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Quincy Davis

Quincy Davis

From: Montauk, New York Age: 21

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DOB: 05/18/1995
Birthplace: South Hampton, New York
Currently living: Montauk NY in the Summer and Fall and Puerto Rico for the Spring and Winter.
Years surfing: 7 years
Sponsors: Volcom, Oakley, Bill Johnson Surfboards

What do you love most about being a pro surfer, and what’s the toughest part?
I love being able to travel around the world with some of my best friends doing what I love most. The feeling after surfing all day is the best! I think the toughest part about about being a pro surfer used to be trying to do school work as well as travel a lot, but now that I have graduated it is much easier.

Which style of music do you listen to before a heat?
I like a wide variety of music genres, it can go from a super girly pop song to rap. I like Jay-z 's new album right now.

What do you think it takes to be number one?
Focus and confidence with your surfing.

What is your motto in life?
Everything happens for a reason- I think of of this line a lot when something isn't going the way I wanted it to.. it helps! haha

What do you like to do during your down time (when you’re not surfing)?
I like hanging with friends, shopping, reading and downloading/ listening to new music.

Dress or jeans?
Jeans more than dresses.

Do you prefer staying in and having a mellow movie night or going out with friends?
The majority of the time I prefer a mellow movie night.. except special occasions it fun to get all dressed up and go out with the girls.

Out of all the places you have traveled to, which place stands out and why?
Maldives, its beautiful and has picture perfect waves!

What is your go to meal the night before a contest?
Nothing in particular..something more on the healthy side I guess.

What makes Volcom Women’s so unique?
I think Volcom Women's has the most awesome team! All the girls from surfing to snowboarding to skating are all so cool and fun to hang out with. Were all so different but get along so well!


