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Recent News + Video

Lava Rock Soap DIY
For our latest collection, Lava Rock, we were inspired to give our soap making skills a try with this rad DIY. This was by far the most time consuming DIY we have done, but the end results were worth the wait! What you need: - Shea Butter Soap - Clear Glycerin Soap - Food coloring (multiple colors) - Clear plastic cups - 2 oz cups - Measuring cup   Start by cutting your soap into little cubes and placing them in your measuring cup. If you get the large soap molds like I did, you're going to cut it in fours and grab one block and cut that into cubes. You're going to melt some clear soap and some white soap in separate batches.   Microwave the cup for about 15 seconds until completely melted. If you still have some lumps, microwave it just a bit longer.   Pour your melted soap into the 2 oz cups.   Next add your food coloring. Choose whichever colors you want for this particular soap mold. We chose blacks and blues with reds and oranges for our Lava Rock inspiration. 1 drop makes a light color while 2-4 make darker colors. You get to choose how light or dark you want your colors. Stir the color in well. This step gets a little messy so make sure to have some paper towels on hand.   Once you're done with all of your colors, you can sit and wait for them to cool or you can be impatient like me and stick them in the frreezer to speed up the process.   When your soap molds have cooled, place 2 thumbs on the bottom of the cup and push the mold out of the cup.   Start slicing your molds into thin shards and different shapes to give them a natural look.   Put your shards into the plastic cup.   Grab some of the clear soap that hasn't been used yet, cut it into cubes, place the cubes in your measuring cup and microwave them for 15-20 seconds until completely melted. Pour the melted soap into the plastic cup with all of your shards.   Repeat this step with the white glycerin soap. Pour over the shards again.   The point of this is to mend these pieces together and slightly melt them to give a milky effect. If they don't seem to be melting, pop the cup in the microwave for about 10 seconds.   Once your soap has cooled, make a small incision towards the top of the cup and peel it away.   Here is where you get creative. We went for a gemstone / mineral look. Cut down the sides at an angle. Once you've cut around the whole mold, get started on the top.   Once you get to the top, cut at a deeper angle to make a point. This will give you the look of a gemstone or mineral rock.   There you go! One lava rock soap mold!   These gorgeous soap molds make the best gifts and look so cute in your home!
Slasher Film Countdown
It's Friday the 13th, guys. You know what that means? It means it's time for a SLASHER FILM COUNTDOWN! Squad up, grab some popcorn, turn off the lights and pop in some seriously scary movies. You'll probably be too frightened to be by yourself for the rest of the night so it's best to turn this hangout into a sleepover sesh. If you're not sure which movies to watch, take some time to read our list of 5 must-see slasher films. 1. Halloween - 1978 The one that started it all. Released in 1978 and directed by John Carpenter, Halloween proved that with barely a budget, and some serious suspense, you could make a fortune at the box office. The next 10 years saw countless rip-offs (and it's own sub-par sequels) but none could replicate the frights and thrills of the true classic. 2. Friday the 13th - 1980 A bunch of teens getting frisky when there not suppose to? Someone starts picking them off one by one? If Halloween opened the door for the slasher genre, Friday The 13th proved it wasn't going away anytime soon. The deaths got more gruesome and audiences seem to love it. Although Jason Voorhees and his hockey mask aren't actually in this one (we won't spoil the real killer here) the iconic villain would arrive in it's 2nd installment and star in over 10 more sequels and spin offs making him the most lucrative bad guy of all time. 3. A Nightmare on Elm Street - 1984 From the other master of 80's horror, Wes Craven, came this 1984 game changer. The concept was brilliant and we were introduced to, arguably, the most well known horror baddie of all time, Freddy Krueger. A Nightmare On Elm Street did for falling asleep what Jaws did for going in the water. 4. Scream - 1996 After a good decade and half of cheap sequels and lost interest from audiences, the slasher genre was wearing thin. Horror master Wes Craven returned to breathe new life into it with 1996's self-referential and wildly entertaining Scream. By playing into the genre's gimmicks and stereotypes, but also twisting it on it's head, Scream ushered in the second wave of the slasher phenomenon in the late 90's and early 2000's and launched the careers of many future stars. 5. It Follows - 2015 The newest film on the list by nearly 20 years, It Follows is a welcomed addition the the genre's legacy. It looks back the genre's classics as inspiration but offers new and unique ideas for our time. It's a bit of everything all rolled into one and still remains completely original. It uses edge of your seat suspense and suggested horror over cheap gross out violence. You won't get this one out of your head easily. Pair our Smokin' Haute Dress with a Jason mask and you're all set to go for the night ;)
Volcom Women's Astrological Style Guide - May Edition
