Volcom Joins (Red)® in the Fight Against Aids and Celebrating Global Female Empowerment Through Music and Arts

Volcom Joins (RED)® in the fight against aids in celebrating global female empowerment through music and arts

Hosted at the Volcom Garden,  Austin, TX on March 15, 16 and 17, the program featured the musical lineup featuring Kelela, ESG, US Girls, Kurt Vile, La Luz, Shame, Bat Fangs, Now,Now, CHAI, Baum, Residual Kid, Magna Carda, Psychic Twin, Shopping, Fat Tony, Natalie Press and Chulita Vinyl Club. In addition to the live music every day, the three-day event featured special activations by (RED) partners, Baxter of California, who hosted an all-female pop-up barber shop, Wanderlust that provided outdoor yoga and meditation each morning with instruction from Austin’s Black Swan Yoga, a live painted mural by Tyler Wallach, and Salesforce storytelling on impact in the fight to end AIDS.

Through your attendance and participation, the event collectively raised enough money to provide over 12,400 days of life-saving medication to those living with HIV/AIDS, which today is still the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age worldwide.

“What empowers us? Honestly, being believed in by other women.”

“I’m empowered by expressing myself and my opinion confidently....being in spaces where that’s encouraged makes me feel empowered.”


“I’m empowered by being a woman who teaches herself everything.”


“What makes me feel empowered is doing things for myself.”


“What makes me feel empowered is being able to express myself through music. I know that sounds cliche, but artists like India Arie, Janelle Monae, and Lauryn Hill have encouraged me to express myself through music. Your words and your music can shine through and empower people to be authentic. That’s what I’m inspired by. People who go up and pour their heart out behind a mic. They’re not afraid to fail. It inspires other people to do the same.”