Toss Out The Plan And Roll With New Mom & Volcom Babe, Leah Bradley




She takes laid back style to a level all her own with a healthy mix of vintage & new pieces. We always look to her Instagram page when we need new outfit inspiration and to keep up with her and her hubby on their exciting adventures.

When she shared the news of her pregnancy, we were so happy for her and her growing family. We couldn’t wait to see the baby and follow her on her newest adventure: motherhood. We got the chance to catch up with Leah and ask her a few questions on what its like to be a new mommy. Read more to see what she has to say and to see cute pics of her and baby Zippy!

How has your life changed since having Zippy?

LEAH Well, I no longer sleep in haha. But honestly having Zippy really put things in perspective. Things that felt so important before don’t matter at all now. And one great thing is that I have almost no time for social media so I find myself living in the moment and not consumed with my phone.

Beach day with Leah and Zippy. Leah's wearing the Volcom High Water Mini Dress.
Leah in the Second Chance Poncho and Frochickie Pants.

What’s your daily routine with the little one?

LEAH Being a working mom is something I’m still adjusting to. My daily routine with Zippy involves waking up around 7am, snuggling a little until it’s really time to get going on the day. We then have breakfast and play time and then my husband and I trade off who entertains the little babe while we each try to get some work done, but to be honest that’s a challenge when she’s so cute. On the weekends we go on adventures, sometimes road trips, hikes, or we just park it at the beach all day. Early on we got little Zippy used to going with the flow so she’s perfectly content wherever we go.

Has your style changed since becoming a mommy?

LEAH Not a whole lot, although I now change my outfit several times a day due to spit ups haha. My style is the same, but definitely more focused on comfort… heeled boots are cute, but not so practical when you’re lugging around a car seat and diaper bag! A simple tee and denim shorts/pants has really become my go to mama wardrobe.

What’s your favorite thing to do with Zippy?

LEAH In the morning when she’s still trying to wake up she will roll over and grab my face and put her little tiny nose against mine. It’s the cutest thing and wish she’d stay tiny forever.

Favorite memory with Zippy?

LEAH Taking zippy to Hawaii is definitely my favorite memory so far. She just loves being in the ocean, eating sand, and she even attempted making shave ice her first solid food! It’s so fun to see her love all the things I enjoy doing. She’s definitely my little mini.

What have you learned from motherhood?

LEAH I’ve really learned how to be selfless and go with the flow. It’s crazy how the moment you have this little life dependent on you, you no longer care that your hungry or tired, or about the stresses at work, you’re just consumed with your baby. Being a planner, I’ve learned nothing can ever be planned with a baby, so you just gotta roll with the punches. Zippy was hospitalized early on, it broke my little mama heart seeing her be so sick, but we realized everything happens for a reason and now we have been able to encourage other families going through the same thing. When the unexpected happens you can’t just shut down, you just roll with it and work together as a little family.

If you could give other mommies advice about being a new mom, what would it be?

LEAH Don’t ever compare yourself to other mamas. With social media, I’ve many times felt like other moms have it all together. Maybe they do, but I sure don’t. Haha it’s so easy to compare yourself, but just know you are all your baby needs and what may work for one mom isn’t necessarily right for you. I have to tell myself this everyday. Zippy just needs me to be her mama, not anyone else.

Should Zippy expect a little brother or sister soon?

LEAH Haha not anytime soon. Pregnancy was not easy for me and so I think my body needs a break from all that. Plus I’m just excited to focus on zippy and spend this special time with her. Although her cuteness does make me want to have ten more little tiny babes :)

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