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Gony Zubizarreta

Gony Zubizarreta

From: Vigo, Spain
Age: 29

@gonyzubizarreta on Instagram!

Birth Date: May 4th 1985

Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina moved to Vigo, Spain at age of one.

Currently Living: Ericeira, Portugal

Height: 1m 75cm

Weight: 73 kg

Stance: regular

Sponsors: Volcom Clothing , Nixon watches, Novagalicia banco, Semente Surfboards, Arnette, Planet Sports

Volcom Rider Since: 1998

First Board: Frus 5'9' when i was 7'

Favorite Spot- Coxos, Ericeira

Favorite country- Portugal

Usual Surf Posse: Hodei Aritz Jony Marlon jose Jaji Muelles Nicolau etc

Goals- WT

What Gets you motivated to Surf?  Good boards, good weather, fun Waves and music

Music/Bands: Los Locos Hongos, Motorhead, Big Bussines , Black Sabbath, Johnny Cash

Videos/Movies: Magna Plasm, Let's Live, Archy, 156 tricks, Kelly in black and white, One track mind

Best Style: Curren

Random Information: My dog's name is Loser

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Dustin Dollin

Favorite Boardshorts: Ozzie's

One Thing You Can’t Leave Home Without: wallet

Special Thanks: To my family for the love , education and support , to all my sponsors for helping me without any pressure, to my best friends for being always there , to my girlfriend who makes me the happiest.  Also thanks to all my surf coaches through all these years for teaching me many good things .

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Volcom Pipe Pro: Sustainable by Design

World Online Premiere: Volcom Pipe Pro: Sustainable by Design 2014 The Second Chapter, a film by Nathan Peracciny The Volcom Pipe Pro has become more than just a contest of warriors who ride waves -- it has become a model, and a benchmark for us. It has become a story to be shared -- and heard -- all around the world, influencing change-makers thousands of miles away. Each year, the focus on sustainability at the event has intensified and in 2013 Nathan Peracciny created a film to capture the story of the people behind the movement to make the Volcom Pipe Pro 'Sustainable by Design' and a certified, Deep Blue Surfing Event™. We followed it up this year with a film that highlighting the reach of the story and the affect it had on people all over the world. The film presented here in it’s entirety, takes an intimate look at the commitment of the sustainability community on Oahu, the beauty of the wave, and the fun we’re having crafting this Deep Blue Certified Surf Event™. Special thanks to Sustainable Surf, TR3EES, and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii for their expertise and to Nate Peracciny for his vision and beautiful craft. Learn more about our Sustainability initiatives at and at Last Year's Video:

"True To This" Now Available On Netflix!

Volcom's newest feature film "True To This" is now available on Netflix! Subscribers can stream the movie for free in HD as many times as they want! Don't have Netflix? There are plenty of other ways to watch and everyone should check out the Limited Edition 3-Disc Box Set!

Volcom Presents The Unsound Pro!

New York’s premier surf store, is proud to announce that professional surfing is alive and well in the Empire State. This fall, the 2014 UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom will storm the shores of Long Beach, Long Island, offering the same unrivaled display of postmodern shredding that’s made this event an East Coast staple for 17 years now. From September 18-21st, the hallowed beachbreak of Lincoln Blvd. will be the hottest place in the world to be for anyone who froths over solid waves, remarkable surfing and enigmatic characters. “We are proud to announce Volcom as our title sponsor and support from Spy,” says UnsOund Surf Shop co-owner and professional surf photographer Mike Nelson, who along with longtime partner and resident ripper Dave Juan has fought tooth-and-nail to keep this event alive for nearly two decades. “Volcom’s support for the sport has been phenomenal, and they host some of the biggest events on the planet (i.e. Volcom Pipe Pro and the Totally Crustaceous Tour Global Champs). Together, we’ll bring some of the best surfers in the world to compete in New York during the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. The UnsOund Surf Pro has been a major part of the international surf scene for years and has been called ‘one of the best contests to win in the USA.’” Past winners of this illustrious event in its many incarnations include the following: esteemed Volcom alumni Balaram Stack, Blake Jones and Kyle Garson; current or former WCT competitors Kolohe Andino, Danny Melhado and Timmy Reyes; current WQS scrappers Brian Toth, Keanu Asing and Jeremy Johnston; New Jersey superpowers Randy Townsend and Sam Hammer; Californian pros Dustin Ray (R.I.P.) and Tommy Acosta; Floridian veteran Asher Nolan and his hometown buddy, defending 2013 champion Ryan Briggs.” “We are extremely excited to bring this level of surfing back to Long Beach," adds Dave Juan. “We have such an amazing group of professional surfers on the East Coast who can’t wait to compete with international professionals from all over the world. And having Volcom as our title sponsor — who bring their youthful energy into the event — it just couldn’t be a better situation.” And the timing couldn’t be better for local export-turned-international sensation Balaram Stack, who just signed with Volcom last year. The 21-year-old has been a treasured UnsOund teamrider since he was 9 and would like nothing more than to grab another victory right here at Lincoln Blvd. in front of his friends, family, childhood mentors and his main sponsor. To show his appreciation, Balaram will once again throw up a four-figure cash prize for whoever throws up the biggest punt in the “Balaram Stack Strong Island Big Air.” “Hell yeah, can’t wait!” Balaram exclaims. “Every year, the UnsOund Surf Pro is one of my favorite contests. Not only is it in my backyard, it’s the most fun week of the year — maybe even better than the U.S. Open of Surfing, which I thought would be impossible. It’s just a good time with great friends — pretty much all I could ask for in a contest.” In addition, longtime shop and event supporter Spy will lend their distinctly “happy” element to the event in the way of a myriad festivities and attractions including retail tents, activity booths and a surf photography art show — all of which are certain to send this stoked crowd into a frenzy. “Spy is a fun and extremely creative company that adds intense flavor to the UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom,” adds Nelson. “These guys really know how to have a good time, with great community activities for everyone to be a part of.” As for the surf, the groin-gutted beachbreaks of Long Beach are strategically positioned to go off — facing south to welcome any long-range energy that may be stirring up in the tropics this time of year, the historic peak of Hurricane Season. In other words, Long Beach is a wave magnet, a tube lab, and therefore the ideal stage for what could be the most captivating show of high-performance surfing the East Coast has seen since the first, and last, time the ASP World Tour landed here in 2011 (the Quiksilver Pro New York). In fact, given the potential this place has to blow cannonballs of spit and break surfboards like parking ordinances — the 2014 UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom could be even more exciting. “We are thrilled to present the 2014 UnsOund Surf Pro NY,” says Brad Dougherty, Volcom’s VP of Surf. “There is a rich history attached to this prestigious event, which is considered one of the best contests in North America. Volcom is exited to collaborate with UnsOund Surf Shop and we are looking forward to bringing the surf community together in Long Island for a special experience.” For Surfline’s coverage of the 2013 Unsound Pro, click here… For more on the UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom, visit…

