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Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler

From: San Clemente, CA
Age: 24

@shecks on Instagram!

Birth Date: 12/30/1989

Birth Place: La Palma, CA

Currently Living: San Clemente, CA

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Volcom, Red Bull, etnies, Plan B, Oakley, Nixon, GoPro, Independent, Grizzly, CCS, Panasonic, Andale, and Ethika

Ryan Sheckler Wears



2014 X-Games Austin

This past weekend Volcom riders and other top pros barged the heat and converged in Austin for the X Games. Volcom Riders Pedro Barros, Grant Taylor, Alec Majerus, Nassim Guammaz, Rune Glifberg and Ryan Sheckler killed it all weekend and almost all of them took home medals! Peep some of the action below! Pedro threw out this mental melon 540 in his runs! Watch the run that got Pedro gold below! Grant blasting a stalefish for the cameras and crowd. Grant's signature frontside airs were blasting all weekend. You can watch Grant's run too! He was ripping all weekend with so much style In skateboard park Grant Taylor took home silver and Pedro barros took home gold! They were hyped! Nassim Guammaz also took home a medal grabbing bronze in the am division of skateboard street Alec Majerus, Nollie Big Spin. Ryan Sheckler and Alec Majerus Alec Majerus, Backside Flip Am-but-good-enough-to-be-pro Alec Majerus got Bronze on the skateboard street pro contest! Congrats Alec! Grant Taylor, Beanplant. Click the image to see a full X Games Park recap over at Transworld. Alec Majerus, Frontside Feeble frontside 180 out. Click the image to see a full recap of X Games Street over at Transworld.

Ryan Shecklers "Skate For A Cause"

On May 3rd, we cruised out to the Sheckler Foundation's 'Skate for a Cause' fundraiser that helps fund projects that do good for the community. With a monster list of skaters from all around and the awesome Etnies Lake Forest skatepark, we knew it was going to be a fun day of skating for a good cause! Check out a couple photos below of our Volcom riders that came out for the event! Midler cruising through a test run of the Volcom 'Skate Cross' race through the skatepark Alex Midler playing it cool, came too close for comfort during the races Ryan Sheckler racing his brother Shane through the course, both seemed to have alot of fun! So much fun watching the races! Ryan racing legend Christian Hasoi through the skatepark Ryan coming through the final turn of the Volcom 'Skate Cross' contest Alex Midler got this 270 kickflip lipslide after a short battle, Sean Malto got the clip on the gopro and Jamie Thomas got it on insta! Ryan pulled this MASSIVE alley-oop 540 during the best trick contest Volcom Family! Alex Midler, Ryan Sheckler and Leticia Bufoni In between shaking hands, signing autographs and taking selfies with fans, Sheckler still managed to skate and get this kickflip over the rail! Alex took a couple heavy slams to get this 270 lipslide down the 11 stair, but he pulled it! Alex Midler, Nosegrind Leticia Bufoni, Nollie Inward Heel To see more of the event, check out Transworlds photo and video recaps and go to to learn more about the foundation!

Volcom X Sheckler, Welcome Back!

Ryan’s legacy with the brand dates back to 1998 when he was signed at the age of 8 and after a brief departure his passion for the Stone led him back home. Driven by his love for skateboarding he also continues to affect people positively through the Sheckler Foundation. Which supports great causes that have a direct benefit and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes. Volcom couldn't be more ecstatic to embark on the many new and exciting projects to come, starting with Ryan’s involvement in the new surf, skate, snow film, ‘True To This’, which celebrates the connection and camaraderie of this culture that we all love. ‘True To This’ premieres on March 1st, 2014 at Volcom HQ in Costa Mesa, CA followed by a global premiere tour.

Welcome Back Ryan Sheckler

The long and grinding road has led Sheckler back home. Eager to hit the streets with the Volcom team and start logging clips, Ryan lands in the eye of the storm as Volcom finalizes it's newest feature film 'True to This'. Stay tuned as the tales from these journeys make their way from the concrete to the screen. Volcom X Ryan Sheckler, True To This since 1991. Be on the look out for photos Ryan and the Volcom skate team are posting this week by following @shecks and @volcomskate on Instagram.