Mitch Coleborn

Mitch Coleborn

From: Nambour, Sunshine Coast Age: 28

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Birth Place: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Currently Living: Wurtulla

Years Surfing: Since the days of my youth

Sponsors: Volcom, Monster, EPOKHE, Creatures, SOL Republic, Chilli surfboards

Favorite Spot: Out the front

Favorite Country: Australia

Surf With: MG

Side Tracks: This and that

Where To Next: Tubes and Tours

Goals: Tour

What Gets You Hyped: Good music

Color Of Choice: Can't go wrong with black

Favorite Music Right Now: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Inspirations: House design / interior design


Volcom presents True To This: Mitch Coleborn "Never Ending Path"
After a day of mostly epic conditions yesterday for the 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro, stormy wind conditions and a drop in wave height have led to less-than-contestable surf for Day 2 here at the Banzai Pipeline. Contest officials have called the first “Lei Day" of the event and the next call will be made tomorrow morning at 7:30am HST. In the meantime, WATCH THIS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of Volcom team rider and Pipe Pro competitor Mitch Coleborn getting absolutely barreled out of his mind in Fiji!
Volcom presents True To This: "North Shore Household"
Volcom Stone presents… True To This: “North Shore Household” featuring the Volcom surf team getting shacked and shredding out front of the Volcom houses on the North Shore of Oahu. Riders: Gavin Beschen, Kawai Lindo, Dave Wassel, Carlos Goncalves, Balaram Stack, Alex Gray, Zeke Lau, Tom Dosland, JD Irons, Parker Coffin, Dusty Payne, Miguel Tudela, Tai Vandyke, Mitch Coleborn, Yago Dora, Carlos Muñoz, Kai Mana Henry Also check out the previous True To This videos featuring Dusty and Burch!: Volcom presents True To This: Dusty Payne "Sanctuary" Volcom presents True To This: Ryan Burch "The Rush of the Continuous Rhythm"
Coming of Ageless - Mitch - Tropical Grovel
COMING OF AGELESS • the ongoing volcom surf web series with the potential to be whatever it wants to be without a schedule • direct/cut: ryan thomas • producer: matt shuster
The Black and White Edits - Mitch Coleborn
The mention of Mitch Coleborn should ignite brain sparks to the tune of: Power, a tail that works in reverse gravity, eyewear entrepreneur and maybe-probably-totally soon-to-be world tour surfer. We ain’t gonna bore you with words about Mitch’s importance in the Mod Coll movement, ’cause you already know. What we will light you up with in the following conversation is info about three things: This clip, the first in a new series from Epokhe called The Black And White Edits, Mitch’s dance with the new phase of his surfing career, and just how peachy it is to have your name on the creators list of a killer eyewear label. Adore the footage, then get lost in the words. Stab: The footage, while fresh-as-hell, is from last year. How come it was shelved so long? Mitch: I don’t like putting edits out myself, I wanna at least do it through... (Read the full interview at
Congrats Kelly Slater! 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro Champ!
The inhabitants of Namotu and Tavarua Islands were up and stirring before dawn this morning as it was pretty well known that a champion would be crowned later this day. The contest directors held off for a couple of hours to get past the high tide mark and then, at 9:15am Fiji Time, the first horn sounded and the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro quarter-finals were underway at Cloudbreak. Kelly Slater standing straight with hands wide on his first wave of the finals. – Photo: Andrew Christie To say the the quarter-final heats were stacked was simply stating the obvious as every remaining competitor had the potential to take out the rest and come out on top. John John Florence(HAW) would grab the first big score of the day with a trademark long barrel ride that would earn him a 9.1 score against the then world tour point-leader, Jordy Smith(ZAF). Jordy answered back with some of the best open face maneuvers of the contest yet his efforts were in vain as Florence hammered the proverbial nail in the coffin with a near perfect 9.93. Mick put on a Cloudbreak clinic all day, but was no match for King Kelly in the end. – Photo: Bielmann The next heat, where Sebastian Zietz(HAW) faced off agains Kelly Slater(USA), will surely go down in history. Kelly opened with a 10 point ride and Seabass was unable to answer back. Kelly would go on to score another 10 before the heat was even half over, earning him one of the few perfect 20-point two-wave scores in history. Up next was Josh Kerr(AUS) vs. C.J. Hobgood(USA) who had to fight through a lull in the swell and lower scores in which C.J. squeaked out the win. After that we saw defending champ Joel Parkinson(AUS) go up against fellow Coolie kid Mick Fanning(AUS). The conditions were similar to the previous heat and fanning took the win by a mere three-tenths of a point.   C.J. made made a valiant attempt at the final but was edged out by Mick in the final minutes of the semis – Photo: Bielmann …And then there were four. It had been about 2 years since Kelly Slater and John John Florence had faced each other in a one-on-one situation and the waves had turned back on just in time for their semi-final heat. Florence seemed uncharacteristically out of rhythm allowing Slater to annihilate just about every wave that came his way ultimately earning him the win. C.J. Hobgood seemed to have the next heat in the bag until Mick Fanning, needing an 8.7, came through at the last minute with a whopping 9.07. John John and Kelly met head to head for the first time in 2 years in a thrilling semi-final battle. – Photo: Bielmann After a short break it was time for the final round and it was as if the ocean knew that two titans were about to do battle, for the conditions at Cloudbreak just started going off! Mick started things off with a beautiful 9.2 ride directly followed by Kelly, arms wide open, on a macking poster-worthy barrel. Mick’s surfing was on point, but Kelly just seemed to be getting better and better throughout the heat with excitement levels so high that we even saw some rarely seen ‘claims’ from the eleven-time world champ. There was just no stopping Kelly Slater who finished out the final with a 19.8 score and the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro Championship! Mick and Wooly christening the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro Champion, Kelly Slater!. – Photo: Bielmann Volcom would like to congratulate Kelly Slater on his second consecutive Volcom Fiji Pro win and thank all of you for tuning in to yet another spectacular event here in the beautiful Fiji Islands. A big thanks goes out to all of the wonderful people at Tavarua and Namotu Island Resorts, Fiji Airways, New Era, RedBull, SurfLine, Electric, Kicker, Islands, TransWorld Surf, Incipio, Uncle Toads, Digicel, SurfCredits, The Fiji Surfing Association, the ASP and every one of the many many people who made this event come together to be such a success. Until next time, BULA! VINAKA VAKA LEVU!
2013 Volcom Fiji Pro - Day One Highlights
Bula! Today was an epic first day of competition at The Volcom Fiji Pro. Cloudbreak was in the 4 to 6 foot range with near flawless conditions. The day started out with The VQS Global Champs and the youngsters were treated to some amazing waves. The standouts of the VQS were Miguel Tudela (Peru), Jordan Lawler (Aus) and Tom Cloarec (Fra) who scored a 10 point ride on a lengthy Cloudbreak tube. After witnessing the quality of waves and surfing during round one of the VQS it was time to get the main event underway. The wildcard Mitch Coleborn posted a 19.33, the highest heat total of the day with a perfect 10 and a 9.33. Be sure to check out today’s photos, the day 1 highlight video and every heat on demand!