Listen To The Picturebooks New Song 'Zero Fucks Given'

We’re stoked to premiere the brand-new tune “Zero Fucks Given” by our bros, The Picturebooks, from their forthcoming album, Home Is A Heartache” that comes out March 10, 2017.

We’ve gotten to know The Picturebooks over the last several years and were big fans of their last album, Imaginary Horse. These guys, Fynn and Philipp, have traveled across Europe and around the U.S. many times over in broke down vans performing their unique brand of heavy-blues-drenched rock while relying on the kindness of friends and fans who offered up their couches so the guys could save some bread on run down motels or having to resort to sleeping in their van. Always the consummate gentleman, when the Volcom Skate Team travels to the guys’ home country of Germany, Fynn and Philipp always take care of us, hosting us in their compound, letting us borrow bikes and riding with us for a couple days.

Jamming the new song, it really resonated with us, so we hit up Fynn for some background on the recording process…

Like every other song on this album, ‘Zero Fucks Given’ was recorded in our motorcycle garage next to our studio. We played the music live with just two room microphones to utilize the natural reverb of the stony garage and later overdubbed the vocals in the same manner. We were looking for some additional percussion for that specific song and found that the huge old and rusty chain that we lock up our motorcycles with was probably perfect. We set up a little wooden platform and Philipp would just drop the chain in a certain style to create a great pumping percussion. The song has a lot to do with the way we live our lives – we created everything we are and do ourselves. We wouldn’t have it any other way, zero fucks given!” – Fynn Claus Grabke (Guitarist/Vocalist)

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The Picturebooks Home Is A Heartache, pre-order it on iTunes and amazon!