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Rune Glifberg

Rune Glifberg

From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Age: 39

@runeglifberg on Instagram!

Birth Date: 10/7/1974

Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark

Currently Living: Copenhagen, Denmark

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Volcom, Flip Skateboards, Converse, Rockstar Energy Drink, Oakley, Ricta, Utility Board Supply, Independent Trucks

Volcom Rider Since: 1994

Rune Glifberg Wears



Skate Team Covers!

If you have been paying attention to our instagram or facebook page, then you know that the Volcom skate team has been killing it, landing themselves on covers worldwide! Check them out below. Grant Taylor is on the cover of the January issue of Transworld Skateboarding which was shot by none other than the head of the Volcom skate program / pro skateboarder / photographer, Remy Stratton. This shot in particular was shot at Whitefish Skatepark in Montana while we were filming for True To This. The full story will be in the mag that is out now, pick it up and read about our travels in big sky country! Check out the video below of when they surprised Grant with the cover. For all the supporters of the stone in Europe, Copenhagen local Rune Glifberg got heavy with a padless back smith on 5 feet of oververt and landed himself on the cover of Sidewalk Magazine! This was on the Volcom X Parlour Skateshop tour, which you can watch below! Louie Lopez also landed on the cover of the Sidewalk Magazine Buyers Guide! Lastly, but definitely not least, Pedro Barros got the cover of Brazilian mag Cemporcento Skate with a GNARLY smith grind out in the harsh South American streets!

Volcom at the Vans Pro-Tec pool party

This years Van's Pro-Tec Pool Party lived up to it's reputation by being one of the most exciting bowl events of the year. The sessions are always intense and on edge all day. It was apparent from the start that Bucky, Pedro and Rune (each of which have won this event more than once in past years) were going to battle it out all the way through to the finals and that's exactly what happened. The results were Bucky 1st, Pedro 2nd and Rune 3rd. Big thanks from Volcom to Pedro and Rune for putting forth a truly gnarly day of battle. Being there was incredible and it's no doubt the crowds were equally impressed. The whole block was roaring. Pedro - fs air on the round Back Smith Off The Hip AlleyOop Indy Backside air on the round Pedro -fs ollie Front Smith Seatbelt 540 on the round Pedro - pedro poolside indy 5 on the square! Rune - FS Ollie over the Hip nosebone on the round backside smith off the hip frontside heel Rune and pedro Winners!


Volcom's team rider Rune Glifberg is featured on the cover of the 3rd annual Hasselblad Masters book. Ken Herman won the Hasselblad Masters photo competition, and came out to Los Angeles for a few weeks and hooked up with some of Volcom's team riders to finish up his new series featured in the book. For more information check out Ken Hermann's website. Or get your own copy of the 3rd Anual Hasselblad Masters here.


Another Summer X-Games has come and gone and Volcom's skate team was able to do all sorts of damage while grabbing up a variety pack of awards. Leticia Bufoni won Silver in Women's Street, Pedro Barros won Gold in Superpark with Rune Glifberg getting the Bronze and Collin Provost won the fan favorite in Real Street. Congratulations to all of our skaters! Now check out some photos of them shredding: David Gonzalez, fs 5-0 Dennis Busenitz, back lip Grant Taylor, boneless David Gravette, bein' awesome Leticia Bufoni, front lip Alex Midler, 5050 Pedro Barros Pedro, Indy 540 Alex Perelson Geoff Rowly Rune Glifberg, Lien Rune, Lipslide and as promised, here's that topless video


Pedro Barros and Rune Glifberg went 1st and 2nd place for the 2nd year running at the 2012 Protec Pool Party on Saturday evening. The event was packed, with a skateboarding's royalty and a capacity crowd to cheer them on. Pedro and Rune shut the bowl down throughout a heavy finals session and came out on top. Volcomgratulations to both!


Pedro, Stalefish 540 Pedro Barros has done it again, and again, and again! Taking yet another win after Bowl-A- Rama in Wellington NZ, Bowl-riders in Manly and then the Bondi Bowl Jam at Bondi Beach NSW Australia. That is 3 comps this month and Back to back wins defending his crown at the Bondi Bowl Jam. The competition was fierce as Bucky Lasek came 2nd and Rune Glifberg 3rd. Rune was a crowd favorite with his smooth clean precise style floating lofty airs well above head hight. Bucky had a huge bag of tricks mixing it up on the lip and in the air, but Pedro had the juice with his massive power lines, blasting upside down 540's indy and melon, getting screams from the crowd and the judges. Once Pedro was announced as the winner half of Brazil jumped out of the crowd and stormed the young Brazilian. Congratulations Pedro!! Rune and Pedro Collecting Checks! Rune, Tailgrab Pedro, Kickflip Indy Alex, Frontside Tailgrab Rune, Stalefish Results: Pros 1. Pedro Barros – $16,000 2. Bucky Lasek – $9,000 3. Rune Glifberg – $5,000 4. Nathan Beck – $3,000 5. Nolan Munroe – $2,300 6. Joshua Rodriguez – $2,000 7. Steve Pineiro – $1,700 8. Jack Fardell – $1,600 9. Kalani David – $1,500 10. Juergen Horrwarth- $1,400 Masters 1. Steve Caballero – $5,800 2. Nicky Guerrero – $3,000 3. Mik Mulhall – $2,000 4. Rob “Sluggo” Boyce – $1,800 5. Sergie Ventura – $1,500 6. Eddie Elguera – $1,400 7. Adam Luxford – $1,300 8. Pat Ngoho – $1,200 9. Sean Goff – $1,100 10. Lester Kasai – $1,100