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Mike Ravelson

Mike Ravelson

From: Shrewsbury, MA
Age: 24

@mikerave on Instagram!

-Name- Mike Ravelson
-Hometown- Shrewsbury, MA
-Home Mountain- Ski Ward / Wachusett
-What Month were you born & what’s your Sign?- March and I’m a Pisces.
-Favorite Streetwear piece- This Red flannel I don’t know the name of….but it’s awesome!
-Favorite Outerwear piece- Omega Pants

Mike "Rav" Ravelson sees the world differently than the average person. He is not restricted to boardslides, nosepresses or backside 720s. Rav does handstand slides, summer salts, fast plants, cartwheels, and tail blocks. He sees a 20 stair hand rail and does a layback boardslide, not a halfcab 5-0. Mike Rav lets his snowboarding do the talking, and it speaks volumes. He spent his 2013 season filming for the newest Keep The Change film "Roll-Call" by winter, and lapping the High Cascade tow rope by summer. No matter what time of year it may be Rav is strapped into his snowboard, and most likely, he's the one having the most fun.

-Who do you look up too and why? First of all my family, everyone works really hard at whatever they do, and they’re always supportive. In snowboarding I look up to guys like Pat Moore, Scott Stevens, Grenier, Ted Lavoie, BIG Mike and Tanner Pendelton. I think they have an awesome blueprint for what snowboarding should be: which seems like hard work, friends, and constantly having a good time.
-Where do you look for inspiration? My friends. I have so many talented friends. It gets me psyched watching all of them do what they do.
-One snowboard trip you that you’ll never forget and why? Hard question…everyone has been insane. One that stands out is our first trip this year to New York. We crammed 10 people extremely uncomfortably into the Eastern Boarder Van (has no heat,) with no money, or plan, but ended up being extremely productive. I just think it’s awesome when you’re essentially working with nothing, but still make things happen.
-What is Teleportation and how would you use it? Teleportation is something I’ve been dreaming about for years. I would use teleportation to teleport to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you don’t want to get up. That’s the worst. Also for traveling but most of the time I enjoy a long plane ride or car ride.
-Snowboarding has given me…….. Everything. I honestly cannot imagine my life without it. I’ve met most of my best friends snowboarding and learned so much from it.

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Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Championships - Mammoth Mountain, CA 2014

Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Global Championships converged upon Mammoth Mountain, CA April 19, 2014. Thank You To All The Competitors, Family Members, And Staff That Make The Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Tour Special! This year’s finale marked a decade of PBRJ Championships held in the Unbound Terrain Park giving a real indication that Volcom is certainly “True To This.”  Riders from around the globe were invited to compete for their piece of the $16,500 cash purse while testing their skills against the best up and coming rail riders in the game.  This truly international field of competitors traveled from many locations including Japan, Norway, France, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, and of course the United States.  It is amazing to hear about the voyages made to get to this point with many unbelievable tales to be told. From canceled flights to closed mountain pass roads; these competitors would not be held back as they geared up for the day’s action to begin. The 15 & Under Division was ready to run rampant on the custom contest site as spectators jostled for their viewing positions.  Hot out of the gate, Utah’s Joey Fava got things going with a solid 50-50 boardslide on the flat down rail in zone 1, a textbook bs boardslide pretzel out on the waterfall rail in zone 2, and finished things up with a cab 270 fs blunt 270 out to the flats off the diving board rail in zone 1 that sealed the deal for 1st place.  Minnesota’s Cam Kaiser had the juices flowing with tricks like his half cab tail press bs 360 out off the diving board rail in zone 1 for a rousting 2nd place.  Ontario Canada’s Quinn Dubios wrapped up his season with a solid performance that included a nose press tail grab late fs 180 in zone 1 and a 50-50 boardslide 270 out that helped him into the remaining 3rd place podium position. The entire division demonstrated that snowboarding has a rich group of youth ready to take on the bounds and so called limits for years to come. Fs Boardslide Down The Zone 2 Waterfall Rail Luke Zajac Linking Together the 50' Long Flat Down Rail In Zone 3 Utah's Joey Fava Inching Out To The Deep End Of The Diving Board With A Cab 270 On 270 Out In Zone 1 The 16 – 21 Division was now ready to get to work as they went to the top and strapped up.  There was a lot of camaraderie going on before the heat as they shook out the cobwebs and pumped each other up.  The excitement built quickly as Minnesota’s Eddie Fauth decided to attempt the first gap trick of the day on the massive flat down rail in zone 1 missing the apex of the rail by millimeters and stopping hearts.  Hot on Eddie’s heals; Jed Sky gapped out to fs boardslide and then gap fs 270 lip. From there Jed continued to push forward with tricks like a buttered in half cab to 50-50 bs 360 out on the diving board rail impressing the judges and helping him into 1st place.  Not to be outdone, Eddie Fauth came right back as he chipped away with his own gap fs boardslide in zone 3, half cab 50-50 fs 360 out in zone 1, and a gap fs 270 lip on the waterfall rail in zone 2 for 2nd place.  MN’s rein would not stop there as Benny Milam hammered out the goods with a gap bs 360 50-50 bs 180 out in zone 2 and a cab 270 fs blunt 630 out in zone 1 for the 3rd place spot. Minnesota Grown Garrett McKenzie Gaps 30+ Feet To Flat From A High Speed 50-50 In Zone 3 Minnesota's Benny Milam Squared Up With A Gap Bs Lipslide in Zone 2   British Columbia's Kody Yarosloski Grabs Indy While He Flexes For The Camera Minnesota's Eddie Fauth Goes For The Gusto With A Gap Bs 270 Lipslide In Zone 3 The Women’s Open Division was next to take center stage as the sun shined and the slush built up.  It was apparent that the ladies weren’t messing around as we witnessed a stomped 50-50 fs 360 off the diving board rail in zone 1 that got things started off heavy.  Norway’s Dina Treland came from across the pond spicing things up with some international inspired shred.  She had the judges turning their heads with tricks like her half cab 50-50 boardslide combo down the waterfall rail in zone 2 that aided her 1st place standing.  California’s Danika Duffy kept things tight as she pulled a half cab 50-50 bs 180 out in zone 1, 50-50 boardslide combo in zone 3, and a gap lipslide in zone 2 for the 2nd place nod.  