Florida Skater Girls Don't Let Distance Break Their Bond

We met up with one of our favorite photographer babes, Tori Ray, and her impeccably cool girl squad in Northeast Florida. All dressed in our Team Volcom Jacket, the squad headed out for skate sesh and a convo with us.


Elise Crigar – St. Augustine
Bridgette Spinney – Jacksonville
Lauren Canoura – Jacksonville
Katy Mae Harrison – St. Augustine

Tell us about your girl squad! Where’d you guys meet, how did the friendship blossom etc…

ELISE: Skating bought Lauren and I together. We met at our local park 3 years ago. We were the only girls and instantly bonded. I met Bridgette, a skater from South Florida, through Lauren. We have seshed together several times. It is always fun seeing skating through the eyes of another girl. Katy is my roommate! She is always down to go along for the ride and try new things.

LAUREN: I really started skating a lot in St. Augustine when I met Elise and we both skated for the same board company for a while.

BRIDGETT: I met Lauren exploring different skate spots around Florida. She is one of the best people to skate with without a doubt because of her constant stoke, warm personality, and badass approach to skating! When my best friend moved across the country, I was forced to take more solo trips and that’s how I met Elise and all the rad ladies of Jacksonville! The cool thing about women’s skateboarding is that we’re sort of interconnected no matter how far apart we are. We’re all one big squad, but of course, we definitely skate with some girls more than others.


What qualities do you look for in a close group of friends?

LAUREN: Well I’d say love, support, gratitude, and having fun together are some main qualities I look for, and I think skating encompasses all those things. So skating is a good quality too :)

ELISE: Girls that REAL. Girls that don’t judge, have fun and build each other up. These are the girls that you can jump into a sesh with after not talking in weeks. They are loyal and want to see you succeed in life.

KATY: I love people that are outgoing and down for some fun. In skating and in life, we’re all learning our way through it one wipe out at a time, so it helps to be surrounded by girls who will stick by ya when things get messy and always encourage you to try again!

Besides skating, what else does your squad like to do together?

ELISE: Living on the coast, going to the beach is always a given. We all enjoy surfing and cruising around town grabbing food or drinks and taking photos is always fun too! That made the little beach town of Flagler the perfect meet up spot for our latest sesh.

BRIDGETT: We’re all pretty artsy too, so we enjoy linking up to create.

Where are the cool spots to hang out at? Any recommendations for visitors?

BRIDGETT: I would say the best places to hangout are the skate parks in Jacksonville, especially the Jax Beach skate park, which is conveniently located close to all the good restaurants in Jax Beach! If you’re visiting, I definitely suggest taking the short trip down to St. Augustine. The beaches are beautiful and historic downtown is a great place to spend the day.

LAUREN: Team Pain has built some pretty awesome parks in Florida and just finished Jax beach park, so I’d say that’s our new spot to meet and skate together. Def worth a visit if you’re in the area.

ELISE: I love cruising around my little beach town. Everything I need is here, restaurants, beach, parks and amazing sunsets. I recommend visitors living like a local; It is the best way to experience the area.

Photography: Tori Ray, find her on Instagram at @ToriRayPhotography
Art Direction + Styling: Tori Ray + Elise Crigar