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Carlos Muñoz

Carlos Muñoz

From: Esterillos, Costa Rica Age: 22

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Birth Place: Costa Rica

Currently Living: Costa Rica

Height: 173cm

Weight: 193 lbs.

Sponsors: Volcom, Redbull, Superbrand Surboards, FCS - Nixon

Volcom Rider Since: 13 year old

First Board: Al Merrick

Warm Ups: Good music, mind surfing

What Gets You Motivated To Surf? The sea, waves and nature, my family

Music / Bands: Vicente Fernandez, Tupac, Hit em up, Florence Machine dog days, Control Machete, Cypress Hill

Videos / Movies: John John movie, Lost Atlas, Dear Suburbia, Now Now, Volcom Movies

Best Style: Jordy Smith

Random Information: I love eating, I love my family and I love the ocean ! hahah

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Men's frickin modern stretch chino pant pants

Favorite Boardshort: Armstrong Boardshort

One Thing You Can't Leave Home Without: My boards

Special Thanks: I want to say thank you to all my sponsor Volcom - Red Bull Superbrand - Nixon - FCS thank you very mucho for all the support and believe in my self !! Also my family my friend!! pura vida!


Psychic Migrations: Central America
Volcom Stone's latest feature surf film, Psychic Migrations, is set to release in September 2015 and we are unveiling some of the remote locations where the movie was filmed, along with a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip for you and a friend to the Global Premiere in Newport Beach, CA. on September 17, click here to enter. Balaram Stack, Carlos Munoz, and Mike Gleason journeyed to Central America to film for their upcoming movie. And what a trip it was. They scored amazing waves with the help of some local knowledge, crazy unpredictable slabs, and a whole bunch of great footage for the movie. Some words about the Central America trip Carlos Munoz: "I said, 'Look, if we go there we're gonna have the same footage as everybody else, so we should try something new and stay here.'  We made that decision as a group because we're all in the same boat. Sometimes you get people thinking negative on a trip and it doesn't work out. But on this trip, no one felt like, 'Oh, this guy is getting more than me.' Everybody was nice, doing their jobs and treating each other like family... no ego." Mike Gleason: "There's reefs, beachbreaks... a good mix of stuff, and everything came together for that trip. The swell just kept building and extending itself. My original ticket was for seven days, and we were in [Central America] for two weeks. And there were waves the whole time." Balaram Stack: "I was psyched to go on a trip strictly for video. That was my first real movie trip." Photo: Ryan Craig Carlos Munoz tucks into a cozy Central American barrel. Photo: Ryan Craig Carlos and Psychic Migrations Director, Ryan Thomas. Photo: Ryan Craig Balaram Stack sets up for a drainer, far from home on the East Coast. Photo: Ryan Craig The team prepping to head out to an unknown destination. Photo: Ryan Craig Mike Gleason, freight training in Central America. Photo: Ryan Craig Photo: Ryan Craig The journey is half the experience. Photo: Ryan Craig *Catch our previous post with Nate Tyler and Yago Dora and their trip to the West Indies, HERE. And watch the Psychic Migrations trailer at Sweepstakes open to legal residents of the continental United States and Canada (excluding Québec), 18 years of age or older. Click here for all the Official Sweepstakes Rules.
Exclusive Surfline Photo Feature While On Location For Psychic Migrations
Balaram Stack, Mike Gleason and Carlos Munoz journey to Costa Rica for Volcom's upcoming movie, Psychic Migrations in this exclusive photo feature from, click HERE.
Volcom Team Jamming on the East Coast of Oz
East Coast Aus Trip from Volcom Australia / New Zealand Volcom Team shredders Carlos Munoz, Ozzie Wright, Parker Coffin, Mitch Coleborn, Joan Duru, and Gony Zubizarreta jamming on the east coast of Australia during the warmer months. The team’s varied, as are the conditions, which makes for a fun mess of small(er) wave hot-dogging. Carlos for Costa Rican prez!
Volcom Stone presents True To This: Carlos Muñoz, “Addicted To The Moment”
Costa Rica’s Carlos Muñoz is addicted to the moment. The moment when you realize the amalgamation between what you’re doing and what you're true to falls seamlessly into a feeling of pure spiritual intoxication. Surfing is Carlos’s life and it’s his healthy addiction that gets him back in the water ripping everyday.   More True To This surf edits below! Volcom presents True To This: Dusty Payne "Sanctuary" Volcom presents True To This: Mitch Coleborn "Never Ending Path" Volcom presents True To This: Quincy Davis "Montauk, NY" Volcom presents True To This: Ryan Burch "The Rush of the Continuous Rhythm" Volcom presents True To This: "North Shore Household"
Volcom Pipe Pro: From Three Perspectives
NORTH SHORE, Oahu - The incredible waves and fierce competition of the Volcom Pipe Pro has been searing the retinas of the surf world for seven years now. The peerless troika of John John Florence, Jamie O’Brien and Kelly Slater have owned the trophy, but new blood has stormed the scene at each edition. Sterling performances aren’t limited to the competitors, however; a huge casts work hard behind the scenes to bring the event to life, fine-tune the athletes and broadcast it all to the world. In "Three Perspectives," Red Bull follows a trio of Volcom Pipe Pro crew members. Carlos Muñoz is an emerging Costa Rican powerhouse whose flamboyant look and laid-back demeanor are at odds with his deadly competitive game. A 26th place finish on last year’s Qualifying Series has Muñoz within striking distance of the Championship Tour, and he’s hungry to kick off 2015 in style. Watch the full highlights of the Volcom Pipe Pro, a Red Bull Signature Series event, on NBC on April 18 at 1:30 p.m. ET.
Volcom presents True To This: "North Shore Household"
Volcom Stone presents… True To This: “North Shore Household” featuring the Volcom surf team getting shacked and shredding out front of the Volcom houses on the North Shore of Oahu. Riders: Gavin Beschen, Kawai Lindo, Dave Wassel, Carlos Goncalves, Balaram Stack, Alex Gray, Zeke Lau, Tom Dosland, JD Irons, Parker Coffin, Dusty Payne, Miguel Tudela, Tai Vandyke, Mitch Coleborn, Yago Dora, Carlos Muñoz, Kai Mana Henry Also check out the previous True To This videos featuring Dusty and Burch!: Volcom presents True To This: Dusty Payne "Sanctuary" Volcom presents True To This: Ryan Burch "The Rush of the Continuous Rhythm"