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Collin Provost

Collin Provost

From: Huntington Beach, CA Age: 24

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Birth Date: 12/26/1990

Place of Birth: Huntington Beach, CA

Currently Living: Long Beach, CA

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Volcom, Toy Machine, Emerica, Thunder, Spitfire, Mob Grip, Happy Hour Shades and Active

Volcom Rider Since: 2003


Introducing The Spitfire X Volcom Collection ''Fire And Stone Don’t Burn Alone''
Volcom unveils its latest collaboration inspired by the thrashin’ fashion of gouging grinds and heat-seeking aerial bombardments. Together, Volcom and Spitfire bring a collective 50 years of experience in making quality products specifically designed for those who keep the eternal skate-fire stoked. Hard like Stone and hot like Fire, this collection does not burn alone. Take note of its clean and functional style created for long days and nights of deep exploratory recon in the streets kids call home. See the entire collection and photos shot during the making of the video at Backed by mutual riders Grant Taylor, Ryan Sheckler, Dennis Busenitz, Dustin Dollin, Chris Pfanner, Collin Provost, Dane Burman, Alec Majerus, Kyle Walker, Nassim Guammaz and Alex Midler, the Volcom X Spitfire collection is coming in hot!
Camp Mofoka's: Toy Machine X Volcom
In celebration of the life changing collaboration between Toy Machine and Volcom, Collin Provost and his Toy Machine teammates came to Volcom's private skatepark and proceeded to have a mind-blowing sesh! Watch the shreddage commence in the latest edition of CAMP MOFOKA's with Collin Provost, Johnny Layton, Billy Marks, Alex Midler, Matt Bennett, Blake Carpenter, Josh Harmony, Ed Templeton, CJ Collins, Tre Williams and Daniel Lutheran. To see more from the #ToyMachineXVolcom collab go to: Filmed by: Russell Houghton, Ant Travis, James Messina and Kevin Barnett Edited by: Russell Houghton -Music- Artist: Splashh Song: "So Young"
Toy Machine X Volcom Collab Party
This past Wednesday, June 11th, the bloodsucking skateboard company Toy Machine and Volcom came together to throw a party to launch our mind blowing collab with mutual rider Collin Provost! Among industry folk, team riders and the other 4,000 plus party goers in attendance we had the bands Fart Barf, Spindrift and Early Man providing us with some heavy jams. Pizzanista, The Viking Food Truck and Clara Cakes also came out to keep us fed and Red Room's Blake kept our thirst quenched with the free beer! Toy Machine's overlord Ed Templeton was also in attendance and had plenty of epic photos on display for party goers. Check out photos from the night below and a HUGE thanks to all that came out and help put the party together! Pre-party setup, Arto was kind enough to grab a few extra beers before coming down to the party Outside bar was set up and ready to go! DJ Wade, Marty Jimenez and Remy Stratton wrapping up the pre-party preperations Salmon Agah and his Pizzanista crew cruised down for the event supplying some awesome slices Hot and ready to go... ...You know Arto was down for a slice or 6 Thanks to the Viking Food Truck for rolling out! Those corndogs were outrageously awesome Thanks to Clara's Cakes who came down too to sling some fabulous vegan desserts! This is Volcom Security... you do not mess with them, they will put you in your place Early Man is in the building! Oh what you taking a picture of??? OHHHH!! Whats up Dane Burman and Jake Hayes One of the infamous Hager Bros. Jamie Tancowny and his wife came down from Long Beach Gary Rogers came all the way down for the event. Always smiling, always up to something. Web edit coming soon! Deanna and Ed Templeton Spindrift is as cool as they sound Collin came to the party ready to rage! Ed Templeton had some rad photos on display Put a few benches in front of the photos inside a skate party and you know kids are going to throw down all night! Gary Rogers is a true skate rat, pulling this back tail out before the night was over Cheers bro's see you in the pit! Cheyne is one of our reps in the northwest, hit him up if you need and Toy Machine X Volcom goods in your shop Tyler from Tum Yeto and Gary hanging with the Volcom party brigade The one and only Justin Roy Zach Dubs is just too damn cool Everyone wants a photo with the Sect! Everybody wants a photo with Fart Barf too... ... EVERYONE Toy Machine overlord Ed Templeton and mutual rider Collin Provost! Thanks for everything bros! Arto was hanging out by the entrance taking photos most of the night, but that didn't stop Gary from getting a few quick words Gary and our little grom ripper CJ Collins Alec and Alex Midler Gary and Alec When Gary met Ed Even tried to get Deanna in the mix Cheers! Party on! The mosh pit was going all night Fart Barf was the first band to go on and they got the party started right! Everyone on the floor was digging the tunes and getting down to the music. Spindrift was the next band to go on, changing the pace and keeping the party going! The last band to go on was Early Man and they absolutely KILLED IT! With heavy riffs and playing loud as hell they shut down the party. CJ Collins got this kicklflip over the stone door in before the bands started. Click the link to see another recap from Joe Hammeke over at the Thrasher site! Transworld also has a little recap up too, check it out HERE! Color photos by Arto Saari, B & W photos by Daniel Cabral & Band photos by Gary Copeland
Toy Machine X Volcom Collab
That's right! With the power of Collin Provost, your two favorite companies have come together to produce an epic collaboration. Using the minds of mutual rider Collin Provost and Toy Machine overlord Ed Templeton, Toy Machine and Volcom have designed an amazing product line that is available in the stores worldwide and through our online store. Check out the entire collection below and stay tuned for more information on our launch party and follow @VolcomSkate on instagram for a chance to win some of these epic products! If you're in the area on June 11th, cruise out to the Toy Machine X Volcom Collab Launch Party in the Volcom Private Skatepark! Fart Barf, Spindrift and Early Man will be providing the heavy jams, there will also be FREE BEER and food available! Toy Machine overlord Ed Templeton will also have photos on display. It's all ages, open to the public and free admission so RSVP by emailing TODAY.
Camp Mofoka's: Volcom X Baker
The Baker crew came down to Costa Mesa to shred the skatepark with the Volcom dudes in celebration of the Volcom X Baker 'A Match Made In The Gutter' collab. Watch Cyril Jackson, Terry Kennedy, Rowan Zorilla, Collin Provost, Beagle, Ant Travis, Dustin Dollin, Dennis Busenitz, Alec Majerus, Jon Dickson, Theotis Beasley, Louie Lopez, Tristan Funkhouser and Bryan Herman all kill it in Camp MOFOKA's and check out the Volcom X Baker collection hitting stores March 1st! Filmed by: Su Young Choi & Ant Travis Edited by: Calvin Millar
Volcom In Color Skate Tour - Latin America
David Gonzalez, Collin Provost, Alec Majerus, Louie Lopez and Mario Saenz are currently touring Colombia, Peru and Chile for the #VolcomInColorSkateTour ! Check out some footage from the stops in Bogota and Medellin, Colombia! You can also see pics from the Bogota Demo by clicking the image below or HERE! Click the photo below for more pics from the Medellin demo, or click HERE!