Maud Le Car

Maud Le Car

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DOB: 05/25/1992
Birthplace: St. Martin, French Caribbean
Currently living: Capbreton, France
Sponsors: Volcom, Vans, Electric, Paraketo

What do you love most about being a pro surfer, and what's the toughest part?
The thing I love the most being a surfer pro is the lucky opportunity to live my passion and to travel in the all world and to discover countries, amazing waves and landscapes while spending my days in the water. I always wanted to be a pro surfer and I work so hard for it so I am proud today to be living my dreams. Being a pro surfer means making a lot of sacrifices like living far from my family and friends and focusing all the time on my goals.

How do you mentally prepare yourself for a contest?
I think it is most important to always do always your best, put all the chance on your side to succeed and to not have any regrets. I look at contests as a game; playing on the waves and trying to improve myself and my surfing in any kind of situation because surfing is my passion and something I love to do.

How do you describe your surfing style?
I think my surfing style is radical and engaged - sometimes a little bit aggressive.

What do you like to do during your down time (when you're not surfing)?
My second passion is art - I love to paint, spray and draw. I am painting a lot on surfboards, canvas's or skateboards recently to vary my creativity. I also did my first art show this summer!

How long have you been on the women's tour and how enjoyable is it?
I have been on the women's tour for three years and it sincerely get's better every year. Sometimes the contests make me nervous but i still have fun because surfing is something I love to do.

What's more inspiring to you at this moment, love and happiness or money and fame?
For sure love and happiness.

What charities are you involved in?
I am involved in Keep A Breast (Association against breast cancer). I recently painted a bust that is going to be sold to raise money for the association. In the future I would love to have my own association for the protection of the environment and the ocean.

Is there any place in the world you have not yet surfed but have always wanted to?

What's the secret to your fit body?
Eat raw and fresh food and always keep my body in action... have fun do sports.

Fancy restaurant or local night club?
Local night club!

What makes Volcom Women's so unique?
We are rocking!!! We are able to be natural and be completely ourself without complex

What do you wan the girls out there reading to never forget?
To believe in your own dream and never give up. You girls are all special and amazing so go big, have fun and be happy !


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As Seen On Allure
Sure, summer has its beauty buzzkills (sunburns, bleached-out highlights, we could go on). But it’s winter that offers up dry, flaky skin, static-y hair, brittle nails, and chapped lips. Two women who combat the elements every day—pro snowboarders Elena Hight (that's her above) and Silje Norendal—let me in on their beauty routines, must-have products, and importance of wearing sunscreen in the winter. What’s your usual beauty routine like? Elena Hight: “I try to keep things simple: bronzer, a bit of blush, and waterproof mascara. I love Bobbi Brown and Bare Minerals." Silje Norendal: “I clean my face every night and morning using cleanser and hot water, then I put on a moisturizer with sunscreen. I put on a bit of foundation under my eyes, a little bronzer, mascara, and liquid eyeliner." What are your must-have products? EH:“I’m constantly on the road, so I always have a good lip balm, a natural hand sanitizer, waterproof mascara, and bronzer with me.” SN: “During the winter, bronzer is my go-to product. It’s just to get a little bit of color.” How do you protect your skin from cold, dry air, and wind? EH: “The harsh cold, wind, and sun definitely affect your skin and hair. I always wear sunscreen—I love the Shiseido one for everyday use. I also protect my hair with coconut oil or Moroccanoil." SN: "When I'm on the mountain, I make sure to use a little extra moisturizer. I'm also always equipped with a good lip balm and moisturizer with sunscreen." Does your skin get irritated? EH: "No, because I drink plenty of water and use coconut oil. I also love Bobbi Brown's Advanced Moisture Cream for my face." Do you have a favorite lip balm? EH: "I love Chapstick with SPF in it while I'm snowboarding. I also really like EOS Lip balm for moisturizing after the hill." SN: "Nivea Sun Protect SPF 20 helps keep my lips from getting sunburned or dried out." Any other cold-weather tricks you can pass along? EH: "I've found that painting your nails, even with a clear coat [of polish] can help them from breaking in the cold, dry weather."
Haute In The City x Patina Rentals
With music and street style playing at a vital force, our Brooklyn inspired collection focuses on the urban streets and the culture that surounds it. We were stoked to collaborate with Patina Rentals in creating a Brooklyn inspired space, showcasing selects from our Spring 15 collection. Animal skins are tamed by abstract florals while light weight airy fabrications are toughened by hints of leather. Rich with attitude, jewel tones and soft neutrals paired with faded black leather accents and metal, lend a glamorous edge to this street wise collection. They created something that was nothing short of amazing. I mean…can we live here?! Patina gave us an inside look at the pieces they used to create this rad setup. "For the BROOKLYN set up we used both our Mali chair and Dope city chair with the Casey Chesterfield sofa and threw the mantle behind it to give it that warmth of a cozy Brooklyn apartment. We layered the sisal with a cowhide rug and used our new Jackson coffee table that has paint splatters all over it- just screams Brooklyn! We propped it with our favorite gold + bronze props and layered some sheepskins in there for texture and wallah! Home sweet home, our beloved Brooklyn vignette was complete!" Have a look and dream on! We can't wait to show you what they created for our San Francisco and Venice inspired collections. Easy Does It Sweater Barclay Dress Shine On Strappy Tank
Dresses that are Sure to Start the Party
Tis the season to be dressed in V O L C O M! We've got 9 party dresses you'll love to wear over and over again during the holiday season! Dress 1 ++ Don't let the name fool you… The Black Sand Dress is a fun, flirty crowd pleaser that will have your fellow party goers turning their heads.   Dress 2 ++ The Hot Number Dress really lives up to it's name. With it's sheer bottom half & sexy slits you'll be the talk of the party! Pair with with black combat boots to give your look an edgier feel.     Dress 3 ++ Let this dress do all the talking! With it's soft velvet texture & grungy floral pattern people will think you scored this beauty at a vintage store! Long sleeves also help with the cold winter months. Pair The Chilled Out Dress with a hat and knee high socks to complete the festive look!     Dress 4 ++ This flowy, tie dye masterpiece is The R E A L D E A L! You'll be bringing chill vibe to any holiday party you go to this winter.     Dress 5 ++ Seeing stripes in the Sweet Nothing Dress! You can never go wrong with stripes, especially during the holidays. This maxi dress is flattering on everyone & can go with any accessories!     Dress 6 ++ Hey there ACE! This lacy little number looks sweet up front but is a major party in the back! We always love a good s u r p r i s e.     Dress 7 ++ Dare to be different in the Midnight Rambler Dress! This folky dress oozes sweet innocence while providing just the right amount of sexy. Plus, the flowy bottom gives you extra room for leftovers;)     Dress 8 ++ This NEVERMORE number is the perfect combination of playful & sweet. You can never go wrong with f l o r a l. Pair with a choker & boots and you've got yourself a flawless 90s vibe.     Dress 9 ++ There's nothing cold about this Cold Blooded Dress. Dress it up with layers of jewelry or play it down with a cardigan and boots. Either way, you'll look like a million bucks.  
DIY || Feather Dipped Ornaments
We've gone ahead and combined our two favorite things for this incredibly easy & fun Christmas Ornament DIY. Feathers & Glitter! Gather your friends around, make some hot chocolate, turn up the cheesy Christmas tunes and start making these fun ornaments for a Christmas you won't forget. WHAT YOU NEED   • gold paint • gold glitter • jewelry wire • paint brush • feathers • scissors • any scratch paper to do the project on WHAT YOU DO STEP I lay out some scratch paper or any surface you don't mind getting a little dirty. Squeeze a dollop of paint on the surface, grab your brush and start painting the bottom half of the feather. Paint downward so it turns out smooth. STEP 2 Sprinkle a good amount of your gold glitter on your piece of scratch paper. STEP 3 Generously dip the painted half of the feather in the glitter. STEP 4 Lay your dipped feathers on a piece of paper to dry for about an hour. STEP 5 Grab your jewelry wire and cut a decent length off. STEP 6 Grab one end of the jewelry wire and start wrapping around the end, maybe 4 times to be safe. Then make a loop big enough to hang on the Christmas tree and wrap the rest on the other side. Last but not least… ENJOY! You've finished your DIY ornament and now it's ready to hang on the Christmas tree! We hope you enjoyed this DIY, stay tuned for our next one coming very soon!
All I Want 12 Day Holiday Giveaway
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