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Offer available to U.S residents only starting July 20th, 2017, 12:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time ("PST") and ends on August 3, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PST, while supplies last. To obtain your gift with purchase, you must purchase $100+ on the Volcom website, found at LIMITED QUANTITIES ARE AVAILABLE AND OFFER IS GOOD ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Online only. Limit one Patch Kit gift per person. If the items ordered online are returned, please return the gift. Gift will be shipped to the same address as your order. Gift cannot be shipped internationally. Offer cannot be applied toward previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards or used in combination with any other offers, coupon codes, discounts or promotions. Non-U.S. residents and employees of Volcom are not eligible. Additional exclusions or restrictions may apply and terms of offer are subject to change without notice. Volcom reserves the right to cancel this offer and any associated order at any time due to pricing, technical, or other errors. Questions? Call customer service toll-free (855) 330-0188.

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The Irrational Pursuit, The Exploration Of "This"
What connects a ballet dancer and a skateboarder? A musician and snowboarder? Dive deeper with us as we journey into the 'True To This' mindset, exploring what it means to let go and let the irrational pursuit of your passion take over. Featuring the most diverse compilation of Volcom ambassadors ever assembled in a short film since the inception of the brand, these influential and legendary Volcom family members pull back the curtain and get real about that special place they all go to in their head and what it takes to get there. No matter if you're skater, surfer, snowboarder, maker, activist, techie, foodie, entrepreneur or inventing something entirely new, it's impossible to deny the vast parallels of life when they are led by the same internal force… passion.
Our DIY Guide To Turning Your Chinos into a One-of-A-kind pair of pants
We're here to show you how to take an ordinary pair of chinos and turn them into a one-of-a-kind, dazzling pair of pants! All it takes is a little imagination and patience. The first step to customizing your pants or any piece of clothing for that matter, is to have a game plan. Know what you want to achieve before you jump into it because once you start, there's no going back. WHAT YOU NEED: A piece of clothing (we chose our favorite Volcom Frochickie chinos) A pair of scissors Any drawing tool (we chose Sharpies) A pencil Some inspiration (either print out what you want to draw or use your phone) Choose a spot to start your first drawing and that can work as your guideline for the rest of the pant. I chose to draw lips, inspired by an image I found on Pinterest. A combination of text and illustrations was my ultimate goal for the pants, so my next step was to choose a phrase to write and how to write it. I chose Volcom's famous tagline, "True To This" and decided that drippy letters would look the coolest. Googling "drip letters" and led me to the perfect guide for my text. Once I finished with all drawings and text, I moved on to the next phase of customization: cutting the pants to get a raw hem. I chose to do an uneven approach by cutting the front of the pants higher than the back. I didn't use any rulers or guidelines for straight lines, I wanted it to look edgy and not perfect. Start by cutting above the hemline, all the way across. Next, grab the front of the pants and cut upward to your desired length and then cut across and then downwards. The finished product! Now go show off all your hard work and DIY talent. Shop the Frochickie Chino Ankle Pant. It comes in multiple colors and patterns to fit every personality! Also available is the exclusive Georgia May Jagger Volcom X GMJ Frochickie Pant.
Check out Deap Vally's New Music Video for Their Song 'Julian'!
Our favorite rock duo, Deap Vally (give @deapvally a follow on Instagram), is back with another smash hit and cool new music video for their song entitled "Julian". The video was dreamed up by their first manager and close friend, Ericka Clevenger, who was heavily inspired by the work of David LaChapelle and John Waters, plus the creative mind of a child and lucid dreaming. This is one of their most unique and visually stimulating videos yet and is sure to be a hit with their loyal fans. Deap Vally is currently touring, so be sure to check them out in a city near you! Tickets available on
DIY Alien Nail Art
In honor of World UFO Day, we decided to show our love for the extraterrestrial with some alien nail art inspired by our Ozzie Tee (coming soon!). In the meantime, you can shop all tees here. Before we begin, we just want to warn you guys that this nail art tutorial is mediocre to say the very least. Let's just say that we have a new found respect for nail artists because this shit is HARD! We did the best we could, but next time we'll just leave it to the experts. What you need: - A willing (and patient) participant - Scissors - Light nail colors (we chose white, light pink, light green & light yellow) - Nail polish remover - Cotton swabs or q-tips - A small brush - A small bowl filled with water - Nail decals (we got ours here) -Tweezers - Makeup sponges (optional) After watching a few tutorial videos online, we felt fairly confident in our abilities to recreate a sunset nail using white nail polish as the base + all three light colors on top with the makeup sponge. Our outcome did not look like it did in the video. Whoops! Start off with a single coat of white nail polish. This will act as your base. Clean up any mistakes around your nail by dipping your makeup brush in nail polish remover. Paint your three colors on the makeup sponge. This is where we messed up. In order for the 3 colors to be perfectly sponged on your nails, the white base needs to be COMPLETELY dry. We were impatient and started the sponge method with a half dried white base leaving us with a blotchy nail. No bueno. Clean up around the nail using the brush & nail polish remover. Since we were running short on time & the sponge method wasn't working, we switched to painting the nail freestyle. Still didn't come out good but it was better than before. Yay! Sunset nails! Grab your nail decals and start cutting out the pieces. Peel off the clear paper, grab the piece with your tweezers and dip in the cup of water for a few seconds. Carefully place the nail decal face down on the nail and hold it down for a few seconds. Just like you would a temporary tattoo. Lookin good. Finish the nails with a single layer of top coat and you're finished! Now you get to show off your alien nails proudly!
