Girl Squad With Hannah & Jordi, Rocketing Our Brewster Coach Jacket

It seems that everywhere we look, there’s a new rad girl squad to be envious of. Whether it’s a squad of 10 girls or just 2, it seems that friendship between girls is stronger than ever and we here are for all for it. We spent the day with best friends, Hannah and Jordi in Oceanside, CA as they rode around on their skateboards wearing their matching Brewester Coaches Jackets. Read our interview with Hannah to see how their mini squad got started and give them, @captainhanski and @jordimonster, a follow on Instagram. All photos by Daniel Williams (@xcadaverx)

Tell us about your girl squad! How did you two meet and how did the friendship blossom?

HANNAH: Jordi and I first met when I moved to San Diego 6+ years ago and I was looking for a job close to where I lived, she worked at the frozen yogurt shop by the beach and helped get me hired there, we worked together for a few years, the job was super chill and we got to do lots of fun things there and bonded over that. We would ride our longboards along the strip by the beach any chance we got. Then we both were looking for new living situations and became roommates too, she’s like a sister to me, we’ve traveled all over and love going on adventures together, I couldn’t ask for a better roomie/friend/family, we’ve been through so much over the years and she’s always been there through everything.

What do you look for in a best friend?

HANNAH: Someone I can always be myself around and feel comfortable talking to and doing the most random things with and can hang with through the highs and lows. Someone who is kind and positive and upbeat and encouraging!

What are your favorite things to do together?

HANNAH: Going to the beach/amusement parks, riding long boards, going to concerts followed by In n Out or Taco Bell, and going on road trips and spontaneous adventures together!

What is one thing that only you know about Jordan and what is one thing that only she knows about you?

HANNAH: She was one of the first people to catch on to knowing I only sneeze when I’m in the sun and she knows my OCD quirks so well. And I know some of her daily odd habits better than anyone else, like her morning ritual of grabbing a red bull first thing and going back to sit in bed and watch Youtube videos until she’s full awake, also she’s terrified of spiders and this is the only time she will scream.