Alex Gray

Alex Gray

From: South Bay, California Age: 28

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Birth Date - 6/18/1986

Birth Place - Palos Verdes, California

Currently Living - South Bay, CA

Years Surfing - 17

Sponsors - Volcom, Channel Islands, Body Glove, Spy, OAM, Mizu, Krugerfarms

Favorite Spot - Hawaii

Favorite Country - Any that I can share perfect, empty waves with friends

Surf with - the person having the most fun

Side Tracks - Diving, bowhunting, badminton.

Goals - Continue to be an Eddie Aikau invitee. That means the world to me. And keep having fun. The reason surfing took over my life is because it was the most fun I'd ever had. I don't ever want to lose that feeling!

Inspirations - Chris Gray, Jim Miller, our dog LOLA, and the few who were stuck at a fork in the road and took the path less chosen


#GoSurfAlready Surfers in order of appearance: Andrew Doheny Carlos Muñoz Parker Coffin Zeke Lau Dusty Payne Alex Gray Balaram Stack Directed & Edited by Ryan Thomas Principal Camera by Matt Shuster Music: "Ripped at the Seam" performed by Hot Lunch Courtesy of Tee Pee Records
Congratulations Alex Gray! - Dive 'N Surf Oregon Pro Champion!
Alex Gray wins the Dive 'N Surf Oregon Pro! Alex's first Big Wave World Tour event at Nelscott Reef in Oregon! Congrats Alex! Killing it! "Today was a good day. Congratulations to everyone. We are bringing it home to the South Bay! This ones for Chris Gray, Jim Miller, Kirk McNulty, and Bob Meistrell!" - Alex Gray