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Ryan Burch

Ryan Burch

From: Oceanside, CA

@bobbersandsinkers on Instagram!

Birth Date - 1/1989

Birth Place - Oceanside, CA

Currently Living - Encinitas, CA

Height -6'1"

Weight -160 soaking wet.

Sponsors - Volcom Clothing and Wetsuits, Spy Optic

Volcom rider since -I think 2004

First board -7'0" mini longboard. with lots of nose rocker so that i wouldn't pearl.

Warm Ups - Coffee.

What gets you motivated to surf? - Just about anything. new place, new swell, new board, or just the right mind set.

Side Tracks -Making surfboards.

Music/Bands - Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Led Zepplin.

Videos/Movies - I don't watch a lot of movies.

Best style - Occy

Favorite Volcom Jeans - Roadhouse

Favorite Boardshorts - Fixie Mod

One thing you can't leave home without - Reese's

Special Thanks - Everyone that makes surfing interesting.

Ryan Burch Wears



Totally Crustaceous Tour - Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

THE MONO AULLADOR SURF SERIES TOOK PLACE IN EPIC SURF AT PLAYA HERMOSA, COSTA RICA MAE! We woke up at 5am to check the waves and much to our surprise we saw epic Playa Hermosa Condition with double overhead bombs showing up. We hurried to set up the tents and get the contest started as kids started showing around 6:30 am to secure their spot at the contest. Heats started around 9am with the Pro-Am division and we saw the first epic barrel of the day from Noemar Mcgonaggle just before the horn. The contest went smoothly until we hit the low tide that forced us put it on standby until 1pm. In the meantime staff from the contest started filling up some water bombs and the war was on! Things got even wilder when some kids started pouring cherry and blueberry syrup with a little bit of flour everywhere! The contest was back on at 1pm with the under 10 division and the whole crowd at the beach was pumped up seeing this little rats charging triple overhead waves. Around 5 pm the finals took place, where our birthday boy Noemar Mcgonaggle took the win over Cali’s Muñoz brother, Alberto Muñoz. He received his check along with eggs, flour, syrup and people singing happy birthday. Congrats to all the finalists for such an amazing event and their level of surfing. Pura Vida! TCT “Mono Aullador” Layout at beautiful Playa Hermosa. Local kids signing up at the event. We built a slide for the kids. Stonegirl. We gave the kids healthy food and drinks. Kids playing with syrup and flour. Pura vida! Little girl getting ready to charge triple overhead waves. Grommie attack Valentina Resana with only 9 came from Nicaragua and showed the boys how to do it right. Nino’s Myrie son Ziggy keeping the talent alive. Off the lip. Palito won the under 16 division with turns like this. Noemar Mcgonaggle won the Pro-am division and will be flying to Newport. Custom Volcom Coconut Trophies.

The Totally Crustaceous Tour hits Makaha for the final stop of the Pufferfish Surf Series.

The final event of the 2013-2014 Pufferfish season finished off with a bang at Makaha on Saturday March 22nd. With some solid swell and good conditions in the forecast we knew by mid week that the event was going to be on. Saturday morning, we pulled up in the dark at the world famous Makaha beach to find perfect 2-4ft rights, looking more like Lower Trestles than somewhere in Hawaii. Needless to say it was packed with Groms ready to surf. We started the first heat at 7:30am sharp knowing it was going to be an all day affair. Before we could even blink it was time for the finals and to give out the awards! Thanks to everyone who made the event such a success, especially Kai Borg, and the Volcom surf team for donating some of their boards for some lucky winners.   The legendary Makaha beach on the beautiful island of Oahu!   Charlie Akau showing the rest of the field what a proper turn should look like!   Kids love the antics and with so many prizes to give away kids will do just about anything!   Koby Clements (@kolbyclements) made the long trip all the way from Australia to compete in the last TCT event of the year!   How does your contest director surf? Uncle getting wet after the event!   Tai and Bord getting the lunch going for the Westside Groms!   Baron Mamiya was ripping all day and made quick work of the early heats!   Non stop games all day for the little gremlins! Ice cream in Hawaii??!!   The girls division was on fire all day and with the talent just getting younger and younger we should expect big things from them in the future!   The Westside Squids are second to none! Coming out in full force every year!   Koby Clements made his trip worth it taking a second place finish in the Squids division and qualifying for the TCT Champs!     Baron Mamiya fell short in the Junior final, but wouldn't leave empty handed, taking down the Volt Thrower and $100 cash!   Finn Mcgill was surfing like a man possessed all day took home the Groms victory!   The Volcom team donated 4 boards for the some specially selected kids and boy were they stoked!   Baron getting the shot just before unloading on this Makaha section!   Nothing caps off an event better then a good old fashion promo toss!   Cassidy Kuakini banking one off the top on his way through the early round heats.   The winners walked away with goodies from Goldcoast Skateboards, Electric, and West!   Another sunset on an epic TCT season! See you at Champs! Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: ELECTRIC VISUAL SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO TEAM ASSOCIATED GOLDCOAST SKATEBOARDS FUTURE FINS FAMOUS WAX CLIF BAR WEST WETSUITS PRO LITE WATERMANS SUNSCREEN DAKINE RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Kalani David - $500.00 2. Maikai Macnamara 3. Kai Matsumoto 4. EJ Mitsui 5. Matty Costa 6. Reo Inaba JUNIORS 1. Elijah Galtes 2. Barron Mamiya 3. Charley Akao 4. Taichi Wakita 5. Christopher Bluthart 6. Chaysen Kim GROMS 1. Finn Mcgill 2. Koa Matsumoto 3. Ocean Donaldsen-Sacsis 4. Dylan Franzmen 5. Cole Alves 6. Jake Ricbuano SQUIDS 1. Eli Hannemann 2. Kobi Clements 3. Brodie Sale 4. Ben Bensen 5. Robert Grillo 6. Diego Perri GIRLS 1. Zoe McDdugall 2. Dax Mcgill 3. Sunny Patey 4. Julie Nighimoto 5. Emily Nighimoto 6. Kealohi Sabate ELECTRIC VOLT THROWER Baron Mamiya - $100.00 WATERMELON AWARD Noah Bradbury All photo's provided by Toto. 


