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Ozzie Wright

Ozzie Wright

From: Sydney, Australia
Age: 38

@ozzywrong on Instagram!

Birth Date - 7/1/1976

Birth Place - Sydney

Currently Living - Bali

Height - 6 foot

Weight - 80 Kilos

Sponsors - Volcom, Electric, Santa Cruz, Gorilla Grip

Volcom rider since - The 90's Grunge era

First board - A Sheely 5'10" thruster

Warm Ups - Toe touching

What gets you motivated to surf? - Mind clearance time

Side Tracks - Rock 'n roll, painting, family life

Music/Bands - Miley and the Milkshakes, Goons of Doom, Jonathan Richmond, Bob Dylan, Felice Brothers, Daniel Johnston , Velvet Underground, Fait Accompli

Videos/Movies - The Unicorn from the Planet Zorb

Best style - Ali Boulala

Random Information - My new board is painted like a rainbow with a big smiley face on it

Favorite Volcom Jeans - My tight blue ones, super cool

Favorite Boardshorts - My new ones with three stripes

One thing you can't leave home without - Ukulele

Special Thanks - Miley, Rocky, all the people who have helped me along the way there's thousands of them. I appreciate it thanks

Ozzie Wright Wears




A WHAT YOUTH ORIGINAL SERIES PRESENTED BY VOLCOM And now, without further ado, the world premiere of our new series Panther Vision directed by Jamie Heinrich. This first episode features Ozzy Wright and his band of hoodlums The Goons of Doom during a recent music sojourn through the back alleys and beaches of California. The rest we're going to leave to your own psychedelic interpretation. Stay tuned for a new episode of Panther Vision presented by the legends at Volcom every month right here and only at

Shoot Rainbows into Fascism - Anti Bad Vibe Clothing by Ozzie Wright

Ozzie Wright is an artist, surfer, musician, visionary, pillar of positivity, beacon of hope, dreamer, lover, adventurer, and a creator of all things radical. Ozzie has developed this colorful collaborative collection of Anti Bad Vibe clothing to surround you with good vibrations, sunshine and cosmic coolness… Tune in, vibe out, enlighten up. anti bad vibe shield from the dope city on Vimeo.