Meet Natalie Nootenboom - Volcom For Every Body Muse

We enlisted Natalie for our Volcom For Every Body women’s campaign which embraces body positivity with all-inclusive women’s sizing options.

Natalie Nootenboom is new to the modeling scene, but has already made her mark. She was the first plus-size model to walk for Anna Sui during fashion week, and has continued to make her mark not only in the modeling industry, but also in the music industry. She has a passion for heavy metal music and is working on releasing her first EP. Her uncle is Steve Aoki, who she has continuously talked about being one of her biggest supporters. When she isn’t modeling or recording, you can find her working on her collage art. So, let’s just say we have a huge crush on Natalie. Scroll below for a Q&A with Natalie as she answers questions about what she’s true to, her favorite jeans, and what ‘all-inclusive’ means to her.

What is your favorite kind of denim to wear?

NATALIE: I love to wear dark denim. I love to wear distressed denim. Anything with extra flare, something that you know pushes the boundaries of the norm.

How important is denim?

NATALIE: I think denim is a fashion staple. I think everyone should have a good pair of jeans in their closet.

How do you feel in your favorite jeans?

NATALIE: In my favorite pair of jeans I feel empowered.

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What do you love about jeans?

NATALIE: I love that jeans can match my style of art. I can wear them with whatever I want and they move with me. For example, these Volcom jeans are super stretchy, comfortable, and they move with me.

What are you true to?

NATALIE: I’m true to storytelling. I tell stories in my metal music, my collage pieces, and my novels. I think that my art really sets me apart. It really makes me feel different from everybody else.

What does all-inclusive mean to you?

NATALIE: All-inclusive to me means supporting every shape of the body, every curve, every edge. Supporting people’s music styles whether that be metal, country, or rap. Every ethnicity, African American, Caucasian, Asian. That’s what all-inclusive means to me.