Minnesota’s Kayli Hendricks held the Midwest in the top 3 with tricks like her sw lip 270 out in zone 1, bs lip to fakie in zone 3, and a fs boardslide to fakie in zone 2 to earn a 3rd place podium position. California's Melissa Evans Exiting The Zone 1 Diving Board In Style Kayli Hendricks Having It Her Way With A Fs Boardslide Down The Waterfall Rail In Zone 2 Dina Treland Came From Norway To Become The 2014 Global PBRJ Women's Champion PBJ, Pizza, and Smiles! Volcom's Johnny Lazz Woke Up To A Pizza Party Hangover. The Men’s Open Division was now ready to light the lamp and send this one into overtime. Each year these young men seem to out preform expectations as they charge the features with reckless abandon.  We saw a vast array of tricks including a straight on up and over nollie nose press on the waterfall rail in zone 2, half cab 50-50 bs 360 50-50 fs 180 out on the flat down rail in 3, and a bs 360 50-50 fs 360 off the zone 1 diving board to name a few.  Belgium’s Kevin Trammer had some serious style and a quiet killer approach. He was able to capture the title of PBRJ Global Champion with smooth bs lipslide combinations and a technical bs 180 sw 50-50 sw fs boardslide on the waterfall rail in zone 2.  Mammoth local Mike Gray knows the ins and outs of the Unbound terrain park with the home field advantage. He powered through the features to bring home 2nd place with tricks like his fs blunt 450 in zone 1 and a gap out cab 270 fs boardslide 270 out on the waterfall rail in zone 2.  Colorado’s John Myre had a hustle in his step demolishing the zones with tricks like his fs bluntslide 180 boardslide 270 out to the very end of the flat down rail in zone 3 obtaining 3rd place honors. All the competitors had their A game on, leaving the crowd cheering for more. Minnesota's Mike Skiba Finds That A 50' Rail Is Childs Play For His Skills Washington's Stefan "Krumm Bucket" Krumm Planting On Top Of The Wall For $1000 and Electric California's "Gooeyest Move of The Event" Japan's Ryoki Ogawa Straight Down The Pipes In Zone 2 Norway's Eirik Nesse Floating A High Speed Boardslide Gap To Tranny Finder In Zone 3 Mammoth Local Mike Grey Tail Spinning Out Of The Diving Board In Zone 1 Belgium's Kevin Trammer With One Of The Nicest Bs Lipslides Of The Day We would like to extend a huge thank you to Molly and TJ Dawoud, Caroline Casey, Lauren Burke, Tommy Smith, Tucker Watson, Spencer Myers, and everyone from Mammoth for their diligence throughout the PBRJ championship event.  Much respect to all of the Unbound Terrain Park staff for a great set up and support with keeping the contest site on point throughout the day. Thanks to Kevin Westinbarger for the lens work!  Thanks to Sam King, Tony Conrad, and Matt Robinson for handling the score sheets and keeping eyes on all the madness.  Mad props to Danny Thomas, Tom Lippen, and Weston Park for their help with event logistics and spotting. Thank you to the Volcom family Oren Tanzer, Kurt Blasman, Pat Barraza, Jeff Kabigting, Kurt Thayer, Jeff Arnold, Jeb Desigaud, Jan Prokes, Chris Martinez, Daniel Cabral, and Sandra Gonzalez for their Stone support. Lastly, please check out our awesome PBRJ Championship sponsors, listed below, that added the extra hype at awards. -Rev’d Nutrition Bars -Electric -Gatorade -Kicker Audio -Fender -Cam Caddie Results: 15 & Under Division 1st:  Joey Fava (Utah) - $1200 2nd: Cam Kaiser (Minnesota) - $1,000 3rd: Quinn Dubios (Ontario) - $700 4th: Reid Smith (New Jersey) - $350 5th:  Luke Zajac (Minnesota) - $250 16-21 Division: 1st: Jed Sky (New Hampshire) – 1,200 2nd: Eddie Fauth (Minnesota) - $1,000 3rd: Benny Milam (Minnesota) - $700 4th: Garrett McKenzie (Minnesota) - $350 5th: Kyle Roles (California) - $250 Women's Open Division: 1st: Dina Treland (Norway) - $1,200 2nd: Danika Duffy (California)- $1,000 3rd: Kayli Hendricks (Minnesota) - $700 4th: Melissa Evans (California) - $350 5th: Narumi Sakuma (Japan) - $250 Men's Open Division: 1st: Kevin Trammer (Belgium) - $1,500 2nd: Mike Gray (California) - $1,250 3rd: John Myre (Colorado) - $1,000 4th: Eirik Nesse (Norway) - $500 5th: Ryoki Ogawa (Japan) - $250 Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event”: Stefan Krumm (Washington) - $1000 Rev’d Rider: Eirik Nesse (Norway) - $500 Special Awards: Heavy Slash – Anthony Leyva Jr (California) Tough As Nails – Caleb Bonneville (California) Holding It Together - Jukka Tyni (Finland Line Less Traveled – Tucker Speer (California) Happy Camper – Alex Irons (California) The Day Ended With An Epic Screening Of Volcom's Featured Film True To This At The Underground In The Village At Mammoth! Check Out The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram 

