How To: Embroidered T-Shirt Tutorial - Volcom Holi-D.I.Y.'s

socks white shirt turmeric and rubberbands
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Give an old t-shirt, jacket, (or whatever) some floral flare with these easy peezy embroidery DIY.
May include a quick trip to the craft store, but after that you’re good to go!


  • Shirt (or whatever clothing you’re looking to spice up)
  • Hoop
  • Multi-colored string
  • Needle
tee in a hoop
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  • Attach the hoop to your garment.

  • Sketch out a floral pattern.

  • Stitch in a flower petal, and repeat until flower is done.

  • Flip over and tie a simple knot

multiple colored flower embroidery
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  • The repeat with new colors for other flowers.

  • Tie a knot and cut off the end, then pull through for flower centers.

embroidering flowers
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  • Add simple stitch for flower stems.

  • Boom!  You’ve got a flower garden.