The Volcom team made its way up to the beautiful central coast this past weekend for the annual Goldfish surf series at Pismo Pier. We showed up the night before for our pre party at Moondoggies Beach club. We got the BBQ blaring the tunes blasting and the free grinds flowing. As time slipped away we may have partied a little to hard and sure enough the very nice Pismo Beach PB showed up and told us it was time to call it a night. The next morning we were greeted with cold offshore wind and fun 3-5 foot surf. We signed up the rest of the competitors and tossed the Juniors division in the water to start the contest. The day rolled along, the sun came out, the temperature rose to about 87 degrees and the pier was packed to the gills with people from all over the state. The surf stayed perfect all day and before you could blink an eye it was time to start the finals. Check below for a recap of the days events. The pre party went down at Moondoggies Beach Club and we literally partied till they shut us down.   The waves built throughout the day and the Squids were getting a little nervous during the finals.   Crazy Jeff was on the mic all day entertaining the crowd and heckling poor Nate Tyler.   Breyden Tayler was the man to beat in the early round heats.   The hat press line extended all the way across the pier at one point.   The Groms filled in from all over the beach to participate in some classic Volcom shenanigans!   The waves were super fun in the morning and with the swell filling in all day it would just get better and better.   The Squids go nuts for Pismo Pier and there was no shortage of them with 6 first round heats.   Kade Matson was in the Squids division just one year ago and now he has moved on to winning the Groms division!   The fruit winners of the event including the Watermelon award and the new Pineapple award were given to the best  and craziest Groms of the day.   Kairi Noro surfed great all day and and earned himself a spot in the final.   The Juiniors and Groms winners walked with prizes from KICKER, CLIF BAR, and much more.   Kei Kobayashi was showing us just how to put things together in the early morning glass.   The Girls got their hand on goodies from WEST WETSUITS, GOLDCOAST SKATEBOARDS and tons of grinds from Volcom.   Breyden Tayler solidified the win with this little gem of an air in the finals.   Special thanks to all of our Sponsors without them the tour doesn't happen.   Izaiah Hansen worked his way through the early heat to earn a respectable 5th place finish in the Juniors.   Your #Goldfish winners and their prizes.   Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: ELECTRIC VISUAL SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO TEAM ASSOCIATED GOLDCOAST SKATEBOARDS FUTURE FINS FAMOUS WAX CLIF BAR WEST WETSUITS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN PROLITE RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Breyden Tayler - $500.00 2. Trevor Thorten 3. Austin Newman 4. Nate Leal 5. Clay Pfaendler 6. Austin Clause JUNIORS 1. Keiyo Nishi 2. Kei Kobayashi 3. Sean Woods 4. Braden Jones 5. Izaih Hansen 6. Kairi Noro GROMS 1. Kade Matson 2. Keanu Kamiyama 3. Noah Slawson 4. Karey Svardel 5. Dylan Hord 6. Fisher Baxter SQUIDS 1. Santiago Heart 2. AJ Menna 3. Levi Slawson 4. Bryce Pinkerton 5. Cole Sandman 6. Otis Kelly GIRLS 1. Ashley Held 2. Kirra Pinkerton 3. Daisy Baxter 4. Julie Hernandez 5. Chenoa Firpo 6. Abby Newman ELECTRIC VOLT THROWER Clay Pfaendler - $100.00 All photos provided by Wayne Kelly and T KITZ Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @volcomvqs