Meet Bree Kish - Volcom For Every Body Muse

We enlisted Bree for our Volcom For Every Body women’s campaign which embraces body positivity with all-inclusive women’s sizing options.

Meet Bree Kish, the red-haired beauty who is changing the game in the plus sized modeling industry. You’ve probably seen the 22 year old model flooding your Instagram feed looking stunning in a bikini or dressing up as one of her favorite Disney characters. Bree’s striking features and fun personality are only a few of the reasons why we love her. Continue reading to learn more about our favorite real life mermaid.

How do you feel in your Volcom Jeans?

BREE: “The jeans I am wearing right now are super comfortable, and honestly probably the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever put on. They are very stretchy. I feel like I can just kick and frolic and go about my day and jump around.”

What do a pair of jeans have to have?

BREE: “I like my jeans to be stretchy. I gotta move!”

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– Sizes up to 24W

– Available in three colorways

Figure-hugging, cropped styling, versatility from hip to hem, the Liberator Leggings is an easy look that dresses up or down. Includes just the right amount of stretch to give you movement while holding your shape.

What’s your daytime denim look?

BREE: “A daytime denim look for me would probably be, obviously some denim, maybe a button- down shirt, boots and maybe I’ll throw on a hat!”

What does Volcom For Every Body mean to you?

BREE: “Volcom For Every Body means being inclusive. I think it’s so important to note that there are so many different types of bodies in the world and everyone should feel like they have a place where they can express their personal style the same way.”