Watch The 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro on NBC!

// Tune in today as Red Bull Signature Series airs the 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro on NBC at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT. Don't miss out as Mitch Coleborn, Kelly Slater and more than 100 surfing pros and Hawaii locals are tested in this ASP World Tour Surfing 5-Star world qualifying series event! //

Volcom Pipe Pro 2014 Sustainability Report Released

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the final sustainability report for the 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro and, for the second year running, it has been certified as a Deep Blue Surfing Event by Sustainable Surf. Sustainable Surf describes a Deep Blue Surfing Event (DBSE) as a more “ocean friendly” event, and the criteria has been endorsed by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) as it sets a clear path for reducing the environmental impacts of a professional surf contest and providing social benefits for the local community. Each year, we have set out to improve upon the initiatives that started simply with issuing reusable water bottles to contestants and staff and using previous year’s banners to make the tote bags for said participants. It has evolved now to a carbon neutral event, running on locally produced bio-fuel, whose food, plates and utensils are chipped and layered into a Bokashi compost at the local farm. It All Started Here There are still things that we can improve on – we know that (and there always are, trust me), but I have to say, I’m quite proud of our progress each year.  Last year’s film Volcom Pipe Pro 2013: Sustainable by Design, by Nathan Peracciny, did such an amazing job of wrapping it all up and putting it in perspective for us. To align with the release of the report, we’d like to announce as well, the upcoming World Premiere of the follow up to the 2013 VPP sustainability-in-surf documentary. The piece,Sustainable by Design, which is in it’s final editing stages, will once again, tell the behind the scenes story of the people that we truly could not do this without, and will highlight the sustainability initiatives, the thoughts of Volcom team riders and industry insiders as well as feature the far reaching effects that an event like this can have. The team at Sustainable Surf has prepared a beautifully crafted report that’s concise and easy to read with just the right amount of techy stuff  Please enjoy the full report hereand comment on our New Future facebook page with any thoughts on it. Additionally, we invite you to share the promo piece for Nathan’s upcoming 2014 documentary (which can be found here), and hope to see you on World Ocean’s Day Hawaii, June 8th at the Doris Duke Theater.

Joan Duru | My Own Worst Enemy

Joan Duru is one of the most talented surfers in Europe, following the ASP WQS tour around the world for a while - even if he's only 25 years old. The life of a professional surfer is a series of choices and Joan has to find a balance between the good and the bad ones to succeed. Produced by: Guillaume Dartenuc Simon Young Directed by: L/K-rtel Shot by: Vincent Kardasik Ludovic Lasserre José « Craps » Domin Rémi « Kuku » Duru Mickael « Boula » Darrigade Yannick « Yannock » Loussouarn Andy Benetrix Narration by: Graham Tracey Post production by: Julie Kardasik Soundtrack by: Radiow Moscow The Lovely Bad Things Special thanks: Jeremy Domin Gusto Sabine Benetrix La famille Duru Yann "Papi" Martin Maud Lecar