Peanut Butter And Rail Jam - Regional Recap 2013/2014

That's right; the qualifying events for this season's Peanut Butter and Rail Jam tour are in the books! After a whirlwind of tour stops around the globe we'll find ourselves at Mammoth Mountain Sat April 19 for the $16,000 Global PBRJ Championships! The regional video recap above will bring you up to speed on all of the incredible riding and good vibes along the way! More info: Jared Check Out The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Leading Into The 2014 Championship Event: Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram 

Continuing the Legacy - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Ep6

Pat, Guch, Terje and Jamie Lynn visit Baldface, BC for some cat boarding and backcountry powder riding. The guys capture the raw, spur of the moment action that comes along with shredding in the "sanctuary" that is Baldface. Then we get an exclusive first look at Pat's upcoming Volcom Snowboarding film. Catch the full Blueprint Series and watch behind the scenes footage at:

Peanut Butter And Rail Jam - Brighton Resort, UT 2014

Stop #11 of Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam polished off the North American tour at Brighton Resort Saturday, March 29th 2014. It has been a whirlwind of activity as the PBRJ tour traveled across North America for the last 4 months. It has all come down to this as Brighton locals battled with riders from around the country looking for the remaining $15k PBRJ Championship invites.  The contest arena was set in the Milly base area and featured a box-pole-jam-box feature in zone 1, a perfectly set down round bar in zone 2, and flat-down-flat ledge in zone 3.  All three features were fully trickable leaving it up to the rider to stand out among the crowd of their peers.  It was clear that we were in for a heavy day as practice pushed toward the final countdown. The Masses Assembled In The Milly Base Area The 15 & Under Division was ready to go after a quick rider’s meeting laying down the format for the day’s action.  This division held riders down to 9 years of age and delivered a stunning performance.  The field put down tricks like a half cab 50-50 pole jam bs 270 boardslide in zone 1, fs 270 on 270 off on the zone 2 rail, and a gap to down flat half cab 50-50 front flip out on the zone 3 ledge. Nolan Quinn was firing on all cylinders landing many tricks including the quintessential first try bs 360 50-50 fs 180 out on the down rail in zone 2 for 1st place overall and Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event”.  Chandler Hunt was hot on Nolan’s heals staying in Utah just long enough to get 2nd place and his invite to championships before rushing off to The Launch in Seven Springs. Edward Enyart also put the pedal to the metal as he weaved himself through the grape vine of competitors to capture the 3rd place podium position. 9-Year-Old Noah Sherman Pushed His Limits To Receive $100 And The Rev'd Rider Award Chandler Hunt Spinning Fs 270 To Lipslide In Zone 2 Cyrus Morgensen Grabbing Tail Off The Pole Jam Box Feature In Zone 1 Nolan Quinn Going Switch Into The Zone 3 Ledge The 16 – 21 Division laid witness to some serious shredding from the young guns before converging onto the contest site.  This must have given them inspiration to step up their game as they drove fast and took chances.  Minnesota’s Eddie Fauth was on a mission to get his championship invite going ham from the very beginning.  He landed a sw lipslide pole jam fs 450 to boardslide in zone 1, bs 270 lipslide to fakie on the down rail in zone 2, and a gapped bs 360 to flat bs 180 out on the zone 3 box to name a few that got him into the 1st place spot.  Tristin Heiner melded his skills with style as he broke his board minutes into the finals, but still staked his claim for 2nd place in his division.  