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Energizer Bunny

We've all been there, slumped over our desks, our eyes fighting to stay open. Why must we feel this way? We shouldn't!! We've come up with a no fail solution to those sleepy eyed blues and no it doesn't involve drinking 12 cups of coffee….well maybe just a little coffee. Here are 3 ways to jump start your day and help keep you energized all day long! 1. Jump start your body - This one is a no brainer….EAT BREAKFAST. Your morning meal is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day, especially when you have a long day ahead. If you want to go healthy {which you should} choose fiber! High-fiber cereals with low-fat milk; yogurt mixed with wheat germ; scrambled eggs with whole-grain toast; omelets stuffed with veggies & reduced fat cheese; last but not least toasted whole-grain English muffins topped with peanut butter. Yum, our mouths are watering just thinking of all the deliciousness. Couple each of these breakfast ideas with fresh fruit & orange juice and you'll be on your way to go with a bang! 2. Re-energize your body - Now this one is very important. You can't just eat one breakfast and stay up all day, that's not how your body works. You constantly need to be feeding yourself with nutrients & vitamins, but in small portions! Eat every few hours and include the winning combination of lean protein and fiber at meals and snacks. Try energy-boosting, portable combinations like yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit; turkey or grilled chicken wrap with veggies and hummus; trail mix; granola bars; and string cheese! 3. Hydrate! - When in doubt, chug water. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8x8 rule so that should make it easy to remember! not only does water hydrate you, it hydrates cells, keeps your skin fresh & softens your hair. Always carry a water bottle with you, we love Camelbak water bottles to help save you & the environment.

Volcom Women's : : Holiday 14 Collection

Take a look, the spirit of the gritty 90s is still alive. Volcom Women's Holiday 14 Collection perfects delicately disheveled. Click here to shop the Holiday 2014 collection! Music: "Guts" by Chela

Glitter Eyes DIY

Maybe it's the fact that Halloween is right around the corner & we want to look like the coolest disco queen. Maybe it's just that we always want to be shining bright. Either way, we are huge fans of the glitter eye. What better way to stand out in a crowd right? As far as getting the look right, there are a few steps you have to take to achieve the perfect look. You don't want glitter all over your face do you? Follow our step-by-step guide to achieve the look! 1. Always start with a base! Prime the eyelid and the area beneath the eye with concealer. To ensure it stays put, dust on a layer of loose matte powder on top. 2. Blend a powder eyeshadow over the eyelid. Choose a shade that compliments your choice of glitter to make gaps less noticeable. 3. Take the eyeshadow underneath the eye and blend it along the lower lashes; then, work a black eyeliner pencil across the top and bottom lash lines, and along the upper and lower inner rims. 4. Now is when you'll apply your mascara. We say the more mascara the better! 5. Dip a flat, synthetic eyeshadow brush in glitter glue and press it over the eyelid, avoiding the lash line, as the adhesive can sting if it enters the eye. Ouch! 6. Pick up some glitter on the same brush {as used in step five} and, using the flat side, pat it onto the eyelid; keep adding more until you build up the desired intensity! {to prevent glitter from falling onto the face, hold a folded tissue below the eye with your free hand}

Lived In Tee Inspiration with Kristy Michaels

We interviewed our Volcom Women's Design Director Kristy Michaels to figure out how she gets her tees to have that soft, lived in feel. True to the Volcom way, Kristy’s boyfriend is an avid surfer. He started wearing tees while surfing for sun protection and she soon realized how soft and worn they were becoming. She created a method for soft wearable tees we all crave! She says there is no process or time length he wears the tees for, just until they get soft and thin. If you don’t live by the water, don’t worry because we have taken care of the aging process for you. Our new line of lived in tees mirrors Kristy’s salt water system. The lived in line is the epitome of everyday comfort and easy living by emphasizing soft material and slouchy cuts. Surf, run, shop, relax, live in these tees. “The cure for everything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.” Shop some of our favorite Lived In styles here! Slub Tee | Rib Tee | Slub Circlet Tee

Boarding For Breast Cancer

To us, boarding isn’t just a weekend activity or momentary thrill. It brings us a sense of freedom, but more importantly a healthy and active lifestyle. These are also the building blocks of B4BC-Boarding for Breast Cancer, a non-profit foundation that brings awareness, education, support, and early-prevention to individuals and communities. Their ultimate vision is to celebrate life at every turn, both on and off a board and to inspire youth into positive styles of living. Today we get to talk to our snowboard team rider Elena Hight, who is a B4BC Snow Ambassador, along with Coco Ho, our surf team rider. How long have you been affiliated with B4BC? Elena: I have been an ambassador for B4BC for about 3 years. Out of all the organizations , why have joined this on? What attracted you to B4BC? Elena: I was attracted to B4BC because of their mission to not only educate young people about breast cancer and how it can effect them, but how B4BC believes that preventing breast cancer begins with living a healthy, active lifestyle. I truly believe that living a healthy, active lifestyle is the key to fighting so many diseases that can negatively effect our health, so I was very excited to partner with an organization that is actively spreading that message. Has breast cancer effected anyone close to you? Elena: I have been lucky enough to not have been effected by breast cancer in my lifetime yet. Name one female in the world you look up to/highly respect and why? Elena: I am extremely inspired by Serena and Venus Williams. They both overcame so much adversity to become the incredible worldwide known athletes they are today. I think its very admirable how they have taken their athletic careers to the next level and inspire women today on so many levels. Which female in the world do you look up to and highly respect? Coco: Thats so hard to choose! Beyonce and/or Sharapova for a lot of the same reasons- I love their style in what they do (simply the best!) Their ambition and passion for winning or being the best is present but not over bearing. They are stylish and super feminine when the time is right. They live their lives publicly in the most professional way. The perfect girls in my eyes.   Because no style makes you feel as good as one that’s created for a good cause, Volcom snow has partnered up with Boarding for Breast Cancer to offer our limited edition outerwear. Not only do these exclusive pieces include a unique B4BC print specifically designed to raise awareness, we will support your purchase by donating $1 to the foundation for each garment sold. It’s a simple way to make your day on the hill that much more meaningful. Shop the Astrid Gore-Tex Jacket here:

Pattern Play | | DIY Nail Art

The patterns from our Fall 14 Collection are inspiring us from head to toe. From daisies and stripes to chevron print, we are playing with our favorite patterns. Nail art is an easy way to accessorize any outfit. Check out our step by step tutorial on a couple of our favorite designs! Ditsy Daisy Design Paint a black base coat on your nails. Then use the end of a paint brush to imprint white dots on your nails. These will form the petals. Clean the end of your bush and use yellow to form the center of the daisy. Finish off with a top coat Dolly Polka Dot Design Start off by painting a white base coat on your nails. Use the end of a paintbrush to imprint black dots. Continue to imprint dots until all of your nails are complete and don't forget to finish with a clear top coat!