Volcom Fair Compensation Commitment

As a fully accredited company with the Fair Labor Association since 2018, Volcom has committed to uphold the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct in their supply chain with the utmost dedication. The Code of Conduct is based on International Labor Organization (ILO) standards and seeks to protect the workers who manufacture a company's goods.

Volcom, LLC. recognizes fair compensation as a human right and works with the Fair Labor Association to uphold that right. Fair compensation enables every worker to earn enough weekly wages without overtime that allows workers to support themselves and at least two family members, and save for the future.
The FLA uses wage benchmarks as guideposts to understand workers’ wages in specific countries and regions. These guideposts are a tool for companies to determine fair compensation progress. Volcom uses the FLA’s Fair Compensation Dashboard and tools to measure living wage progress for workers.

In 2021 Volcom set an ambitious goal to complete the wage analysis on 30% of its factories. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on both internal resources and our partner factories, Volcom completed wage analysis on 21% of its suppliers. In 2022 our goal is to complete the wage analysis for an additional 25% of our factories and will continue the process with urgency until all factories are complete. We will use this data analysis to report on our progress in improving wages for workers.

Volcom is dedicated to the future of this planet and its people and will use the wage analysis studies to improve our planning and purchasing practices so that we positively impact the workers, families, and the local communities, civil society, and unions where our factories are located. From our supply chain to our riders, ambassadors, employees, partners and retailers…all the way to the creative youth out there reshaping the world around them, we are all True To This