James Wilson mixed it up as well with tricks like a cab 270 fs boardslide down the rail in zone 2 helping him ride away in 3rd place. James Wilson Went Mute Stiffy Off Of the Pole Jam In Zone 1 Cab 270 Fs Boardslide To Regular From MN's Eddie Fauth Tristin Heiner Sends A 50-50 Through The Pole Jam To Gap Fs 360 Tuck Knee In Zone 1. Broken Board And All The Women’s Open Division was cold as ice as they laid down some dastardly deeds and throwing down the gauntlet. The ladies blasted through the zones landing a variety of maneuvers that included a hot out of the gate fs boardslide down the rail in zone 2 seconds into their heat, a half cab 50-50 pole jam bs 180 sw 50-50 half cab off in zone 1, and a gapped fs 180 sw 50-50 sw bs 180 out on the ledge in zone 3.  Veroniqui Hanssen showed that the proof is in the pudding greasing down the features with a heavy dose of shred to get the 1st place nod, Samantha Kolesky had the “Red Hair Don’t Care” flying as she acquired 2nd place, and Grace Mayernik “pressed” her luck and gathered the remaining 3rd place position. The Real Deal Tail Press In Zone 2 By Grace Mayernik Samantha Kolesky Leaning Into The Nose Across The Ledge In Zone 3 Veroniqi Hanssen With Some Smooth Style On This Fs Boardslide In Zone 2 Keeping It G with Free Food, Gatorade, and Broken Boards The Men’s Open Division was now set to finish off the season of PBRJ qualifying events. It was a scrap to the end as this game of chess went down to the wire piece by piece.  These guys took it to the features with style and speed as they landed a sw bs 270 lipslide 270 out on the down rail in zone 2, fs boardslide through the pole jam gap bs 270 to flat in zone 1, and a half cab 50-50 bs 360 tail grab out to name just a few of the fire crackers throughout.  Alex Lockwood really turned it on in the finals with a stand out half cab 50-50 gap bs 360 blasted to flat calling out checkmate collecting 1st place. Chadwick Flom absolutely destroyed zone 2 with a textbook sw bs lipslide pretzel out in zone 2 that demanded a 2nd place decision, and Brighton terrain park mastermind Treyson Allen knows the ins and outs of each feature acquiring 3rd place with tricks like his bs 180 tail press down the rail in zone 2.  All in all, everyone put it down and deserves a high five for their endeavors. Andrew Tassell Getting After It On The Long Down Rail In Zone 2 Treyson Allen Kept His Name Tag On So Everyone Knows He Works For Brighton Dillon Guenther With A Solid Bs Lipslide 270 Out In Zone 2 Alex Lockwood With A Half Cab 50-50 Through The Pole Jam Gap Late 180 To Flat In Zone 1 Chadwick Flom Stomped This Cab 270 Frontboard To Regular Thank you to Brighton Resort and Jared Winkler for helping with another successful PBRJ in Utah.  Cheers to Mouse and the entire terrain park staff for the rad set up and their help before, during, and after the event.  Thanks to Zander Blackman, Ryan Lanham, and Griffin Siebert for taking down the scores.  Thanks to Gage Thompson for shooting photos. Thanks to Tony Conrad and Jimmy McMenamin for their helping hand throughout the event.  Lastly, check out our gracious tour sponsors listed below for their continued support of the PBRJ tour. -Rev’d Nutrition Bars -Electric -Gatorade -Kicker Audio -Cam Caddie Results: 15 & Under Division 1st: Nolan Quinn 2nd: Chandler Hunt 3rd: Edward Enyart 4th: Joey Fava 5th: Cyrus Morgensen 16-21 Division: 1st: Eddie Fauth 2nd: Tristin Heiner 3rd: James Wilson 4th: Pat Fava 5th: Paxon Alexander Women's Open Division: 1st: Veroniqi Hanssen 2nd: Samantha Kolesky 3rd: Grace Mayernik 4th: Lejawn Allen 5th: Laura Rogoski Men's Open Division: 1st: Alex Lockwood - $250 2nd: Chadwick Flom - $150 3rd: Treyson Allen - $100 4th: Dillon Guenther 5th: Andrew Tassell Rev’d Rider: $100 –  Noah Scherman Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event”: $50 And Electric Shades – Nolan Quinn Check Out The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram 

Mastering the Art of Snowboarding - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Ep 5

In episode 5, we follow one of Pat's personal legends and all around snowboard master, Bryan Iguchi. "Guch" explains his path from pipe rider to back country icon and why back country riding inspires him to grow and progress as a rider. Watch The Bonus Footage Here! _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and YouTube exclusive series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.

Peanut Butter and Rail Jam - Lake Louise, Alberta Canada 2014

Stop #10 of Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam dug deep into the Canadian Rockies at Lake Louise Mountain Resort Saturday, March 22nd 2014. Lake Louise has had a great season once again as they expanded their park to deliver a solid training ground for interior Canada.  Their park boasts a little bit of everything, including may jib features, table top jumps, hips, and even a boarder cross run that resembles a bit of a bank slalom course for all to enjoy.  The terrain park staff took the challenge of creating a custom set up for the PBRJ by delivering a creative and challenging venue.  The site consisted of a 7’ wallride/box feature that towered in zone 1, a floating down flat down rail with a donkey in zone 2, and a floating “tubby” tube with hipped tranny to one side in zone 3.  The riders were released to start warm up throwing caution to the wind as they sent it from the beginning. Majestic Views For Everyone At The PBRJ Site The 15 & Under Division was riddled with excitement as this division held riders all the way down to 4 years of age.  It was really awe-inspiring to see a number of riders 10 years old and under getting their first tastes of PBRJ shredding.   As the heat progressed the hammers began to pound through the zones electrifying the crowd to as they started chanting for the youth.  We saw a text book nose press bs 180 off the top of the wallride in zone 1 that dropped jaws, a gap switch boardslide to regular on the zone 2 kinker, and a notable 50-50 bs 360 off the tubby tube in zone 3 to name a select few. As time expired, Edmonton’s Conner Felix greased the rails to land in 1st place, Jack Collins was a very close 2nd missing the mark by only 1 point, and Braeden Adams rode through with switch and regular combinations to secure the 3rd place nomination. Noah Maisonneuve Winding Up For A 270 Out Of This Lipslide In Zone 1 Jack Collins Leaning Into A Blunt In Zone 2 Connor Felix Half Cab'd Into This 50-50 And Bs 360'd Out In Zone 3  The 16-21 Division was next to fire into the zones like a laser to the top shelf.  There was some serious high shred sticking as the boys forechecked the features into submission.  We saw a mind boggeling fs boardslide pretzel out atop the wall in zone 1, a gapped hardway fs 180 to sw bs 50-50 in zone 2, and a incomparable fs blunt to 450 out on the tubby tube in zone 1.  Sean Marko wore the lumber jack plaid as he locked in the win with a 180 sw 50-50 sw bs 180 out in zone 3, went gnar with a 50-50 monster front flip of the wall in zone 1, and showed us the tech with a bs 180 sw 50-50 half cab out to regs as time expired.  Jake Whitburn ended his day as the runner up with tricks like a sw bs lip to pretzel out on the tube in zone 3 and a gap out stale grab to 50-50 in zone 2. Rounding out the top three was David Joncas as he showed everyone how to sit back and watch the show with a layback tail press bs 180 out off the top of the wall in zone 3. David Joncas Laid Back With His Mind On His Money And His Money On His Mind Jake Whitburn With A Switch Bs Lipslide On The "Tubby" Tube In Zone 3 Sean Marko Chopped The Kinker Down In Zone 2 With A Bs 180 Sw 50-50 Half Cab Out  The Women’s Open Division was next continuing the fire wagon of action for all to gaze upon.  The ladies charged hard on this challenging contest setup and did not shy away.  Japan’s Mutsumi Ido lit the contest site up as she got a boardslide pretzel out on the tube in zone 3, a 50-50 bs boardslide combo on the DFD in zone 2, and floated back down to earth with a proper 50-50 melon grab off the zone 1 wall to capture the 1st place position.  Calgary’s Nicole Oben was right behind with a with a 50-50 on top of the wall in zone 1, a 50-50 through the kink in zone 2 and a nose press in zone 3 for 2nd place. Wrapping up the top 3 was Japan’s Hitomi Tanka with tricks like her boardslide through the kinker in zone 2 and smooth as butter boardslide across the zone 3 tubby tube. 8-Year-Old Molly Hignell Competed In Her 2nd PBRJ And Ripped It Up With The Ladies Mutsumi Ido Squared Up As She Roller Coasters Through The Kink Rail In Zone 2 Hitomi Tanaka Handling A Solid Boardslide On The Tube In Zone 3  Things Got Interesting At The Free PBJ Buffet The Open Division was out in full force and ready to stove in the competition.  It felt as if the contest site was a perfect match for these guys as they cranked up the awesome knob to full power. Andy Milenkovic dialed things in for finals as he landed a gapped cab 270 fs boardslide to regular on the kinker in zone 2, a sw bs lipslide on top of the wall in zone 1, and capped it all off with a sw bs 180 50-50 on the tube in zone 3 for the 1st place nod.  Jordan Blain few in for the event to land a bs 180 sw 50-50 full cab off the wall in zone 1, a nollie bs lipslide through the kinks in zone 2, and finished things off with a hw cab 270 bs lip 270 out in zone 3 for 2nd place.  Jack Lawrence finished in 3rd as he landed a switch lip pretzel out in zone 3, a gap sw bs lip in zone 2, and handled a remarkable full cab sw 50-50 half cab off on the wall that also collected him Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event” award with $50 and a pair of Electric shades. Justin Brisson Grabbing Some Tail As He Gaps Out To Bs Lipslide In Zone 2 James Banks With A Stale Fish Bs Boardslider Off The Wall In Zone 1 Ryoki Ogawa Received The $100 Rev'd Rider Award For His Un-Mistakable Style And Ripping Jordan Blain Stomps A Hardway Cab 270 Bs Lip 270 Out In Zone 3 Jack Lawrence Making Good On This Gap Sw Bs Lip In Zone 2 Andy Milenkovic Has His Switch Game On Lock Thank you to Brenna Spademan and Lauren Tuck from the Lake Louise Events & Promotions department for their logistical contributions.  Thanks to Bryan Kroker, Andrew Taylor, Rocket, and the rest of the terrain park staff for building and tending to the site throughout the day.  Much love to our judges Liam Glass, Jonathan Chew, and Evan Lavallee for their diligence on the score sheets.  Thank you to our Vco family Ryley Ellement and Ashley Gergel for keeping up on the odds and ends.  Lastly, thank you to our tour sponsors listed below for kicking in the extra for the PBRJ. -Rev’d Nutrition Bars -Electric -Gatorade -Kicker Audio -Cam Caddie Results: 15 & Under Division 1st:  Connor Felix 2nd: Jack Collins 3rd: Braeden Adams 4th: Nathan Roy 5th:  Noah Maisonneuve 16-21 Division: 1st:  Sean Marko 2nd: Jake Whitburn 3rd: David Joncas 4th: Brett Krasman 5th: Brett Mills Women's Open Division: 1st: Mutsumi Ido 2nd: Nicole Oben 3rd: Hitomi Tanaka 4th: Jenaya Jenkins 5th: Elysha Piller Men's Open Division: 1st: Andy Milenkovic - $250 2nd: Jordan Blain - $150 3rd: Jack Lawrence -$100 4th: Jasper Westbury 5th: Ryoki Ogawa Rev’d Rider: $100 – Ryoki Ogawa Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event”: $50 And Electric Shades – Jack Lawrence Check Out The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram