Jack Robinson Wins WSL CT event in Mexico

Volcom’s Jack Robinson has cracked the code. At age 12, he burst out of surfing’s most raw frontier wearing a George Greenough throwback bowl cut straight in to the collective surf-stoked consciousness of surf fans, surf media, and veteran tube masters who all touted this youngster as the second coming. A dynamic mix of Bruce Irons, with elements of Taj Burrow, and the savage skills of a young Andy Irons—Jack Robinson had big shoes to fill, and heavy tubes to navigate on his path to glory.

With huge expectations on his shoulders, he started his climb to superstardom. At 15 he was already considered one of the best tube riders of a generation. At age 17 he was doing airs on par with the world’s best flyboys. At age 20 he started doing well in QS contests. At age 21, he started winning. Robbo went on a terror spree of the QS making finals and taking scalps all over the world. He won the illustrious Volcom Pipe Pro in 2019, he won the last QS on tour at Sunset Beach and qualified for the WSL Championship Tour.

Jack battled through a tough learning curve, and in 2021, he got first win, a massive victory for a rookie in perfect surf at the Corona Open Mexico in Barra De La Cruz.  Jack ravaged the field, defeating World Champion and current ratings leader Gabriel Medina along the way. Jack won this immensely important event with a mix of gouging rail work, lofty airs, and deep barrel riding—Jack reminded the world that he is as freakishly talented as everybody thought he was.
The last winner of a WSL CT event in Mexico was none other than Andy Irons, a stat not lost on Robbo.

“Andy has always been a huge inspiration.  I’ve been inspired by Andy and Bruce since I was a kid, to be compared to them, and to win an event that Andy won before me is really special.  I feel like I was searching to find the zone, and now that I’ve found it, I feel like I’m just getting started.” 

With this win, Jack Robinson has jumped to 12th in the world, one of the highest ranked rookies, well above the year-end cut line, and solidly requalified for the upcoming 2022 Championship Tour. Now that Jack has “found the zone”, the only way for Robbo is up. It’s safe to say that Jack Robinson is gunning for the top spot, Jack Robinson is officially in the race for the 2022 World Title—this is not a threat, this is a fact.

-Chris Cote