Taurus April 20 - May 20 Luck is definitely on your side this month! Maybe it's time to hit the slots in Vegas? Jk... but really. Take advantage of this good luck charm that you're carrying around with you this month. Trust your instincts and go with the flow! And try to catch the Britney Spears show in Vegas while you're there ;) Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Deep South Dress   Gemini May 21 - June 21 You're feeling very sensitive this month due to lack of excitement in your life. Don't feel that you need to change who you are though! Your quiet and personable nature is what draws people to you. You're going to feel a need to spice things up a bit so it's time to tap into your creative side and get to working! Your talents shine brighter when you're in your own zone way from people and distractions! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Sunrise Tee   Cancer June 22 – July 22 Mercury being in Retrograde will be messing with you in all sorts of ways. The most important thing to remember this month is: FOCUS! Your well being is at stake here. In other news, you're going to be quite the popular babe around town! Smile, make conversation and most importantly, make some new friends this month. It's always good to meet new people. There is so much to learn in life and what better way than to make friends with people you wouldn't normally associate with? Maybe make friends with the punk crowd or the goody goody or the cheerleader! Who knows? Each door opens a new possibility. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Hangs Up Romper   Leo July 23 – August 22 It's time to switch up your day-to-day routine, Leo's! We all know you have that one goal in life (a.k.a. your dream job) that you're after. So why aren't you going for it?! Make the big move, take the next step, make that giant LEAP to the unknown because when the heck else are you going to do it?! You have all the power in the world, start using it. Don't be afraid of what is to come. Yes there will be ups and there will be downs. But don't let that stop you. Because if you never try then you will never forgive yourself. We have faith in you! Now GO! Live your life to the fullest! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Peaced Out Muscle Tank   Virgo August 23 – September 22 Virgos listen up, this month is a big deal for you. You're going to want to contribute to this earth in a big way but you're going to need a little help going through with it. We all want to see our planet earth thrive and be the best that it can be but it can seem a daunting task! A helping hand is always near. Don't be afraid to ask. Put your green thumb to good use and others will see your good deeds and follow in your footsteps. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: PLH Halter   Libra September 23 – October 22 Step foot onto unknown territory this month. Your wandering eye will get you places you've never been to before. But be careful... you know that saying "curiosity killed the cat". Keep that in mind when veering into the unknown. You could find yourself in a place that is hard to get out of. You might want to bring a friend along with you on your journeys. You'd be surprised who is brave enough to go with you! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Oh Crop Tee   Scorpio October 23 – November 21 Love is in the air for you Scorpios! You will have a not too secret admirer trying to get your attention. Though you've reserved this month to take time for yourself, try not to fend off any love interest that comes your way. A new opportunity like this can actually benefit you in many ways! If this one doesn't work out, worry not. You'll have plenty of other interests in your future :) Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Smokin' Haute Dress   Sagittarius November 22 – December 21 Health and happiness are in the stars for you this month! Your inner health nut has come to life and you're more aware about your body & health than ever! Take some yoga classes, eat an apple a day, etc... While you're being all healthy and stuff, you're going exude confidence and radiance! Men won't be able to resist you, girls will strive to be in your girl gang, you will have the world in the palm of your hands! Don't take advantage of this moment because it won't last forever! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Untamed Hearts Triangle   Capricorn December 22 – January 19 Your life has been a little boring and you are really craving some fun right about now. Take that energy to try new things! An adventure awaits, all you need to do is get off your butt and get going! You deserve a break from your 9-5 job & a vacation is just the thing to do. Grab a friend or go solo - either way it will be the time of your life! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Twist Dress   Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18th It's time for you to re organize your life - starting with your home. We're talking about a big feng shui makeover! Feng Shui, which means "wind and water", is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Where you place each item determines how the energy will affect you. Try to make your home as harmonious as possible so that you can feel reenergized and uplifted! If this doesn't help your life in any way we don't know what will! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Deep South Shorts   Pisces Feb 18 - March 20 Don't be afraid to be in the drivers seat this month, Pisces! You're not used to being the one in control but don't let that scare you. It's time that you finally have peers who work for YOU! Whether it's a new intern at the job or a new coworker, it's your job to show them how it's done. And don't let them forget that YOU'RE the new boss in town. Well not really but you're their superior and that's enough! New responsibilities are just what you need to grow and become a better version of you (the 2.0 version)! You will learn show much and become a wise person from it. Trust us! Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Smokin' Haute Pant   Aries March 21 - April 19 You're feeling suddenly inspired by your friends and that's a great thing! Inspiration is something that has been lacking in your life and you're in need for some good creative change. Take this inspiration and do something with it. Try that one thing you've been wanting to try - sewing? macrame? painting? - try one or try all three! Only good can come out of this and who knows? Maybe you'll be inspiring others to do the same. Your inner Volcom Babe will have you looking your best in our: Twist Pants
Mother's Day 70's Style
Raise your hand if you've ever snuck into your mother's closet, when she wasn't looking, and tried on her clothes. I certainly did. When I was in high school I would wait for the right time to raid my mom's closet hoping to find a one-of-a-kind statement piece that my friends would "oooh & awww" over. I would grab a couple of items, run to my room, and try to squeeze into my mom's size 2 flare pants. As always, she would catch me and I would be in trouble for stealing her clothes. I'd say to her, "What good is it sitting in your closet when I can get use out of it?!" Fast forward to now. I've learned that stealing my mother"s clothes is not okay (just ASK). I've also learned that my mom's style had a huge influence on me growing up. We used to go through old photos of her and my dad when they were young and I thought she had the raddest style ever. 70's fashion has managed to stick around and I don't see it going away anytime soon. Here is my mom, right around the time she moved from Japan to Portland. She's surrounded by a sea of sandals, for some reason, looking effortlessly cool and casual. She rocked long flowing hair with high waisted flares and big belts. The ultimate 70's chic. - Michelle Conrad - Women's Marketing Social Media Coordinator Keep reading to take a look at the mom’s who have paved the way for our Women's Marketing Team & Women’s Design. Megan LeBrasseur – Women’s Design Director This is my mom in 1974 when she moved to San Francisco after college to pursue her career as an interior designer. "Measure twice, cut once" is the first quote from my mom that comes to mind, because she taught me how to sew my own clothes when I couldn't find what I wanted to wear in stores. My mom influenced my style by passing down her passion for design, and just making things in general. She is a talented artist, seamstress, musician, gardener and interior designer! Lynn Tallman – Global Senior Development Manager The pigtails, cropped tee & flared jeans are a 70's staple that we simply cannot live without. Lynn's mom rocked this look! Gina Turpel – Women’s Marketing Director This is my mom in 1975 with my dad in front of their Alfa Romeo sports car. I have always loved her style. She often puts together looks that include a mix of designer labels, vintage as well as pieces found from globally and local artisans. In this white suit she channels Bianca Jagger while making it the style all her own. Inspiration at it's finest. Nicole Spencer – Women’s Marketing Coodinator My mom's Hawaii 70's style is a life long style goal for me - Effortless and simple with a nod to the iconic decade. She traded in the aloha prints, slippers and muumuus for denim jumpsuits, tank tops, flowy blouses & her favorite raggedy high waisted bell bottoms. On the weekends you could find her bronzing on the beach or crocheting her own bikinis. Here are 70’s styles from Volcom Women's that you and your mom will both love! High & Waisted Flare Jeans   Deep South Dress   Lived In Fleece Shorts   Mista Fried Crew   Wild Meadow Sweater   I Would Pants
Volcom Women's DIY - Coconut Body Scrub with Rose Oil and Himalayan Sea Salt
If you find yourself strolling through the beauty aisle in your local drugstore looking for a body scrub, look no further. We happened to find the easiest body scrub recipe on the planet (and the best might we add). Not only does is smell amazing, it also does wonders on your skin! Our Salt and Sand collection has inspired us in many ways and this DIY is a great example! What you need - Coconut Oil (melted) - 3 tablespoons - Himalayan Sea Salt (fine) - 6 tablespoons - Rose Essential Oil - 12 drops - Air tight container   If you're wondering where to buy Rose Oil, we found ours at Mother's Market. It is also available on the internet. Everything else is probably already in your kitchen cabinet. (Didn't we say it was going to be easy?)   First, melt your coconut oil so that it becomes fluid and easy to mix.   Pour the salt into the melted coconut oil.   Add a few drops of your Rose Oil (10 - 12 should do).   Mix together and voila! There you have it. Easy peasy.   Keep your scrub in an air tight container to keep the moisture locked in. Use it whenever you feel like your skin is in dire need of some R&R! It also makes an amazing gift!  
A Tutorial For Adding Texture To Calligraphy in Volcom's "School Of Cool" with Gemma O'Brien
For the third and final episode of Volcom School Of Cool with Gemma O'Brien, Gemma wraps up this three part "How To" series of hand lettering tutorials by demonstrating how she adds texture to calligraphy by using balsa wood instead of a pen. Watch the 1st episode: