Volcom Eyewear


We have a vision that turns obstacles into opportunity, a creative courage to tempt the impossible... And embrace the strange.  Telling us to push further... To try again.  Endlessly seeking elevation, we are all connected by this same internal force.  Forever we chase that intoxicating moment when our vision is realized... The world around us goes quiet... And for brief moments, we are more alive.  Volcom Eyewear is a premium collection of both active and fashion frames as diverse as the people they are built for.


Volcom's journey to a new future began humbly more than 12 years ago and has continued to evolve ever since.

It's an ongoing effort of turning sustainability commitments into actions with responsible manufacturing practices, better fiber sourcing, assessing our impacts and meaningful give backs.  One more way, that Volcom remains, True to This.


  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified
  • Bio based material
    • Castor bean oil
    • Reduces dependency on crude oil
    • More sustainably farmed than sugar or starch based biomaterial
  • Leader in sustainable manufacturing
    • All waste water treated and reused in facilities and irrigation 



Available in 3 frame shapes

  • 4 Base
    • Typically found in fashion, lifestyle and optical frames, 1 base is our flattest lens offering
  • 6 Base
    • With just a slight curve, the 6 base offers great coverage for active lifestyles and fashion frames
  • 8 Base
    • Ideal for higher activity, the 8 base hugs the curves of your face for an optimal fit




What is polarization?

  • Polarization is the process in which reflected light “GLARE” is eliminated by a lens filter
  • Volcom’s polarization eliminates 100% of glare, providing the eyes with a relaxed feeling while allowing true color perception

What is the difference between low end & premium polarization?

  • Low end – Laminated polarized filter which causes visual distortion and provides minimal glare reduction
  • Volcom = Premium mold injected polarized filter which causes no visual distortion and provides maximum glare reduction

*Volcom Eyewear not eligible for expedited shipping or discount*