Camp Ramp 'Rap Battle'

Okay campers, it's time for the Camp Ramp Rap Battle, download the instrumental and upload your best bars for your chance to win.

Los Viejos

Los Viejos formed at the end of 2010 with the idea of them being two older men destroying shit with their music. They have a simple modus operandi: Old school meets new school, punk rock, grindcore, thrash, DIY and of course SKATEBOARDING!

Frankie & The Witch Fingers

Los Angeles psych-punk quartet Frankie and the Witch Fingers have returned with their seventh studio album Data Doom, due September 1. Their first single, 'Mild Davis' is inspired by Miles Davis’ early-70s electric work, the track’s dizzying 7/4 meter winds through chunky riffs, commanding vocals and proggy synths before crash-landing in a minefield of angular guitar harmonies.

Ben Katzman

Ben Katzman is on a mission to spread the shred and express himself through riffs. Obsessed with all things heavy metal, astrology, and 90’s television, Ben also doubles as shred instructor for kids when he’s not on tour. The only constant in his life, music has opened many doors for him, allowing him to slay adventures around the world playing in bands like Guerilla Toss and putting out records and tapes for Japanther, Free Pizza, Mannequin Pussy and more on his own label By Us For Us Records, or BUFU for short.

Yung Skrrt

Prolific recording artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, Twitch streamer, and perpetually online goofball, Yung Skrrt has created over over 170+ songs in the past year and a half and over 2000 pieces of music on Twitch over the past 3 years since being made a Twitch Partner. Welcome to the Skrrt Universe.


Volcom Entertainment featured artist, Raue is a two-piece outfit hailing from Santa Cruz, CA. They deliver a heavy dose of nostalgic analog 90's grunge with their new songs "Karma" and "Ruby Glow".

Day In The Dirt - May 24 1992

A recounting of the legendary party known as 'Day In The Dirt', the event the rose from the ashes of the originally scheduled 'Drop In The Park' concert at Gas Works Park in Seattle on May 23rd organized by Pearl Jam.

True Conversation S1E4: Alt Rock w/Chuck Treece, Wilbert Cooper, Tunde Adebimpe

In this episode of True Conversation, Fat Tony is joined by OG skate-rock pioneer Chuck Treece, acclaimed journalist Wilbert Cooper and Tunde Adebimpe from band TV on the Radio to discuss the experiences of Black musicians in the world of alternative rock and punk music.

Fat Tony's True Jams Spotify Playlist

Fat Tony's True Jams playlist is a collection of the songs that have been keeping him sane and groovy lately featuring an eclectic mix of tracks from George Clinton, The Clash, D'Angelo, Beyoncé, UGK and more.

Volcom X Levitation Launch Party - March 18 - Austin, TX

Join Volcom and Levitation for the launch of their collaborative clothing capsule with performances from Frankie & the Witch Fingers, Holy Wave, Ringo Deathstarr, Elephant Stone, and Hoover III.

Slam Section & Slashers at Max Fish

Volcom Skate Team will be hubbing out in NYC, join us at Max Fish on June 23rd where we'll be partying with Slam Section and Slashers.

Tons of Bands Fill the Stage at Volcom Garden During SXSW 2019

Tons of bands and live music fill the Volcom Garden in Austin, Texas, during the 2019 SXSW festival, featuring theLINE, Dead Meadow, Surfbort, and more!

Fat Tony's Tony is a Headbanger Spotify Playlist

Listen to Fat Tony's My Diamonds & Woods Spotify playlist featuring an eclectic array of artists ranging from UGK to Black Flag to The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Fat Tony's Diamonds and Wood Spotify Playlist

Listen to Fat Tony's My Diamonds & Woods Spotify playlist featuring an eclectic array of artists ranging from UGK to Black Flag to The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Fat Tony's Grippin' Grain Spotify Playlist

A pan-genre Spotify playlist with everything from Björk to UGK to Bikini Kill and more, curated by rapper and Volcom Ambassador, Fat Tony.

GTXX: "Down South in Hell" | Official Soundtrack

Stream the official soundtrack from the Grant Taylor movie, GTXX: Down South in Hell!

An Evening Of Dystopian Haiku, Song & Scribbles With Johnathan Rice + Jess Rotter At Volcom Garden

Songwriter Johnathan Rice and artist Jess Rotter combine forces for a night of wry, apocalyptic poetry, deadpan illustrative wit and post-folk fams.

Swap Meet At Volcom Hq Ft. Record Vendors, Live Music, Custom Van Show + Premiere Of Head Noise

Join us on July 15 at Volcom HQ for the Noise Swap Meet, a day-long event filled with record vendors and labels, live music, a custom van show, and premiere of Noa Deane's Head Noise!