Volcom x GMJ Paris Event
We had an amazing time celebrating the launch of VOLCOM x GMJ at Le Pavillion Puebla in Paris. It was a casual event with around 700 guests who walked around sipping cocktails enjoying music from our DJ's while looking though the collection. The location was so beautiful and tucked away from everything which made it magical evening. The entrance at Le Pavillion Puebla. The VIP dinner setup. Georgia posing for the cameras in her favorite piece from the collection, The GMJ Dress. Georgia with friend and DJ, Joséphine de La Baume. The bartenders looked cute in the GMJ Tee's. Tina Kunakey & friends. The crowd rolling in as the sun started to set. People were going wild for custom raglans. Shop the GMJ Raglan. Georgia & Tina hamming it up for the cameras. Siobhan Bell spinning a few songs in her GMJ Pullover Hoody. Babes modeling the collection. Shop the entire collection here. Guests shopping the collection. Tina getting a drink at the bar. The Photo Booth was a hit. Georgia's boyfriend, Josh Ludlow, DJing the rest of the night and getting the crowd on the dane floor. The whole event was an amazing experience, one that we will never forget. We look forward to see you guys at the next event! Stay tuned...
Volcom x GMJ Collection Launch Party
Last night was the VOLCOM x GMJ Collection launch party at START Los Angeles.  We spent many months planning this event and we can't believe that it's over! As the sun started setting, crowds quickly started forming a line around the block. The energy was contagious and we knew it was going to be an unforgettable night. The crowd was bigger than we could ever imagine and we couldn't be happier about it. Every corner of the lot was utilized to entertain our guests in the best way possible. We set up custom screen printing on site with our GMJ Raglan Tees. We had a mobile Photo Booth were people could take pictures anywhere they pleased. There was a pop up shop available for guests to shop the collection right then and there. The live art battle between the talented Natasha Lillipore and Jillian Evelyn was something we'll never forget! The A-list entertainment kept guests dancing throughout the night courtesy of Georgia's boyfriend DJ Josh Ludlow & her best friend DJ Alexandra Richards. The band Deep Vally stole the show with their amazing live performance. We kicked things off with a very private and intimate VIP dinner with guests including Alexandra Richards, Suki Waterhouse, Ally Hilfiger and more. Pizza Nista provided us with individual custom pizza boxes for the VIP dinner. So cute! Georgia looking gorgeous as usual. Julie Edwards & Lindsey Troy from Deep Vally at the VIP dinner. Alexandra Richards and Georgia May Jagger. A couple of familiar faces! Coco Ho and Maud Le Car attend the VIP dinner. Georgia May with good friend, Ally Hilfiger. Georgia with Volcom Women's designer, Kelly Summer (left) and Global Head of Volcom Women's, Lyndsey Roach (center) along with Coco Ho & Maud Le Car. Georgia's brother, James Jagger, came to show his support for his talented sister! Suki Waterhouse arrives and looks flawless in our GMJ Tee & GMJ Skirt. Georgia May with one of her best friends, Suki Waterhouse. The one and only, Alexandra Richards. Georgia May giving a little speech at her VIP dinner. Georgia May standing in front of the beautiful girls modeling her collection. Want. Every. Single. Piece. The crowd enjoying their delicious pizza from Pizza Nista!   As the VIP dinner was winding down, Georgia quickly hopped into a vintage Porsche Speedster and drove off for her unforgettable entrance. She was escorted by 6 men on Harley's into the lot. The loud sound of the motorcycles caught everyones attention and they rushed over to see what was going one. As they entered the lot, Georgia May Jagger & her driver slowly entered and she hopped out of the classic car with everyone cheering and filming on their phones. The motorcycle dudes killing it! Georgia was greeted by friend, Alexandra Richards after her unforgettable entrance. The live art battle girls Natasha Lillipore and Jillian Evelyn hard at work! DJ Josh Ludlow getting the party started. The crowd enjoying the art battle and the tunes. Guests enjoying one of the many lounge areas to choose from. The Pizza Nista crew making their delicious pizzas! Wheeler Davis Salon killing it with the temporary hair dye! VOLCOM x GMJ collection on display at the pop-up shop. Deep Vally playing live at #GMJLA. DJ Alexandra Richards getting the crowd pumped. Custom GMJ Raglans being screen printed on site! All images provided by Getty Images. Though we're sad that it's over, this night makes us look forward to future events for Volcom Women's! If you were at the event, don't forget to post a pic and hashtag #GMJLA @VolcomWomens. We'd love to see all of your posts! Shop the VOLCOM x GMJ Collection.