A Candid Photo Journal: Welcome To Water Hawaii Campaign Shoot
Get a behind-the-scenes look into the 2016 Season 1 campaign shoot for Volcom's Welcome To Water campaign! Earlier this year the marketing team took off from our Costa Mesa, CA headquarters over to the heavenly Hawaiian Islands to scout some locations for our then-upcoming shoot for our new boardshorts and swimwear. Little did we know (or did we?) they would come back with some amazing results and tons of footage to include for a game-changing video directed by Volcom's Creative Director, Mike Aho. Check out the video here & take a look at a candid photo journal from the trip from Richie Olivares, one of our esteemed marketing gurus. PHOTOS: Richie Olivares, @rich_landos CAMERA: Olympus XA Nate Tyler Carlos Munoz Tai Vandyke Carlos Munoz Mitch Coleborn Carlos Munoz, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler  Mitch Coleborn  Quincy Davis  Carlos Munoz 
Volcom Stone Presents: Quincy Davis "True To This": Montauk in Fall
Volcom women's surfer Quincy Davis has traveled the world chasing waves yet her favorite place to be is still her hometown of Montauk, NY. Being one of the only women representing surf on the east coast she's been featured in The New York Times, the Today Show and to have been photographed by the amazing Annie Leibovitz. "To walk down a street in Soho and see my billboard on a brickwall is amazing and all because I surf" - Quincy Davis Check out a glimpse of Montauk in Fall.
Energizer Bunny
We've all been there, slumped over our desks, our eyes fighting to stay open. Why must we feel this way? We shouldn't!! We've come up with a no fail solution to those sleepy eyed blues and no it doesn't involve drinking 12 cups of coffee….well maybe just a little coffee. Here are 3 ways to jump start your day and help keep you energized all day long! 1. Jump start your body - This one is a no brainer….EAT BREAKFAST. Your morning meal is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day, especially when you have a long day ahead. If you want to go healthy {which you should} choose fiber! High-fiber cereals with low-fat milk; yogurt mixed with wheat germ; scrambled eggs with whole-grain toast; omelets stuffed with veggies & reduced fat cheese; last but not least toasted whole-grain English muffins topped with peanut butter. Yum, our mouths are watering just thinking of all the deliciousness. Couple each of these breakfast ideas with fresh fruit & orange juice and you'll be on your way to go with a bang! 2. Re-energize your body - Now this one is very important. You can't just eat one breakfast and stay up all day, that's not how your body works. You constantly need to be feeding yourself with nutrients & vitamins, but in small portions! Eat every few hours and include the winning combination of lean protein and fiber at meals and snacks. Try energy-boosting, portable combinations like yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit; turkey or grilled chicken wrap with veggies and hummus; trail mix; granola bars; and string cheese! 3. Hydrate! - When in doubt, chug water. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8x8 rule so that should make it easy to remember! not only does water hydrate you, it hydrates cells, keeps your skin fresh & softens your hair. Always carry a water bottle with you, we love Camelbak water bottles to help save you & the environment.
Last Friday we capped off the final weekend of the US Open with a VIP balcony party at the Surlfine headquarters in downtown Huntington Beach. It was a hangout of epic proportions with friends like Coco Ho, Quincy Davis, Maud Le Car and Dax McGill relaxing in our outside lounge and surf room. Speaking of surf room, photographers Willie Kessel, Brian Bielmann, Tom Carey and JCK Photos showcased their work featuring our team riders.  Tacos, Pacifico beer, Banzai Acai bowls and fresh Suja cocktails were huge hits. By the time the band came on, the vibes were flowing in our Volcom Women’s lounge; a spot for our Volcom family to escape the crowds while still feeling apart of the action down below. It was a great night all around, thanks to our guests and the huge support from Surfline! Volcom Women's Outdoor Lounge Photo collage by Willie Kessel, Brian Bielmann, Tom Carey and JCK Photos. Good vibes Pat Curren's band, Clean Spill bringing the sound. Open bar with specialty Suja cocktails. Gina Turpel, Coco Ho, Quincy Davis and Marc McMorris chilling on the patio. Willie Kessel, Gina Turpel, Katie Zeppenfeld, Stephanie Prince, Brooke Overend, Nicole Spencer and Chelsea Caputo hanging in the surf room. Serving up Pacifico! Coco Ho, Quincy Davis and Maud Le Car Photos by Chris Martinez
Quincy Davis On Beach Beauty
When Quincy Davis arrived at the Vogue offices on a recent Wednesday afternoon, it was nearly impossible not to notice her quintessential blonde beach hair and tawny, poreless skin. Standing in stark contrast to the office set, the 19-year-old Volcom-sponsored surfer has built a life on her days in the sun.   A Montauk native who has been surfing since she was seven, Davis has learned a thing or two about making the look work for her. Days spent carving out lines on waves from Australia to Puerto Rico or hitting her favorite breaks in Hawaii and the Maldives may leave her little time for makeup, but they require a professional-level knowledge of hair and skin protection. Here, Davis sat down to talk to us about the best waterproof sunscreen, après-sun hair treatments, and the most energizing meal in the Hamptons. You’re outdoors and on the water all day. What do you use to protect your skin? I’m constantly in the sun, so I’m always trying to protect my skin as much as I can. When I’m surfing, I always wear Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream+ because it really stays on in the water. I’ve been using it for five years, so I trust it. I don’t wear makeup when I surf, but that sunscreen is a little tinted, which helps. When I’m out of the water, I like wearing Coola SPF 30 on my face, because it’s really soft on your skin, but isn’t too thick or greasy. It doesn’t feel like it’s blocking your pores. What about skincare? I’m always traveling on planes and being exposed to different climates, so I have to stay moisturized. I wash my face with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser because it’s gentle and use the Clarisonic. At the end of the day, I just want to get everything off, especially the sunscreen, and the Clarisonic takes care of that. I’m really into oils right now—I think they hydrate my skin the most. Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil works really well for me. I put it on after I wash my face to give my skin a good glow. How does surfing and traveling affect your hair? My hair gets fried from the sun and from being in different types of water. I’m always trying to restore moisture and keep it as healthy as I can. Before I go in the water, I put Moroccan oil at the tips of my hair and in the front because that’s the part that gets the most sun. Twice a week, I do the Kérastase Masque Elixir Ultime to soften my hair and make it more manageable, and after I shower, I always put in Bumble and Bumble’s Quenching Complex to hydrate it. Do you get any salon treatments? After being away for a few months, when I get back to Montauk I go to nearby AKF Salon and get a Pre Art clarifying treatment to strip all of the bad water out of my hair. It makes your hair a lot healthier. I’ve gotten a Keratin treatment a few times to restore protein. It helps tame my hair. You’re so fresh-faced. Do you ever wear makeup? I do wear makeup occasionally when I’m going out with the girls or out to dinner. I’m a fan of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer because it has SPF, it moisturizes, and gives me an even complexion. I’m a big fan of natural-looking makeup, like NARS Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer duo. For my eyes, I just discovered Blinc mascara, and I’m a really big fan of the way it volumizes and lengthens. My eyebrows get really light from the sun, so if I want to make them pop more, I love the Lancôme eyebrow pencil. Being a professional athlete keeps you in great shape, but do you do anything aside from surfing to cross train? My shoulders and arms get the most toned from surfing from all of the paddling. It’s a good thigh workout, too. But I like to change it up with running, cycling, and boxing. I get bored of the same thing. What do you like most about surfing in the Hamptons? It’s fun to be able to surf here with my family and closest friends. In the fall, we get a hurricane swell. The waves are better, and the crowd has usually left by then. But even this summer, there was a really fun day of barreling waves. My brother and I stayed out for hours. Where is the best after-surf meal in Montauk? I usually go to my brother’s restaurant, Happy Bowls, for an acai bowl. It’s the perfect re-energizing meal for me after a day at the beach. Read the full story here:
Coco Ho & Quincy Davis / / Land of the Free
In 1991 we started something big. Volcom became the first ever brand to incorporate surf, skate and snow thus launching America’s First Boarding Company. The “first” in our title can be replaced with a lot of things… MOST passionate, liberated, innovative, true. These words describe our brand, employees, ambassadors, customers and of course, our athletes. In honor of the 4th of July, our team decided to celebrate the great USA the best way we know; By using our freedom to do what we love. To stay true to our roots, our passion and our boards. Read a little into Coco and Quincy's life in America! 1.  Where is your favorite spot to surf in the US? Coco: No doubt my favorite spot to surf is anywhere in my hometown of Haleiwa, Hawaii.  Second favorite would be anywhere in Southern California!  Quincy: At home in Montauk or Hawaii- warm water :) 2.   Tell us about your favorite board… Coco: Surfboard? Haha.. my favorite board right now is my comp board- 5'5.5 x 17.83 x 2.06 shaped by Mayhem/ Matt Biolis!  Quincy: My favorite board is a fred rubble from Channel Islands. Its really fun all around board. I have fun on it at beach breaks as well as a reef point breaks. 3.  Favorite thing about your hometown? Coco: Favorite thing about my hometown would be it's small town country beach vibe! Two of my favorite things combined- country & beach.  Quincy: How small it is and distant it is from everywhere else. 4.  Where is the first place you go (in your hometown) when you get back from a surf trip? Coco: First place I go when landing in America and back from a trip is Starbucks! Or in my hometown my favorite bakery- Wailua Bakery.  Quincy: Happy Bowls 5.  Most memorable 4th of July? Coco: Since I was 10years old I've been spending every 4th of July in San Clemente, California where they do it big; firework shows off of every cities pier! But oddly enough my most memorable was when I was on a boat with a few Americans and other friends from around the world and got to use the captains flares as fireworks and celebrate the beauty of this holiday in the middle of no where in Indonesia. Something about being patriotic no matter where you are was so fun!  6.  Favorite thing to do on 4th of July? Coco: Wear red, white & blue! And fireworks- my brother and Dad have always been big on fireworks!  Quincy: Go to the beach for a bonfire and watch the fireworks with all my friends.. Its an annual ritual since I can remember. All the locals drive on the beach, play music and build a huge fire. We never forget smores either! 7.  What quintessential American things influence your life the most? Coco: Music! Im definitely a sucker for all our great American musicians from Dave Matthews Band to Madonna to Janet Jackson to all my currents favs like Beyonce, Jack Johnson to Taylor Swift! They influence me above and beyond to this very day.  Quincy: A good ole American bbq is a common thing at my house hold. Hot dogs and burgers .. also can never go wrong with some country music playing… Im pretty into country right now actually. 8.  What’s it like to travel the world as an American? Coco: It's great! I feel like we have enough influence on the rest of the world that we are widely welcomed and embraced.  Quincy: It's great and always fun rooting on other Americans competing and supporting one and another! I love getting to experience and see other cultures, but home is such a comforting place to come back to. Home of the free and pretty good food must say! 9.  Are your parents/grandparents all American? Coco: Yes! Moms side mom and dad hail from Louisiana and my dads mom from Oregon and dad from Hawaii.  Quincy: No my grandma is pretty much a full Italian. 10.   What are some funny stereotypes you hear about American’s from people around the world? Any of them true? Coco: We over eat and are unhealthy which I do believe is half true but I also feel like in America it's easiest to eat healthy at fast food places, so we're changing pace!  Quincy: haha.. sometimes we are known for our fast food and how all our food and drinks are supersize haha.. I guess it kinda true, our small coffees are a large in Australia! 11.   What makes you proud to be an American? Coco: For such a large country that is always antagonized we do well to recognize the recognizable. We have a sense a pride so wide spread and a deep deep love compassionate enough to heal and over power our faults.  Quincy: I'm really lucky to call America my home. We have so much freedom compared to some of the less fortunate countries I have traveled to. It really makes coming home feel that much more special.