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Ryan Burch

Ryan Burch

From: Oceanside, CA

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Birth Place: Oceanside, CA

Currently Living: Encinitas, CA

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160 soaking wet

Sponsors: Volcom Clothing and Wetsuits, Spy Optic

Volcom Rider Since: I think 2004

First Board: 7'0" mini longboard. With lots of nose rocker so that I wouldn't pearl

Warm Ups: Coffee

What Gets You Motivate To Surf? Just about anything. New place, new swell, new board, or just the right mind set

Side Tracks: Making surfboards.

Music / Bands: Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin

Videos / Movies: I don't watch a lot of movies

Best Style: Occy

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Roadhouse

Favorite Boardshorts: Fixie Mod

One Thing You Can't Leave Home Without: Reese's

Special Thanks: Everyone that makes surfing interesting


Volcom Stone Introduces Ryan Burch for Psychic Migrations
Volcom Stone presents Psychic Migrations, a Veeco Film Production directed by Ryan Thomas. Coming September 2015. - Music - Song: Brush Artist: Bitchin Bajas Release: Bitchin Bajas Courtesy of Drag City Records iTunes: Amazon (vinyl):   Photo: Bielmann
Ryan Burch… The Rush of the Continuous Rhythm
Ryan Burch puts the pedal to the metal on the walls of Bangko-Bangko and pulls into some heavy ones at Grajagan Bay after sharing a few thoughts on self-expression, how surfing and the asymmetrical boards he shapes fit into that, and what it is about being on a wave that excites him. Direct & Edit Ryan Thomas Cameras Jimmy “Jazz” James Ivan Tanjung Additional Cameras Matt Shuster Ryan Thomas Interview Audio Matt Shuster Producers Ryan Thomas Matt Shuster Music “Ain’t Gonna Listen” performed by Slow Season courtesy of Riding Easy Records