Los Viejos Premier New Video For 'Por Eso Cuando Naces Lloras'

Chilango metal band Los Viejos started in 2010. Their first gig was on Halloween so they appeared in masks that are still worn today. With a sound self-described as old school, new school, all-punk, skate-thrash and grind; Los Viejos are representatives of a thriving creative underground in México City.

“Art in México is a hard way to go. There’s not much support for it in terms of money or institutes, but that kinda helps the underground side of it.” Says Jordi “It’s there where you can find some really interesting bands. Tons of them.”

As a two-piece band, Los Viejos created a unique racket. “We started jamming together... just some guitar riffs and beats, and that sounded perfect for us. We looked for that thrashy lo-fi sound so bass wasn’t needed. It was also some kind of challenge to sound as complete as a full band, being only two.” As a duo, Jordi Alacont and Leo Padua create a sound as big as the city where the live.

“Since it’s almost for sure that you cannot live off of art in México, the scene keeps it pure. Bands or artists keep doing what they do just for the original purpose... maybe it’s just for having fun... maybe it’s a message you want to give... whatever, but not money.” says Jordi, “And this keeps growing. Last year we had two completely DIY festivals just in the city, Los Grises Fest and the Off Limits Fest, with bands like Power Trip, Baptists, Iron Reagan, and some great local bands!”

Mexico City also has great food. “Tacos!!!,” Leo says enthusiastically. “I’m sorry for the vegan community but tacos are heaven inside a tortilla. At second place would be pozole which is some kind of stew.”

When asked this tough question, Los Viejos deepest passions are revealed. Your skateboard, your band or your tacos... one thing has to go... which one is it?

“Daaaaaaamn!!! This is a hard one! I would say, sadly, the Tacos... love em but… can live without them. Can’t say that about playing music or skating. We could never stop doing those two things! So we can say Los Viejos will be playing and skating for a loooong time, until our beards grow to the floor.”

The video was directed, edited and recorded by Andrei Pulver for Pulver films at Yox Discos Studio. “This is the first video clip in where we appeared playing,” says Leo, “In all other videos we were acting, skating and just being us; but, this was all about playing our music.”

Listen and download Los Viejos’ new album!

Soon we will see the release of Los Viejos album Sociedad del Miedo on vinyl via limited pressing by Volcom. The vinyl will be available soon, so be sure to get a copy when Los Viejos play. “It’s a dream come true,” says Leo “As a band you dream of playing some stages or sharing stage with this or that band, and also a f*cking vinyl!!! Another accomplishment, all thanks to Volcom. We remember the good old days of Volcom Records, so being a part of this is just nuts.” Check out more of their music on Bandcamp!