Elena Hight

Elena Hight

From: Kauai, Hawaii
Age: 25

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Name: Elena Hight
DOB: 08/17/1989
Birthplace: Kauai, Hawaii
Currently living: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Sponsors: Volcom,Toyota, Nixon, Northstar at Tahoe, Sprint, US Snowboarding.

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Land That I Love / / Elena Hight

With World Cup fever at an all-time high (GO USA!) We wanted to get some insight into what it is like competing for your country on a global stage. What better person to ask than two time Olympian and reigning X Games silver medalist, Elena Hight. Elena has elevated women’s snowboarding to a whole new level by mastering tricks like the double backside alley-oop rodeo, on a half pipe no less. Stylish, strong and cool under pressure, we are proud to have Elena represent our team and ultimately represent the big USA! 1.  What makes you proud to be American? I am proud to be from a country that has been built on the idea that this is the land of endless possibilities! Anything you can dream of you can make happen! 2.  To you personally, what's notably American to you?  When I think of American staples I think of burgers, lemonade, red, white and blue, peace signs, ice cream cones and Lynard Skynard’s Sweet Home Alabama 3.  What do you love about your hometown? My favorite thing about my hometown is the scenery. There is nowhere else in the world like it! 4.  First place you go to when you get home? I love to sit by the lake first thing when I get home from traveling. It’s the most welcoming, comforting place no matter where I have been or how long I have been gone. 5.  Best mountain(s) you've ridden in the US? I love Kirkwood, Mt. Baker, Mammoth, Bridger Bowl… There are too many amazing places to pick just one! 6. What was your most memorable moment of representing the US at the Olympics? My most memorable moment of representing the US at the Olympics was walking into Opening Ceremonies with Team USA in Torino. Entering that stadium in my uniform with hundreds of other athletes by my side all there to represent the US together is a feeling like nothing I have ever experienced before. It was absolutely the proudest “American” moment I have ever had.

Elena Hight's Berry Infused Mint Lemonade

Happy Fourth of July! There is nothing that screams American spirit like red, white, and blue! Get into the spirit with this refreshing lemonade and enjoy it with friends, family, fun, and sun! -Elena Ingredients: ¾ cup blueberries ½ cup raspberries 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 3 lemons) 1 lemon 5 cups water ½ cup fresh mint leaves (I used spearmint) ½ cup honey or agave Ice Directions: Squeeze lemons into a large pitcher. Add in honey and stir until honey is mixed in. It is best to add the honey now before cold water and ice so that it doesn’t harden with the cold before it mixes into the liquid. Add water to pitcher. Muddle together ¼ cup blueberries and ¼ cup mint leaves. Add in muddled mixture to pitcher. Thinly slice remaining lemon. Add remaining blueberries, raspberries, remaining mint leaves, and lemon slices to pitcher. Add ice, stir and enjoy!

Womens Snow is on Fire!

This weekend, our women's snowboard riders were melting the snow! Killin'  it at the Annual JLA Banked Slalom in Mammoth, as well as the 2014 Community Cup at the Keystone Resort in Colorado. Eleven years ago snowboarding lost Jeff Anderson, one of its most passionate and influential riders. To honor Jeff’s memory his brother Billy created the JLA Banked Slalom at Mammoth Mountain. This year, our girl Elena Hight won the second Annual JLA Banked Slalom!  Jeff Anderson memorabilia was given to the riders as the prizes. Elena stoked about first place, but even more on her favorite Jeffy photos of all time! The Community Cup is dedicated to women’s snowboarding in an atmosphere ideal for women, and women only! This year our girl Christy Prior nailed it, taking home first place in Slopestyle, as well as first in the Rockin’ Rail Presented by Kicker Audio! Christy wasn't the only one who stole a spot in the top, Sarka Pancochova was right behind with second place in Slopestyle! Christy dominating the competition, winning Best Method & Best Rail Trick! So proud to bring home a win! Christy Prior (middle) and Sarka Pancochova (right)