Cheryl Maas

Cheryl Maas

@cherylmaas on Instagram!

DOB: 09/28/1984
Birthplace: Netherlands
Currently living: Oslo, Norway

Sponsors: Volcom, Nitro, Vans, Rockstar, Nixon, Celtek, Planet-Sport, Raiden, Scene-Socks

What was your first snowboard?
Crazy Creek 154.

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked?
Simple Pleasure from MagDog.

Scariest moment of the season?
When I slammed in the training at X-Games in 2009.

What has been your most memorable trip?
Filming in Jackson Hole - I landed so many good tricks and the sledding was amazing.

One item you always have in your snowboard pants?
Lip balm and of course the IPhone.

What do you love to do when you're not snowboarding?
Love to be active: surf, skate, golf ride my motorbike or just chill nice at home with my wife and daughter.

Future plans?
I'm going for the 2014 winter Olympics and trying to put more good stuff on film.



SALT | | Our Everyday Staple

We know jumping in the ocean is rejuvenating, what we didn’t know is just how great that salty water is for our hair, skin and body! Don’t worry, you don’t need an ocean in your backyard to benefit from salt water. We have come up with our 5 favorite uses for SALT water, other than an early morning surf session! 1. Mix water and s a l t in a spray bottle and spray on damp hair to create beachy waves. 2. Exfoliate your skin with a s a l t scrub by combining salt and water to make a paste. You can add oils like lemon or lavender for scent. 3. Apply a facial by mixing equal parts of s a l t and olive oil and gently massage face. Remove this scrub after 5 minutes. 4. Relieve fatigue after a long day by soaking in a s a l t bath for at least 10 minutes. Add a couple handfuls of s a l t to the bath. 5. To reduce oily skin, fill a small spray bottle with warm water and add about a teaspoon of s a l t. Spray it on, then blot your face dry. Don't forget to stay S A L T Y !

#MusicMonday | | Kindness

Kindness is a band that we recently discovered at FYF and man are we glad we stumbled upon this greatness. Not expecting much we made our way over to the main stage to get a glimpse of this mysterious band. We ended up staying the ENTIRE set and left standing there in awe. Everything from the performances to the voices, to the difference characters and outfits had us oohing and ahhing. Lead singer Adam Bainbridge is not so bad on the eyes either ;)

Coco Ho at Swatch Pro Trestles

Here we are in the middle of the Swatch Pro Contest. This event is stop No. 7 on the 2014 Women's Championship Tour. Not only is this event an important stop in finding this year's world surfing crown, but an opportunity for surfers to gain vital points towards re-qualification. Our girl, Coco Ho pulled through in the non-elimination Round 3 of the Swatch Pro Trestles Event last Wednesday. Coco had the lead until Carissa Moore reeled a big 8.97. In the last moments Ho scored a wave that gave her the win by only a few hundredths of a point, advancing her to the Quarterfinals. We're rooting for you Coco ! ! !

True To This - Chapter 1: The Spiritual Intoxication Volcom was founded on the belief that there is a higher level of consciousness to be found within one’s self through the internal and external journeys that board-sports, music, art and film provide. We call these finite moments of enlightenment... ‘Spiritual Intoxication’ -Music- "Krausened" Bitchin Bajas iTunes: Amazon (vinyl): --- "Transcendence" Bitchin Bajas Courtesy of Drag City Records iTunes: Amazon (vinyl): --- “All Your Light (Times Like These)” Portugal. The Man Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp. iTunes: Amazon: Google Play:

#MusicMonday | | Ty Segall

If you want to have a good time, this guy is your best bet. Every song Ty Segall sings is somewhat of a powerful masterpiece that gets you in a great mood.  We happened to find a 15 minute full acoustic performance of his that we know you'll love.  Enjoy...

The Perfect Sweater

If there is one item of clothing I can never have enough of, it’s sweaters. I mean, my closet is filled with them. While outerwear does its job of keeping me warm, a good sweater can be the perfect topper to any outfit. This season it is all about the wrap sweater. It is like wearing a cute blanket that doesn’t make you look like a blob. Our Movin On wrap sweater comes in white and olive, both with a black print to add some spunk to your outfit. Our fall line of sweaters will be sure to keep you warm while still looking cool. Shop them here: