Maud Le Car's Diary On The North Shore, Oahu

The North Shore of Oahu is a beautiful place. For surfers, for travelers, for locals, for everyone, and a lot happens during the winter season starting in mid-November each year. Countless surfers, celebrities, and industry folks of all sorts show up to catch all the action from the prestigious Hawaiian Triple Crown to the all-encompassing Surfer Poll Awards to the Volcom Pipe Pro. (And not to mention the remarkable waves and terrifying wipeouts.) Luckily for us, our favorite French surfer babe, Maud Le Car, is over there right now, soaking up that sun, getting in some fun surf sessions, and making stops at her favorite places along the way. We asked Maud to send us some photos and words to document her journey, and she did, because she’s rad. So here it is, her unfinished diary (or whatever) as she hits her favorite spots along North Shore’s Seven Mile Miracle.

A quick stop at the coffee shop for a Hawaiian Kona coffee (the Coconut & Macadamia blend is my favorite) before hopping on my bike to go check out the surf!

Chasing rainbows on the North Shore is one of my favorite activities to do here.

When the swell is too small on the North Shore, I love to go hang in Honolulu to enjoy a longboard session in Waikiki and tandem with my fiancé.

What else do I love to do here? SURFING of course! The waves are so much fun on the North Shore and I really enjoy swimming in crystal clear, warm water. It’s especially fun when I get to test out my new Volcom Women’s bikinis.

Hiking is an absolute must. My favorite hike is the one from Pupukea Hill. This is my favorite view of the North Shore. To see all the surf spots from the top of the hill is just breathtaking.

The local food is killer! I love to take ahi poke to go and eat it on the beach while watching the waves.

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Hot Tropic Crop Top

Simply Solid Bandeau