Meet Deap Vally - Volcom For Every Body Muse

We enlisted Deap Vally for our Volcom For Every Body women’s campaign which embraces body positivity with all-inclusive women’s sizing options.

If you’re wondering who the band is behind the song for our Volcom For Every Body video, look no further. The ladies of Deap Vally have been bringing rock music to Los Angeles for seven years and they have no plans of stopping. Their easy-going style, laid back personalities, and passion about the environment are just a few of their great traits.

We are also teaming up with the ladies of Deap Vally to offer a free Deap Vally t-shirt with the purchase of any Volcom Women’s jeans (choose ‘Select your free gift’ above the shopping cart when checking out). Keep reading to learn more about Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards from the band Deap Vally.

What do you love about your jeans?

LINDSEY: What do I love about my jeans the most? I love that jeans are comfortable. I can pretty much only wear things that are comfortable.

JULIE: I like this denim because when I put them on, they went on easily which is nice. Kind of like a second skin.

How do you feel about body positivity?

LINDSEY: All the body positive moments are like one of the great things that’s happened in my lifetime. It’s really encouraging that everyone can get their body out, whatever their body is, and it’s like body diversity.

JULIE: Agreed. I think it’s definitely one of the coolest movements going on in fashion.


Julie (left) wears the Vol Stone Jeans in ‘service blue’


Lindsey (right) wears the Liberator Leggings in ‘black out’

Can you do it in your jeans?

LINDSEY: Can I wear Volcom jeans doing my passion? Yeah, for sure. I can play music in my jeans and I can also work in my garden in my jeans.

JULIE: We definitely live in our jeans. It’s funny to talk about our denim as if you could remove them from our lives because I don’t know what we would be wearing then.

What does all-inclusive mean to you?

JULIE + LINDSEY: All-inclusive means that no one gets left out of the conversation and everyone is welcome to join the party.