A skateboarders path wanders. There are movements in the body and thoughts in the mind. It’s not a race, it’s a dream.

Volcom is celebrating 30 years of dream weaving with folks such as yourself, folks who’s souls have been touched by the art of boarding and more importantly, folks who have blessed us with Family Love. We all thank and appreciate you here at Volcom. This board is for you as a token of appreciation. Let it be your escape vehicle into enlightenment for both your conscious and unconscious future explorations. Be radical, be free and may the Stone always provide you with eternal stoke.

Use it as a wall hanger, perhaps to emanate positivity in your home, or bust out some wood tools and shape this little beauty into whatever space ship you desire.

If you dare to shred this thing, by all means, please do, you have help. This angular plank is a board Paul Schmitt, the almighty professor, makes for a program he has in place called Create A Skate. This scholastic program teaches youngsters what goes into making a skateboard and Paul dives deep to share a great deal of information on the matter. Take the plunge, check out his pdf with detailed instructions on how to cut this deck into any shape you desire.

Whether you cut it and skate it, or just hang it on the wall, perhaps share your creation using #TrueToThis.

While visiting with Chicken at Screaming Squeegies, Volcom SVP of Skateboarding, Remy Stratton, reminisces while holding a board from Chicken's archives, a 30 year old, first run Volcom board, screened by Chicken in 1991.
Remy with Paul Schmitt outside his factory, PS Stix. And Chicken delivering the finished decks after screening them.