2016 Costa Mesa Damn Am Presented by Volcom

This year marked the 15th anniversary of the very first Damn Am that was held in the parking lot of our old office back in 2001, 15 year later the Skatepark of Tampa Damn Am has grown into the amateur skateboarding proving grounds it is today! Winners from this contest got a spot at the Tampa Am contest as well as a chance to compete in Street League. With the timing, it just so happened that the Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening World Premiere Tour was just wrapping up and we figured it would be rather fitting to end the premiere tour with one more in our very own skatepark. Click the photos for a full recap of each day and watch the video recaps below. HUGE THANKS to the entire Skatepark of Tampa crew, Pizzanista, Pabst Blue Ribbon for the beer on Friday, 805 Beer for the rest of the weekend and everyone who came out!

Day 1 – Best Trick and Holy Stokes!  Premiere

Maurice Jordan took home the Independent Best Trick with this switch front blunt shove!

Day 2 – Qualifiers

CJ Collins was ripping each day! He had these kickflips over the pyramid on lock.

Zion Wright and Alex Midler ended up getting the ‘Golden Tickets’ , sending them straight to the finals on Sunday.

Day 3 – Finals

Alex Midler came out swinging in the finals! In the end who would have thought that the ones who qualified 1st and 2nd would be battling out of for the entire contest! This is the moment they announced Alex had won. Congrats to Alex Midler on taking 1st, Zion Wright on taking 2nd and Last years Costa Mesa Damn Am winner Wacson Mass on taking 3rd!

This is How Alex Midler won 2016 Damn Am!

Photos by Bart Jones