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Coachella Essentials x OnTheRacks

Hangin' OnTheRacks and talking Coachella essentials with the lover of shoes, booze and adventure, Laura Ellner! "Coachella Week 1 was an absolute blast, and Volcom provided some seriously sweet essentials for the hot, hot desert heat! These boots were an absolute must for trekking around the sandy festival, and the "Eff Yah" loafers were such a hit with the fun, playful crowd. No better place to wear some sassy kicks than Coachella!" "Loved sporting the salmon, laser cut shorts with a basic white crop top and accessories galore (didn't hurt that they matched my newly dyed pink hair!). So perfect for poolside hangouts or party hopping. Fun and flirty...adding that extra somethin' to your standard cutoffs with the cute color and quirky detailing!" "I am such a fan of a romper. Easy, breezy - throw it on and you are done! Good to GO. Love this tie-dye style, and am also way obsessed with an all white ruffled number that I'll be sharing shortly in an outfit post! All ideal essentials for Coachella, or any other warm-weather festivals...and we know there are plenty more to come!" Check out her blog about fashion, life and libations! OnTheRacks

Womens Snow is on Fire!

This weekend, our women's snowboard riders were melting the snow! Killin'  it at the Annual JLA Banked Slalom in Mammoth, as well as the 2014 Community Cup at the Keystone Resort in Colorado. Eleven years ago snowboarding lost Jeff Anderson, one of its most passionate and influential riders. To honor Jeff’s memory his brother Billy created the JLA Banked Slalom at Mammoth Mountain. This year, our girl Elena Hight won the second Annual JLA Banked Slalom!  Jeff Anderson memorabilia was given to the riders as the prizes. Elena stoked about first place, but even more on her favorite Jeffy photos of all time! The Community Cup is dedicated to women’s snowboarding in an atmosphere ideal for women, and women only! This year our girl Christy Prior nailed it, taking home first place in Slopestyle, as well as first in the Rockin’ Rail Presented by Kicker Audio! Christy wasn't the only one who stole a spot in the top, Sarka Pancochova was right behind with second place in Slopestyle! Christy dominating the competition, winning Best Method & Best Rail Trick! So proud to bring home a win! Christy Prior (middle) and Sarka Pancochova (right)

Beach Hair Fix

If you're anything like us, you're always in or around the ocean. We just can't get enough of the water and the feel of sand between our toes. Even though salt water is great for your skin, it's not so friendly to those luscious locks of yours. Worry not fellow beach goers! We've got an easy remedy that will become your go to beauty routine! Beach Hair Remedy: 1. Mix two tablespoons each of a rinse-out conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, a deep conditioner, and a hair mask in a bowl. 2. Wet two large towels, wring them out, and put one in the microwave for a minute. 3. Comb the mixture through clean, damp hair, and wrap it all up in the hot towel. 4. Heat the second towel and alternate, repeating two or three more times. 5. Do this once a week—it makes hair much softer.

NYLON | Volcom x Ozzie

Something just feels Wright... Our collaboration with surfer, artist, and musician Ozzie Wright has been radiating good vibes! They even reached NYLON Magazine, who caught up with Ozzie and found out about the inner workings of his rad mind. What are five songs that perfectly embody your collab with Volcom? Actually some of the graphics [in the Volcom line] are song titles from songs I've written. "Shoot Rainbows into Fascism" and "The Smell of Rebellion" are from an album I recorded with Mylee Grace who is a great singer and the beautiful mother of my children. You can download it on Mylee Grace's Bandcamp. The album is called Mylee Grace and Ozzy Wrong Songs--haha, plugging it! There is alo a song called "Anti Bad Vibe Shield" off our new Goons of Doom record which is coming out soon. The other two songs [the embody the collection] might be the digital theme music for a japanese photobooth in a horrible mall. Or any thing by Dead Moon, my favorite band at the moment. If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead what would it be? A unicorn horn. What's you're favorite sentence? Hard to pick one but I'll try, "Don't be frightened, you are enlightened." Where's your favorite place to get inspired? Well, I'm in Japan right now. Even though it is frightening how futuristic and sci-fi like these cities are, there's also tons of inspiration here, but I'm going to say Bali is my favorite place to rejuvenate creative motions. If you could trade brains with one person, who would it be? I would not want to trade my brain, but I'm going say Adam Green because I went to see him play in Austin one time, and he rocked the house like few others.... He also makes mad fun art and long shitty movies, which I dig! I just supported his Kickstarter for $150 bucks, can't wait to see Aladdin. Where's the best beach in the whole world? I'm going to go with my home beach, Bungan, in Sydney. It's a beauty!

NYLON mag X Volcom Women's SXSW PARTY

Along side the epic NYLON crew, we spent the past few days invading Texas for the NYLON SXSW party. Artists at THE LOFT in Austin included Sean Lennon, Ryan Hemsworth, Dave 1 of Chromeo, Young The Giant, Amtrac, Shaun White and Goldroom and more, we think it is safe to say that the party was jam packed. If you couldn't make the trip, no worries! Just stream the awsome playlist below and hear the tunes that we fell in love with! A perfect way to introduce Australian native, Chela to the US! Once ASTR performed, we knew why this duo has had everyone buzzin'.  Atmospheric vibes were rollin' when The Ghost of a Sabertooth Tiger duo performed! Bad Things are happening… Shaun White has a band?! Listen in: party playlist

Quincy Davis Wins The Corona Pro Rincon, Puerto Rico

After kicking off the year in Aus, our girl Quincy Davis spent some time at at break all to familiar to her, Rincon, Puerto Rico. Taking in some time at home to surf and soaking up the Puerto Rican sunshine.  It's here, over the weekend where she took the women's Corona Pro win and a check for $5000 in prize money. Quincy advanced through rounds one and two with ease. Later surfing against local surfer Idalis Alvarado, Emily Ruppert, and french team rider Maud Le Car in the quarters. Maud would get past Quincy for a quarterfinal win, with Quincy finishing right behind her but they'd meet again in the Finals where Quincy proved today's Champ. Congrats to both our Volcom girls! Thanks for keeping it exciting.