Meet Molly Constable - Volcom For Every Body Muse

We enlisted Molly for our Volcom For Every Body women’s campaign which embraces body positivity with all-inclusive women’s sizing options.

Molly Constable first caught our eye in a Playboy spread that was so beautiful it made our jaws drop. We became instant fans and Instagram stalked her until our thumbs could no longer scroll. Through our relentless stalking, we found out a lot about her. This girl is more than just a pretty face. She paints, she’s into skateboarding, snowboarding, and to no one’s surprise, she’s very into style and fashion. Perfect. Scroll below for a Q&A with Molly as she answers questions about fashion, her passion, and her perfect pair of jeans.

What Does Volcom For Every Body mean to you?

MOLLY: Volcom for every body means being included, no one being excluded. Everyone is a part of the brand.

How do you wear your jeans?

MOLLY: I like my jeans to hold me in. Very tight. Squeeze me tight.

Describe your perfect pair of women’s jeans.

MOLLY: I like these Vol Stone Jeans that I have on because they are cropped and I really like to wear boots. They are pretty snug up top and the color is, well, I don’t usually wear this color, but I think I’m going to start!

Signature dance move?

MOLLY: Listen, I have many signature dance moves. That’s probably why I am so popular at the parties. I can break it low, I can break it high. You know, all in the jeans.

How do you feel in your favorite pair of jeans?

MOLLY: In my favorite pair of jeans I feel groovy.

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Sizes up to 24W

– Available in three colorways

Figure hugging, cropped styling, versatility from hip to hem, the Liberator Legging is an easy look that dresses up or down. Includes just the right amount of stretch to give you movement while holding your shape.

What are you true to?

MOLLY: I’m passionate about style, so I stay true to myself through fashion. I have a very big personality so I like to dress loud.

Favorite physical attribute?

MOLLY: My favorite feature would be my ears because everyone says I have big ears, but I like them. I can fly away with them.

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