Jackson Pilz wins 2017 Australian Skater Of The Year!

Just when you thought the Skater of the Year party train ended after Kyle Walker won Thrasher’s ‘Skater of the Year’ and Daan van der Linden won ‘European Skater of the Year’ for the second year in the row, Jackson Pilz has been chosen as Slam Skateboarding’s ‘Australian Skater of the Year’!!!

Three SOTY’s, ONE Stone! So how did this all happen for Jackson? Take a look below for a little recap on what Jackson did in 2016!

To start off the year, enjoi skateboards decided to officially put Jackson on the team! As he explains in an interview with Slam Skateboarding

“Louie [Barletta], Zack [Wallin], Ben [Raemers] and I had a team dinner sort of thing and we were drinking and talking about enjoi. Then Louie just said, as of now, you’re on. Then we drank way more and partied ’til we all blacked out (laughs).”

The enjoi team also took a trip down to Australia where Jackson he went on a little demo tour with teammates Ben Raemers and Caswell Berry down the Aussie coast.

We took Jackson on a little road trip to Austin, TX with a few of his Aussie mates to film for Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. Stories and photos from the trip ended up in Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Some of Jackson’s Heaviest footage came from that trip, including the HEAVY bump over bar ollie above.


Jackson didn’t have a lot of time to film for Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening, but he came through with some awesome footage! Australlia and Nor Cal were the trips where a good amount of his footage came from, check out the Berrics remix edits above to watch it all go down.

o top of an epic year, Jackson’s mind melting kickflip over a full size fence was named Street League ‘Kickflip of the Year’! Watch all of the attempts above.

Congrats, Jackson! We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds for you!