Loyalty Rewards Program Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Rewards program?
Create an account on www.volcom.com to become a Member. Membership is free. Visit www.volcom.com/blogs/campaigns/volcom-stone-rewards for more information.



I’m from outside the United States, can I join?
Not at this time. This program is currently only offered in the US.



After I join, do I get points for my past orders?
No. Only purchases after join date are eligible for points/rewards.



I made a purchase, where are my points?

Points for purchases made online are added into your account after your order ships.



How do I redeem my points for a Reward?
Points can be redeemed toward discount Rewards at checkout. You must be logged in to your account using your Volcom Stone Rewards email address to redeem points for Rewards at checkout, receive free ground shipping, and/or to apply any Member-specific promotions.



How do I know how many points I have?
Login using your Volcom Stone Rewards email at www.volcom.com/account/login and navigate to “My Account”. You can also see your points at checkout.


For more information on your Membership, visit “My Stone Rewards” under your account to view your points, tier status, how to earn points, your activity, and more! Stay most up to date by signing up for Volcom emails and/or text messages (and earn 15 pts!)


Email: https://www.volcom.com/pages/vsr-newsletter-sign-up  


Text: https://www.volcom.com/pages/vsr-sms-sign-up



Can I apply both my Rewards discount AND a current promotion to my transaction?
No. One discount promo code per online order.



How can I use more than a $50 discount Reward?
$50 is the max Reward discount to be used per transaction. Only one discount can be used per order. To use additional Rewards, create a separate order and apply your Reward.



I returned my order using a discount Reward. Where’s my Reward?

For full order returns using a Reward, the points used for your Reward will be refunded back to your account after the refund has processed.


For partial order returns that were paid entirely by using a Reward, we will add back the appropriate amount of points to dollar amount being returned.


For partial order returns paid with both a Reward and method of payment, you will first get refunded back the dollar amount being returned to the method of payment used on the order. If the amount left after a refund is greater than the discount used, then we do not return any points. For example, your order was $100, and you applied a $20 discount Reward (200 points). Your total payment is $80. If you later make a partial refund of $70 on this order, you will get $70 back. You will not get the $20 Reward back as your discount would still apply to the order. Additionally, the amount of points earned would reduce to 10 points to account for the actual amount paid.


For partial order returns where the return amount exceeds the amount paid and uses part of your discount Reward, then you will receive the remaining balance in points. For example, your order was $100, and you applied a $10 discount Reward (100 points). You later return $95 of this order, then the final amount becomes $5. You did not need to use $10 worth of points for a $5 purchase, so we refund you $5 worth of points.



I returned my order and have less points.

Any points earned from the returned order will be removed from your account. If you’ve earned points on a purchase and that purchase is partially refunded, your points will be reversed and you will only earn points for the remaining amount.



Why do I have negative points?

Points are earned for every $1 spent. You’ve made a purchase and earned points, then apply those points towards a discount Reward on another purchase, then return your first item. The points will be removed from your account as you have “spent” them, which will result in a negative balance.


When do I get my birthday Reward?
Log in to your account on www.volcom.com, visit “My Stone Rewards” and input your birthday month and day. You will then receive 100 points worth a $10 Reward on your birthday. For fraud prevention purposes, if you input your birthdate a day after it applies, you will be granted the Reward the following year. If you enter your birthdate within 30 days of your actual birthdate, your Reward will be granted in delay, up to 30 days. If you enter your birthdate prior to 30 days, your Reward will be granted on your birthday.



How many times can I submit a review for points?

5 reviews max



When do my points and/or tier status expire?
Points and tiers expire within 365 days of your last purchase(s) or point(s) earned.



Can I get points on both my online orders and in-store purchases?



I want to delete my Stone Rewards account.
Contact Customer Service to remove your existing account:  https://www.volcom.com/blogs/contact-us