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Sion Milosky will forever be an icon of our sport of surfing. Sion’s dedication to big wave surfing raised the level as knew it. Whether it was Waimea Bay, Phantoms, Peahi, Mavericks or any Outer Reef, Sion’s passion and respect for the ocean was undeniable.

As committed as he was to surfing and the ocean, Sion’s dedication to his family came first.

The Live Like Sion Gromfest is a grassroots event that gives back to the community, while keeping Sion’s legacy alive and sharing his values of family, friends and loved ones first. The Gromfest is a free event and organizers are lucky enough to have Volcom make all the amazing t-shirts, donating a ton of prizes, while the islands small businesses come in and play a major role in the events success as well. It is because of this combination, plus the volunteers that donate their time and energy, that the Live Like Sion Gromfest is successful each and every year.

The 7th annual Live Like Sion Gromfest was a blast! Families showed up from all over the island and flooded PKs (Prince Kuhio Bech) for a day of family fun and competition. This year (2018) there were a little over 170 competitors all under the age of 14.

PKs didn’t disappoint this year as the waves were a perfect 2-3 foot and light offshore, giving the competitors a perfect platform to perform. Spectators cheered for all the Keikis as they surfed their hearts out on each and every wave. Smiles, high fives and laughter could be seen all over the beach and you could feel the buzz through out the day. The day was filled with family fun, good vibes and times we will never forget, exactly what Sion would have done.

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