Why Blister? Why Anything? - Noa Deane Gets "Deep"


When Noa Deane isn’t surfing he can usually be found with a guitar in his hands channeling his alt-rock heroes Mudhoney and Melvins. Last September Noa recorded his first EP entitled barbie69entirely by himself at his parents house in their kitchen and put it up on Bandcamp. Jamming the album for a while now, the more we listened, the more we wanted to know. So over the course of a few txt msgs we got Noa shine a little light on his music background.



When did you first start playing music? What was the first instrument you learned on?

NOA: When I was about 12, I had a red Fender Squire Stratocaster.

You recorded the album in your parents house, what did you record on?

NOA: Yeah, it was in the downstairs kitchen using Garageband.

You play guitar left-handed, but drum right-handed. Which hand do you write with?

NOA: I write with my right hand. I guess I have a few wires crossed in my brain.

Heard you own a cello, do you play that one regular or goofy?

NOA: Bought one and never play it haha.

Any Aussie musicians you look up to or have influenced you?

NOA: INXS is sick, and I like Silverchair too.

Why Blister?

NOA: Why anything?!

How’s the album doing? You only need to sell 35,000 to get a gold record in Australia, do you already know where you are going to hang yours?

NOA: It’s going alright. Sold $400 bucks worth, but I’ll never sell that many haha.


Below’s a little taste of Blister live in Manly, Australia during Volcom’s epic week-long takeover of the Hotel Steyne during Riders Week. Give Noa and Blister a follow on Instagram for more!

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