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Cheryl Maas

Cheryl Maas

@cherylmaas on Instagram!

DOB: 09/28/1984
Birthplace: Netherlands
Currently living: Oslo, Norway

Sponsors: Volcom, Nitro, Vans, Rockstar, Nixon, Celtek, Planet-Sport, Raiden, Scene-Socks

What was your first snowboard?
Crazy Creek 154.

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked?
Simple Pleasure from MagDog.

Scariest moment of the season?
When I slammed in the training at X-Games in 2009.

What has been your most memorable trip?
Filming in Jackson Hole - I landed so many good tricks and the sledding was amazing.

One item you always have in your snowboard pants?
Lip balm and of course the IPhone.

What do you love to do when you're not snowboarding?
Love to be active: surf, skate, golf ride my motorbike or just chill nice at home with my wife and daughter.

Future plans?
I'm going for the 2014 winter Olympics and trying to put more good stuff on film.



Stomp It Out

To us, boots are a year round wardrobe staple but we are extra stoked on the styles in our Fall footwear line.  Whether you are looking for a bootie, everyday shoe or an edgier motorcycle style, we have you covered. Our favorite is the Go Figure boot inspired by a combination of military and rock n’ roll, sure to leave you wanting more. It comes in solid black and prints for a bold twist on a classic design. These shoes definitely make a statement, something we always hope to achieve.

Happy Bowls x Quincy Davis

A C A I….yes, some of you may have heard of this superfood, now found in almost every grocery store! High in antioxidants, amino acids and omega fatty acids, Acai wins the prize. Amino acids are vital for muscle contraction and regeneration…hint hint to all you athletes. This magical berry helps slow the aging process by boosting immune and metabolic function and removing destructive free radicals from our bodies. There are a wide range of Acai products on the market but we are honing in on the delicious Acai Bowls, from Happy Bowls in Montauk, New York. They basically take the highly nutritional pulp of the Acai Berry or Pitaya fruit and blend it with other fruit to create an incredibly thick smoothie…so thick you'll need a spoon to eat it. On top of that is granola, banana, strawberry and any other toppings from their 25 fresh fruit and nut selection. For Quincy Davis, Acai is her superfood!  She says, 'It's the perfect after surf snack…or even before because it's not too heavy. Being that I'm active every day, I need to fuel up with food that keeps me going, and Happy Bowls always does that! And it tastes so good!" Quincy's favorite bowl from Happy Bowls? "PB&J Bowl because there is peanut butter in it and I have a slight obsession!" Follow their journey here…but beware…It will leave you watering at the mouth. @happybowls

#MusicMonday || Cut Copy

Whenever we feel like taking a mental vacation somewhere amazing, we turn up some Cut Copy. Their dance tunes and funky beats are enough to send us off a world where no one bothers us and all we have to do is dance. If you don't believe us listen for yourself!    Listen Here ::

Pretty In Punk

We are breaking all the rules with our Fall 14 Collection inspired by an on-the-go girl who is more naughty than nice. Styles like the Turn N Burn Tank, Psych Dress and Tipsy Sweater can’t help but transport our minds to late nights full of hazy memories. This line is bold in style with an emphasis on comfort that will keep you wanting more.  

Chapter 1: Spiritual intoxication Volcom was founded on the belief that there is a higher level of consciousness to be found within one’s self through the internal and external journeys that board-sports, music, art and film provide. We call these finite moments of enlightenment... ‘Spiritual Intoxication’ -Music- "Krausened" Bitchin Bajas iTunes: Amazon (vinyl): --- "Transcendence" Bitchin Bajas Courtesy of Drag City Records iTunes: Amazon (vinyl): --- “All Your Light (Times Like These)” Portugal. The Man Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp. iTunes: Amazon: Google Play:

Volcom x Pacsun - What Are You True To?

What are you true to? Volcom and PacSun have teamed up on an initiative that could very well be your dream come true - literally. The concept is simple, post a photo and story on Instagram describing your passion and you could win a once in a lifetime adventure to live your dream and be TRUE TO THIS! You, a friend, and anywhere your heart takes you. To enter, follow @pacsun and @volcom on instagram and tag your photos #imtruetothis The contest runs August 1st to September 1st so pack your bags and start dreaming! Be sure to visit to check out the official rules and other people's posts!