Carlos Muñoz took first place at the Alas Prime Event in Ecuardor! His rail to rail and air game swept the rest of his competitors! This was the third stop of the Alas (Latinamerica Surf Asociation) tour. The event is rated as a Prime and had the best surfers from Latinoamerica and Brasil. In the final, Cali defeated the former Latin champ, Francisco Bellorin from Venezuela. Cali ended up comboing Francisco with a total heat score of 16.34! After the win, the boys went straight to Montañitas for the Volcom True To This Premiere… And yeah, it was a big night of celebration with the Volcom crew!!! Good Job Cali!!! RESULTS: 1. CARLOS MUÑOZ (CRI) 2. FRANCISCO BELLORIN (VEN) 3. LUISMA ITURRIA (URU) 4. JASON TORRES (CRI) Special thanks to SUMBAWA and all the Ecuador Volcom Family. Photos provided by Alas Latin Tour

Volcom Invades El Isla Del Encanto!!!

The Volcom Team set sail and landed in Puerto Rico a couple of weeks ago. We had a large crew, including Balaram Stack, Carlos Munoz, Parker Coffin, Noah Schweizer, Pat Schmidt. Also joining us from El Caribe was Ricardo Delgado, Aron Gieger, Willito Carasco, and Brandon Sanford. We scored some fun waves, warm nights, good coconuts, and also met some great people! We rounded out the trip with the premier of 'True To This' at the Pool Bar in Rincon. Was quite a night of festivities!!! Thank you, Puerto Rico, and thanks to all who came out to see the the movie and celebrate with us! Photo Credit: Tom Carey Parker is no stranger to Puerto Rico, he was ripping! Noah Schweizer whips one around in front of Carlos Munoz. Carlos was doing these in the water and on the dance floor! Don't let these innocent smirks fool you!? haha Team Bonding! Noah dropped his wallet a couple times. Parker let loose on this trip! Good vibes! There was never a dull moment, one punts, one cheers! Sun up to sun down, these dudes were ripping! Pat Schmidt in the moment Good Vibes All The Time! Yeah that happened! Carlos was on fire… Bal tail high. Oh, so pretty… haha Pat doing his thing down the beach. The Pull Bar was packed for the True To This Premiere! Club Destroy members! RJ, Tom and Billy! Aron not Aaron <Told you, this kid has moves in and out of the water! Stoneman had a blast in PR! Until Next time!

Dusty Payne Interview - Surfing Magazine

The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast just happened and Dusty Payne wasn’t there and that’s weird. Dusty is one of the most talented surfers in the world. A place for him on tour was only destiny. But after a few years of ill-timed injuries and lackluster results on the WCT, Dusty bit the dust. He’s now off the tour — but certainly not off the map. As he talks about in the interview below, this year he’ll be chasing fun instead of chasing 4.5s. But come on now Dusty, 4.5s? We’ve seen that tail toss of yours — and it’s at least worthy of a standalone 7.33. —Brendan Buckely SURFING MAGAZINE: Are you planning on competing at all this year?  I’ll compete in a few events, but I won’t be taking the WQS too seriously. I’m just going to whatever waves I like, the ones that have went well in the past. So you’re not trying to get back on tour?  That’s not my focus right now. I didn’t... ((Full Interview on Surfing Magazine's Website!))

Congratulations Alex Gray! - Dive 'N Surf Oregon Pro Champion!

Alex Gray wins the Dive 'N Surf Oregon Pro! Alex's first Big Wave World Tour event at Nelscott Reef in Oregon! Congrats Alex! Killing it! "Today was a good day. Congratulations to everyone. We are bringing it home to the South Bay! This ones for Chris Gray, Jim Miller, Kirk McNulty, and Bob Meistrell!" - Alex Gray