took a couple extra coats to cover up the writing. Do one coat, let it dry. Then do the second coat.   Let all of the bottles dry, about 20 minutes.   Grab the bottles you want to draw designs on and get to working! The simpler the design the better, in our opinion. It makes it easier on you and easier on the eyes.   Let the bottles dry again and start filling them with water! If you have a funnel lying around I would suggest you use it as the openings are pretty narrow on beer bottles. Cut your flowers to fit each vase and enjoy your creation!